Clugstons in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

This may be James Cluxton 1816-, who emmigrated from Ireland to New York on the “Australia” 1854.
(Some information in this tree from findagrave)
I cannot find this family in the 1860 census, but it may be this family. But there is a James Clarkson 1819-1881 who died in Philadelphia.
This may be

James Clarkson 1821- b Ireland = Elizabeth Clarkson 1822- b Ireland
   (1860: Catasauqua, Lehigh, PA. Rebecca M Kensy 1795- b Ireland was staying with them)
    Eugenia 1849
    William 1851
    Rebecca 1853
    Mary 1855 

According to this link, one daughter of James and Elizabeth was
Rebecca Clugston 1852.12.15-1876.5.1 b PA = Henry Booth
But the birth dates for Rebecca and William could not possibly be correct.

James Clugston 1819-1891.1.22 b Ireland
  = Elizabeth M McHenry 1830-  b Ireland
   (All four parents born Ireland)
   (1880: Catasauqua, Lehigh, PA)
    William Clugston 1852.8.9-1924 = Hannah 1857-1924 m 1879
       (1900: William said both parents born PA. No children)
       (1910: Allentown, Lehigh, PA)
    George Clugston 1860.6.25-1930 b PA 
       = Margaret W Dunn m 1889.9.26 Carbon, Westmoreland, PA
       (1900: Hazelton, Luzerne, PA. Both Georges parents born Ireland)
       (1910: Philadelphia, PA)
       Mary D Clugston 1891-
       Russel A Clugston 1896-
    Nancy Clugston 1862-1913 b Catasauqua, PA
      = Robert McNabb b Ireland m 1887.9.27
    James M Clugston 1865- b PA 
      = Annie Morris 1864- m 1886.10.12 Catasauqua
        (Apparently changed surname to McHenry around 1888)
        (1891: Canada)
        Morris James Clugston 1888 b. Catasauqua
    Robert Clugston 1866.8 b PA = Sarah E Wyman 1863.1 b Delaware m 1895
       (In 1900, 1910, 1920 Robert said his father born Scotland, mother born Ireland)
       (1900: Philadelphia, PA)
       (1910: Phildaelphia, PA)
       (1920: Phildaelphia, PA. Robert was widowed)
       (no children) 
    Elizabeth Clugston 1868- b. Catasauqua
       = Franklin P Degroot m 1893.4.4 Catasaugua, Lehigh County, PA
    John Clugston 1872-1948 b PA 
       = M Elizabeth Lee m 1897.9.21 Catasauqua
       (1900:  Catasauqua, staying with parents John and Martha Lee)
       (1910: Phildaelphia, PA)
       (1930: Belmont, Middlesex, Massachusetts)
       (no children)