Clugstons from Lochans, Stranraer, Wigtownshire

Robert Clugston of Stranraer, shoemaker

Robert’s eldest son went to university so the family was clearly literate. In 1871 the firstborn, William Wallace Clugston, gave his place of birth as Lochans, which is 4km south-west of Stranraer. Robert could be a grandson of Dr William Clugston and Barbara Vans. Robert could be a son of Dr William’s son Robert (born 1756) or his son Patrick (born 1754). However, a Captain Robert Clugston was killed in the Battle of Negapatam in 1782, who is quite likely to be Dr William’s son.
So, it is more likely that Robert is a grandson of Hugh Clugston of Tonnachrae.

Robert was not using Scottish naming so we get no help from the first names of the children. But there are some interesting surnames in the middle names of the children: James Young, John Shaw.

Robert Clugston 1794-1882  b Stranraer, Wigtownshire. Shoemaker d. Calton, Glasgow
   = Janet Wallace 1792 b Portpatrick, Wigtownshire  m 1814.4.3 Inch, Wigtown
    (1861: South Side of Great Hamilton St, St James, Calton)
    (1865: House 19 Great Hamilton St, Tenant Occupier)
    (Janet Wallace apparently died 1870, since Robert sued the cemetary).
    (1871: St James, Calton. Robert was living with son Robert, grandson Robert James Young, and Janet Leckie b1843).
    William Wallace Clugston bap 1815.2.13-1874 b. Inch (or Lochans) Wigtownshire. d. Tillicoultry 1841: Preacher 1851: Schoolmaster 1871:Druggist & C
      = Jean (or Janet) Aitken Currie 1828-1853.11.18 b Fenwick, Ayrshire m 1849.4.3 Tillicoultry d. Tillicoulty
        (MA 1839 Univ Glasgow. Licentiate of the Relief Church, but had licence withdrawn on account of plagiarism of sermons. Teacher in Stirling.,  Student 14038)
        (Of Janet Currie: "Her death was marked by unwavering Christian faith and resignation.")
        (1851: Toll Road, Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire. William Anderson, theological student, was staying with them)
        (1864: Shop High Street Tillicoultry)
        (1866.9.4 Bankruptcy of William Wallace Clugston, Chemist and Stationer, Tillicoultry)
        (1871: High St, Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire).
        Robert James Young Clugston 1850.1.17- b. The Academy, Tillycoultry, Scotland. Stocktaker Steel work
          = Margaret Thomson 1851- b Stonehouse. Joiner  m 1874.3.3 High Church, Glasgow
          (1881: 16 Glenpark St, Barony, Camlachie, Lanarkshire)
          (1891: Inglis St, Barony, Camlachie)
            Margaret T Clugston 1875-  b Glasgow  Steam Loom Weaver
            William W Clugston 1877-  Tailor's apprentice (1891)
            Robert John W Clugston 1880- = Jessie
                --> Monteal 1922 --> Vermont
            James Clugston 1881.9.12 - Iron Turner
            Mary R L Clugston 1881-
            Charles Clugston 1886- (not present in 1901)
          =(2) Isabella 1852- b Glasgow
            (1901: 51 Cumbernauld Rd, Glasgow Denistoun, Lanarkshire)
        Agnes Young Clugston 1852.4.30-
          = James Sproul m1870.1.5 High Church, Glasgow
             Janet Currie Sproul 1871.9.6 b. High Church, Glasgow
             Margaret Clugston Sproul 1873.6.2 Bridgeton, Glasgow
             Robert Sproul 1875.3.15 b Calton, Glasgow
               = Katharine Anne Lowry 1888- m1823.1.27 Toronto
             Violet Collins Bell Clugston Sproul 1890.12.27 Kelvin, Glasgow
