Clugstons in Minigaff, Kircudbrightshire

The fact that Thomas and Janet, spelling their name “Clogston”, moved to the village of Dalry where William Clogston had lived 80 years earlier, after living for some time in Glasgow where William’s children had lived, suggests that they may be related, perhaps via a relative in Dalry. Rev James Clogston, who named a son after the father of Janet Clydesdale (born 1763), named another son Robert Buchanan Clugston.

(b Ireland, moved to Glasgow about 1827, then to Minigaff, Kircurdbrightshire.
Both Andrew & Annie were in 1861 census but disappeared by 1871 census)

Andrew Clugston 1799-1869 b. Ireland d. Minigaff  Lead miner
  = Ann Buchanan 1797-  b. Ireland
  ---> From Ireland to Challock Croft, Minigaff, Kirkudbright
  (1841: Blackcraig, Minnigaff, Kirkudbrightshire)
  (1851: Challock Croft / Low Black Craig, Minnigaff)
    Thomas Clugston 1825 b Ireland. Stone breaker. Died by 1891.
      = Janet Milwraith  m 1848.3.17
        Annie Clugston 1848.6.11 b Minigaff
      =2 m 1851.11.22 Elizabeth Skimming 1822- (or 1815-) b Kirkudbrightshire or Wigtownshire
      (1861: Back Street, Dalry, Kirkudbrightshire)
      (1891, 1901: Elizabeth was living with her daughter Mary)
          Mary Clugston 1861- b Dalry, Kirkudbrightshire
            = William McGaw 1860-1896 b Castle Douglas Kirkudbrightshire d. Dennistoun. Railway Wagon Sheeter
          (1891: Hill St, Ardrossan, New Ardrossan, Ayrshire)
          (News article: Damages for husbands death, Mary Clugston, 26 Feb 1897)
          (NRS CS241/2605 Mary McGraw or Clugston v Glasgow and South Western Railway Company: Appeal, 1896)
    Mary Clugston 1828 (died young) b. Glasgow
    Elizabeth Clugston 1830-1903 b Kirkudbrightshire d. Minigaff age 77 Seamstress Unmarried
      (1901: Blackcraig, Minnigaff)
    James Clugston 1832 b Kirkudbrightshire Stone breaker (maybe married Sarah Clint?)
    Stewart Clugston 1835    Lead miner. Unmarried in 1881 (5 Silver St Minnigaff)
    Mary Clugston 1838 bap 1839.1.6  (not seen after 1851)
    Andrew Clugston 1843   Lead miner. died by 1891
      = Helen McDowell 1843-. m 1867.12.20
        (1871: Mines Village, Minigaff)
        (1881: 5 Silver St Minigaff)
        (1891, 1901: Blackcraig, Minnigaff)
        (Helen still living in 1901, andrew died by 1891? Susanna born out of wedlock)
        (Grandson James 1891- living with then, possibly dau of Annie born out of wedlock)
        Sussanna Mcdowell 1866 = Howard W. Walker 1866-  m. 1897.9.29 Iowa
          ---> Moved to Beford, Taylor, Iowa USA
        Annie Clugston 1869  b Minigaff  Domestic servant. 1901: Cook.
          (1901: Douglas High School, King St, Penninghame, Wigtownshire)
        Samuel Mcdowall Clugston 1871  b Minnigaff Farm Servant
          (1891: Mieklecarse Farm House, Minnigaff, farm of James Sloan 1854- widower)
        Helen Jane Clugston 1875  unmarried in 1901
        Mary Clugston 1877
        Margaret Jessie Clugston 1881  unmarried in 1891
    John Clugston 1844-   (died before 1851 census)
    Jessie Clugston 1847- = Thomas Moore m 1868.12.28 Kirkmabreck, Kirkudbright
    Annie Clugston 1849-
James Clugston 1834-1869.3.24 d. Auchencairn age 25
  = Sarah Clint 1837-1905.4.17 b. Rerrick, Kirkudbright. d. Auchencairn age 68. Laundress.
      m 1865.6.2 
  (1871: [Sarah living with James Jr] Rewick, Rerrick, Kirkudbrightshire)
  (1881: [Sarah living with James Jr] Bridge End, Rerrick, Kircudbrightshire)
  (1901: [Sarah living alone] Grocer's Ship & House, Rerwick, Rerrick, Kirkudbrightshire)
    James Clugston 1866- b Kirkudbrightshire 1881: Farm Worker. 1901:Gardener-Jobbing
      = Mary Ann "Annie" Fullerton 1871- b England m 1888.Q4 Shnifal, Shropshire
      (1901: 21 Wallace St, Dumfries, Dumfrieshire)
        Corporal James Thomas Clugston 1889-1915.8.30 b England
          (Killed in WWI. See below).
        Annie Kathleen Clugston 1893- b England = James Murray m 1912 Dumfries
        Sarah Clugston 1895- b Rerrick, Kirkudbrightshire
        William Fullerton Clugston 1897- b Rerrick, Kirkudbrightshire = Janet McNay Firbank/Clark m 1829 Dumfries
        Stuart Clugston 1900- b Kirkudbrightshire
    Mary Ann Clugston 1867-1870(died age 3)
Janet Clogston 1847- b Minigaff. Nurse.
    (1861: Milton, Darly, Kirkudbrightshire, on the farm of David & Marion Henderson)

DUMFRIES CORPORAL KILLED. News has been received that Corporal James Clugston, 1st King’s Own Scottish Borderers, son of Mr and Mrs Clugston, Kingholm Quay, Dumfries, was killed in action at the Dardanelles on August. The sad news was contained in a letter sent to Mr and Mrs Clugston by a chum of their son, Private James Carruthers, of the machine gun section of the K. 0.5.8. His letter, dated 30th August, is [as] follows: Dear Mr and Mrs Clugston. —Just a note to let you know that your son, Corporal James Clugston was killed to-day at two o’clock in the afternoon. He was shot in the left breast with a bullet. I think it must have been a sniper. He was only back two days in the trenches after having been wounded. Your son and I were the best of chums, and we used often to read the “Standard” together, because I belong to Dumfries myself. He was very well liked in the company, and I am sorry [to] lose him.
Corporal Clugston was 26 years of age and had been about eight years in the army. The last letter from him was dated 28th August, when [he] wrote telling his parents that he had again joined his battalion, after having recovered from his wound.
Dumfries and Galloway Standard, 1915.9.15


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