Other Clugstons in the USA

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About half of the Clugstons in the world today live in the USA. The USA is home to almost all of the Cluxtons and Clogstons. How are they related? How many migrations were there from Scotland or Ireland, to the New World?

Many of the Clugstons in the USA are descendants of Robert Clugston born about 1715, who emmigrated to Adam’s County, Pennsylvania. This family is described here.

Another early immigrant was Michael Clugston of Connecticut.
David Malry Cluxton 1823.10.12-1906.6.10 b New York, claims that his father was born in England. Probably a descendant of Michael.

John Clugston 1774.9-1830.8 b Scotland d. New York and Margaret Grace Mclean 1773-1857 b. Scotland emmigrated to New York

George Clugston 1785.12.31-1852.1.8 of Ireland emmigrated to Lexington, Kentucky about 1815.

John Clugston arrived in Philadelphia on 1817.5.8 on the “Thomas Gelston”. The ship left Belfast on 1817.3.1 bound for Phildelphia.

William Clugston 1825.7.10-1902.9.22 b Ireland and his wife Margaret Percy of Antrim emmigrated to PA in 1852. His brother Samuel W Clugston 1834-1881.3.18, paper maker of Antrim, with his wife and children, arrived in Phildadelphia on 1866.6.15, on the “Tuscarora”. They moved to Montgomery, PA.

Thomas Clugston of Ireland, age 22, also a paper maker, with Margaret Clugston, of Ireland, age 22, arrived in Philadelphia on 1853.3.10 on the “City of Glasgow”.

John Cluxton 1791-1854.2.21 emmigrated from Ireland around 1810 and married Nancy Page of Pennsylvania, then settled in Adam’s County, Ohio.
Also in Ohio in 1860 were James Cluxton 1824 Alex 1825 Margaret 1825 Richard 1828 John 1829 and Mary 1830. They emmigrated from Ireland in 1850.

James Clugston born Ireland 1819 and his wife Elizabeth M McHenry 1830- b Ireland emmigrated to Catasauqua, Lehigh, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia) just after 1850.

John Clugston (son of John Clugston and Mary Wortherspoon) and his wife Mary Bradford were also in New York; they emmigrated from Glasgow in 1860. (See the “weavers” page).
John Clugston 1807- and his wife Mary Thompson of Newtownhamilton, County Armagh, emmigrated to Oswego, New York (See the “Armagh” page).

Joseph Stuart Clugston emmigrated to New York 1912 and 1914. (See the “Armagh” page).
Descendants of John Clugston and Letitia Colville (of Antrim?), emmigrated to New York from Eastwood, Glasgow in 1887-1888. See the Antrim page.

In Newburgh, Orange, New York, were John Clugston 1805 b Ireland = Rachael Watson 1815- b Ireland. Rachel arrived in NY in 1829. In 1855 she said she was born in Ireland, but her mother was born in Germany.

Richard Cluxton married Eliza Newett in 1842 in Ireland (County Armagh, Tyrone, or County Louth). They moved to New Jersey via Canada.

This is the same age as David Clugston 1832.3.7-1919 son of Asher Clugston, but that would be Indiana not Illinois.
In 1860, the family of James A Clugston, from the revolutionary branch, was in McDonough, Illinois,

David Clugston
 (1855: McDonough, Illinois. 4 family members)
 (1865: Mound, McDonough, Illinois. man 30-40 woman 30-40 three girls 10-20 one boy 0-10 two girls 0-10)

New York

Chautauqua County is not far from Ohio. It seems that this family drifted west during the 1800’s.

In 1850, Samuel Cluxton 1787- b New York was in Fayette Co, Illinois, staying with Reuben Washburn 1808- and wife Eunice 1811-.

Thomas J Cluxton 1804 b New York. Farmer
 = Lydia b New York
   (Lydia was not present in 1855)
   (1840: Ripley, Chautauqua, New York man 30-40 woman 30-40 girl 5-10 two boys 0-5 two girls 0-5)
   (1855: Ripley, Chautauqua, New York)
   (1860 "Cluckston": Ripley, Chautauqua, New York)
    Mary Ann Cluxston 1834-1912.1.12 b New York d. New York (died single)
    William N Cluxton 1837-1863 = Julia Camp 1842.6 b NY
        (Died in the Civil War)
        (1900: North East Township (south of Buffalo Rd.), Erie, PA, with Julia's parents Orrin Camp and Lucy M)
    Sanford Cluxton  1838-1928.9.20 b New York  d. Colorado Farmer
      = Miranda Stephens 1844- b Missouri m 1871.4.16 Wisconsin
        (1880: Fairview, Sarpy, Nebraska)
        (1910: Highland, Sarpy, Nebraska) 
        Hellen Cluxton 1872 b Iowa
        John J Cluxton 1875 b Nebraska
          = Lucinda 1884 Nebraska
            Frank Cluxton 1909 Nebraska
        Guy Cluxton 1876 b Wisconsin
        Clarence M Cluxton 1881-1890.1.25 d Sarpy Nebraska
        Asa Allen Cluxton 1882.11.29-1963.7 b Nebraska
        Effie Cluxton 1886- b Nebraska
        Harry Cluxton 1889- b Nebraska
    Adeline Cluxston 1840
    Galen S Cluxton (male) 1842-1863.12.29
        (1860: Staying with the family of Glover P Waddles, Ripley)
        (Died in the Civil War)
    Carinda Cluxton 1841 (not present in 1855)
    Ethelinde Cluxton 1851
Matthew Cluxton
    (1820: Albany, NY. 3 boys under 0-9. 1 boy 10-16. 1 man over 45 (Matthew)
     1 woman 26-45. This included 1 person engaged in agriculture (Matthew))

Obviously one of the boys under 10 was Matthew Junior.

