Clugstons of Adams County, Pennsylvania

The Manor of Maske, York County, Pennsylvania was settled by Ulster Scots starting in 1736. Those who settled in April 1741 were: “John McDowell, Alexander Stuart, Robert Smith, Robert Johnston, Alexander McNair, John Miller, Henry Pearson, Quintin McAdams, Joseph Clugston, John McGaughy, Henry Cotton, George Sypes, William Scott, John Stuart, John Kerr, John Cishinger, Hugh Dunwoody, David Dunwoody, James Hall, William Quiet Sr., William Quiet Jr., Quintin Armstrong, John Murphy, William McKinley, Margaret Young, Hannah Leslie, Gabriel McAllister, John McNee, Elizabeth Thompson, Col. Hance Hamilton, John Carson.”
— “History of Cumberland and Adams counties, Pennsylvania”, Part 3, p 241.

Hance Hamilton died on 1772.2.2, aged 51. Joseph Clugston was probably also born around 1720.
In 1783, Joseph Clugston was a Taxable in Hamilton’s Bann Township, County of York. He had “129 acres, 5 inhabitants, no servants, and no negroes”.

There may have been another Clugston with him. Online family trees state (without providing sources!) that there was a Robert Clugston born around 1715 in Ireland, who died in Adam’s County in 1768.

On a message board entry it is claimed that John and Robert Clugston, both Ruling Elders, emmigrated with the Adair and Beard families around 1685. But I think this is just a guess, made without consideration of the other Robert and John Clugstons in Ireland.

In a 1904 article about John Cooper, it is stated that Joseph and John were brothers.
“In this line his ancestry can be traced down from the original immigrant from
the north of Ireland, though the date of arrival of this ancestor cannot be fixed. On his father’s side the record runs: Robert Clugston, the father of Joseph Clugston, the father of Mary Clugston, the mother of James Cooper. On
his mother’s side: Robert Clugston. the father of John Clugston, the father of Captain John Clugston, the father of Mary Clugston, the wife of James Cooper.
John Clugston, a brother of Joseph and the father of Captain John, came west of the South Mountain and bought two adjoining farms, one of which he bequeathed to his son Captain John, and the other to Captain John’s son, Robert, the
father of Joseph C. Clugston, of Waynesboro.”

The will of Matthew Clugston was proved in 1774 in Philadelphia, PA.
These three men (probably brothers) are likely to be the ancestors of all of the Clugstons in Franklin County. The Clugstons in north-west Pennsylvania seem to be unrelated.

The following generation fought in the War of Independence. Two soldiers were Robert born 1752 and John born 1760, the only surviving sons of Thomas Clugston d 1799.
William Clugston also fought. David Clugston born 1767 was too young.
The book “American Revolutionary Soldiers of Franklin County” lists the children of John and Robert.
On 1786.2.10, Thomas Patterson sold land in Antrim Township, Franklin Co., to Robert and John Clugston.

The will of Jane Mcleary 1847 proved 1851.7.26, mentions John Clugston husband of Catherine Mcleary. Executor was Robert Clugston.

From this book, and Thomas’ will:

Thomas Clugston -1799 = Jaine
    Robert Clugston 1752-1834.9.3 = ??
       (6 Cumberland County Militia Revolutionary War)
        Thomas Clugston
        Jane Clugston 1777.1.8-1867.12.27 d. Lower Burrell, Westmoreland, PA = Daniel Huey -1848.12.28
            (1840: Lower Burrell, Westmoreland, PA)
            (1860: Washington, Westmoreland, PA. Staying with the Martin family)
        Nancy Clugston
        Robert Clugston
    John Clugston 1760-1833.1.25 = Agnes 1766-1830.4.15
        (6 Cumberland County Militia Revolutionary War)
        John Clugston
        Jane Clugston 1792- = Abraham Hollinger 1790-
            (1850: Antrim, Franklin, PA)
        Thomas Clugston
        Robert Clugston
        Catherine Clugston 1799.10.2-1873.1.2 = John Hassler 1787-1840
        Alexander Clugston
        Daniel Clugston

Marriages performed by Rev David Denny

Deborah G Clugston = Robert Cooper m 1816.1.6 Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
Thomas Clugston = Patty ____ m 1817.8.14 Chambersburg,Franklin Co., PA
Anna Maria Clugston = John M Clark m 1826.12.5 Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA

Some family members changed their name to “Clugsten”. This headstone has both spellings:

Robert Clugston ~1715-~1768 b Ireland d Adams County PA
    Joseph Clugston 1740-1798 b Adams d. York, PA
      = Jenet Martin 1752-1829 (or Jane Mnu)
        David Clugston Sr 1767.1.11-1833.7.19 b Franklin Co PA d Urbana Ohio
         = Anne McCreary 1771.4.16-1854.11.18 (2nd dau of William and Mary McCreary)
            Deborah Garrison Clugston 1793.1.17-1878.2.15 b Hamiltonbann, Adams
               = Robert Lee Cooper m 1816.1.6 Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
            Rebecca Clugston 1794.11.11-1850.8.24 b Adams Co PA d. Brooklyn Illinois
            Margaret Clugston 1796-1886 d. Mcdonough, Illinois
                = Samuel Hogue 1795-1832 d. Ohio
                Samuel C Hogue
            James A Clugston 1802.7.4-1881.11.17
               = Catherine Clugston (sic!) 1815-1888
                (1860: Scotland Township, Mcdonough, Illinois)
                Mary Ann Clugston 1835-1910 = William Rush
                     Sidney Jane Rush 1856.11.4-1936.8.6 b Fandon, Illinois                        
                     Allen Rush 1864.1.20 b Mcdonough, Illinois
                     Andrew E Rush 1866.6.25 b Mcdonough, Illinois
                Sidney Clugston 1837.1.10-1915.8.21 b. Ohio d. Pomeroy, Washington
                   = Robert J Starnes 1834.4.31-1910.8.26
                    Mary Alice Starnes 1868-1943.10.17 = David W Green
                Isaac Warren Clugston 1840-1928 b Ohio
                   = Anna Eliza Johnson 1856-1881 b Ohio
                   (1880: Sheridan, Crawford, Kansas)
                    John Clugston 1877
                    James Lawrence ("Larry") Clugston 1880.2.12-1919.7.20 b Sheridan Crawford Co, Kansas d Bushnell, Ill
                       = Alice Hagley 1880- b Illinois
                       (When his mother died he lived with Bruce Miller)
                       (Alice murdered Larry)
                       (1900: McDonough, Ill)
                       (1910: Prairie, McDonough, Ill)
                Joshua Clugston 1842 = Melissa Jane Goss m 1871.8.23 Kansas
                   (1900: Yates Center, Woodson, Kansas)
                    Eleanor May Clugston 1872.6.30-1957.9.4 = John A Lowell
                    Edson Alonzo Clugston 1875.11.3 - 1964.1.9 = Amanda Ann Humphries 1875.5.7-1964.12.23
                        Floyd Leo Clugston 1894.11.4 - 1972.11.20 b Kansas
                        Golda May Clugston 1899.5.16 b Linoln, Kansas = Harrison C Benton
                        Walter Erwin Clugston 1901.9.13 b Oklahoma
                        Royal Lee Clugston 1906.7.16 b Cushing Oklahoma
                        Bethel Okla Clugston 1910.1.15
                        Clarence Edson Clugston 1908.7.18
                    Francis Marion Clugston 1873.10.13-1947.5.3 = Elizabeth Brooks
                    Sidney Allen Clugston 1877.10.22 -1945.3.4 b Kansas = Mary Jane Gnoll
                    Milan Lewis Clugston 1889.3.24 = Pearl Stewart
                    Laura Alice Clugston 1884.8.19-1975.5.16 b Missouri
                Charlotte M Clugston 1843-1941 = ?? Cochran
                Andrew Alonzo Clugston 1844.11.2-1911.9.10 b. Ohio d. Kansas
                  = Elexene McClure 1853.12.7-1955.11.10 b Illinois
                    James Walter Clugston 1874.5.14 b McComb Illinois - 1946.10.12
                    Charles Clugston 1877-
                    Shannon Clugston 1879- = Adna F ??
                        Carol L Clugston 1904-