      =(2) Mary Ann Moir 1834- b Clackmannanshire
    Charles Wallace Clugston 1818-1884 b. Stranraer d. Liverpool Bootmaker(1851) Shoemaker(1881)
      = Mary Ann Leckie 1819-1902 b. Monkton, Ayrshire. m 1837.8.26 Cathcart St church, Ayr d. Liverpool
      (1851: Muirhead St Gorbals)
      (1861: 48 Rutherglen Rd, Hutschesonton, Glasgow)
      (1861.12.9: Bankruptcy proceedings of C.W. CLUGSTON & COMPANY, Boot and Shoe maker) 
      (1871: Gregson St (Beer House) Everton, West Derby)
      (1881: 13 Greenside, Everton, West Derby)
      (1891: Mary, widowed, Long Fellow St, Toxteth Park, Lancashire, with Jane Moffat's family)
      (1901: Mary, widowed,  7 Florist St, Liverpool, living with Jane M's family)
      Janet Clugston 1838.10.7 -  bap.1838.10.21 Cathcart St Pres, Ayr, Ayrshire
        =(1) Richard Blair 1841- m 1860 Glasgow Central District
          (1861: Dumbie Dyke Place, St Cuthbert, Edinburgh)
          (1871: St Cuthbert, Edinburgh. With Mary Clugston 1846-)
          Richard Marshall Blair 1861.3.10 b Edinburgh
          James Blair 1862.9.21 bap 1862.11.2 Lady Yester's Church, Edinburgh
          Robert Clugston Blair 1864.10.24 bap 1864.11.27 Lady Yester's Church, Edinburgh 
          Alexander Blair 1866.12.3 bap 1867.1.13 Lady Yester's Church, Edinburgh
        =(2) James Clark m 1872.2.5 St Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh
          George Clugston Clark 1872.6.8-1873 b Edinburgh d. Canongate
          William Charles Clugston Clark 1874.5.7 b Edinburgh
          Janetta Mary Eliza Clark 1877.10.5 b Edinburgh
        Robert Clugston 1844.6.4 b Ayrshire (must have died before 1854)
        Anne Clugston 1845  b Ayrshire
        Mary Clugston 1848  b Glasgow
        Agnes Clugston 1849.7.19-1935.10.22 b Glasgow d. Essondale, British Columbia, Canada = John Croston
            (emmigrated to Canada)
            Charles Wallace Clugston Croston 1883.9.13 b. Liverpool Lancashire
            David Clugston Croston 1887.9.13-1971.5.1 b Liverpool d. Saanich, BC, Canada      
        Robert Clugston 1854- b Glasgow Pianoforte maker
          = Marion Robertson Murray 1851-1906.2.3 b&d Edinburgh  (Marion dau of Andrew Murray 1812- b. Glasgow. Obit Edinburgh Evenin News)
               (1881, 1991, 1901: 177 Pleasance, St Cuthberts, Newington, Midlothian)
               Andrew Clugston 1879- b. Edinburgh
               Charles Clugston 1881- b Edinburgh, Stereotyper
               Robert ("Bertie") Clugston 1883- b Edinburgh. Brass finisher
        David Clugston 1856 b Glasgow  Printer & compositor. 1901: Tinsmith Mac Maker's Fitter
          = Mary Ann { Doks or McGuiness} 1856 b Ireland  m 1874 Liverpool. Charwoman
            (1881: 46 Deacon St Everton West Derby)
            (1891: Aberdeen St, Preston, Lancashire)
            (1901: 100 Eveline St, Glasgow, Denistoun)
            (1910: Providence Ward 6, Rhode Island. David widowed, boarding with family of dau Agnes)
            Agnes Clugston 1876  b Liverpool, Lancashire
              = Joseph F Felley 1868 b Rhode Island  (son born 1899 Rhode Island)
            Charles William Clugston 1876.11.21  b. Liverpool. Printer's apprentice
              (denied US citizenship 1913.12.16)
              (1930: Providence, Rhode Island)
            David Clugston 1880.11.21   Cotton Spinners Creeler (single in 1910)
            Robert Clugston 1881.3.21  b. Liverpool, England Apprentice Bread Maker