Matthew Cluxton 1812- b NY = Mary 1818- b NY
    (1848 Albany directory: Matthew was a gardener. Matthew Jr nearby, also Nancy Cluxton)
    (1850: Albany city, ward 6, Albany, New York)
    Silas C Cluxton 1834- b NY
    Samuel R Cluxton 1836- b NY
    Caroline Cluxton 1840- b NY
    Matthew Cluxton 1843- b NY
    Mary E Cluxton 1845- b NY
    John Cluxton 1847- b NY
    William Clexton 1850.6.6- b NY. Works in a tannery
       = Sophia Miller (or Baker) 1852- b NY
       (Both William's parents born NY)
       (1880: Chicago, Cook, Illinois)
       Andrew Ritter Clexton 1875.5.16-1962.8.10 b Illinois
           = Annie V Finnerty m 1896.8.9
           (1900: Borough of Richmond, NY)
           Beatrice Clexton 
        John Chestnut Clexton 1878-1941.7.11
William W Clugston 1804-1889.7.27 b NY d Honey Creek Iowa
  = Phebe Heston 1811- b Ohio m 1836.5.29 Berrien, Michigan
    (1840: St Joseph, Indiana)
    (1850: Madison, St Joseph, Indiana)
    (1860: Delaware Township, Iowa. With John Doud 1853- b Iowa)
    (1870: Iowa)
    (1885: Honey Creek, Delaware, Iowa)
    (Phebe was still alive in 1885)
    John Clugston 1828- b Indiana
    Rebecca M Clugston 1831- = Hiram Carey m 1855.10.18 Delaware Co, Iowa
    Harriet Clugston 1835- b Indiana
    Lydia Clugston 1837-1916 b Indiana
      = Edwin B Miner 1835-1874 m 1857.2.1 Delaware,Iowa
    Hannah Jane Clugston 1838.6.1-1906.2 b Indiana d Iowa
      = Elisha Miller 1834-1898 m 1857.4.12 Iowa
    Rachael L Clugston 1840- b Indiana
      = Charles P Sanders m 1857.5.3 Iowa
    James Clugston 1843.10 b Indiana
      = Sarah Ermine Bishop 1854.4-1937.1.12 b Michigan m 1873.2.7 Fayette, Iowa.
        (1900: Honey Creek, Iowa. 1 child, 1 living)
        Ralph Harvey Clugston 1887.1 b Michigan
    Martha Clugston 1844- b Indiana
    Sarah Clugston 1847- b Indiana
    Nancy Clugston 1852- b Indiana
Robert Clugston 1798.3.17-1847.8.3 d. Flint, Genesee, Michigan
John Clugston 1828- b NY = Lousia 1832- b NY
    (1850: Flint, Genesee, Michigan)
    Robert Clugston 1849- b Michigan

Agnes Clugston 1832- b NY
    (1850: Flint, Genesee, Michigan. Staying in a boarding house)
John Clugston 1810 b NY = Fanny 1813 b South Carolina
    (1850 "Clugstow": Rush, Indiana)
    William Clugston 1833- b Indiana
    Anne Clugston 1834- b Indiana
    Ute Clugston 1837- b Indiana
    Jehu T Clugston 1839- b Indiana
        (8th regiment, Illinois Infantry)
    Mary Clugston 1843- b Indiana
    Theodore Clugston 1845- b Indiana
    Hanna Clugston 1848- b Indiana
    Martha Clugston 1850- b Indiana
William Clugston  b NY = Mary Perkins b Indiana
    Jahyu Cluxton 1841.4.3-1924.9.5 b Rush, Indiana d. St Francisville, Illinois
       =(1) Margaret K Stevenson m 1865.7.4 Shelby, Illinois
       =(2) Mary A Schoffner 1841.6.9-1930.8.1 b Richland, Ohio d. St Francisville, 
Lawrence Co, Illinois
         (Mary dau Henry Schoffner and Sarah Kissel)
         (1910 "Jaylen Cluxton": St Francisville, Lawrence, Illinois)
         (1920: Lawrence, Ill)
         Winfield Scott Cluxton 1880.9.25-1931.11.23 b Indiana = Emma Napin ???? 1880-1957
             (Drafted in WWI)
Anne Clugston 1831- b Indiana
    (1850: Rush, Indiana, staying in a lodging house)

William Clugston 1832- b Indiana
    (1850: Rush, Indiana, staying with the Megee family)
(John's father born New York, mothers birthplace unknown)
 (Not to be confused with John E 1858- b Kentucky, still alive in 1930, nor John b 1858, living in Indiana in 1930)
(He could be John 1860- b Franklin PA, son of James and Catherine)
(It is possible that he is lying, and was actually born in Ireland)
(In 1910 he said his parents and his wife were born Michigan)
John B Clugston 1857.4.14-1928.8.23 b Illinois d. Allegan, Michigan. Farmer
    Helen Horton 1856.8.30-1923.4.16 b Illinois d. Van Buren, Michigan
       (b Michigan or New York in 1900) m 1876.10.8 Pine Grove, Van Buren, Michigan
     (1880: Lee, Allegan, Michigan. Helen's bother Wellcom Horton was with them)
     (1900: Arlington, Van Buren, Michigan 4 kids 4 living)
     (1910: Columbia, Van Buren, Michigan)
     John J Clugston 1884.5 b Michigan = Ethel Nash 1887- m 1904.4.17 Van Buren
       =(2) May Dolbee 1892- m 1910.11.21 Van Buren
     George Ezral Clugston 1885.7.20-1958.5.13 b Michigan = Florence Coffinger
     Myrtle Goldie Clugston 1890.12.8 b Michigan
     Reuben Franklin Clugston 1892.1.1-1950.10.17 b Michigan = Viola N Pratt
        =(2) Edith M Potter Goodrich m 1914.2.5 Van Buren, Michigan
    George Clugston 1830- b NY 
    = Clarissa Thrasher 1838-1904.9.19 b Michigan d. Pine Grove, Van Buren, Michigan
     (Clarissa dau. Jerome Thrasher)
     (Clarissa remarried Claude M Bradley m 1896.6.17 Licking, Ohio. She gave her father as Aaron B Clugston).
       (1850 "George Clagston": Almena, Van Buren, Michigan)
       (1860: Pine Grove, Van Buren, Michigan)
       (1870: Michigan)
       (1880: Pine Grove, Van Buren, Michigan. Clarissa was widowed)
       Jerome Clugston 1855.9-1937.10.29 b Michigan
           = Sarah M Gooden m 1898.2.25 Van Buren
       Almira Clugston (or Elmira) 1864-1939.11.5 b Michigan = William Dean
       Adelbert ("Dell") Clugston 1868-1867.7.6 b Pine Grove Michigan d. Van Buren
       Frank Clugston 1874-1935.10.23 b Michigan d. Van Buren(died single)

Clugstons in New Jersey

James Clugston, born Scotland, emmigrated to Hunterdon, New Jersey in 1775. His descendants moved to Whiteley, Indiana.

Cluxtons in New Jersey

This next family is particularly interesting since they came to New Jersey from Canada, and they spelt their name as “Cluggston”,”Cluxton”, “Cluxtom” and the truly bizarre “Clugkston”.

