Clugstons in the Isle of Man

All of these people are descendants of Archibald Clugston of County Down, son of John Clugston of Seapatrick.
Archibald’s wife, Mary Shaw, seems to have been the daughter of John Shaw, who owned a farm next to the Clugstons. The Geary family also comes from the same village. The rare name “Archibald” probably indicates he is a descendant of Archibald Barron, who was a neighbour of the Clugstons when they lived at Lisnaward, County Down. Further information on that family is available on the Clugstons of County Down page.

There is unfortunately a problem with this simple theory.
In May 1798, “Tho Clugston” became owner of land in Rushen formerly owned by “Wm Samsbury”, probably the same which was acquired by “Wm Sansbury” from “Wm Gick” in 1793. Archibald would have been 27 in 1798. ( Manx land sales).

DNA testing shows that Archibald Clugston had a recent common ancestor with the Clugstons from County Antrim and from County Armagh, but his oldest son James (husband of Anne Garne) or James’s son William had a different father. There are multiple known cases of promiscuity in this family.

It isn’t really possible to understand this family without knowledge of the Brig Lily disaster of 1852. Charles Clugston was one of the 34 men who died in the explosion, which left 22 widows and 77 orphans. It must have been absolutely devastating to the small community.

Anne Clugston (born Anne Garne) was one of the oldest living people on the Isle of man. She had operated the “Falcon’s Nest Hotel”, which still exists. There is a wonderful sting in the last line of her will, where she expresses her hatred of football:
“If Wm Clugstone Junior during my life time join the football game he is to be deprived of my property that I have left him in my will. Anne Clugstone. Feb 6th 1891.”