                        George A Clugston 1906.
                        Robert W Clugston 1908.1.2
                        Donald F Clugston 1910.3.19-1982.4.13
                    Frank Clugston 1888-  b Kansas
                    Winfield Clugston 1893- b Kansas
                Shannon Byers Clugston 1848.4.13 b Gallia, Ohio-1923.9.12
                  = Martha C Hook 1852.6.24-1928.1.29 b. Wisconsin d Kansas
                    (1910: Sheridan, Crawford, Kansas)
                    James W Clugston 1875-
                    Sidney Clugston 1876- (single in 1910) 
                    Jesse Clugston 1880.3-
            William Clugsten 1804.4.8-1877.11.11 d. Doddsville, McDonough, Illinois
            Sarah Clugsten 1805.4.29-1868.4.14
                (1850: Urbana, Ohio, staying with Elizabeth and Harriet Ward)
            Robert Cooper Clugsten 1806.11.17-1895.3.6 b Franklin, Penns, d.Illinois
              = Isabella Scott 1820.8.23-1898.7.14 m 1842.2.10 d. Illinois
                (1850: McDonough, Illinois)
                (1870: Illinois)
                Rachel Ann Clugston 1843-1915 b Illinois
                    = Charles L Norton
                William Randolph Clugston 1845-1940 b Illinois
                   = Elizabeth Loise Burnham 1863-1948
                    Lulu Mai Clugsten 1889-1892
                    Harry Lewis Clugston 1892-1993 m 1919 Illinois
                    Kirby Randolph Clugston 1895-1964 m 1921 Illinois
                    Frank W Clugston 1897-1980
                    Frances Isabel Clugston 1898-1973 = ?? Hoover
                    Albert Burnham Clugston 1901.12.13-1994.1.28
                       = Jewell O Vawter 1907-1969
                    Mary A Clugston 1905-1995
                    Dorothy Elizabeth Clugston 1906-1964 = ?? Foster
                Mary Jane Clugston 1846-1944 b Illinois = George Lawson Brent
                John Winfield Clugston 1850-1852 b Illinois
                Sarah Frances Clugston 1852-1943 = John Allison Black
                Effie Margaret Clugston 1864-1953 = ?? Hurst
                Alice Belle Clugston 1855-1954 = Jabez H Osborn
                Silas Scott Clugston 1859.2.14-1938 b Doddsville Illinois
                  = Amy Isabell Sterling 1861-1929
                    Estella Pearl Clugston 1885-1963 = ?? Grandle
                    Goldie Myrtle Clugston 1886-1990 = Oliver Robert Boyd
                    Anna Belle Clugston 1890-1897
                    Chester Roscoe Clugston 1892-1952
                    Arthur Harold Clugston 1898-1984
                    Vedah Elsie Clugston 1900-1987 = ?? Geier
                    Lorah E Clugston 1903-2006 = ?? Smith
                David Ross Clugsten 1861.9.4-1945.9.22 b Doddsville, Illinois d. Illinois
                    Geneva Belle Clugsten 1889-1984 = ?? Gorsuch
                    Hazel Blanche Clugsten 1892-1894
                    Carl C Clugsten 1894-1914
                James Edward Clugston 1867-1950 = Bessie V ?? 1879-1937
                    Leonard J Clugston 1901-1939
                    Robert S Clugston 1904-1980
                    Mildred L Clugston 1909-2001 = ?? Smith
                Elizabeth Mariah Clugston 1867-1954
            Esther Clugston 1809-1871 = ?? McCoy
            Jane Clugston 1811-1902
        Mary Clugston
        Elizabeth Clugston
        Margaret Clugston
        (Possible other siblings of David: John, William, Robert)
    John Clugston ~1736
    Robert Clugston ~1738
    David Clugston ~1741
    William Clugston ~1745