Richard Cluxton married Eliza Newett in 1842 (Ireland Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage Licence Bonds, Armagh). The Church of Ireland Diocese of Armagh covers County Armagh, Tyrone, and County Louth.
I think it is very likely that Richard is the brother of Ann Cluxton 1822-1907 who married Abraham Ball in 1844 in County Louth, and then moved to Canada after a few years in England.
But note that there is another Richard Cluxton in New Jersey born 1827. Thus, there must be at least two families of Cluxtons who emmigrated there at about the same time.

Richard Cluxton 1817-1866.11.28 b Ireland d Trenton, Mersey, NJ
  =(1) Eliza Newett 1820- b Ireland
   (1850: "Cluxton", Burlington, NJ)
   (Eliza died not longer after, because Richard had remarried by 1854)
   (1860: "Cluggston", Hamilton, Mercer, NJ)
   (1870: Hamilton, Mersey, New Jersey)
   (1880: Trenton, Mersey, New Jersey)
   (1885: "Clugkston", Trenton, New Jersey)
   (1900: "Cluxtom")
   Ann Cluxton 1843- b Canada
   William Cluxton 1849.2-1917.3.22 b Canada = Ellen 1848.10-1917.30.10 b Penns m about 1875
      (1900, 1910: Trenton, Mercer, NJ)
      Estella Cluxton 1878.2 b NJ (unmarried in 1910)
      Margaret Cluxton 1876.9 b NJ = Charles Archinal
      Frances May Cluxton 1882.6-1908.5.31 b NJ = William Chaffee Mixter
      William R Cluxton 1888.10 b NJ (unmarried in 1910)
    Robert Cluxton 1850- b NJ (seems to have died by 1860)
 =(2) Mary Kearney 1828.4-1904.5.16 b Ireland
   Margaret Cluxton 1854- b New Jersey
     = Robert J Wood m 1876.1.2, NJ
   Mary J Cluxton 1859- b New Jersey
      = Frank H Higgins 1858- m 1877.10.6 Burlington New Jersey
   Edward M Cluxton 1860.9 - 1928 b New Jersey
   George Cluxton 1865.1 b New Jersey


The will of Matthew Clugston was proved in 1774 in Philadelphia, PA.

Descendants of Thomas Clugston in Franklin County, PA

The will of Thomas Clugston, probated in Franklin County, PA, 1799.4.10 (Franklin Will Book B page 77), states that his wife was Jaine, he had 2 sons, Robert and John, and two daughters Mary and Agness Clugstons alias McCormack, and also mentions “the land bought by the two brothers whereon Robert now lives”. In the will, the surname is spelt Clugston, Clougston, Clugstone, and Clogston. Thomas was illiterate.

Robert Baird obtained an order for a tract of land in Quincy 1767.4.7. It was surveyed in 1789.6.9, by which time it had passed to Robert and John Clugston.

In the 1790 Census, there were three adjacent houses in Franklin, PA. Thomas, with one man and two women (Thomas, Jane, and unmarried daughter). Robert, with one man, two boys and four females (Robert, his wife, two sons, and three daughters). John, with one man and two females (John, his wife, and one daughter).

In the 1800 census, there were two adjacent houses in Green Castle, Franklin, PA.
Robert, aged over 45 (born before 1755), with a wife born 1775-1774, one son born 1780-1785, one son born 1785-1790, one daughter born 1785-1790. The other two females in the house have gone.
John, born 1755-1774, wife also born 1755-1774, one man 16-24 (Not John’s son, because John had no son in 1790, and not Robert’s son either), one daughter born 1785-1790, three sons born 1790-1800, one daughter born 1790-1800.

Both Robert and John were Revolutionary soldiers, and are buried at Brown’s hill Presbyterian Cemetary, Kauffman, Franklin Co.

On 1833.2.4, probate of the estate of John Clugston late of Washingtown Township was granted to David Clugston, with Robert Clugston and Charles Nill as his sureties.
(Franklin Will Book D, page 252)
When Robert Clugston Sr died, his administrator on 1834.9.10 was John Nill.
When Thomas Clugston died, his administrator on 1835.11.10 was John Cook of Geo.

Thomas Clugston - 1799 = Jane
    Robert Clugston 1752-1834.9.3
        (6 Cumberland County Militia Revolutionary War)
    John Clugston 1760-1833.1.25 = Agnes 1766-1830.4.15
         (6 Cumberland County Militia Revolutionary War)
    Mary Clugston = McCormack
    Agnes Clugston 

According to the book and findagrave one of John’s daughters was
Catherine Clugston 1799.10.2-1873.1.2 = John Hassler 1787-1840

On 1844-11-27, the will of Robert Clugston, wagon maker of Guilford Township, Franklin Co, mentions: wife Rosannah, oldest son John Augustus, second son David who is less than 21 years old. The will was probated on 1844-12-13, so he must have died a few days after writing it. Executor was Jacob Lehman

Robert Clugston -1844.12 b PA. Wagon maker
  = Rosannah Shatzer 1813.4.4-1897.5.24 b PA d. Chambersburg, Franklin, PA
    (1850: Guilford, Franklin, PA)
    (1860: Guilford, Franklin, PA. Only Samuel and Rosanna)
    (1870: Next door to the family of Charles Hassler)
    (1880: Guilford, Franklin, PA. Rosanna lived alone but David was next door)
    John Augustus Clugston 1833- b PA
    David Clugston 1835.3.25-1908.11.6 b PA Shoemaker
      = Martha Rennecker 1856.6 b PA m 1880
        (1850: Quincy, Franklin, staying with the family of John Stitt 1815-, shoemaker)
        (1880: Guilford, Franklin, PA. Next door to Rosanna, and next door to Abraham Rennecker) 
        (1900: Guilford, Franklin. 4 children, all living. Living next door to Charles Rennecker 1844.4 b Germany)
        Jesse Clugston  1881.1 b PA
        Charlie Clugston 1883.2 b PA
        Ruth Clugston 1888.5 b PA
        Carrie M Clugston 1893.7 b PA = Ralph E Forbes m 1923 
    William Clugston 1836- b PA
    Samuel C Clugston 1841- b PA
    Abraham Clugston 1843- b PA

From the book, John must be the son of John.

John Clugston 1791-  Laborer = Catherine 1793-1858
    (1850: Quincy, Franklin)    
     Alexander Clugston 1825-1863.9 Laborer. Deaf and dumb. Killed in a horrific accident in a threshing machine.
     Mary Clugston 1830- b PA
     (1850: Quincy, Franklin, staying with Jane McLeary 1766- and Jane Mcleary 1809-, next door to John and Catherine Clugston)

     Jackson Clugston 1829-1835.7.3 b PA
     (1850: Quincy, Franklin, staying with the family of Adam Essick, farmer, next door to Margaret, Robert and Nancy Clugston)

Clearly the children of Robert or John.
The “Revolutionary Soldiers” book gives Nancy as a son of Robert, but does not mention Margaret.

