John Clugston and Elizabeth Jaffray

This family has a large number of living descendants with the Clugston name, mostly in Victoria, Australia. Alexander Clugston and Henrietta Reid Bain were the first Clugstons in Australia.

John must have been born in the 1770’s. The fact that members of this family were enthusiastic members of the church suggests a strong connection to the other Clugstons in Glasgow, meaning they would have come from Kirkcudbright. It is however also possible that they came from Wigtownshire, or from Ireland. DNA testing could possibly help to narrow this down.

They are related to the philanthropists, John Clugston and Mary McKenzie and their daughter Beatrice. At the unveiling of the monument to Beatrice, Mary Clugston of Lenzie was the chief mourner, and the “Misses Clugston” (Mary and Margaret) are explicitly named as relatives. In fact they seem to have been the only living relatives.
Several members of this family were bakers; the philanthropists had set up the Calton Bread Society.

How can they be related the philanthropists? Both had fathers named “John Clugston”, so they cannot be brothers. Both mothers lived long lives, so there cannot be a second marriage.

John’s son Robert used Scottish traditional naming for his children quite explicitly, since he gave a daughter his mother’s maiden name “Elizabeth Jeffray”. We can see from this that Marion Miller’s mother was Mary. John may have used traditional naming to some extent as well, which would mean that his father was Robert, but not strictly: there is no son named John. However there is a missing child between Robert and James.

John Clugston (d. before 1841)
  = Elizabeth Jaffray 1779-1861.11.13 b Airth, Stirlingshire d. Westburn, Cambuslong
  m 1806.5.28 Barony, Lanarkshire 
  (Elizabeth died age 83)
  (1851: Three Neuck, Cambuslang, Middle Ward, Lanarkshire)
  (1861: Thrunuck Cottage, Cambuslang, Lanarkshire)
    Robert Clugston 1806.10.8 - 1880 b Barony Child 1. Baker
     = Marion Miller 1808 b. Lanark  m 1837.2.17 Barony
      (1841: 17 Bridgeton Dale St, Barony, Lanarkshire)
      (1851: 243 Gallowgate St, St Johns, Lanarkshire)
        Mary Clugston 1838.2.6-
        John Clugston 1840.6.23 (not present in 1851)
        Elizabeth Jeffray Clugston 1843.3.2-  Child 3
           = James Dalglish Mcgregor 1845- m 1869.2.26 Hutchesontown, Glasgow 
        Margaret Clugston 1847.1.12-
    Unknown child 2, born 1807..1809, probably stillborn
    James Clugston 1810.7-1890.10.13 bap 1810.8.19 Barony, Child 3 Mercantile Clerk. Never married. Obituary below.
      (1851: 234 George St, St Pauls, Lanarkshire, living with sisters Margaret & Mary)
      (1871: Viewfield Lenzie, Kirkintilloch. Still with his 2 sisters)
    Elizabeth Clugston 1813  Child 4
    Alexander Clugston 1815.8.18 - 1862 Child 5
     = Henrietta Reid Bain 1817.8.3-1860.6.11 b. Montrose Angus d. Amherst, Victoria
       m 1837 at sea
       (moved to Sydney, Australia, then to Victoria, Australia)
       (Operated the Commercial Hotel, Sydney)
        John Clugston 1838.8.5-1852 Sydney (died young)
        James Clugston 1840-1895 = Catherine Urquhart m 1863
            Alexander Clugston 1865-1891
            Elizabeth Clugston 1866-1866 b&d Ballarat
            James Clugston 1868-1872
            Donald Finlay Clugston 1871-1897
            Beatrice Clugston 1873-
            Sarah Clugston 1875-1877
            Robert Clugston 1878-1879
        William Clugston 1842-1843 (died young)
        Henrietta Clugston 1844- = William Lindner m 1861
        Margaret Clugston 1848-
        Robert Clugston 1850-1861 (died young)
        William Clugston 1851-1917 = Caroline Etheridge 1861-1940 m 1880
            Edward James Clugston 1881-1946 b. Plea, Victoria
               = Clarice Greta Isobel Wood 1891-1926 d. Victoria
            William Herberton Clugston 1883-1907 d. Glenledi, Otago, NZ
               = Annie Maitland Johns m 1905
                (Moved to Otago, New Zealand)
                Ruth Christine Clugston 1907- 
                  = Albert Edward Pearson m 1928
            Alexander Etheridge Clugston 1884-1952.1.7
               = Mabel Ethel Roberts 1885-1973 m1911.3.8
                Andrew Murray Clugston = Grace Mears
                Florence Jean Clugston 1912- = Colin Plant m 1932
                William Etherige Clugston = Margery Jean Watson
            Robert Allen Clugston 1890- = Ada Elizabeth Jones m 1910
            Thomas Arthur Clugston 1891-1954.10.16
               = Ivy Anne Staples 1895-1984.10.23
            James Harold Clugston 1902-
               = Ella Clare Staples 1900-1968 m 1929 d. Victoria
        Alexander Clugston 1854-1910.12.30 = Sarah Bankin m 1896
            Ellis Alexander Bankin Clugston 1897-1969
            Henry Nicholls Clugston 1899-1930.12.20  = Louisa Crine Gales m 1923
            Alice May Victoria Clugston 1901- = Herbert Alan Collins m 1924
        Mary Ann Clugston 1857- = Walter Goodlet m 1877
        Jessey Clugston 1860-1860 (died infancy)
    Margaret Clugston bap. 1818.1.21- d.1894.7.20 b. Barony. Child 5 (this must be a mistake, should be 6). Milliner. Unmarried in 1861
    Mary Clugston 1820.5.21-d.1912.12.13   b. Barony. Child 7.  Dressmaker. Unmarried in 1861
        (1861: visiting John Walker, Managers House, Dyeworks Rd, Calton, Lanarkshire)
    William Clugston 1823.4.30-   b. Barony. Child 8. Clerk
        (1861: Govan, Hutchesontown, with Mary Clugston 1826-)
        (1871: Blytheswood, Barony, with Mary Clugston 1831-)
        (This may be William Clugston = Mary Glass m 1854.9.24 Barony, Glasgow
        In 1871 Janet Clugston 1835- was also in Blythewood, she shared a house with Helen Smith 1845-. In 1871 Robert Clugston 1808- was in Govan, with Margaret Clugston 1853-)