Archibald Clugston (1771..1776)-1846 b Ireland
  = Mary Shaw (1776..1781)-1848
   (1841: "Rynwilliam", with Mary 7, Richard 20, William 10 & Margaret 4. Mary and Margaret are believed to be sons of Archibald Junior).
    James Clugston 1807-1857 b. Ireland Farmer of 75 acres.
      = (not married) ____ Skelly
      = Anne Garne 1801-1896  m 1834 (James born on Ireland)  Hotel Keeper
      (1841: Port Eron, IOM. With Ann Clougston 5, Margaret Clougston 5, Richard Moore 1821-, William Cregeene  1829-, Jane Tealor 1821-, Elizabeth Gawne 1824-)
      (1851: Queens Arms Inn, IOM.  Niece Margaret Clugsten 1836- & Nephew Daniel Watterson 1839- were with them
      Daniel seems to be son of Daniel 1801- b. IOM and Elizabeth 1809- b IOM)
      (1861: Partern, Rushen, IOM)
      (1871: Living with son-in-law John Geary)
      (1891: Four Roads, Rushen, IOM. Living with grandson William 1872- & Elizabeth J Watterson 1871-)
        William Clugston 1833-1897 b Isle of Man d. Birkenhead, Cheshire
          = Ann Pagon 1839-1880.6.30 b Hator, Cumberland d. Seacombe (Anne's sister Agnes 1836- had a daughter  Margaret Fisher 1872- b Cheshire) m 1863 West Derby, Lancashire
            (William was the illegitimate son of James with ____ Skelly)
            (Y-DNA testing proves that William is not a biological descendant of Archibald)
            (1881: Marine House, B Head Road, Poulton with Seacomb, Birkenhead, Cheshire)
            (not present at all in 1891).  Maybe m 1863 Lancashire
            James Archibald Clugston 1865-1877.9.10 b Liverpool d. St Hillary Cheshire
            Tom Pagon Clugston 1867-1923 b. Liverpool. Baker  (was in Liverpool in 1891)
              = Lily May Busfield 1871-1946 b. Cheshire m 1894 Q4 Birkenhead, Cheshire. Baker & Confectioner
                Lilian Maud Clugston 1897 b Egremont, Chester, England
                Elizabeth Clugston 1899 b Seacombe
                Agnes Hope Clugston 1900 b.Seacombe  m 1920 Cheshire
                Edna Mary Clugston 1903 = James A Jones m 1921 Birkenhead Cheshire
                Tom Pagon Clugston 1915-1981
                (Maud Leather b 1878 Cheshire is an aunt, dau Nathaniel Leather & Sarah Jane)
            John Walter Foster Clugston 1869-1870 b&d Birkenhead
            William Clugston 1871- b. Seacombe, Cheshire. Confectioner. Single in 1901
              (1891: Living with his grandmother Anne)
              (1901: living with his brother Walter)
            Walter Clugston 1873-1957 b.&d. Seacombe, Cheshire.
              = Agnes Hindley 1875- b Burslem or Fudley or Hadley, Cheshire m 1896.1.21 Pulford Cheshire. (dau Francis & Ellen Hindley)
                (1901: 97 King St, Liscard, Birkenhead)
                Horace Walter G Clugston 1899-1966 b Egremont, Cheshire d. Lincolnshire
                Percy William G Clugston 1899-1973 b Egremont, Cheshire d. Birkenhead Cheshire
                Audrey Muriel Clugston 1900  b Egremont, Cheshire
                Alexandra Clugston 1902 b Egremont, Cheshire
            Anne Clugston 1877 b. Seacombe, Cheshire
            John Geary Clugston 1877.Q2-1951.7 b Birkenhead, Cheshire d Scunthorpe. Secy Brickworks
              = Gunhilda Mary Taylor 1879-1958 b. Cottenham m 1901.8.23 Cottenham Church
              (1891: High Seaton, Cockermouth, Cumberland, England. Coal miner age 13. Nephew of Thomas Pagon, 1836-)
              (1901: John Geary was living at 12 Ravendale St, Scunthorpe, Glanford Brigg, Linconshire with Henrietta Kent 1838- and daughter Henrietta 1877-)
                Leonard Gordon "L G" Clugston 1903-1984 b Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. Founder, "Clugston Construction".
        Anne Clugston 1837-
         = John Geary 1835- (John Geary of the Falcon's Nest died 1874.8.6 age 53) m 1854 IOM
        (1861: Living with her mother)
           (John Geary married Jane Kermode 1864.11.27)
    Charles Clugston 1809-1852.12.28
      = Catherine Watterson 1811-  Publican
      (Charles died in the Brig Lily disaster, age 43)
        Catherine Clugston 1833.3.31
        Jane Clugston 1834.10.5 b Port St Mary IOM
          =(1) Thomas Norris 1816-1865 m 1855.2.11 St Peter, Liverpool
             (Thomas son of Richard Norris)
             (1861: Fazakerley St, Prescot, Lanc)
             John Norris 1858 b Prescot, Lancashire
          =(2) Edward Sephton -1871 m 1867.10.20 New Brighton, Cheshire
            (Edward son of Joseph Sephton. Jane dau of "Chester Clogson")
            (1871: Liverpool)
            Edward John _____            
        Ann Clugston 1836.8.7
        John Clugston 1839.7.14
    Thomas Clugston bap 1811.3.31-1849  b. Kirk German, IOM
      =1 Catherine Woodworth 1815-1840
        Margaret Clugston bap 1838.1.14-1918 
          = Thomas Cubbin 1836-1873 m 1858 IOM
            John Cubbin 1871 b IOM
                (1881: Staying with uncle Thomas Clugston)
        Thomas Clugston 1839 -  Dock Lab
           = Catherine Williams b 1838 Wales m1863.3 Cheirchiog, Anglsey, Wales
            (1871 ("Clugstone"): Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales)
            (1881: 6 Latham Street, Kirkdale, West Derby, Lancashire)