Margaret Clugston 1790- b PA
Nancy Clugston 1792- b PA
Thomas Clugston b PA = ???
     (1850: Quincy, Franklin. Margaret, Nancy and Robert were living together)
    Robert Clugston 1812- b PA

On 1850.9.29, an unusual joint will was made between Margaret Clugston and her sister Nancy Clugston (Franklin Will Book G page 22). The will was probated in 1864.1.28. It left their land (which they owned jointly) to their nephew Robert Clugston, son of their brother Thomas.

David Clugston 1806.4.12-1884.12.3 b PA. d. Defiance Co, Ohio Farmer
  = Isabella 1817-1873.8 b PA
    (1840: Guilford Township, Franklin, PA)
    (1850: Bucyrus, Crawford, Ohio, with John and Barbara Duell)
    (1870 "Clugson": Ohio)
    (1880: Bucyrus, Crawford, Ohio)
    Eliza Clugston 1836- b PA
    Sarah Belle Clugston 1838-1870.4.2 b PA d. Bucyrus, Crawford, Ohio
    Catharine Clugston 1843-1880.4.16 b Franklin Co, PA d. Defiance Co, Ohio
        = Quimby Peck 1842-1914
    James P Clugston 1846- b PA
    Rosanna Clugston 1847-1870.3.5 b Ohio d. Bucyrus, Crawford, Ohio
    John D Clugston 1855- b Ohio

This is probably David’s son “John D”.

John Benton Clugston 1856.7.12-1880.12.17 b Ohio 
   = Catherine Schwartz 1861- (or 1859-) b Crawford, Ohio m 1878.6.14 Crawford Ohio
    (Marriage witness: David Clugston)
    (1880: Bucyrus, Crawford, Ohio)
    Clydus Clugston 1878.8.12-1941.8.1 b Dallas, Crawford, Ohio. d. Bucyrus, Crawford, Ohio. Carpenter
      = Myrtle Wilson
Thomas Clugston 1828- b PA = Elizabeth 1825- b PA
    (1850: Guilford, Franklin, PA)
    (1860: Peters Township, Franklin, PA)
    (Elizabeth got a war widow's pension in 1883.2.19)
    Anna C Clugston 1850- b PA
    David Clugston 1851- b PA
    Christopher Clugston 1854- b PA
John Clugston 1819- b PA = Mary Ann 1824- b PA
    (1850: Greencastle, Franklin, PA)
    David Clugston 1847- b PA
    John Clugston 1850- b PA
Thomas Clugston 1795.12.18-1867.2.1 b PA d. Kaufman, Franklin, PA
  = Martha Holland 1800.1.15-1863.2.27 b. Maryland d. Kaufman, Franklin, PA
    (1850: Antrim, Franklin, PA)
    (1860: Antrim, Franklin, PA)
    (Thomas' executor 1867.2.4 was David A Clugston, his son)
    Robert Clugston 1822- b PA
    David A Clugston 1825-1884 b PA d. Greencastle, Franklin, PA. Coopering.
      = Mary Ann 1834-1927 b. PA d. Greencastle
        (1860: Quincy Township, Franklin, PA)
        (1870: PA)
        (1880: Antrim, Franklin, PA)
        Alice Clugston 1859 b PA
        Maria M Clugston 1862 b PA (or Emma? b 1861 )
        Margaret Clugston 1864 b PA
        Minnie B Clugston 1865 b PA
        Charles D Clugston 1868-1920 b PA
        Samuel G Clugston 1871 b PA
        Anna B Clugston 1875 b PA
        Elva M Clugston 1877-1961b PA
    Catherine Clugston 1831.10.18-1911.2.19 b PA d. Greencastle, Franklin PA
    Sarah Ann Clugston 1834-1851.9.3. d. Kaufman, Franklin, PA
Alexander Clugston 1802.7.8-1878.3.13 b &d Guilford, Franklin PA
   = Elizabeth Wile 1802-1882.1.22 b&d Franklin, PA
    (1860: Guilford, Franklin, PA)
    (1870: Penns)
    George D Clugston 1847.10 b PA. Days Laborer = Mary E 1861- b Maryland
        (1880: Guilford, Franklin, PA. George's birth 1852. Mary born Penns but her parents born Maryland. George's parents born Penns)
        (1900: Guilford, Franklin, PA)
             George Edward Clugston 1879.12.6-1958.8.10 b Franklin County, PA
               =(1) Ruth H
                 Joyce Clugston
                 Merle Clugston
                 E. Ruth Clugston
               =(2) Ida Blanche Spangler 1887-m 1904.11.9 Chambersburg, Franklin, PA
                 Thomas Alton Clugston 1905.7.11 b Franklin County
                 George R. Clugston
                 Max William Clugston
                 Maude Hannah Clugston
                 Grace Clugston
                 Joseph Alexander Clugston
                 Cora Blanche Clugston
                 Minnie Florence Clugston
                 Laura Elizabeth Clugston
                 Wayne Authur Clugston
                 Paul Edward Clugston
                 Julia May Clugston
             Maude M Clugston = John Rennecker
             Minne Clugston 1887.2 b Franklin County, PA
              = Daniel Hebert Barnett m 1907.6.11
     Franklin C Clugston 1849- b Penns
     Charlotte Clugston 1838-
     Mary A Clugston 1842-

     Franklin W K Clugston 1848.1-1925 b PA = Annie M Gaff 1844.4-1911 b Penns m ~1874
         (1880: Guilford, Franklin, Penns. "Clugson")
         (1920: Chambersburg Ward 1, Franklin, PA "Klugston")
         Alexander Clugston 1876- 
            = Margaret Hassler 1878- m 1899.3.9 Chambersburg, Franklin, PA
         Caturia Clugston 1878- b Penns
         Katie B Clugston 1877.3 b Penns
         Frank Clugston 1880.10 b Penns

Franklin C Cluxton was a physician in Petronia, Butler, PA around 1870, then moved to Bradford.

