Michael Clugston of Connecticut

Michael Clugston was operating as a merchant in Belfast, then in Connecticut. He seems to have been the first Clugston in the New World. He married Mary, the daughter of Rev Samuel Wakeman.
He seems to have only had 3 children. He died soon after they were born.

The Town Book of the Corporation of Belfast states:
“served with Mr Clugston
1671 August 22 Michaell Clugston Marcht was Admitted and Sworn”

On 1682.3.2, Michael Clugston, merchant, Belfast, Ireland, registered a bond with William Clugston, provost of Wigtown. (Edinburgh Register of Deeds, vol 50, p 358).

Michael Clugston was in Somerset County, Maryland in 1690.

Maryland Ssc. Elinor Trail and Margerett Betty of Somerset County in the Province of Maryland make Oath that they these Deponents togeather with Several other persons being in the room where Alexander Hillous late of this County Merchant deceased lay sick on his bed of which sickness afterwards he dyed which was about the 15th. day of September 1690 That then ye said Allexander Hillous did declared it was his desire that mr Michael Clugston of this County also Merchant would take care of his Estate and Concerns in this County and Province or words to that effect
Somerset County Judicial Records 1690-1691, p192

The wills of Michael and John exist, and are available on ancestry.com, but I have not viewed them.

Michael’s son Samuel was a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives.

Some of this information is taken from “The Descendants of Governor Thomas Welles of Connecticut and his Wife Alice “, Barbara Jean Mathews.

There is obviously a mistake in this tree. Betty and Samuel Cluckstone are children of John. But is John the son of John and Elizabeth Welles, or is he the son of Samuel and Deborah Ketchum? He appears twice in this tree.

Michael Clugston -1697 d. Connecticut 
  = Mary Wakeman (dau Rev Samuel Wakeman & Hannah Goodyear)
    John Clugston bap 1695.6.23 d.1738.3.23 b Fairfield
        =(1) Elizabeth Welles 1697.1.31-1730.8.31 m 1718.6.11 Stratfield Conn.
             John Cluxton 1719.4.25-1719.12.19 b&d Stamford Conn
             Elizabeth Cluckstone 1720.9.27 = John Jones Jr
             John Cluckstone Jr 1722.8.7-~1779
                 =(1) Eunice Mallory 1736.10.13-1764.6.28 m.1760.7.7
                    Betty Cluckstone = Jeremaiah Batterson m 1777.11.12 Redding Congregation Church
                    Samuel Cluckstone 1763-
                         (1818: Sharon, Connecticut)
                 =(2) Charity Jennings m 1764.11.20
                    Michael Clugstone (living in 1800.9.16)
                    Eunice Cluxton 1771-1843.11.18 d. Fairfield, Redding, CT
                    Mary Cluxton 1776-1842.12.6 d. Connecticut
             Ann Cluckstone 1726.7.3 = Thomas Knowlton
             Samuel Cluckstone -1730.4.24 b&d Stamford
             Deborah Cluckstone 1729.9.18 = Hezekiah Wood
             Mary Cluckstone d. 1730.9.2         
        =(2) Elizabeth Peck -1745.9.1 m. 1734/35.2.27
            Samuel Clugston 1735.12.6-
            Abigail Clugston 1736/7.2.13-1807 = Amos Sanford m. 1757.1.13
            Mary Clugston 1737/8.3.22-1837
         =(3) Elizabeth Rowlandson 1699-1759.5.17 d Redding,Conn m.1748/9.3.23
    Captain Samuel Cluckston 1696.11.17-1751 b Fairfield Connecticut d. Norwalk
      = Deborah Ketchum
      (Hat manufacturer. MP 1639-1640)
        John Clugston 1718-1718
        Mary Clugston 1721-1773
        John Clugston 1722-1789
            Betty Clugston 1761-
            Samuel Clugston 1763-1820.4.1 d Cornwall, Litchfield, Conn.
               (1810: Sharon, Litchfield, Conn
- - 1 - 1 1 - - - 1 (one male 16-26 (John),one male 45+, one female 0-9, one female 45+)
               John C Cluxton 1790-1816.5.15 d. Litchfield, Connecticut
    Mary Cluckstone 1697/8-1773.11.8 
        = (1) Joseph Perry
        = (2) Thomas Edmunds

There is further information at http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=gilmore1331. Note that there are obvious mistakes in that tree, eg it says that Michael’s father was James who was born in the wrong century; but seems reliable for Samuel and later since it includes several sources including the wills.

According to that site the tree is:

John Clugstone = Elizabeth Peck
    Samuel Clugstone 1735.12.6-1761 b Stratfield Fairfield CT 
      = Deborah Mallory b1727 b Fairfield CT m 1759.2.11 Redding, Fairfield, CT
        (Samuel's will mentions only his son David and wife Deborah)
         David Clugston 1759.11.21-1831.2 b. Redding, Fairfield, CT d.Otsego NY
           = _______
            Samuel Clugston 1787 b Buttersnut, Otsego, NY
               (never married)
            Jacob Clugston 1791 b Buttersnut, Otsego, NY
            Moses Wallace Clugston 1798.5.9-1855.3.13 b Buttersnut, Otsego, NY
                 (3 marriages, see below)
            Matthew Clugston 1799 b Buttersnut, Otsego, NY
            John Clugston 1801 b Buttersnut, Otsego, NY
            ______ Clugston
            ______ Clugston
           = Matura _____
            David Malry Clugston 1823.10.13 b Buttersnut, Otsego, NY
                (See below)
            Dorcas Ann Clugston 1826.1.4 b Buttersnut, Otsego, NY
            Marcia Lucinda Clugston 1830.5.13 b Buttersnut, Otsego, NY            
    Mary Clugstone 1736.2.13 b Stratfield Fairfield CT
    Abigail Clugstone 1737.3.22 b Stratfield Fairfield CT

In 1740.2.26, Michael Cluckstone appointed guardian to sons of James Rodgers, whose estate was distributed by Samuel Cluckstone and Samuel Ketchum. Michael is probably a son of Samuel.