Alice Hagley poisoned her husband Lawrence Clugston with arsenic. She was jailed in 1920, together with her lover, Dr. Anderson. The case was a national media sensation.

Note that James A Clugston married Catherine Clugston. Eeew. They were almost certainly cousins.

This Robert is probably a son of Robert and brother of Joseph.

Robert Clugston = Margaret Young
    Thomas Patrick Clugston 1780-1835 = Mary Byers 1792-1869
        Catherine Clugston 1815-1888 = James A Clugston (sic!) 1802.7.4-1881.11.17

The obituary of John Byers Clugston says his grandfather Robert was born in Belfast, and fought with Washington from 1775, d Franklin County PA. John’s father was Thomas, b&d Franklin, PA.

John Byers Clugston 1824.4-1910 b PA
  = Alice D Reed 1829.12-1916 b Pittsburg, PA m 1851.2.1 Union, Kentucky d. Illinois
    (Both John's parents born PA)
    (Alice daughter of James Reed)
    (Marriage witness: Allen D Reed.)
    (Both Alice's parents born Ireland)
    (1870: Illinois. Frances Reed b 1782 Ireland was with them)
    (1880, 1900, 1910: Macomb Ward 4, McDonough, Illinois)
    Laura Clugston 1852.2.1-1930.5.15 b Union, Kentucky d Spokane, Washington
       = Charles P Mustain
    Emma J Clugston 1856.10.29-1944.11.3 b Tennessee d. Macomb, McDonough Co., Illinois
       = Frank L Watson
    Charles R Clugston 1859- b Tennessee. Blacksmith
    Cora F "Fannie" Clugston 1863.6.1-1953.7.24 b Illinois = Judge J Ross Mickey
    Lily Dell Clugston (died age 2)

Alexander is son of Thomas Clugston and “Byers”. Possibly Susan Byters 1782- b PA

        Alexander T Clugston (or Alexander B) 1827.1.21-1912.5.20 b PA d Berlin, Mahoning, Ohio Farmer
            = Elizabeth Leonard 1832- b Ohio m 1854.11.9 Mahoning, Ohio
            (1850 "Clugson": Ellsworth, Mahoning, Ohio, with Susan Clugson b 1782 PA, Ann Arner b 1827 Ohio and Susan Arner b 1847 Ohio)
            (1860 "Clugstone": Berlin, Mahoning, Ohio)
            =(2) Elizabeth Leonard 1841.9 b Ohio m 1862
            (1870 "Clugson": Ohio)
            (1900 "Clugstone": Berlin, Mahoning, Ohio. 1 child 1 living) 
            Alice Clugston 1855.10.9-1928.5.24 b&d Ohio (never married)       
Thomas Clugston b PA = Mary b PA
    David B Clugston 1829.12 b Frankin, PA.(5th son of Thomas and Mary) Blacksmith
        = Lavon McKelvey 1829- b Ohio  m 1851.3.27 Portage, Ohio
    (1870: Ohio. Lizzie Clugston 1850- b Ohio was their domestic servant)
    (1880: Mahoning, Ohio)    
    (1900: Carfield township, Mahoning, Ohio).
    (1910: Rome, Ashtabula, Ohio. David was widowed).
    (No children, though they adopted  Alice Danforth 1867 b Ohio)
David was the 5th son of Thomas and Mary. (

Robert Clugston's wife, Margaret Young Clugston was going to market when she fell off her horse and died. A young child she was carrying was thrown from the horse but was not severely injured. However, Mrs. Clugston's "foot got stuck and she was dragged by the horse." (

A Cooper family tree on claimed (without providing evidence) that
   William Clugston (b. 9 March 1679 in Antrim, Ireland)
       Robert Clugston = Eleanor
          John Clugston 1732-1806 b. Cumberland Co, PA, d. Franklin Co, PA
             John Clugston 1760-1833 = Martha Bonebrake m 1799 Franklin Co, PA

This is not correct. Robert and Eleanor's son John was Sovereign of Belfast, and remained in Ireland.

Some family trees incorrectly give Dr Isaac as the son of of John and Martha Bonebrake. Further it is claimed that his grandfather was John Clugston 1730- = Nancy.
Many details about this family, including a biography of Dr Isaac and his son Alva, are given in the History of Franklin County (1887).