(John and his parents b PA)
John Clugston 1801-
  (1870: Indiana, with Jane 1806- and Margaret 1843-)
  (1880: Bloomfield, Lagrange, Indiana. Widowed. Living with Bingham Irvine 1825, also widowed, whose wife was Talara J 1838 b Ohio. son Theodore b 1867)
James Clugston 1818- b PA = Charlotte 1825- b PA
    (1850: Guilford, Franklin, PA)
    (1870: Indiana)
    Luther Clugston 1848- b PA
    William Frank Clugston 1850.3- b PA = Clara M 1857- b Indiana m ~1876
        (Frank's parents born PA)
        (1880: Bloomfield, Lagrange, Indiana)
        (1920: Johnson, Lagrange, Indiana)       
David Clugston 1807-1885.3.9 b.PA d. Utica, La salle, Illinois Physician 
    = Lucinda A 1826-1893.9.27 b Ohio
(1880 ("Clugeton"): Utica, La salle, Illinois)
(David died age 78. Lucinda died age 78y9m2d, which would be 1815.1.25)

In 1850, Richard Clogson 1824- b Isle of Man, blacksmith, was in Carroll, Washington, PA, living with family of William and Eleanor Curren, carpenter, also from Isle of Man.

In 1870, William, apprentice tailor, was in Greencastle, Franklin with the Snyder family (who were tailors)

Clogstons / Clugstons of Plum, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

This seems to be a Clogston family. Before 1840, they always spelt their name “Clogston”. Also, Calhoun married a Dinsmore, and there is Robert Dinsmore Clogston 1799.2.17 b Goffstown, New Hampshire.
We have to be cautious, though. In 1877, in Ballyhenry, Antrim, Ireland, Samuel Clugston was married to Rebecca Dinsimore, and they are unlikely to be related at all.

Many details about this family are described in “History of Allegheny county, Pennsylvania”, Thomas Cushing (1889).

Adam Clugston was a resident of Versailles, Allegheny in 1796.
Plum township was divided in two in 1849, and the lower half was named Patton. Patton was renamed to Monroeville in 1951.
Robert Clugston and William Clugston both settled in Patton from 1765 to 1785.

William Clugston = Mary
    (Settled in Patton, Allegheny, PA, from 1765 to 1785)
    (Resident in Plum, Allegheny, PA in 1808)
    Robert Clugston = Rachel 1748-1838
        (Rachel's will (Book 5, Allegheny) mentions her kids Robert, Calhoun, Ebenezer, Mary Kirtland, William (deceased) and 2 grandkids Robert and Margaret, children of Wiliam).
        Robert Clugston (d. about 1836, unmarried)
        Calhoun Clugston 1810- b PA  Farmer = Mary Dinsmore 1812- b PA
            (1840: Plum, Allegheny, PA. 1 man 20-30, 1 boy 0-5)
            (1850: Patton, Allegheny, Penns. Margaret Young 1795- b PA was with them)
            (1860: Margaret Young 1795- b PA and Ephraim Jordan 1837- b PA were with them)
            (1870: PA)
            Henry D Clugston 1839-1899.6.13 d. Allegheny, PA. Miner = Mary J 1858.11-
                (Private in the Civil War)
                (1880: "Clugson". Plum, Allegheny, PA. Gave his age as 48 and his wife as age 29)
                (1890: North Versailles, Allegheny, PA)
                (1900: Precinct 3 Wilmerding borough, Allegheny, PA. 6 children, 4 living)
                Laura Clugston 1872- (died before 1900)
                Elmer Calhoun Clugsten 1876.4 or 1875.12.14- (drafted 1918)
                Nelson Calhoun Clugston 1878.4 or 1883.8.5- (drafted 1918)
                Margaret Clugston 1881.2-
                   (but Margaret was 1 year old in the 1880 census)
                Alice Clugston 1883.2-
            Rachel Clugston 1841-
            Sarah Clugston 1844.10-1909.3.2 d. Turtle Creek Allegheny, Pens
               = James C McClintock 1844-1928
            Jonathon F Clugston 1849-1904 b PA
            Mary Clugston 1854-  b PA
        Ebenezer H Clugston 1805- b PA
          = Catherine Means 1802- b PA
            (1840: Plum, Allegheny, PA. 1 man + 1 woman 30-40, 2 boys 0-5, 1 girl 0-5, 2 girls 5-10)
            (1850: Patton, Allegheny, PA)
            (1860: "Nazer Clugston") Patton, Allegheny, PA)
            Sarah Clugston 1831- (absent in 1860)
            Rachel Clugston 1833-
            William Clugston 1836-
            Mary Clugston 1838- = Alexander Elliott
            Ebenezer Clugston 1840- (or Henderson)
            Eliza Clugston 1841- (absent in 1860)
            Joseph Clugston 1843-
            Cathrine Clugston 1846-1894.11.2 = ?? Langhead
                (d. Pittsburg, Allegheny, PA. Tuberculosis.)
         Mary Clugston = Kirtland
         William (d. before 1838) = ???
             Robert Clugston
             Margaret Clugston
Calhoun Clugston 1808-1808 d. Plum Allegheny, PA

Bertha Clugston 1886-1960.7.13
    (Bertha buried in grave 4)
    (Jonathon buried in grave 5 with Henry, Robert B, Ross, Calhoun).
    (Marietta buring in grave 6 with Mary D, Mary K, and Margaret Young)
Marietta Clugston 1857-1883

(in 1850, living in Patton with Joseph and Elizabeth McMasters, justice)
Elisa Clugston 1841- b PA

William Albert Clugston’s biography is given in
“History of Pittsburgh and Environs”, George Thornton Fleming (1922)
This family has a complicated relationship with the Johnston family. There is another case of cousins marrying each other.

(in 1850 these were living in Patton with John Johnston 1787- & Margaret Johnston 1779-)
Mary Clugston 1817-
Robert Clugston 1832-1873 = Sarah Jane McWilliams (see below)
Margaret Clugston 1835-
William Clugston 1795-1834.12.6 = Mary Johnston 1791.9-1878.12.26
    (Mary dau of William Johnston 1745-1825 and Mary Clugston 1755-1796 )
    Robert Clugston 1832-1873 d. Monroeville, Allegheny, PA
      = Sarah Jane McWilliams 1836.9-1923 d. Monroeville, Allegheny, PA
       (Sarah's gravestone says born 1825, but census conistently says 1838)
        (1850: Patton, Allegheny, PA, staying with John Johnston 1787- et al)
        (1860: Patton, Allegheny, PA. With Samuel Martin 1851-)   
        (1870: Patton, Allegheny, PA)
        (1880: Patton, Allegheny, PA)
        (1900: Precinct 2 Turtle Creek, Allegheny. 8 children, 7 living)
        (1910: Sarah was staying with her daughter Mary Hankey)
        William Albert Clugston 1858.12.27-1921.1.1. b Patton, Allegheny, PA d. Edgewood Park. Chief Engineer, Sun Oil Company
           = Ida Rose 1862- m 1886.2.8 Beaver, PA
           (Ida dau of George Rose and Jane Shaw)
           Mary R Clugston = Hallock Evans
           Sarah Jane = Raymond Nolan
        Sarah Agnes Clugston 1860.10.8-1902.2.5 d. Monroeville, Allegheny, PA
             (1900 census says born 1862.10)
        Anna Jane Clugston 1865- b PA
        John A Clugston 1867.4.5-1946 b PA d Wilkinsburg, PA
            = Edith G Burgette 1882- m 1815.10.30 Beaver PA
        Mary Margaret Clugston 1869- b PA
            = William Hankey
            (1910: Wilkinsburg, Allegheny, PA)
        Robert M Clugston 1871- b PA
           = Clara P Hicks m 1903.7.16 Allegheny PA
        Preston R W Clugston 1873.8.22- b PA
           = Loretta 1884- b Ohio
            (1910: Wilkinsburg, Allegheny, PA)
Matthew Clugston = Elizabeth Anderson m 1774.3.5 PA