These seem to be the unmarried children.

James Clugston 1810.7 – 1890.10.13 b. Glasgow d. Viewfield, Lenzie (Will exists)
Margaret Clugston 1820 – 1894.7.20 d. Viewfield, Lenzie (Will exists)
Mary Clugston 1823 – 1912.12.13 Viewfield, Lenzie. Will exists.

THE LATE MR. JAMES CLUGSTON. the afternoon of Sabbath week, Mr James Clugston, one of our oldest and most honoured fellow-citizens, died at his residence, Viewfield, Lenzie. Mr. Clugston enjoyed fair health till his late years, when at times was indisposed. At the beginning of August, however, he was seriously affected with congestion of the lungs, and though he recovered somewhat from the chest malady, he never got up his strength, and, as we have seen, passed peacefully away on the last day of last month, the Sabbath day, so much in harmony with his benignant disposition. had repeatedly repeatedly expressed a wish that his death might occur on Sabbath—the day commemorative of his Lord’s resurrection—and so, this desire of his heart was granted. Mr. Clugston was born in Glasgow July, 1810, and was educated at the High School of the city. He ever cherished a fond attachment towards his old school and his schoolfellows. He attended the annual dinner of those who had formed his year at school, and was wont to dwell on the circumstance that the fifty who had at first sat round the table diminished to two. After leaving school entered the service of Messrs. J. Bartholomew & Co., mill owners, Glasgow, where, after having been many years the confidential clerk and cashier, he was, in recognition of his high character and business capacity, assumed as a Partner. In all his business relations Mr. Clugston was probity and integrity itself, and was distinguished at the same time for his uniform courtesy and gentleness. During his whole life was warmly attached to the Free Church. was a deacon in Free St. John’s, Glasgow, and had much to with the origin of the Free Church at Cambuslang, where spent four or five years before his settling in Lenzie. Nearly thirty years ago Mr. John Bartholomew of Brownhill House, Kirkintilloch, suggested to Mr. Clugston that he should come to Lenzie, and acting on this advice Mr. Clugston acquired the home in which he has since lived. Coming to Lenzie he at once attached himself to Free St. Davids Church. He was highly esteemed in the congregation because of his personal character and for his readiness to support all measures bearing upon its prosperity. Throughout his long life of eighty years. Mr. Clugston was greatly honoured and loved by wide circle of friends and acquaintances. His unfailing cheerfulness, his modesty, his simplicity of character, his unaffected interest in the welfare of others, and his desire to minister to their happiness, rendered him the object of affection and respect wherever he went He shrank sensitively front publicity, and many of his good deeds were known only to himself and those he helped. He rendered prompt and effective aid to many who, to-day, owe much of their success in life to his counsel and help, rarely spoke of acts of this kind, and seemed fearful lest people should hear of them. When in Glasgow Mr. Clugston took deep interest in the institutions for the blind and the deaf and dumb, at both of which he was a frequent and highly-esteemed visitor. When able to attend meetings Mr. Clugston took a personal interest in Kirkintilloch institutions, such as the old Industrial School and the Town Mission. At one time when labour was scarce in Kirkintilloch, and a meeting was held in Kerr Street School, presided over by Colonel Gartshore to raise funds for the unemployed, Mr. Clugston was the committee and took part in furnishing the aid then required. For a number of years past Mr. Clugston had withdrawn from business and spent his days quietly at Lenzie in the society of his two sisters, to whom he was deeply attached, and by whom he is now survived.
Kirkintilloch Herald, 1890 Sept 10