            (1901 ("Clagston"): Kirkdale, West Derby, Lancashire. Charles C Clagston 1835- b I Dock board Lab and Jane Mch Clugston 1865- Charwoman b Liverpool were boarding with them)
      =2 Jane Shimmin m 1840 IOM
        Jane Clugstone bap 1841.12.26 b. Kirk Rushen, IOM
    Archibald Clugston 1813-1838.11.25 Ag Labourer
      = Margaret Kinvig 1801-1880 b IOM m 1834.4.12 IOM
        (1851: Ballachrink, Arbory, IOM)
        (1861 ("Clougston"): Ballachrink, Mountain Rd, Arbory, IOM. Only John still living with his mother Margaret)
        Margaret Clugston 1835-
        Jane Clugston bap 1839.3.10- b. Rushen
        John Clugston 1838-  (still alive in 1901) b IOM Ag Lab.
          = Ann Christian 1840- (died before 1901)
            (1871: Four Roads, Rushen, IOM)
            (1881: Rushen, IOM)
            (1891: Smelt, Shore Rd, Rushen, IOM)
            (1901: 13 South Quay, Douglas, IOM)
            Ann Clugston bap 1862.8.15-1862.8.18
            John Thomas ("Tom") Clugston 1859-1943 (not present in 1891) Mariner b IOM d Liverpool South
              =(1) Margaret Costain 1859-1914 b Port St Mary m1882.5.25 Kirk Rushen
                (1901: 6 Earp St, Garston, Lancashire)
                (1911: 6 Earp St, Garston, Lancashire. Margaret's sister Eleanor Anne Shimmer b1874 IOM was with them with her children)
              =(2) Alice Donnelly m1918 Liverpool
            Jane Clugston 1865- = 
                Jessie Clugston 1887.11.4- b Smelt, Rushen, IOM
                Lucy May Clugston 1891.3.31- b Port St Mary, IOM
            William Clugston 1867-1916.11.3  b Port St Mary Isle of Man. Sailor.              
               = Lizzie McAlister 1873-  b Down. Flax weaver m.1898.1.18 Newry (Lizzie dau Jane McAlister b 1848)
              (1901: 67 Chapel St, Newry, Down. Staying with Lizzie's mother)
              (1901: William was on House ship, Sir Rogerson's Quay Shipping Returns, South Dock, Dublin)
              (1911: 71 Chapel St, Newry, Down. 7 kids, 4 living)
              (1917: Boat St, Newry)
              (William was first mate on the SS Retriever which was sunk in a collision)
              (Roman Catholic marriage)
              (William was in Dromore in 1898; Lizzie was in Armagh, Down).
               Mary Katherine Clugston 1899  b County Down, Ireland
               Jane ("Jeanie") Clugston 1901 (died infancy)
               Fannie Clugston 1901 (apparently died by 1917)
               Lillie Clugston 1906
               Thomas John Clugston 1908
               Harvey Clugston 1914
            Mary Ann Clugston 1869.6.11-
               = Robert Corlett 1864- m 1890
                (1901: Braddon, Douglas)
                John E Corlett 1891
                Robert W Corlett 1893
                George Douglas Corlett 1895.7.13 b. Douglas
                James A Corlett 1900
            Margaret Clugston 1871- (not present in 1891)
            Harvey Clugston 1872.12.15-1955 b. Kirk Rushen IoM d. Liverpool
              = Margaret Annie Hudson 1878 b. Castletown IOM m 1903 Lancashire
                (1911: 4 Denton St Toxteth Park, Liverpool)
                Edith Clugston 1904 b. Liverpool
                Elsie Clugston 1906 b. Liverpool
                Amy Clugston 1908.Q2 b. Liverpool
            Catherine Margaret Clugston 1874.11.22-  (in Liverpool 1901)
              = Stephen Caesar Pitts
                (Moved to Liverpool)
                John Stephen Pitts
            Annie Clugston 1878-  Dressmaker
            Emma Clugston 1882.11.20-
    John Clugston 1815.4.23-1881.2.4 b. IOM d. Prescot, Lancashire. Tailor
       =1 ______ (maybe surname Swift)
            Robert Clugston 1847-1869.4.22 b. &d. Prescot, Lancashire. Watch Maker
            (Elizabeth Clugston d. 1851, might be the wife)
       =2 (m. 1852.3.22) Elizabeth Welsby 1810-1881.2.12 b&d. Prescot, Lancashire
        (1861: New Brighton, Eccleston, Prescot, Lancashire, Catherine Duffy 1858- is boarding)
        (1871: Rowson St, Eccleston, Prescot, Lancashire. Catherine Duffy 1858- is his niece)
        (no children)
    Catherine Clogston
      = John Duffy m 1856.Q3 Liverpool
        Catherine Duffy 1858-
    William Clugston 1818- 
      = Margaret Watterson 1817-1904 m. 1839.12.21
        (1851: Smelt, Rushen, IOM)
        (1861: Shore St, Rushen, IOM)
        Jane Clugston bap 1841.4.18
        Margaret Clugston 1843.2.26-1857.10.26
        Eleanor Clugston 1848.11.5-1863.1.24
        William Henry Clugston bap 1851.11.23- b. Kirk Rushen
        William Clugston 1853-1908  b. Port St Mary IOM. d. West Derby, Lancashire. Mariner seas
          = Elspit Mary Preslie 1856- b Scotland m 1874.10.13 Petershead, Aberdeen
            William Samuel Clugston 1876-1936
              = Esther Isabella Gale 1877-1952 m 1899.4.6 (Esther dau Robert Gale) m Rushen IOM
              (1911: High St Port St Mary, Rushen IOM)
              (1911: William was in Carnarvon Harbour, Llanbeblig, Wales)
              Esther Isabel Clugstone 1902-
            James Robert Clugston 1877-1956
              = Eleanor Curphey 1875-  b Port St Mary IOM m 1899.9.6 Rushen IOM (Eleanor dau Charles Curphey)