            Jane Moffatt Clugston 1882.11.15- b Liverpool, England Housekeeper
            Annie Clugston bap 1884.8.17 b. St Peters Liverpool Paper Bag Maker
            Mary Ann Clugston 1886.6.10 b. Liverpool
            Henrietta Clugston 1889
            Thomas Henry Clugston 1891-1892.Q4 b &d. Preston, Lancashire
        Jane Moffat Clugston 1861-  b. Glasgow Dressmaker
          = Edward Lloyd 1863- Cart Driver/Paper warehouseman  m 1883 Liverpool, Lancashire
            Jane Lloyd 1885 b Liverpool
            Annie W Lloyd 1887 b Liverpool
            Elizabeth Lloyd 1889 b Liverpool
        James Clugston 1868- b. Lancashire
        William Clugston 1824 b Lanarkshire
        Mary Clugston 1826 b.Ayrshire
    Henry W Clugston 1818.12.21-1902  b. Ayrshire 1851: House carpenter employs 8 men
      = Janet Rae 1825 or 1834. m 1844.3.31 St Ninians, Stirling
       (Janet 2nd dau of John Rae Esq, surgeon in Stirling)
       (1846.2.5 Moved out from workshop and house in King St, Stirling, which had been occupied by cabinet makers for fifty years). 
       (1851: Irish St, Dumfries, Dumfriesshire)
       (Arrived NY Mar 16 1852 on ship "Constantine" from 
       (Moved to Wisconsin before 1875)
       (1900: Lodi, Columbia, Wisconsin)
      Henry Clugston 1820.12- = Jane 1834.12 m 1853.
    Robert Clugston 1821.3.6-  confectioner  1861: Wine and spirit merchant
         (owned a pub which still exists today at 524 Gallowgate, Glasgow, and another at Howard St known as "the Snaffle Bit")
        (not present in 1871 census)
    James Clugston 1822.10.16-   b Ayr
        (1851: confectioner, with McTaggarts in Irvine) 
        (1861: wine&spirit merchant)
    John Shaw Clugston 1824.8.3- 
       = Susanna McDonald 1825-1898
        (1865.6.28 Bankruptcy of John Clugston of 150 Bradford Rd, Manchester, joiner)
        (Moved to Wisconsin 1867 or 1869)
        (1870: Wisconsin)
        Jeanet Wallis Clugston -1848.Q4 d Manchester
        Janet Wallace Clugston 1851- b England
          = William Herbert Ainsworth 1848- m 1869 Manchester
        Alexander McDonald Clugston 1852.Q1-1855.Q4 b&d Manchester
        Agnes Clugston 1854- b England
        Anna Clugston 1859- b England
        Alexander Robert Clugston 1863.4.18-1943.12.27 b Manchester, England d. Bremen, Cook, Illinois
           = Anna Janette Lewis 1865-1938.1.4 b Wisconsin d.Chicago m1884.6.17 Madison, Wisconsin
            (1920, 1930: Chicago)
            Robert Clugston 1887-
              = Edna Shanotuske 1889- m1909.1.9 Mason City, Iowa
        John H Clugston 1870- b Wisconsin
    Renwick Clugston 1829.05.24-1856.12.2 d. 
        = Janet Jamieson 1827- m 1850.8.30 Beith, Ayr
          (1851: Printer compositor, East Regent st)
          (1856: 94 Cumberland St Glasgow. Printer compositor of the Inverness Courier)
        (Buried Southern Necropolis, Gorbals)
        Robert R Clugston 1849-
        Alan Jamieson Clugston 1851.10.1- bap 1851.10.12 St Michael Relief church, Greenock
    Janet Clugston 1834.5.26- bap 1834.6.8 Cathcart St church, Ayrshire
      = Richard Blair m 1860.6.1 Central, Glasgow. Paper ruler
        (1861: Dumbie Dyke Place, St Cuthbert's, Canongate, Midlothian, Scotland)
    Margaret Wallace Clugston 1836.8.23-1865.4.21 bap 1836.8.28 Cathcart St church, Ayrshire d. Bridge of Allan
      = Alexander Petrie m 1864.7.9 Bothwell, Lanark. Commercial traveller
       Margaret Wallace Clugston 1865-1865 d. Logie, Perth