THE LATE MISS CLUOSTON. – One of Lenzie’s oldest inhabitants passed away on Thursday last, in the person of Miss Mary Clugston of Viewfield. She had reached the very advanced age of almost ninety years, and had been rather frail for some time back. She was a quaint figure in the community, with her streaming ringlets of hair, and her simple style of dress, but in many quiet ways she was of great usefulness. …
Kirkintilloch Herald, 1912 Oct 25

Probably related:

Agnes Clugston = Thomas Jaffray m 1823.12.6 Gorbals

This looks like another Clugston/Bain marriage, but actually this family named their son after their minister, Rev James Clugston of Stewarton.

Murdoch Bain 1831.7.22- b Inverness
  = Jessie Mclennan 1831 b Gairloch, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
   (Murdoch son of John Bain and Isabella Mackintosh)
   (Jessie dau of Roderick Maclennan b1801 and Mary b1806, first child born 1831)
   (1861: Manse Street, Ardrossan, Old Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland)
   James Clugston Bain 1859.9.2-1928.4.30 b. Stewarton, Ayr Teacher of stenography

Other Clugstons in Victoria

These actually belong to the Clugstons from Antrim, Ireland.
(Alex’s parents are unknown in Victoria BDM)
Alex Patterson Clugston 1879-1970 = Ethel Frances Greaves 1881-1943 m 1908 Victoria
Agnes Clugston = Joseph James William Archibald McKenzie m 1914 Victoria
Martha Isabel Clugston = Alex George Hamilton Woods m 1924 Victoria

(Andrew’s parents unknown in Victoria BDM)

Andrew Clugston 1838-1926.1.25 
  = Ellen Church 1839-1926 m 1864  (or Frances Ellen dau Thomas Church)
  (Resident of Youanmite, Victoria (near Shepparton) Mar 1875, previously was in Tharanbegga Feb 1874 with Robert Forbes, David Boyd, and Margaret H Boyd. Was with Forbes in 1871)
    William John (deceased)
    John Thomas Clugston 1866-1919 = Eleanor Burgin (or Bergan) 1880- m 1894 Cosgrove Victoria
        (In Andrew's obituary, John Thomas is not mentioned)
        Frances Ellen Clugston 1896-  b. Katandra, Victoria
        Agnes Clugston 1897-
        Rose Eleanor Clugston 1901-1938.11.18
          = Harold Thomas Gemmell m 1924
        Margaret Alice Clugston 1903-1909.12.30 (died young)
        Violet Christina Clugston 1905-1909.12.30 (died young)
        William Andrew Clugston 1908-1910.1.2 (died young)
        Alice Elena Clugston -1907 (died young)
        John Thomas Clugston 1908-
        Lilian Florence May Clugston 1899-
          = Arthur Robert Prosser m 1916
    Margaret Clugston 1873-1956.1.10 = John Gawne m 1891
        (Margaret Gawne died age 82 which means she was born 1874.)
    Agnes Clugston 1875-1875
    Andrew Clugston 1877-1877
    Mary Jane Clugston -1877
    Frances Ellen "Nellie" Clugston 1879- 
      = Herbert Williamson Harris m 1914

The death certificate for Hugh says that his parents are John and Mary Ross, but those are his wife Mary’s parents.
I think that Hugh might not be descended from John and Elizabeth Jaffray, but may rather be from County Antrim, Ireland.