              (1901: Port St Mary, IOM)
              (Emily Mounfield 1877 Confectioner is a visitor)
                Annie Clugston 1899- b IOM
                James Curphey Clugston 1902-1956 d. Douglas IoM
                Eleanor Clugston 1903-
                William Clugston 1905-
                Elsie Clugston 1909- = William Christian m 1934.10.5 Rushen IOM
                Margaret Clugston 1909-
            Elsie Annie Clugston 1879-
              = William Kennedy 1876- m 1898.8.7 St Thomas, Douglas, IOM
               (William son of John Kennedy)
            Robert Henry Clugston 1881.4.24-  Mariner seas
              = Emily Jane Woods 1882- m 1903.10.12 Rushen IOM (Emily dau Richard W Woods)
                Robert Preslie Clugston 1904.8.28-1983 b. Rushen IOM
                Alec Martin Clugston 1906.9.9- b Rushen IOM
                Emily Lillian Clugston 1908.3.22 b. Rushen IOM.
            Thomas Alexander Clugston 1883.3.21-  Postman
            Margaret Isabel Clugston  1886.11.16-
            Henry Clugston 1895- b Port St Mary IOM
              (1901: staying with uncle & aunt James & Catherine Cubbon
        Ann Clugstone 1854.12.24
        Mary Alice Clugston 1857.9.20
          = Frederick Callow m 1880.2.19 Braddon, IOM
           (Frederick son of John Callow)
        Robert Clugston 1861-1892.3.3
          = Isabella Park Pirie 1865- m 1886.3.10 Liverpool
            Margaret Clugston 1886.4.2
            William Clugston 1888.6.24
            Robert Clugston 1891.3.7 b. Port St Mary IOM
              (1901: 23 Gordon St, Aberdeen, St Machar, boarding with Alexander & Mary Ann Donald)
    Jane Clugston 1820-
    Richard Clugston 1822-1881
      = Catherine Hudgeon 1826-1882 m 1844 IOM
      (1850: Richard Clogson 1824- b Isle of Man, blacksmith, was in Carroll, Washington, PA, living with family of William and Eleanor Curren, carpenter, also from Isle of Man)
      (1871: Shore, Rushen, IOM)
      (1881: Lime St, Rushen, IOM)
        James Clugston 1846-1853 (no children)
        Jane Clugston bap 1849.8.26- (not present in 1871)
        James Clugston 1853-1910 b. IOM d. West Derby, Lancashire Mariner
          = Margaret Sansbury 1842-1914 m 1877
          (1881: New Quay, Rushen, IOM)
          (1891: Hatfield Grove, Conchan, IOM)
          (Moved to Lancashire)
            Catherine Jane Clugston 1878-
              = Joseph H Beecroft 1875- m 1899.1.28 Kirkdale, Lancashire
                Lousia Coslett Beecroft b 1902, married in London, Middlesex, Ontario in 1927.7.2
            Maggie Alice Clugston 1880-
              = Henry Hudson 1874- Mariner m 1901.4.6 Seaforth, Lancashire
            Richard Sainsbury Clugston 1883-1884
            John James Francis Clugston 1884.12.17-1953 b Four Roads, Rushen, IOM d. Newton Abbot, Devon. Shipwright
              = Rebecca ______ 1889- b. Pontedawe, Glenmorganshire Wales d. Newton Abbot, Devon.
              (1911: 8 Warton St, Bootle cum Linacre, Lancashire)
        Catherine Clugston 1855
          = James Cubbin 1850-
        (John) Thomas Clugston 1857.8.2 b Kirk Rushen
        Elizabeth Clugston 1860-1881
            (1871: Staying with Henry Hudgeon 1816- and his wife Jane, Rushen IOM)
        Richard Clugston bap 1862.8.20-1920  b. IOM d. West Derby A. B. Mariner
          = Edith Madrell 1866-1895 b. IOM d. West Derby m 1886 IOM
          (1891: Concord Place, Bootle cum Linacre, West Derby, Lancashire)
          =2 Eliz Jane 1865- b IOM
          (1901: 40 Boswell St Bootle cum Linacre, West Derby, Lancashire)
          (1911: 89 Hannen Rd Liverpool, West Derby. Eliza Clucas 1880- is a cousin)
            James Alfred Clugston 1892 b. Bootle, Lancashire
        Robert Clugston 1864  Mariner
          = Jane Crebbin 1866 b Portsman IOM m 1886 IOM (probably d. 1949 Liverpool North)
          (1891: Fort St, Conchan, IOM)
          (1901: 12 Farrant St, Douglas, IOM)
          (1911: 45 Dundonald Rd Aigburth, Garston Lancashire)
            Thomas Richard Clugston bap 1887.7.3  b IOM
            Catherine Jane Clugston 1889.9.3- b Douglas, IOM
            Robert Clugston 1892- b Douglas, IOM
            George Frederick Clugston bap 1895.5.5 b Kirk Braddan IOM
            Lilian May Clugston 1899.5.5-1899.8.6 b. Douglas IOM
            Elizabeth Alice Clugston 1899.5.5 b Douglas, IOM
            George Henry Clugston 1902-1996 b Douglas IOM d Knowsley Lancashire
            Jenney Clugston 1884- b Portsmay IOM --- married. might be daughter in law?
        Henry Clugston bap 1866.10.4 - 1866.12.22
        Alice Annie Clugston 1868- b IOM
          (1890.8.20 a fake marriage notice to Thomas H Doran was published in the IOM Times.
               "The announcement was left here by some would-be joker")
           = (not married)
            Henry Mylchrast Clugston 1895.3.22 Port St Mary IOM
           = James Hudson 1869- b. IOM m 1897 West Derby, Lancashire
           (1901: 83 Hood St, Bootle cum Linacre, West Derby, Lancashire)
        William Henry Clugston 1869-
        Henry Clugston 1870-1908 d IOM
          (1891: Barrow In Furness, Lancashire, together with Robert 1864-)

