Clogstouns in Kirkcudbright

The Clogstoun family was very wealthy, and seem to be the heirs of the Barony. Everyone with this surname is descended from Robert Clogstoun of Antigua, son of John Clogston of Kirkcudbright who must have been born around 1730. This was a military family of the highest calibre. A large number of family members died in battle. One received a Victoria Cross.
The family appears in “The History of the Island of Antigua”(1894) which states that Robert Clogstoun came from Kirkcudbright.

John Clogston d. 1798.6.18 writer in Kirkcudbright 
    = (1) ???
        Robert Clogstoun  Dep. Pro. Marshall of Antigua
          = Letitia Harman 1763-1810.5.11
        (he had one son Samuel with many children, see below)
   =(2) Agnes Muir m. 1782.1.28 Kirkcudbright
        Anne Clogston  bap 1782.9.29-1856.1.27 b. Kirkcudbright 
           = William Elton 1781-1825.5.4, flour merchant, Dumfries m 1819.1.10 Kirkcudbright d. Holywood
           (1841, 1851: Holywood, address "Clouden")
           Henrietta Elton 1824.7 - 1827.1.23
           Agness Harriot Elton 1824- = William Chambers m 1852.4.12 Holywood
        Henrietta Clogstone 1784.10.9- b. Kirkcudbright

Robert Clogstoun’s mother could not be Agnes Muir (his son was born only 6 years after John’s marriage!) His will mentions his “aged father” so John could hardly have been born after about 1730.

I believe this is the same man. Carlisle is only 30km from Dumfries. Note that their son James is the same age as Robert’s wife Letitia.

John Clogston = Elizabeth
   James Clogston 1766.6.2-1766.2.28 St Mary, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

Samuel Clogston, Esq, of Somerset Place, was a subscriber to “Clavis calendaria; or, A compendious analysis of the calendar, illustrated with ecclesiastical, historical, and classical anecdotes”, John Brady (1812)