    Hugh Clugston 1828-1904.8.20 d. Lilydale
      = Mary Mahon -1912.3.25  (Mary dau. John Mahon and Mary Ross Nolan)
          (Police constable in 1862. He left the police force on 1864.6.22
          Beat a convict to death in 1862. Gave Mary a drug to try to produce a miscarriage so he wouldn't have to marry her. He then married her in 1864.
          Hugh was accused of cattle stealing in 1899 but acquitted)
        Hugh Clugston 1864-
        Elizabeth Ann Clugston 1869-
          =(father unmarried)
            Rose Clugston 1889-1889
          = John Watkinson m 1903 Heidelberg Victoria
        Mary Clugston 1871-
        Minnie Clugston  (this is probably Mary)
          =(father unmarried)
            William Clugston 1889-
          = Edward Nucella Emmett m 1894
        Thomas John Clugston 1875- ran away from home in 1889, age 14. Artillery
          = Ellen Flemming m 1900
            Mary Evelyn 1901-   = Desmond Baden Matsone m 1925 Victoria
            Hugh Valentine 1904- = Maud Agnes Carruthers m 1926 Victoria
        Agnes Clugston 1877- = Chas Alf Anderson m 1897
        John Andrew Ross Clugston 1879-  b Lily, Victoria
           = Olive Linton Cameron 1878-1964 m 1907 Sydney
            Alexander C Clugston 1908 b Newtown
            John Harold Clugston 1909-1990 b Sutherland m 1929
            Leslie C Clugston 1914- b. Sutherland

        Nelly Clugston 1882-
        Alexander Percy Clugston 1883-

Andrew Cluxton is in Vic gvt gazette 1840. But he is probably a Claxton
Robert Cluxton 1848-1914.2.19 d. Amherst

Robert Clugstone, miner, of Mt Greenock, Vic. abandoned his wife and child in 1866.6.19

Thomas Cluxton 1831-1865
= Ann Kennedy 1811-1902.3.06 d. Henty, Melbourne. (daughter of William Kennedy & Martha Moore)
Thomas Cluxton was in the Sandford Farmers Commons 1863.

Probably also a Claxton.

1836 Eliza Cluxton abandoned her 3 year old illegitimate daughter on a Sydney street

?? Clugston = Rachel Smith (Rachel dau William Smith), She remarried James Hawthorn 1861.9.12 Antrim
William Clugston = Rachel Smith
Isaac Clugston 1843-1902.5.17 Farmer d. Port Fairy, Melbourne. I believe he is from the Armagh line.

Note: there are many Claxtons in Victoria, who can cause confusion.
In 1883, Councillor Frederick Moses Claxton was the mayor of Ballarat West. He was born in 1832 in Norwich, England.


28 thoughts on “John Clugston and Elizabeth Jaffray

  1. I am the Great Grandaughter of Andrew Clugston 1838 married Ellen Church. I have done my DNA with Ancestry & have a match with the decendents of Hugh Clugston born 1828. I also have matches with the surname Jaffray. My Grandmother was Lillian Clugston.


    • Hi my name is Stephen John Clugston i am Francis Ellen Clugston grand son. Nana died in 1980. My Father was William John Clugston he was born out of wedlock and am wondering if you would know who his father was and where he was born.


      • Was your Nanna married to Herbert Williamson Harris? As that is what showing in my tree. What year was William born? 

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Hi Stephen. Have you done your DNA? My Nanna was Lillian Clugston, your Nana’s Sister. I wish they were here to answer our questions. I can ask a couple of my Cousins and see if they know. I remember Bill Clugston my Mums Cousin. Are you from Melbourne? I have some family pics on ancestry, they called Francis (Nellie)? I will get back to you.


    • My nana was single until 1949 when she married charles ahrens in melbourne. My father was born 1921 and died 2000. I was born july 1951 & my sister may 1953. I have two sons liam 36 & andrew 33 and andrew has now given me a grand daughter 4 mth. my grand mother nick name was nellie . i am not sure if you know that my nana mother had eight children the four oldest we staying away frrom the family home the next morning she got up and shot the four young children and herself two girles and a boy willie died
      Yes bill clugston was my dad


  3. Yes I was aware of that but only found out a few yrs ago. She was very ill with Perpetual Fever and Melancholia apparently. Don said he passed my email on to you. Can you email me? Do you know who Andrew Clugstons parents were? Thank’s.


  4. Morning I am still looking for my paper work,i am sure andrew clugston was in benalla. If you look at andrew clugston benalla there is a land grant for 1875.
    Where the childrew were shot was ascot tank near dookie the children are burried at the dookie cementry.