John Clugston 1772.6.13-1838.4.24 b&d Greencastle Franklin County Penns
   = Martha Bonebrake 1779.2.15-1862.8.24 b Pennsylvania
      (Martha dau of Daniel Bonebreak and Catharine Hartzok)
     Elizabeth Clugston 1806- 
       = George W Flautt 1810.2.7-1901.10.28 d. Waynesboro, Franklin PA
         (1850: Washington, Maryland)
         (1860: Shirleysburg Borough, Huntingdon, PA)
         Malinda C Flautt 1845- b Maryland
         George D Flautt 1846- b Maryland
         Melvin Augusta Flautt 1850- b Maryland
     Robert Clugston 1804.11-1869.5.18 b Franklin Co PA d. Lagrange Indiana
      = Caroline Eyler 1812- b Maryland
        (1850: Guilford, Franklin, PA)
        (1860: Washington, Franklin, PA)
        (1870: Indiana)
        Joseph Clerk Clugston 1834.3.26-1905.7.4 b Pennsylvania
          = Mary Jane Wolfinger 1835- b Pennsylvania
            Ida M Clugston 1861 = Joseph S. Newcomer m 1898.12.8
            William Daniel Clugston 1862.7.31-1947.1.24 b Pennsylvania d Delaware
               = Laura Cloud 1869- m 1889 Philadelphia
               (1910: Wilmington Ward 7, New Castle, Delaware)
                Howard James Clugston 1889.12.17 b Wilmington, Delaware
                Leon William Clugston 1892 b Delaware
                Earl G Clugston 1894 b Delaware
                Ruth Clugston 1895  b Delaware
                Charlie Eugene Clugston 1897- = Florence Jane Ridgeway
                Mildren Clugston 1901 b Delaware
                Wilminia Clugston 1902  b Delaware
                Joseph C Clugston 1903.11.30 b Delaware
                William Clugston 1905 b Delaware
                J Stanley Clugston 1910 b Delaware
            Frank Howard Clugston 1865.8.1-1949.3.31 d Waynesboro, Franklin
               = Jennie Notley 1872 b Maryland
                (1910: Waynesboro, Franklin, PA, Brother John W was with them)
                Paul Leo Clugston 1893- b PA
                   = Vola Catherine Price m 1828.8.31 NY
                    (Paul wrote a book about Clugston Genealogy in 1932)
                Wayne N Clugston 1898 b PA
                Beatrice Clugston 1902 b PA                
            John Wolfinger Clugston 1867-1937 b PA
               = May T 1877- b Maryland
            Maud Clugston 1870
        Margaret A Clugston 1836
        Rebecca S Clugston 1838
        Mary Elizabeth Clugston 1840
        Melinda C Clugston 1842 (unmarried in 1870)
        James D Clugston 1845-1920 b PA
          = Lucy J Rowe 1847-1927 b Indiana d. Lagrange Indiana
            (1870: staying with James' mother Caroline)
            (1880: Johnson, Lagrange, Indiana)
            (1910: Lagrange Ward 2, Indiana)
            Leona Clugston 1870-
            Guy Erwin Clugston 1873.9.28 b Indiana
               = Edna May Dryer m 1896.7.18 St Jospeph Michigan
                Bruce Clugston 1900-
                Dorothy Lucille Clugston 1901.11.26 Lagrange Indiana
                  = Harry Richard Groat m 1926.1.1 Lagrange Indiana
             Miner Clugston 1875-
        Martha E Clugston 1847
        Georgianna Clugston 1849
        Sarah J "Jennie" Clugston 1852.2.14-1941.11.5 d. Waynesboro
           = John Franklin Nitterhouse -1893 m 1890.1.9

(one tree says Robert 1804.11-1869.5.18 and Caroline 1812-1891 m1831, children martha ellen 1837- sarah jane 1852-, .... Another says 1804-1861, and caroline 1812-1841. Another says Robert 1815-, Caroline 1820-, and son James D Clugston=Lucy J Rowe)

other alleged children of Robert and Martha Bonebreak: David, Elizabeth, Mary b1803, John 1801-1883, Daniel 1809, William 1816, James 1819, Alexander 1821, Matthew 1811

    Agnes Clugston = Smith
    Jane Clugston 1776-1851 = Robert McLeary
    Nancy Clugston -1806 = Samuel Drummond m 1785
    Mary Clugston
    Margaret Clugston

(other alleged siblings: John Mary Robert David Daniel Matthew Isaac ,William Johnson, James, Alexander)

