Clugstons of Orange County, New York

The will of Robert Clugston, of New Burgh, Orange County, NY, made 1845.8.1 and proved 1845.11.13, states that his brother John Clugston was his only next of kin (Orange County Will Book M, page 498).
They were both literate at least to the extent of being able to sign their names, though the will was written down by one of the witnesses, Channaig? F Belknap.

John may be the male age 20-30 in the 1830 census. The children in the 1840 census would be his children. Apparently John and Rachel were away in 1840.)
Letters of administration were given for John Clugston in 1853.6.24 (Book I page 5) Executor: his widow Rachel; Robert Clugston in 1861 (Book J page 248), Rachel Clugston in 1866.4.5 (Book L page 42), executor her daugher Caroline M; and Ann M Clugston in 1867 (Book L page 153).

They are the right age to be brothers of Thomas Clugston b. 1787 of Ballintemple, County Armagh, Ireland. But they couldn’t be, because Thomas’ brother Robert died in Ireland.

Robert Clugston b 1790..1795-1845 b. Ireland d. Newburgh, NY
    (1820: Newburgh, Orange, New York one male 26-45 (Robert), engaged in agriculture).
    (1830: Newburgh, Orange, New York 1 male 0-5. 1 male 40-50. One male 20-30 1 woman 20-30 one girl 0-5).
    (1840: Newburgh, Orange, New York. 1 male 5-10 1 male 40-50 (Robert) 3 girls under 10, 1 5-10, two girls 15-20.)
John Clugston 1805-1853 b Ireland
   = Rachel Watson 1805-1866 b Ireland m 1824.4.8 Bergen New Jersey (or Matson.)
    (Rachel arrived in this town in 1829. In 1855 she said she was born in Ireland. In 1850 she was "35", which must be a mistake)
    (John died after 1850, before 1855. Rachel was still alive in 1865. She had 8 children)
    (1850: Newburgh, Orange, New York)
    (1855: ED1 Newburgh, Orange, New York. Rachel's mother Anna Watson 1779- and sister Catharine Watson 1817- (both born Germany) were staying with them. They arrived in 1847).
    (1860: Newburgh, Orange, New York. Elizabeth was gone by 1855)
    (1865: District 01, Newburgh, Orange, New York. Grandson Robert Crance was with them)
     Elizabeth Clugston 1829- b NY  (or b. 1832= George Crans 1821-
         (1855: Wallkill, Orange, NY)
         Robert C Crans 1853- b Orange, NY
     Ann M Clugston 1834-1867 b NY
     Robert Clugston 1836-1861 b NY
     Caroline M Clugston 1839-1905.4.12 b NY d. Brooklyn NY
         (1870: Newburgh, Orange, New York. Robert Crans was with her)
         (1900: Brooklyn, NY)