  5. Yes my Mum came from Dookie. Andrew was her Grandfather & John my Nana’s Father . My Cousin went to see a Historian in the area & she took him to see where Helena & John lived. She showed him school records of my Mum & Auntys too. We are trying to find out who Andrew’s Parents were. I have done my DNA with Ancestry & have a few matched to Clugston’s & also to Church (my Great Great Grandmother)


  6. i still have not my paper work but the church & burgin family always came up. do you have the family bible or do you know has it and we find out the history. do you live in melbourne. i found out that there is a town in scotland called clugston & a lock in sw scotland


    • The information which I have for this family comes entirely from and from
      DNA testing could really settle this.
      Join the Clugston DNA project at
      and order a Y-DNA37 kit. (Possibly combined with a family finder test if you are interested in other ancestors as well). When the results come back we will instantly know where you fit in. I suspect you are a relative or descendant of Hugh Clugston of Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland.


    • Stephen, some years ago (about 2005) I traveled to Wigtown in S/W Scotland. By sheer luck met a Canadian historian researcher documenting the main families of the village
      Found a lot of details on the Clugston family in the local church. Particularly William (A provost of the town during the religious troubles in the 1700’s)

      I also found the estates of Upper Clugston and Lower Clugston plus Clugston Loch.

      I stayed overnight in the “new” Clugston house which is a B&B which also allowed me the time to walk through the old ruins and “feel” my history.
      Certainly a memorable trip and highly worthwhile.


  7. I am in Melbourne. If you check your facebook messages I have left a message for you. I think you should do the DNA testing as suggested.


  8. Good morning i asked my mother if nana was married to harris but she thought not nanas father threw nana out of the house when he found out that nana was going to have a child,but she did know harris he died in 1923 maybe that is why dad never had a father because he was two. andrew clugstone father was robert clugstone mother was mc bride his dad was hugh clugstone mother sarah mc bride from ballylinny antrim.
    Although i believe that the family came from north scotland with the tennant farming then to sw scotland across to ireland then australia. when nana was on her death bed she kept on call out even she was in a coma willie do not go for her brother she always called dad william or bill hope this helps


  9. If your Mum is still living she would know my Mum then. If you do your DNA you will see if yoy connect to HARRIS.


  10. My mother she knew your mum. if i do a dna how do they match me with harris and dad. i have looked everwhere on line for dads birth cert he had one years ago but it had no father. what do you think about the familyfrom scotland


      • If we are talking of my uncle Hugh Valentine Clugston from Victoria his parents were Thomas Clugston and Ellen Flemming. Both Thomas and High were high ranking in the Vic police force.
        When I researched their Police records I was presented with two “Hughs”. I had assumed their was a link but maybe I’m wrong. (I hope so Looking at the life of Hugh the elder. )


      • I believe you are correct. I have DNA matches that connect me to Hugh Clugston & Sarah McBride.


  11. DNA will give you many matches, get your Mum to do one too. That way you will know which matches are from your Mums side. You could get a close match like a 2nd even 3rd Cousin that is connected through your Grandfather. You will get names from the matches. I have many matches from Scotland and Ireland.


  12. Good morning Debra. I was talking to mum last night and she thought there was a cousin called Arther Cousins who was adopted by ron & phil Hall who lived in queens st in melbourne. I have to go to the doctors today and i will talk to him about DNA. where in victoria do you live. Have you looked for the family bible if we get that all is resolved Steve


  13. I dont have the Bible Stephen. Yes Arthur is my 1st Cousin, Phyllis was my Mums Sister. Arthur was the Son of my Mums other Sister & Aunty Phil adopted him. My Mum was Joyce, she had 4 Sisters. I have sent some pics to you on fb; but you havn’t seen them. I sent them to Andrew too, tell him to check his messages & he can forward to you.


  14. My mum asked if your parents were Joyce & Bob Martin & was Myrtle Arthur mum and what happened to her


  15. Hi Debra its Steve Clugston i have been very ill the last few weeks. My lap top hard drive decided to die lost everything can you email your facebook address to me .I found out some news about my grand mother. There are 2 Francis ellen Clugston no 1 born 1879 – 1950 she was known as nelli she married herbert w harris in 1914. My nana was born 1895 1980 also nelli dad was born in 1921. Nana married around 1946 to Charles Ahrens a wwwi hero regards steve


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