Robert Clugston = Elizabeth Bonebrake
    Dr Isaac D Clugston 1814.1.12-1879.1.22 b PA = Agnes Hammond 1825- b PA
        (1840: Fannet Township, Franklin, PA. Isaac was living alone)
        (Land grant, Huntingdon, 27 acres, Nov. 3, 1849)
        (1850: Shirleysburg, Huntingdon, PA)
        (1860: Fannet Township, Franklin, PA. Josaphine M Legget 1837- bPA was staying with them)
        (1880: Doylesburg, Franklin, PA. "Cluggton")
        (allegedly had 11 children. But here are 12??? Perhaps George, stillborn, was not counted)
        (On 1879.2.24, the executor of Isaac's estate were A C Clugston and M L Hammond -- ie, Alva Curtis)
        Jefferson L Clugston 1842.2.7-1902.5.26 b. Dry Run, PA d. Dauphin, PA
           = Margaret A Reeder 1851-1938                   
           (1900: 8 children, 5 living)
            Loretta Thoretta Clugston 1875-1939 = Miller
            Chalmer Curtis Clugston 1877-1950
            Elwood L Clugston 1880-1881
            Daisy A Clugston 1883.11-1962 = Peters
            Doran R "Roy" Clugston 1885.5-1969
                = Lydia M Sheaffer 1885- m 1903.6.17 Perry PA
            Grover L Clugston 1893-1894
            Mary Frances Clugston 1888.8 
                =(1) Oliver Henry Gomme m.1920.12.25 Dauphin PA
                =(2) Frank Edward Wachtman m.1926.2.9 Dauphin, PA
        James Alexander Clugston 1844.2.28-1896.11.30  b. Penns
           = "Betty" Elizabeth M Tabler m 1868.4.7 Maryland
           (1880: Reed, Dauphin, PA)
           (1910: Concord, Franklin, PA)
            Minnie Belle Clugston 1869.6.10 = William Collins m 1890.1.21 Perry, PA
            Charles Henry Clugston 1871
            William Isaac Clugston 1874
              = Mary Belle Ferguson m 1895.10.24 Franklin PA
            Clayton A Clugston 1878 = Lauretta Miller m 1903.4.29 Franklin PA
            Lulu Clugston 1886- = Clyde Gift m 1909.2.25 Franklin PA    
            Jesse James Clugston 1888.11.21
              = Alice Jane Doyle m 1913.8.16
            May Clugston 1891- = (1) ?? Happle
              =(2) Gilmore M McLaughlin m 1919.4.14 Roxbury, Franklin, PA
        Howard S Clugston 1842.9.12-1930.8.30 b&d Franklin PA
           = Martha A 1846- b Missouri
            (1870: Equality, Miller, Missouri)
            Charles J Clugston 1867- b Missouri
               = Delia Baker m1891.8.22 Mt Jewtt, McKean
            Mary Agnes Clugston 1870.9.12-1940.12.13 b Missouri
               = Horace Colder Bamer 1865-1950 m 1901.10.22
           =(2) Julia 1849.5- b NY m 1883
            (1900: Otto, McKean, PA. 6 children, 4 living)
            (1910: Rixford, McKean, PA)
            Lilian J Clugston 1886- = William B Burger
            (one daughter married a Walker)
           =(3) Rose Duntemnan 1858- m 1919.3.19 Broome, NY
            (1920: Mckean, Penns)              
            (1930: Otto, McKean, PA)
        Mary N Clugston 1846- b. PA
        Cindrella Virginia Clugston 1849-1926 b. Penns = Pyles
        Martha E Clugston 1852-
        Alva Curtis Clugston 1854.9-1944 b PA = Sarah Reed 1865.1-1908  m 1883
             (Sarah dau Benjamin Reed)
             (1900: Fannette Township, Franklin, PA; 3 kids, all living)
             Myrtle A Clugston 1884.7 b PA
             Benjamin Clugston 1889.4 b PA
             Alma R Clugston 1896.8 b PA
        Lily Florida Clugston 1857.5.15-1937.8.16 b. Concord PA
            = William Finley Gamble 1852-1927 b Concord PA
        George B Clugston 1863-1863
        John Skinner Clugston 1863-1951 b PA = Mary B 1869-
            Carl L Clugston 1895- b PA
            Paul J Clugston 1897- b PA
            Rex H Clugston 1900- b PA
            George S Clugston 1903- b PA
        Ida Arminta Clugston (or Ida L) = William Widney 1860-1946
        Edith May Clugston 1866-1945 = Vincent Fegan 1860-1926