Mary Clugston ("Polly")1755-1796 d. Patton, Allegheny
    = William Johnston 1745-1825
    (William Johnston was a Revolutionary soldier. His brother
     was Capt. Robert Johnston. Crossroads Cemetary, Allegheny)
    Mary Johnston 1791.9-1878.12.26 = William Clugston 1795-1834.12.6

Robert Clugston 1754-1837, revolutionary soldier, was buried in the same cemetary
Mary Clugston = John George 1800-1885.9.11
    (Mary was John's second wife)
    (John bought land in Ohio township 1837)
(in 1850, staying with John Conrad, Innkeeper)
Johanna Clugstone 1830- b PA

(Berkshire Massacheussets 1910)
  Samuel Clugston 1868 b Ireland
  Charles C Clugston 1874 b Penns = Nellie A 1875
      Charles 1901-
      Wilbur 1907-

(Philadelphia Pennsylvania)
Margaret Clugston 1865- b Ireland single in 1920

Hugh Clugston 1869.10 b Penns
(1900: Kingsbury Township, Washington, New York)
(parents born PA)
James A Clugston 1848- b PA
  =  Elizabeth M Tabler 1852  b Virginia Storekeeper m 1868.4.4 Maryland
    Minnie Clugston 1869- = William Collins 1867- m 1890.1.21 Ickesburg Penns
    Charles Clugston 1871-
    William Isaac Clugston 1874.2.11- 
       = Mary Belle Ferguson 1874- m 1895.10.24 Franklin PA
        Thelma Clugston 1907-
        Alma Clugston 1909-
    Clayton A Clugston 1877 = Lauretta Miller m 1903.4.29 Frankin Penns
David Clugston 1804- b PA Bo. Doctor = Mary 1812- b PA
    (1850: Landisberg, Perry, PA)
    Elisabeth Clugston 1835- b PA
    Columbus Clugston 1838- b PA


In Mill Creek Township, Ohio, 1860, were James Cluxton 1824 Alex 1825 Richard 1828 Margaret 1825 Mary 1830 and John 1829.
All born Ireland.
John 1840 b Ireland was in Cincinnati in 1860.

This might actually be John Clugston 1828-, shoemaker, his wife Margaret 1830, and their newborn son John who arrived in New York in 1854 on the “Pheonix”. Birthplace “Scotch”.

James Cluxton 1827.10- b Ireland emmigrated 1850.
(Both parents b. Ireland)
(1880: Clifton, Hamilton, Ohio) (single in 1900)
(1900: Cincinati, Hamilton, Ohio)

Both Richard and his parents were born in Ireland. In 1930, Richard John listed them as born Ireland-North.

Richard Cluxton 1827.6-1905.2.6 b Ireland d. Cinncinati, Ohio. Dry Goods Store
  = Amelia J Wilson 1852.6.24 - 1933.12.6 b Ireland d Cincinnati Hamilton Ohio m 1872.11.25
   (1880: Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio)   
   John Joseph Cluxton 1873.3.17-1950.3.17 b Cincinnati = Vivian Pauline Majrick 1883-1957
    Mary (or Mamie or Marie) Cluxton 1875.1- b Ohio = Fred Dietchr 1871-
    Richard John Cluxton 1876.12.9-1942.7.25 b Ohio = Catherine Mary Thiem m 1905.9.27
    Alexander Anthony Cluxton 1880.10.16-1932.6.18 b Ohio = Catherine 1881 New York
    James Aloysine Cluxton 1882.12 b Ohio = Christina Engle 1886 m 1906.1.22 Manhattan
    Albert Bernard Cluxton 1888.6-1952 b Ohio = Catherine Brown b New Jersey
        (1900: Cincinnati House of Refuge)
        (1930: with his brother Richard)
        Margerie Cluxton 1917.5.21-1946.12.14 b NY
    Elizabeth Cluxton 1880- b Cinncinatti Ohio = George Wayson 1871 m 1916.10.19 Hamilton Ohio
     Louise Cluxton 1885.8 b Ohio
     Amelia Cluxton 1886 = Lloyd Mcfetridge 1888-  m 1912.9.12 Manhattan
     Rose Cluxton 1887.9 b Cincinnati = William P Engle m 1912.10.22 Manhattan
         Robert Irwin Engle 1915-1916.4.3 d. NY
     William Irwin Cluxton 1892.7 b Ohio
Alex Cluxton 1824-1896.11.7 b Ireland. d Hamilton, Bulter, Ohio. Farmer
  = Sarah 1840- b Ireland  (1900: 5 children 4 still living)
   (1880: Fairfield, Butler, Ohio)
   (1896: 141 N Front St, Hamilton, Butler, Ohio)
   (1900: staying with daughter Mary)
    Mary J Cluxton 1862.8 b Ohio = John Dowling m 1890
        (1900: 17 Hyde Park Township Chicago city, Cook, Illinois)
    James Cluxton 1864 b Ohio
    Rose Cluxton 1866.8 b Ohio
    Catherine Cluxton 1868.11 b Ohio
    Margaret Cluxton 1873 b Ohio
John Cluxton 1840- b Ireland
    (1860: Cincinati, Hamilton, Ohio, with John M Richard and others)
Melvina Cluxton = James Wolver m. 1878.9.3 Fulton County, Illinois