Robert Clogstoun (of Kircudbrightshire) __-1799 Dep. Pro. Marshall of Antigua in Oct 1786 and in 1790-12-4
  = Letitia Harman 1763-1810.5.11 ex Antigua, d. Keppel St, Beford Square, London 1810.4.11 m. 1785.4.6 St Phillip
    (Letitia's father Samuel Harman had 146 slaves in Antigua. The grandchildren received compensation for
    the loss of the slaves (Antigua 270). Samuel Matthew was their only son).
    Samuel Matthew Clogstoun 1788-1834.7 Collector of his Majesty's Customs, Trinidad, 1827.
      = Caroline Jane Walcott 1791.12.4-1843.1.20 b.Christchurch, Hampshire m 1813 Sopley, Hampshire (dau Edmund Walcott)
         (Caroline's will is online at the National Archives, PROB 11/1976/88)
        (Clogstoun v Walcott. court case, 1843.7.14) (10 children, 3 died in infancy).
        Anthony Browne Johnston Clogstoun 1815-1851 - appointed marshall in Trinidad 1840 Mar.
          = Georgina Woodford 1819.9-1882.11.2 b Middlesex  d. Wimborne-Minster, Dorset m 1840.9.10 Trinidad
            Thornton Warner Clougston 1843-1874 b. Trinidad. d. Wimborne, Dorset 9th East Norfolk Regiment. retired 1874.5
               (There is a stained glass window of memory of him in St Cuthburga, Dorset)
            Herbert Frederick Clogstown 1845-1895.9.22 d. Dorset. Member of the Legislative Council of the Governor General of India
              = Rebecca Lucinda Watson 1851-1932 b Perth, Scotland m 1872 Ootacamund, Madras d. Dorset
               (1901: Ealing, Brentford, Middlesex. "Ruby" with daughters Georgina and Zara)
                Caroline Standish Clogstoun 1875-1875  Madras St George, Madras
                Thornton Pery Clogstoun 1875.6-1876 b&d Trichnopoly, Madras
                Bessie Beatrix Somerss De-Perpignan Clogstown 1877.11.3 b Kurnool, Madras, India
                  = Herbert Morton Willmott 1869-1951 m 1909 Kensington
                Herbert Clogstoun 1879- b Dorset
                Henry Oliver Clogstoun 1881.9.19-1958.4.23 b Madras d. Norfolk. Officer, Royal Engineers. Led a division of Anzacs at Galipoli in WWI.
                  = Norah Stanford Macilwaine 1887-1963 b Great Yarmouth, Norfolk d. Fakenham Norfolk m 1910.7.23 Kensington
                Georgina Clogstoun 1884- b Brighton, Sussex
                Lily Zara Katherine Clogstoun 1885-  b. Madras St George, Madras
                  = John F Sale m 1921 Kensington
            Caroline Augusta Clogstown 1846.10-1909.5.1
               = William Bannatyne Warner 1842.8.8 m.1875.7.29 Dorset
            Henry Charles Clogstoun 1849-  b Luindal, West Indies
            Catherine Jane Clogstoun 1851- = Captain John Hunter Gray 1829-
        Robert Clogstoun (died in infancy)
        Major Herbert Mackworth Clogstoun, VC. b. 1820.6.13 Port of Spain, Trinidad -1862.5.6 d. Hingoli, India
          = Mary Julia Blanche Mackenzie  1834.8.13-1870.4.12  d. Freshwater, IOW. (Mary Julia is dau of Sir Colin Mackenzie & Adeline Maria Pattle) m. 1856.1.8 Bolarum, Madras, India
            Herbert Cunningham Standish Clogstoun 1857.1.24-1936.4.15 b. Hyderabad, India
              = Emily Ursula Anne Hoseasan 1863.1.15-1907
                Herbert Princep Somers Clogstoun 1886.9.19-1955 b. India Purniah
                  = Christabel Margaret Carver 1887-1941 m 1915.3.23
                Thomas Oswald Clogstoun 1897.2.27-1987 bap Norwich d. Surrey
              2nd wife=Beatrice Jane Sutherland 1870- 1936.1.21 b. India d. Kensington m 1909 Bombay
              (1911: Hampshire)
            Cuthbert George Wilder Clogstoun 1858.3.10-1932 b. Bangalore, India. Indian police officer
              =1 Ella Rae Morgan 1865-1891 d. Ootacamund, Madras m 1888 Ootacamund, Madras
                William Clogstoun 1880-1959 = Effie Dixon 1885-
                Catherine Clogstoun
              =2 Caroline Walcott Kenyon 1862-1944.3.24  b. Windelsham, Surrey m 1894 Battle, Sussex
                Muriel Augusta Clogstoun 1898-1979 b Bangalore, Madras d. Hampshire
            Sybella Adeline Caroline Clogstoun 1859.5.18-1861.5 d. Bellary, Madras
            Mary Augusta Lynch Clogstoun 1860.5.26-1930.4.27 b Calcutta
              = Elwin Mitford Banker Palmer 1852-1906 m 1881.8.27 Madras
            Blanche Margaret Standish Clogstoun 1861-1895 b Calcutta
              = Herbert Haldane Somers Cocks m 1883.1.26 Surrey
                (adopted by George Frederic Watts, painter. Wikipedia article)
            Adeline Grace Hill Clogstoun 1862.10.17-1872 Hampshire
        Dorothea Browne Clogstoun 1821-1859 
          =(1) Major Richard James Martin 1792.7.16-1854.11.5 m 1845.4 Winkton,Hampshire
            (son of Nicholas Martin Esq of Ross, Co Gallway)
            Capt Robert Walcott MacGillvray Martin 1853 
              = Agnes Jeffries m1884
                Lt Geoffrey Clogstoun Martin 1892-1916.8.2 d Pas de Calais France
          =(2) James V Browne m 1856.1.4 St Nicholas, Galway, Ireland
        Lt. Samuel Roberts Clogstoun 1824.1.26-1843.8.12 b. Port of Spain d. Nellumboor. 21st Regiment Nathi Infantry
        Caroline McNamara Clogstoun 1826- = Rowland Edmund Walter Pery Standish 1820.1.7 m 1850.10 Westbourne, Sussex
        Augusta Mary Johnstone Clogstown 1829-1894 =1 George Wilder m 1849.12
          =2  Arthur Richard Kenyon 1819-  m 1859.1.18 Worfield, Shropshire, England
        Edward Lewis Clogstoun 1832.2.6- 1882   d. New Zealand. 34th Regiment in 1849
          = Helen Walker 1835- b Ravenfield, Yorkshire m 1861 Westminster Middlesex
            (1871: Llanrhydd, Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales)
            --> Mount Four Peaks, New Zealand
            Caroline Clogstown 1863-1909.5.1 b New Zealand
            Ina Clogston 1863- b New Zealand
            Lizzie Helen Clogstoun b 1864 New Zealand
              = Major General Sir Robert Crossman m. 1891.4 m Kensington
            Richard Patrick Clogstoun 1867-1901, b. Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales
               (District Superintendent of Police in the Selongs, died in India on the Tavoy River on the SS Comilla.