In 1900, Howard S Clugston's next door neighbour was

   Albert Clugston 1873.9 b Missouri = Leah 1883.5 b PA m 1887

I presume this is a son of Howard S, but someone on LDS says he is a son of Alva J Clugston 1874.9.18-1910 and Leeo Netto Cady 1884-1971

Howard Sala Clugston 1903.1.27-1973 b Middlebury, Tioga, PA
   = Comfort Brooks 1904-

"Muster Rolls of the Navy and Line, Militia and Rangers 1775-1783"
RANGERS ON THE FRONTIERS— 1778-1783: John Clugston
CUMBERLAND COUNTY MILITIA-1779 Eighth Class: Wm Clugston

The Murder of Lawrence Clugston (1920)

(A "bound boy" is an indentured servant, orphaned or given up by his parents).

Spartan Father Helps Send Daughter to Prison for Murder of Her Husband

"The guilty must suffer," says aged Illinois farmer, who appeared in the tragedy as the avenger of his son-in-law Lawrence Clugston who was given ground glass and arsenic while being nursed by Mrs. Clugston and Dr. Alverson, her clandestine lover.

The romance that budded when Lawrence Clugston, a "bound boy," carried the school books of Alice Hagley, a prosperous farmer's daughter, along the roads of McDodonnough County, blossomed 20 years ago, but instead of mellowing with the years, has suddenly been reduced to bitter ashes by the hot, blasting atmosphere of passion and murder. When Lawrence's parents died, more than 'M years ago, he was taken into the home Of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Miller, on a farm near Macomb, Ill., and by them was reared. A docile, easy-tempered boy, he grew to be much liked by everybody in that section, and particularly by Alice Hagley, whose own comparatively high standing never for an instant made her conceal her affection for the bound boy, who was a few months her senior. High-spirited and gifted with a quick wit and sharp tongue, she effectively forestalled any comment that might have been made upon the inference in her station and that of her sweetheart. Nobody cared to provoke a shake of her black curls and an angry flush of her brow and eyes. As for Larry Clugston, he was devoted as a lamb. It was common knowledge that "he worshiped the ground Alice Hagley walked on," an attachment which was more than heightened by his conviction that she was far too good for him. S. .1. Hagley, her father, was a stern man, but a just one. While he ruled his own family, he was no despot, and, moreover, he was a true democrat. Larry Clugston might be a bound boy but he was industrious, honest, and known throughout the section for his agreeable manner and modesty. Therefore, said Hagley, if his daughter, Alice, wanted Larry, and Larry wanted her, it was all right with the father And so, just a little more than 20 years ago, they were married, each being 20 years old. The happy bridegroom rented a farm and worked hard. In four years a son came, and was named George. Life on the farm ia harder for the farmer than anybody, with the possible exception of the farmer's wife, and it was rumored at times that Alice Hagley Clugston wearied of it, and longed for clothes to decorate her tall, handsome figure, and for hours of pleasure away from the cares of kitchen and farm. If this was true, she never confirmed it. She held her head as proud as before. If ecuis were bad and times hard. it would not dampen Lawrence Clugston's dog-like devotion to his wife and son. For that matter, he had never known anything but poverty, and work was no new or tiring experience for hirus I le "hitting the grit." In this fashion things moved on until Hagley retired and moved into town. George grew into a tall, frail lad, with the sensitiveness of his mother and the shyness of his father. Mrs. Alice Clugston became more gaunt and more silent. Then Dr. George Alverson came to town, he was slightly over five feet tall and slightly over 60 years old. His manner was the stiffly formal one, assumed by the physician of two generations ago. he spoke deliberately - some said pompously - and stroked the drooping ends of his mustache importantly when he prepared to deliver an opinion. His wife was a small, meek woman, in frail health. Few would have found anything in common between fiery, headstrong Alice Clugston and the little doctor, with his mannerisms, 20 years her senior. And still fewer in the county would have said that in their meeting, at the home of James Morehouse, a neighboring farmer, the scene was being laid for a somber tragedy, although Morehouse did say later that "they kinder seemed to make eyes at each other from the first." However, Mrs. Clugston almost immediately developed "heart trouble," and frequently called Dr. Alverson to attend her. Very soon afterward, Mrs. Alverson died, and Dr. Alverson was immediately invited to make his home with the Clugstons. Lawrence Clugston gladly assented to this plan, because he was anxious about his wife's