John M Clugston 1842- b Ohio. Parents b. Penns. Life insurance agent
  = Alice Virginia ____ 1855 Ohio, father born Kentucky mother born Virginia
        (Alice recieved pension in 1907-1933, army widow)
        John M Clugston 1887 b Kansas
Thomas Clugston 1825-1884.8.15 b PA  d Terre Haute, Indiana
  =(1) Mary Francis Jeffries 1832- m 1849.7.3 Muskingum, Ohio
   (Witness: Richard Jeffries)
    (1850: Muskingum, Ohio)
    (1860: Putnam Springfield Township, Muskingum, Ohio)
    (Served in the B78 Ohio Infantry in 1863. Applied for an invalid pension in 1863. Mary applied for a war widow's pension in 1884.9.18)
    (1850: Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio)
    Sarah Ann Clugston 1850- b Ohio
    Lucinda V Clugston 1852- b Ohio = James Barnell m 1874.10.4 Muskingum, Ohio
   =(2) Mary Batson 1835- b Ohio m 1856.6.19 Muskingum, Ohio
    John L Clugston (or John A) 1857- b Ohio = Sarah S 1862- b Illinois
        (1880: Marshall, Clark, Illinois) Married by 1880.
        (1910: Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo, Indiana)
        Harry W Clugston 1889- b Indiana
        Herman E Clugston 1891- b Indiana
    William Clugston 1860- b Ohio
    Alice Clugston = Eli Ragan m 1882.12.29 Vigo, Indiana
William Clugston b Ireland
   = Mary Ann Adams b Scotland m 1839.7.7 Muskingum, Ohio
    William Clugston 1844.3.1-1923.4.26 b. Mt Sterling, Ohio d. Perkins, Erie, Ohio
William Clugston 1826- b PA = Margaret Pryor 1827- b PA
   (1850: Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio. Staying with Margaret's mother Mary 1799- )
   Drusilla Clugston 1848- b Ohio
       (1860: Mt Sterling Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio. Staying with Mary Pryor)
   Martha A Clugston 1850- b Ohio

It looks as though this family was orphaned just before 1850, and each child taken in by a different family. Probably these are the children of Thomas’ brother.

James Clugston 1838 b Ohio
   (1850: Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio. Staying with John and Mary Morgan)

Aaron B Clugston 1844-1918.10.11 b Ohio d Licking, Ohio. Runs Gallery
   = Angeline Hoyt 1852-
   (1850: Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio. Staying with Richard and Susan Jeffries )
   (1860: Mt Sterling Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio. Staying with the Reamy family)
   (Civil War: Principal musician, 97th Ohio Infantry)
   (1880: Hanover, Licking, Ohio)
    James B Clugston 1874.10.13- b Newark, Ohio = Lida Fierbaugh 1890 m1921.6.18
    Amanda V Clugston 1875-
    Adril F Clugston (female) 1877-
    Temple Clugston 1879- b Ohio
   (1850: Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio. Staying with William W Pickerel 1829- and Mary 1832- )
William Clugston 1846- b Ohio
    (1850: Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio. Staying with William W Pickerel 1829-= Mary J 1833-)

Johns father b Scotland mother born Ireland. Both Janes parents b Ireland.
The funeral notice for Howard Clugston says that he was the cousin of George A Clugston.

John Clugston 1801 b Franklin PA = Jane Martin 1806- b PA
    (1850 "Clugson": Mifflin, Ashland, Ohio)
    (1860: Miffin, Ashland, Ohio)
    (1870: LaGrange, Indiana)
    (1880: Bloomfield, Lagrange, Indiana. John was widowed)
    (Moved to Lagrange, Indiana. 8 kids 7 living)
    John Franklin Clugston 1829.8-1910.12.8 b PA d. Lagrange, Indiana. Dry goods merchant
       =(1) Catherine Nill 1834.3.28-1880.10.13 b. Ohio d. Lagrange. m 1854.3.21 Ashland, Ohio
        (1860: Lagrange, Indiana)
        (1880: Bloomfield, Lagrange, Indiana. Catharine Koontz 1867- b Indiana was with them  )
        Charles F Clugston 1855 b Indiana (not present 1880)
        Mary J Clugston 1861 b Indiana
        John W Clugston 1869.9-1934.2.1 b Indiana d. Los Angeles
           = Auddra Ellen Knauss 1871.3.23-1956.9.27 b Michigan m 1896.2.23 Lagrange, IN
           (1900, 1910: Kalamazoo. Michigan)
        John Clugston 1869- b Indiana
      =(2) Eliza Jane Smith 1832.1-1925.2.23 b. Ohio d. Indiana m 1882.2.21 Lansing, Ingham, Michigan
        (1900: Bloomfield, Lagrange, Indiana. 5 children, 4 living)
        (1910: Bloomfield, Lagrange, Indiana
    Sarah J Clugston 1831.8.27- b PA = Isaac Aby m 1854.1.10
    Martha Clugston 1833- b PA
    Matthew Johnston Clugston 1837.1-1903.10.26 b PA d. Mansfield, Richland, Ohio
       = Susannah A Haut 1844.4-1931.7.4 b Ohio m 1864.3
       (1880: Madison, Richland, Ohio)
       (1900: 4 children, 3 living)
       (1910: Susannah was staying with son John B)
       (1920: Susannah was staying with son Edgar)
       John Bert Clugston 1867.11.25-1933 b Indiana
          = Margaret Schantz 1864.1- m 1893
          (Death notice gives "James B" Clugston 1867.8.9-1933.7.6 )
          (1900: Madison, Mansfield, Richland, Ohio. 1 child 1 living)
          (1910: Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. Mother and sister Dorothy)
           Fay M Clugston 1894.12  b Ohio
       Edgar Clugston 1873 b Ohio
           (1920: Truro, Franklin, Ohio)
       Sarah J Clugston 1876.12 b Ohio
       Dorothy Jane Clugston 1889-1933 b Mansfield, OH
          = Charles Edwin Collier m 1825.12.10 
    Margaret E Clugston 1840- b PA
    George A Clugston 1843-1911.9.5 b PA d. Ashland, Ohio. Banker
       = Sarah M Larrimer 1844-1889.10.18 m 1867.1.1 Richland, Ohio
        (Mayor of Mansfield, Ohio)
        (1880 "Clugson": Mansfield, Richland, Ohio)
    Amanda S Clugston 1850.12.16-1904.2.20 b PA
       = James Story Drake 1852-1953 m 1877.1.2
Matthew Clugston 1811.7.25-1889.10.18 b PA 
  =(1) Mathilda McNulty 1816.10.12-1856.11.3 b PA m 1838.4.24 Richland, Ohio
    (1840: Mansfield, Richland, Ohio. Richard + Mathilda + boy0-5, girl0-5 (Marion), boy15-20, another man 20-30. Probably brothers of Matthew)
    (In 1846, Matthew was appointed deputy sheriff of Ashland, Ohio)
    (1850: Ashland, Ohio. With Sarah Gordon 1833- b Ireland)
    (1870: Ashland, Ohio)
    (d. Ashland Ohio. Enormous headstones for all family members).
    Marion F Clugston 1839.7.12-1843.3.12 d. Ashland, Ohio
    Byron Decater Clugston 1841-1921.11.10 b Ohio
        (Civil War Union Veteran)
    George W Clugston 1842.2.23-1843.7.12 d. Ashland, Ohio
    John Clugston 1843- b Ohio
    Margaretta B Clugston 1845.1.25-1918.6.22 b Mansfield, Richmond, Ohio d. Vermillion, Ashland, Ohio
    Martha C Clugston 1846- b Ohio
    Charles Clugston 1847- b Ohio
        (1880: Staying with brother Howard in Wyoming)
    Charles Clugston 1849- b Ohio
    Howard Clugston 1850-1895.4.19 b Ohio d. Ashland Ohio 
        = Jennie Sarepta Newkirk 1859.5.26-1942.5.11 b Ohio
        (1880: Little Laramie River, Second Settlement, Albany, Wyoming)
        (Howard was mayor of Ashland, Ohio. Suicide).
        (1900: Ashland, Ohio. 1 child (Howard), 1 living. Owned a house)
        (Jennie had a second marriage to Harold B Sirmington 1858-)
        Howard Newkirk Clugston 1882.10.18-1944.4.5 b Wyoming. Actor
           = Elizabeth P ?? 1883-
           (Appeared in the Buster Keaton 1924 film "The Navigator")
    Hibber Clugston 1852.3.31-1855.8.22 d. Ashland, Ohio
    Wille M Clugston 1854.10.23-1854.12.21 d. Ashland, Ohio
= (2) Rachel Hyatt 1836.10.16-1902.6.28 d. Ashland, Ohio
           m 1858.10.12 Ashland, Ohio
    Laura P Clugston 1859.8.2-1844 b. Ashland, Ohio = William F McCutchen
    Frank Clugston 1861.7.21-1929.8.26 d Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio = W F ___
    Edward M Clugston 1866.9.6-1868.3.11 d. Ashland, Ohio
    James Victor Clugston 1868.2.2-1953.2.2 b. Ashland, Ohio
    Helen M Clugston 1876.1.7-1881.11.17 d. Ashland, Ohio     