1830 “Invitations to funerals &c delivered by” – Robert C.
1851-2 Clugston, Robert, mill-dam washing green, head of Mill Street
Clugston, Renwick & co, confectioners, High street, Irvine

Robert Clugston 1821- b. Scotland = ??
  (1891: Victoria Square, Liverpool)
 Janet Clugston b 1836 Ayrshire = Robert Young
     Robert Young 1860.8.17 b Tradeston, Lanark
     James Clugston Young 1862.12.9-1899 b Tradeston,Lanark d Denistoun

Private Charles Clugston of the Lancashire Fusilers, killed 1917.5.3 Calais, France, may be from this family.

Robert Clugston, taught by Dr Frankenstein

Robert Clugston was one of ten members of a Mechanics Class at the Anderson Institution in Glasgow, who in 1822.3.9 wrote a deeply sarcastic letter to their pompous lecturer Andrew Ure, chair of Natural Philosophy, complaining that he had not discussed Lithography “…how much we are blessed, in having a person like you in whom is concentrated all the knowledge which any reasonable creature might desire…”. The following year, the class split away from the Andersonian to found their own Mechanics Institute with lecturers chosen by themselves. This triggered a similar split in London, and the movement then spread over the country.
Karl Marx mentioned Andrew Ure in “Das Kapital” as he epitomized everything that was wrong with capitalism. In 1818, Andrew Ure had conducted an experiment, where he took the corpse of a recently executed criminal, and connected batteries to the nerves, so that the legs moved violently and the head made grotesque facial expressions. This same thing had been done in 1803 by Giovanni Aldini, but Ure went further: he claimed he could restore the corpse to life. This was the same year that the novel “Frankenstein” was published.

Robert Clugston sued the Superintendent of the Southern Necropolis, Glasgow, for 13s, which be alleged was an overcharge for the interment of his wife. She was buried in grave ten feet deep, and the plaintiff thought the depth was unnecessary. He lost the action.
Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier, 1870.11.24

Obituary of William Wallace Clugston

The Late Mr W. W. Clugston. On Thursday afternoon, Mr W. W. Clugston, stationer and apothecary, died at his residence here. Though ailing for considerable time, the deceased was at church so recently Sabbath last, when more serious symptoms of inflammation began to manifest themselves. Within a very short time of his death, however, Clugston evidently anticipated no fatal issue. But it had been otherwise decreed, and the truth of the adage “Man proposes, but God disposes” has received yet another verification. Mr Clugston was man of considerable culture, and his career had been a somewhat chequered one—latterly it was one of perceptible decline. Born in the town of Ayr, he received the rudiments of good sound education there, whence he entered a course of study at Glasgow University, when he graduated became a licentiate of the Relief body, and amongst other places he preached in Dunning, Aberdeen, Greenock, Irvine, and Wigtown. At time he was under call to Wigtown, but the call was declined. After this Clugston seems to have given up theology, for he accepted an appointment in the Stirling Academy, as mathematical master under the late Dr Dunlop. Having resigned this charge, Mr Clugston came Alva master of the Subscription School or Academy, the duties of which discharged till l8?7-8, when came to Tillicoultry the first teacher of the present Parish school. For some eight or ten years he held this appointment. He then took to commercial business and set up as a stationer and apothecary which he continued to be till his demise. Having picked up some knowledge of the craft, he also for some years the village printer. Mr was a man of some public importance at one time, as is manifested by the fact that for 15 years he was collector of poor-rates in the parish, and was also secretary of the Curling Club; old institution, from its origin. He about 6O years of age
Alloa Advertiser, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, 1874.5.16

In reality he was hired as schoolmaster because the existing schoolmaster was extremely eccentric.

Inch, Wigtownshire

(Inch is east of Stranraer, north-west of Old Luce, and due west of New Luce)

Around 1730, the Inch church collected funds for a new bell. The list includes “The Honourable Captain John Dalrymple of Stair”, who represented Wigtown Burghs in the Scottish Parliament 1728-1734. He died 23 February 1742.

Hugh Clugston in Tonnachrae provided 3 pence. This is one of the smaller donations. It seems that he was the only Clugston in the parish. The others at Tonnachrae were Mary Skellie, John Giffert, and ___ McGill. Tonnachrae is a farm halfway between Glenluce and Stranraer.