Unattached, but surely part of this branch

(Robert Clugston 1807-1880 d. West Derby, Lancashire)

(Mona Clugston 1870-1893 d. West Derby, Lancashire)

 (Granddaughter of Mary Dawson 1818-, whose daughter Mary married Moshea).
Robert Clagston = Sarah Dawson m 1873  (Sarah daughter of Mary Dawson 1818-)
    (Children: 1881: 26 Binney St West Derby, Lancashire)
    Margaret Clugston 1875- b Liverpool
    Janet Clugston 1877- b Liverpool
William Clugston
  Jane Clugston = Samuel Kelly m 1869.6.15 IOM (Samuel son Henry Kelly)

Catherine Clugston = ?? m 1878 IOM

  Catharine Clougston 1803

  Catherine Clugstone = Joseph Hudgen m 1865 IOM

  James Clogston 1879.6 b IOM
  (1911: Vancouver, British Columbia. In a boarding house owned by Ben Bales)

I'm not confident about this one. In the 1861 census, FamilySearch transcribes his birth as "Ireland", findmypast has "Northumberland"

Arthur Clugston 1835- b. Ireland. Joiner
   = Emma 1835- b. Middlesex
    (1861 (Arthur only): Well St, Altrincham, Cheshire, England. Arthur was lodging with the family of George and Jane Wilson. William Gagg was also with them)
    (1871: Holywell Ward, Strand, London. Maria Hart 1850 and Elizabeth Roach 1858 were with them )
    Louisa Clugston 1862- b. Middlesex
    Horace Clugston 1870- b. Middlesex
(this may be H Clugstown b 1871 England emmigrated to Quebec June 1911)

Records about this family

News article:
1892.3.26 Port Erin IOM, Mrs Clugston almost 100.
“Ann Clugston was born 1801.1.1” – Jan 5, 1895, IOM Times.

court case about William Clugston executor of Ann, 1897.12.25

Chancery Court: “1861. Mr Milner had built the hotel, and Mrs Clugstone was to pay him his outlay, with interest, and she paid him some money on account. In 1861 a partnership was entered into between Mrs Clugston and John Geary, and some years after a deed of sale was given ” – IOM Times 1875

“William Radcliffe, Three Roads, Ballabeg ; Thomas Cregeen, King Orry Inn. Rushen. —Thomas Redhead, The Level ; Ann Clugstone and John Geary, Falcon’s Nest Hotel, Port Erin ; Thomas Muler, Miller’s Hotel, Port St. Mary; Thomas Turnbull, Cumberland Inn, ditto ” — 1874

“THE FALCON’S NEST” and PORT ERIN CASTLE HOTEL (under the careful management of the owners and proprietor, Mrs Clugston and Mr Geary, the latter for many years with Messrs. Pick, ford and Co., of Manchester, Manchester House, Port Erin, Isle of Man…
October 12, 1872 – Isle of Man Times – Douglas, Isle of Man

Thursday next, Nov. 2nd, 1874, for the term of one year from November 12, 1874, those 4 FIELDS held by the late Mr John Geary and Mrs Ann Clugston, whose term of lease expires on November 12, 1874…
November 21, 1874 – Isle of Man Times – Douglas, Isle of Man, Isle of Man

Alexander Clugston born 1833 either Caernarvonshire or Down, was in the merchant navy 1845-1854
Probably same as Alexander Clagston b 1834 Ireland, Time Keeper in London 1881.

“Clugson” was buried in IOM on 1848.11.2 age 63 (ie, born 1785).