Clugstons of County Louth

Thomas Clugston of Carlingford, County Louth

On 1718.6.18, Thomas Clugston bought an estate called “Menidees Park” on Carlingford Lough, on the border between County Down and County Louth. His will, dated 1731/2.1.24, was probated on 1764.9.23. It was preserved by Crosslé. Thomas owned a “white house” and a “malt house” in Carlingford, County Lough. He was already a grandfather in 1731.
Interestingly, the surname spelling changed for most Clugstons that went south. Many records are spelt “Cluxton”, “Claxton” or even “Cluckstone”. Some records include both spellings. He totally abandoned Scottish naming conventions; I suspect his wife was English.
The third son James graduated from university in 1710, so must have been born before 1690. So, Thomas must have been born before 1670, so he could not be the son of the Belfast merchant John Clugston Junior (whose son Thomas was born in 1679).
He was probably related to Thomas Clugston who paid hearth tax in 1669 in Dunrod, Tullyrusk (south of Belfast, west of Lisburn).

Thomas Clugston -1764 
    Henry Clugston (died by 1731) Innkeeper
      = Elizabeth George
       (Eliz remarried __ Daveyson by 1731)
       Jean Clugston = (1) Robert Corry
          =(2) Robert Manly
           Miss Manly
       George Clugston. Deaf and dumb.
       Elizabeth Clugston. Deaf and dumb.
    James Clugston. 
       (Graduated Univ Glasgow 1712. Went to America before 1764)
    Christopher Clugston. 3rd son d. 1778 Ballyfin, Leighlin, Carlow        
    Rev Josias Clugston -1775 minister at Larne 1717-1775.
        (Graduated Univ Glasgow 1710)
        (allegedly only had one son, James)
        Rev James Clugston -1780 = Elizabeth -1784
           (Pastor of Bandon, County Cork 1745-1780
           ("ordained young" (born about 1725?))
            Mary Clugston 1755.1.14 - 1826.10.12 b. Bandon
              = George Allman 1750-1827
               James Clugston Allman 1780-1845 b&d Bandon = Sarah Lane
                   (Owned a whiskey distillery)
                   James Clugston Allman 1822.3.24 b Bandon
            Thomas Clugston bap 1756.12.1  b. Bandon
                (1787: Merchant and Tanner, Bandon)
                (Paid a large debt to George Wheeler 1812)
                (Apparently died childless)
    Jean Clugston. Never married.
    Alexander Clugston. Never married.

Henry Clugston was the innkeeper of “The Jolly Sailor” in Newry in 1728. Presumably he served beer produced at his father’s malt house.
It seems he had twins, for both George and Elizabeth were mute.

Thomas’s sons Josias and James Clugston graduated with an MA from the University of Glasgow in 1710 and 1712 respectively. One of James Clugston’s classmates was the philosopher Francis Hutcheson, one of the founders of the Scottish Enlightenment. Most of his other classmates became Presbyterian ministers in America.
James seems to have had a fight with his father; Thomas left him only 1 shilling. The other children died childless.

Rev Josias Clugston of Larne

Josiah Clugston, of “Scoto-Hibernus” (Ireland) graduated with an MA from the University of Glasgow in 1710. Jacobus Clugston (ie, James), also of “Scoto-Hibernus” also graduated with an MA in 1711. We can safely assume that this his brother James. Other students were aged 18 or 19 at graduation, meaning he was born around 1692.

Although he was a minister at Larne, he was sent from Armagh.
“Mr Clugston lived to a very advanced age”. If he was born 1692, he died in office age 83. He only had one son, Rev James Clugston, who graduated from Ethics class at the ( University of Glasgow, student 405), and seems to have been a heretical minister (he apparently did not believe in the Trinity).

He and his assistant minister were buried in the same grave. The gravestone says that he died age 80 and his assistant died age 70. I don’t think we can trust this, it would mean he graduated at age 15.

Patrick Agnew of Kilwaughter was a strong supporters of Josias, to such an extent that his family paid the stipend for the ministers at Larne. In the 1790’s, Thomas Agnew married Jean Clugston and lived in Leswalt near Stranraer, so Josias may have been a close relative of Dr William of Stranraer and his wife Barbara Vans. Jean is the wrong generation to be a daughter of Josias. John Vans married Margaret Agnew, so these families are tightly intertwined. An Agnew married a Vans.
But the name “Josias” indicates he was from a pious family, and Dr William’s family seems irreligious.
1715 Joseph Clugston, Presby Armadgh, first trials for ordination. p350
1715 Presby Armadgh, Josias Clugston (with Mr Elliot, William Smith)
Josias Clugston, probationer, assigned to spend one month in Derry.
Josias Clugston, ordained at Larne 1717-18.3.19

Rev James Clugston of Bandon was a subscriber to “The history of the general rebellion in Ireland 1641”, Sir John Temple and Sir Henry Tichborne, published 1766.

Presumably the Boyd family is descended from him; they propagated the name for at least five generations. But it is also possible that the Boyds named their son after their minister. They are Non-subscribing Presbyterians.

Josias Clougston Boyd ??-1827 d. Lelis, Kilwaughter, Antrim.
    Joseph Clugston Boyd 1826-1906.Q2 b Kilwaughter, Antrim. Farmer
       = Agnes 1827-1913.5.21 b Killyglen, Antrim
       (1901: 12 Lealies, Kilwaughter, Antrim)
        Joseph Boyd 1861-1911.5.12 b. Kilwaughter, Antrim Farmer
          = Mary Jane McNeill b. Killyglen, Antrim m 1888
            (1911: 9 Lealies, Kilwaughter, Antrim)
            1889.Q2 Josias Clugston Boyd = ?? m 1916.Q1
                 1920.Q1-1924.3.11 Josias Clugston Boyd b Larne
            1892 Janie Boyd
        Agnes Boyd 1866-1880.9.5

Samuel Boyd
   Captain Thomas Josiah Clugston Boyd, of S.S. Lord Rosebery 1864- 
      = Ethel Agnes Watson 1866.5.30 m 1893.10.7 (Ethel dau. George John Chalmers Scott)

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