Hugh Clugston
    Agnes Clugston 1754.12.29 b Inch, Wigtown
    Mary Clugston 1758.3.8 b Inch, Wigtown

?? Clugston = Grace ?? 1765-
   (1841: Inch, Wigtownshire)
   (Jess Hall 1829- is Margaret's niece)
    Margaret Clugston 1802 - 1857.07.17 Inch, Wigtown
    Jean Clugston 1800 b Inch = William Hall m  1826.8.14 Inch, Wigtownshire
        Jess Hall b 1827.6.17 Inch, Wigtownshire

Jean Clugston = William Dalziel
    Mary Dalziel 1819.12.20 b Inch, Wigtownshire

Jean Clugston = James Loggie
    Mary Loggie 1778.12.7 b New Luce, Wigtownshire
    John Loggie 1790.1.31 b Inch, Wigtownshire

Old Luce, Wigtown

1847.11.13 “James Clugstone of Glenluce died at Beoch, advanced in years”
But apparently he was only 52 years old.

William and James might have gone to Ireland, and could be the fathers of the congregationalist gardeners? The congregationalist gardeners born around 1845 were sons of William Clugston and James Clugston.

James Clugstone 1796- b. Ireland (alive 1841, died by 1851) Labourer
  = Catherine Watson 1791 b Scotland m 1812.1.09 Old Luce Wigtown
   (1841 "Clufstone": Old Luce, Wigtownshire. Their grandson John Donnan 1840- was with them, also Marion Wilson and family)
   (1851 "Watson": North St, Glenluce. Sarah and John Donnan were with Catherine
      (1851: Catherine was occupation "pauper former labourer's wife". 
      (1851: Thomas Camps 1805- Hawker was visiting from Ireland)
    Sarah Clugston bap 1813.2.1- b. Old Luce
    William Clugston bap 1814.10.14- b Old Luce
    James Clugston bap 1817.6.5- b. Old Luce
    Mary Clugston bap 1819.7.24- 
      = Peter Dorance 1817- m 1839.7.2 Old Luce, Wigtownshire
        (1861: Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire)
        Peter Dorance 1843-
        Hugh Dorance 1846.4.28-
        Jean Mcammon Gibson Dorance 1849.8.10 b Old Luce Wigtownshire
        Robert Dorance 1850.12.11- b Inch, Wigtownshire
        Catharine Dorance 1862.11.9- b. Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire
    Sarah Clugston b. 1822.5.29- 
       =(not married) John Donnan b. Glenluce
         (John son of William Donnan)
         John Donnan 1840- b Glenluce
       = Henry Smith m 1860.4.15 Old Luce
        (1841: Lenis St, Stranraer, Wigtownshire. Servant)
        (1861: Old Luce. Con O'Niell b 1795 was with them)
        Henry Smith 1860.8.6 b Old Luce

Could this be Mrs James Clagston, widow, grocer, in 46 New Wynd St Marys Glasgow 1851 born 1791 Ireland, with daughters Elisbeth b 1821, Sarah b 1826?
46 New Wynd is “Green Market” in the 1840 to 1848 Glasgow directory.

In the Sheriff Court Paternity Cases is
pursuer: Sarah Clugston, minor, daughter of James clugston (curator), Glenluce
defender: John Donnan, minor, son of William Donnan (Curator) Glenluce
Child’s birth 1840, extract issued 1847.

Agnes Clugston 1715-1799.3.12 d. Old Luce, Wigtownshire
William Clugston = Ann Hannay m 1818.4.6 Old Luce, Wigtownshire
    John Clugston 1820.7.18 b Old Luce, Wigtownshire
    Jess Gibson Clugston 1822.9.1 - 1824.1.29 b&d Old Luce, Wigtownshire
    William Clugston 1823-1823.12.27 d. Old Luce, Wigtownshire
Samuel Clugston 
    Agnes Clugston = James McKie m 1744.4.12 m Old Luce, Wigtownshire

Hugh Clugston = Janet McDowell m 1749.12.14 m Old Luce, Wigtownshire (Janet dau William McDowall)
   Jean Clugston bap 1750.12.2 Old Luce, Wigtown    
(possibly a second marriage)
Hugh Clugston = Jean Hannay m 1754.7.7 m Old Luce, Wigtownshire

Jean Clugston = John Martin m 1761.7.9 m Old Luce, Wigtownshire

Grace Clugston = Samuel Ingram m 1817.7.17 m Inch, Wigtownshire
    Grace Ingram 1818.7.7 b Inch, Wigtownshire
    Vilot Ingram 1828.3.20 b Old Luce, Wigtownshire
    Samuel Ingram 1830.5.9  b Old Luce, Wigtownshire
    John Ingram 1832.5.13  b Old Luce, Wigtownshire

Incredibly, in 1840 there were THREE Clugstons married to women named “Jane Martin”!
Thomas Clugston in Newtownhamilton, Armagh; John Clugston in Ashland, Ohio; and a third here in Inch.