Zara Clugston 1856-1926 d. Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, is probably part of this family.

Robert Clogestown, Esq, Will dated 13 June 1799 at St Johns. A negro girl to Eliz, wife of Walter Colquhuon, also to Julia Cramp until my son Sam is 21, unless my wife return to the island. 100 pound sterling to my aged father, if he be dead to my sister Ann Clogestown, spinster. John Roberts, one of my Ex’ors shall continue in the office of Dep Prov Marshall for 6 mos, for winding up my accounts, and shall have 350 pounds st, or 500 pounds c. All residue to be sold or otherwise, according to the wishes of my wife Letitia and my son. Walt Colquhuon, John Burke, Wm Matthews, John Roberts and Anthony Browne, Esqes, Ex’ors. Witnessed by R. Johnston, A Colquhuon, Robt Rose. By Edw. Byam, Esq., was swórn Alex Colquhuon 22 Oct 1799. Recorded 22 Oct 1799.
“The history of the island of Antigua.” By V. Langford Oliver (1894). Original will is online at The National Archives, PROB 11/1340/264

Robert is probably the son of John. It makes sense that a customs official would be the son of an attorney. John the writer died 6 months before the will was written, explaining the doubt in whether he was still alive. And he was known to have an unmarried daughter Ann.

1825.5.10 At Holywood Cottage, on Wednesday last, Mr William Elton, formerly baker in Dumfries
1825.5.4 At Poplar Cottage, aged 44, William Elton, Esq, late of Dumfries
(ie, born 1781). (Testament Dative exists 1825.7.29).
Ann was his second wife. His first wife was Susanah Forsyth 1777-1814.9.18

“Sacred to the Memory of Ann Clugston, wife of the late Wm Elton, baker in Dumfries, who died 27th January 1856 aged 75 years “She was possessed of an affectionate heart, an amiable disposition and was much respectd” Erected by Mrs Chalmers, daughter of the above”

Paintings by Ina Clogstoun, 1839 and 1850.

The tragic story of the death of Adeline Grace Clogstoun

From a gravestone in Girthon Old Kirkyard.
Gatehouse of Fleet wasn’t established as a village until the late 1700’s, so they cannot have been born there. It is near Kirkcudbright, but Jean could possibly have come from Wigtown, which is also not far away. It is possible that Jean could be the brother of John the writer.

Jean Clogstoun 1743.11 -1806.4.16 d. age 62 years 5 months
   = Anthony McNish 1749-1807.3.5 merchant d. Gatehouse Kirkudbrightshire
   William McNish 1780-1802.7.13 d. St Salvador age 21 years 11 months
   Henrietta McNish 1785 - 1816.4.10 = Thomas Birkett
   Robert McNish 1787 -1827.9.13 merchant d. Gatehouse
   John McNish 1789.5 -1791.9.21 d. age 2 years 5 months
   Jean McNish 1792 - 1794.1.22 d. age 1 year 2 months

Others, probably related

(seems to be a McKenzie)

Rose Princep Clogstoun =1 David Arnot , =2 Captain Francis Pictet

(Surely related: Lewis Farlay Clogstoun Johnston ~1788-1852. Acting Chief Justice in Trinidad. Executor of the will of Anthony Browne. Sir Henry Raeburn painted a portrait of him as a child

Anthony Browne married Dorothy Harman of St Philip’s, Antigua, 31 October 1791

Compare with “Anthony Browne Johnston Clogstoun” listed above. Clearly the Brownes, Clogstouns and Johnstons and Harmans intermarried.

“Sentence pronounced, in the Court of Vice-Admiralty, of the island of Trinidad, on the 8th day of October, 1829 in the matter of S.M. Clogstoun, qui tam, versus, the sloop or vessel Eliza Pratt, and two slaves, John Wolker, and Hill, and Charles Dodds, for penalties by Lewis F. C Johnston”

____ Clogstoun = Jane Johnston 
     she =(2) Thornton Warner 1812-, daughter of J Johnson, chief justice of Trinidad. m 1836

“At Trinity Church, Port Spain, Trinidad, Thornton Warner, Esq. eldest son of the late Ashton Warner, Esq. formerly chief Judge of that island, to Jane Clogstoun, second daughter of the late Robinson Johnston, Esq” — Oxford University and City Herald, 1836.4.30

Possibly related is the Claxton family, all descendants of Francis Claxton of St Kitts, b 1675. His grandson Robert Claxton 1792-1841.10.20 was Collector of Customs at Antigua.


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