Samuel Cluxton of Connecticut received a Revolutionary War Pension and Land Grant.
He did military service in Connecticut in 1782.7.23 to 1783.7

(Father born “England”, mother born New York,
allegedly mother “Matura” died 1843.4.14 wife of Thomas Lewis)
One online tree claims that his father was David 1760-1830.2, whose parents were Samuel Cluxton of Connecticut (son of John Cluxton, son of Michael), and Deborah Mallory m 1759.2.11. Then “England” means “New England” which is far more plausible).

David Malry Cluxton 1823.10.12-1906.6.10 b New York
 = Sarah Catharine Lanum (or Laneson) 1831- b Ohio m 1853.7.4 Sandusky, Ohio
    (1870: Ohio, "Cluxston")
    (1880, 1900: Milton, Wood, Ohio "Cluxton")
    (Sarah died by 1900)
    Alvan Luhane Cluxton 1854.6.211-1881.7.10 b Huron,Ohio d. Wood, Ohio
       (Never married. Died of heatstroke).
    Nancy M Cluxton 1856.3-1936.7.13 b Ohio (never married)
    David Malry Cluxton 1859.4.7-1935.7.8 b Ohio = Mary Malinda Norris m 1887
        Marion Milton Cluxton 1888.7.31 b. Jackson, Wood, Ohio
        George Alton Cluxton 1890.2.11-1982.8.5 b Wood, Ohio
           = Alma Jane Haggenmacher 1913.2.11
        Jennie Mable Cluxton 1894.3.3 b Weston, Wood, Ohio
        Lawrence Carlin Cluxton 1895.8.27-1905.12.25 b Weston, Wood, Ohio
        Mary Etta Cluxton 1897.2.2 b Weston, Wood Ohio
        John Elmer Cluxton 1899.8.12 b Weston, Wood, Ohio
    George Henry Cluxton 1862.10.20-1920.3.9 b Weston, Ohio
      = Mary E 1872.1- b Ohio m 1895
        (1900, 1910: Henry, Wood, Ohio)
        Florence M Cluxton 1899 b Ohio
        Clarence E Cluxton 1901 b Ohio
    William Erving Cluxton 1867.2.9-1929.7.1 b Ohio (never married)   
    Emaline Cluxton 1870.1.7- b Wood, Ohio
    Edward Cluxton 1874.4.8-1874.4.11 b&d Weston, Wood, Ohio

In 1830 there was another man staying with Moses, probably a brother.

    Moses Wallace Cluxton 1798.7.9-1855 b. New York
      =(1) Sarah Robertson
       (1830: Huntsville, Otsego, NY. 2 men 30-40, 1 woman 20-30, 1 boy 0-5, 1 girl 0-5)   
         Sarah M Cluxton 1827-1849 = McCaslin
      =(2) Sylvia Newman
         Lewis Cluxton 1830-1888.1.8 b Penns d.Menard Co, Illinois. Detective
           = Mary Jane Thompson 1838- b Illinois
             (1880 "Lu": Vandalia, Fayette, Illinois)
             (Info from findagrave)
             (Mary's father b Kentucky, mother b PA)
             Benjamin W Cluxton 1853.8.9-1873.3.20 d. Vandalia, Fayette Co, Illinois.
             James W Cluxton 1857-1857
             Sarah J Cluxton 1858-1876
             Malinda Mendota Cluxton 1861.11.13-
               = Augustus A Davis m1886.2.7 Fayette, Ill 
             Susan E Cluxton 1867-1874
             Hester Cluxton 1870-
               = William Crawford Simpson m 1891.3.29
         Sylvia Cluxton 1837-1924
      =(3) Mary Thompson (nee Lewellen) 1813.1.15-1859.9.12
        m 1841.7.23 Fayette County Illinois
         William Green Cluxton 1842.8.15-1872.11.27
            = Nancy E McClughen
             Alice Abigail Cluxton 1866-1932
             Jefferson Cluxton 1867-1867
             Phineas M Cluxton 1868-1871 
         Moses Wallace Cluxton 1848.7.25-1913.2.9 b Illinois d Tennesee
          = (1) Mary Adamson 1854.1.17-1876.1.6
            Cora F Cluxton 1875.8.5-1875.12.1 d Rodoc, Randolph, Indiana
          = (2) Ellen Jane Cox 1858.5.14-1900.5.30 b Ohio m 1878.7.3 Randolph, Indiana.
            Joseph William Cluxton 1879.10.11-1889.10.1 b Randolph, Indiana d. Illinois
            Franklin Ambrose Cluxton 1881-1956.12.7 d. Bell, Kentucky
                = Mattie Spencer 1888-1970.10.9 d. Bell, Kentucky
            Jesse Chester Cluxton 1883-1884
            Harley Earnest Cluxton 1885-1971
            Clyde Lorin Cluxton 1888.1.21 b Sheldon Illinois
               = Lois May Genn m 1909.10.12
            Linnie Cluxton 1890-1890
            Urana Alice Katherine Cluxton 1892-1927
          =(3) Ocenia Williams m 1903.10.28 
         Charles O Cluxton 1861.9.25-1920.1.22 b Fayette d Decatur Illinois