Jane Martin 1808.5.1 (dau John Martin & Elizabeth Kennedy) b. Knockasso, Inch, Wigtownshire
  = ___ Clugston (died before 1846)
  =2 John Johnstone m 1846.2

“In 1726 Patrick Agnew of Kilwaughter … attended as elder of the Larne congregation… and together with his minister, Rev Josias Clugston, invariably voted in favour of religious liberty” (

Thomas Agnew = Jean Clugston
    Thomas Agnew c.1796-  = Helen Martin 1808-, m 1826.7.11 Leswalt
        (1841: Balwhenie,Leswalt, Wigtownshire)
        Jane Clugston Agnew 1835-1912.6.23 b. Leswalt d. Whithorn
            = William Gunion 1827-1892.1.9 m 1868.2.4 Kirkolm
           (1881: Barsolus Farm House, Inch, Wigtownshire)
    Mary Agnew 1800-1855 b Kirkcolm, d Leswalt = John Martin 
    Alexander Agnew -1824 d. Kirkcolm = Maria McKie 1800.6.2-1867.4.20 Stranraer

Mochrum, Wigtown

(Mochrum is on the south coast, adjacent to Old Luce). The Dunbar’s estate was at Drumwalt.
There was a John Clugstone at Drumwalt in 1684, possibly married to Jan Dun. It seems that Clugstons continuously occupied this land. But no Clugstons owned a house there in 1695.

Samuel Clugstown = Janet McChaffie m 1721.1.20 Mochrum, Wigtown
    (Unnamed female) Clogstown 1723.8.23 bap Mochrum, Wigtown
  (probably a second marriage; I guess wife and daughter died in childbirth)
Samuel Clogstown = Agnes Mccarmick m 1724.6 Mochrum, Wigtown
    Margaret Clogston bap 1727.7.25 Mochrum, Wigtown
    Samuel Clogstown bap 1728.7.21 Mochrum, Wigtown
    John Clogstown bap 1731.12.8 Mochrum, Wigtown
    Jean Clogstown bap 1735.11.12 Mochrum, Wigtown
    Alexander Clogston bap 1738.12.28 Mochrum, Wigtown

The Horse Tax records show that in 1797, Samuel Clugston of Drumwalt, Mochrum, owned 2 horses.

John Clugston, Gent of the West Lowland Fencible Infantry

“Wigton” should probably be “Wigtown”. The other officers have Galloway surnames (Hannay, Dalyrymple).

West Lowland Fencible Infantry. John Clugston, Gent, to be ensign, vice Coloquhuon, who retires. 11 Jan 1797 —
War Office 24 June 1797. Wigton Volunteers. To be First Lieutenant: John Clugston, gent. —

In the 1800 Glasgow Almanack, J Clugston is listed as an Ensign in the Angusshire Fencible Infantry.

1801 Angusshire Fencible Infantry
Ensign John Clougston to be lieutenant, vice Brown who resigns. George Black to be Ensign, vice Clugston.


Matthew Clugston hanged himself on a tree around 1760-1770. He was buried in a field in Mindork, Kirkcowan. The location was marked on the Ordnance Survey map as “Clugston’s Grave”.
I guess he was born 1720-1740.

Andrew Clugston 
    John Clugston 1695.2.24 b Kirkinner, Wigtownshire

Michael Clugston = Mary McNarine
    Alexander Clugston 1754.10.30 Penninghame, Wigtownshire

Margaret Clugston 1781- b Ireland = John Hannah
(1841: High St, Ayr, Scotland. Margaret Hannah 1781- b Ireland, Barbara Hannah 1821- b Ayr).
    Barbara Hannah 1821.5.7- b.Ayr, Scotland)