“Howard Newkirk Clugston, aged 62, a native of Scotland and character actor in Hollywood for 20 years, has been found dead in his flat, with his bedding partly burned.”

William J Clugston 1817 b PA = Almeria 1818- b PA
   (1850: Marion, Ohio)
   Lawrence Clugston 1841- b Ohio
   Martha Clugston 1847- b Ohio
   Carloss Clugston 1849- b Ohio
John Clugston 1802 b PA  Watch maker = Caroline 1808- b Virginia
    (1850: Portsmouth, Scotio, Ohio. Robert and Mary Jordan were with them)
    Caroline Clugston 1835- b Ohio
    William Clugston 1845- b Ohio
James Cluxton 1827.10 single in 1900  b Ireland

?? Clugston b Vermont
  = Caroline 1841- b New Hampshire
    Harry A Clugston 1865- b Vermont
     = Carrie E 1883- b Vermont

John Clagston 1809- b. Vermont = Caroline 1810-
    George Clagston 1840- b Vermont = Charlotte 1841-
        Thelma V Clagston 1875- b New Hampshire

father born Scotland mother b PA (1900); or father b PA mother b Ireland
Sydney S Clugston 1835.9 b New York. Poultry raising.
  (1900: Pleasant Township, Allen, Indiana. Widowed)
  (1910: Pleasant Township, Allen, Indiana. Widowed)

Alexander Clogston 1774-1830 of New York / John Clugston

I do not know where the information comes from, that he was born in Scotland in September 1774. But assuming that is correct, where did Alexander come from?
There are not many possibilities:
1. Stranraer
He is not the son of John, customs official in Stranraer, born 1689. Nor is he Alexander Grant, who died in Glasgow. He could possibly be a son of Patrick.
2. Glasgow
He is not William Clogston’s son Alexander who died 1769, though he could possibly be an unrecorded 8th son of the same name.
3. Kirkcudbright
Hugh Clogston had sons Alexander born 1761 (died young) and 1765. It is possible (barely) that the second died as well. But his wife must have been over 40.
4. Dumfries
Patrick Clogston (son of Andrew) and Agnes Milligan were married in 1772.
John Clogstone and Mary Walker had a daughter baptized in 1774 in Irongray. This is particularly interesting because Alexander Clugston of Irongray was likely to be John’s father or grandfather.

In the 1790 census, Schenectady, County Albany, NY, Alexander’s household had 2 free white males 16 and up, one white female 16 and up, and no free white males under 16.

In the 1820 census, in Princetown, Schenectady, NY, Alexander’s family was males: 1 1 – 1 – 1 females: 1 1 2 – 1
This should they had 3 sons and 4 daughters, but one son under 10 years.
One under 16 (john W) and one 20.
In 1830, one male 15-20, one 20-30, and one 60-70. One female under 5, one 10-15, one 15-20, and one 60-70.

Alexander Clogston 1774.9 - 1830.8 b Scotland
   = Margaret Grace McLean 1774-1857(age 60-70 in 1830)
(will made 1830.8.11, proved on 1834.8.11.)
    Alexander Clogston 1800 = Jennett Allen (Jennet dau William Allen = Margaret)
    John W Clogston 1808-1894
    Margaret Clogston 1806
    Eliza Clogston 1808
    Jennett Clogston 1812
    Nancy Clogston 1813
 Possibly another son (not mentioned in will) Samuel Clogston 1794

This is obviously the same family. Something is wrong here.

John Clugston 1774.9-1830.8 b Scotland d. New York
  = Margaret Grace Mclean 1773-1857 b. Scotland
   (buried Fairview Cemetary, Princetown, NY)
    Samuel Clugston 1794.9.4-
    Captain Alexander Clugston 1800.4.2- = ??
     (Alexander inherited the farm in 1835)
    Mary Agnes Clugston
    Margaret Clugston 1806.7.5-
    John W Clogston 1808 - 1894.10.9 d. New York = Rebecca
    Eliza Clugston 1805.12.2-1890.4.29 = Henry Weast
    Jennett Clugston 1812
    Nancy Clugston 1813