health, and was only too glad for her to have expert attention so constantly at hand. Mrs. Clugston went to the Alverson home and helped the doctor pack up and move. For some reason Lawrence Clugston decided soon thereafter to give up farming, and the family, now including the doctor, moved to Prairie City, a village, a few miles distant, where Clugston got work. His wife had begun to take a new interest in life. Dr. Alverson bought an automobile, and Mrs. Clugston frequently accompanied him on tails. Sometimes all four went riding, Lawrence Clugston and his son occupying the rear seat. In a few months Lawrence went to another town to work, a plan which met with no opposition from his wife. Just previously, the family had again moved, this time to Bushnell, another small town in the county. An office was opened by Dr. Alverson in Seiota, a neighboring village, and he began boarding there. Mrs. Clugston, however, called him on the telephone "almost every day," an operator later divulged, and the doctor made frequent trips to Bushnell in his machine.
This did not go unnoticed by neighbors, and word of it was conveyed to the Hagleys, who lived in Macomb, the county seat. Members of the family protested to her of these goings on, whereupon, with characteristic emphasis, she told them to mind their own business. Lawrence Clugston came back home in the spring of last year, and Lutellia Hagley, a brother of Mrs. Clugston, just home from France, went to Lawrence and warned him to get his wife away from the physician. The husband poohed the suggestion, but said he was thinking that maybe a change of scene would do them all good. On June 26 he became ill. Dr. Alverson was called. He prescribed, and Mrs. Clugston administered medicine. The patient grew worse. The doctor called it typhoid. On the morning of July 1 gentle Lawrence Clugston died. A few hours previously Dr. Alverson had called in another physician, who confirmed the symptoms as those of typhoid. Arrangements for the funeral proceeded. But a neighbor was not satisfied. He went to Macomb and talked to Hagley. The latter grimly called upon the Coroner and asked him to stop the funeral, which was to be held that day. It was done. The body was taken to an undertaking establishment, and an autopsy was performed. It disclosed 11 pieces of glass in the stomach. The Coroner ordered Dr. Alverson and Mrs. Clugston to remain under surveillance. The doctor laughed, and Mrs. Clugston told her father bitterly that he would regret this vile work. Hagley turned on Dr. Alverson and cursed him. "You destroyed my daughter's home and killed my son-in-law. You're a villain unhung," he said, and strode from the house. But a further examination revealed that the glass had not caused death. It had caused the symptoms resembling typhoid, however, and an expert from the Chicago Coroner's office was called in. His analysis required a week. At the end of that time he reported that he had found more than five grains of arsenic in the viscera, and that it had caused death. State's Attorney Ilain-line acted quickly.
"Who gave Lawrence Clugston that arsenic?" demanded the Sheriff of Dr. Alverson. "Was Mrs. Clugston," was the sullen reply. It was quickly repeated to her. She paled when told what the doctor had said. "Did he say that?" she asked huskily. "Then I have nothing to say, except that I am innocent," she declared, and closed her lips. The grand jury met, and llalnline conferred with Hanley. The aged father had grown a little grayer and a little grimmer. "I never suspected my daughter had anything to do with it," he said; and then he added solemnly: "Larry Clugston was murdered; let the guilty be punished," and he went before the grand jury.
her still defiant. But the State's Attorney found guilty of that, but "All right, I do love him, but I didn't murder Larry Clugston, " she said. "You can't prove that. I am guilty of unfaithfulness not of murder," An indictment charging both her and the doctor
Alverson and Mrs. Clugston Jail.
Mrs. Clugston sickened in the Jail, and was allowed the freedom of the corridors, one of which led past Dr. Alverson's cell. Two months later, hidden in a pasteboard box in her cell were found more than 40 notes, written by Dr. Alverson and slipped to her through his cell door. They abounded in indisputable proof of their guilty intimacy. The injunction, "read and burn," with which each note closed, had not been regarded. The woman had hoarded her love letters and the secret was out.
The Clugston case is ended. The prisoners have been taken away to the Illinois Penitentiary, and the chief characters in the story who remain at liberty are 16-year-old George Clugston, whom black tragedy has made an orphan, and the aged S. J. Hagley, broken by the grief of having to send his daughter to prison.
- Louis Post Dispatch