Other Clugstons in County Down

There are a small number of Clugstons elsewhere in County Down and Armagh.

Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Records, 1949:

Clugston, Sanders, County Down, Rentals, Portaferry 1644-5.
(This is Alexander Clugston, attorney)
Clug(g)es (or Clugis(h)), Chas, Portaferry and Tullyboard, Co Down. Rentals 1705-38 (OD)

Mr A Clugston of County Down was a subscriber to a book of poetry “Poetic sketches, descriptive of the Giant’s Causeway, and the surrounding scenery: with some detached pieces” (1819)

1690 John Clugston is living in Killyleagh Town, 7km NE of Downpatrick
He lives next door to Robert Hamilton, merchant.

1694.6.5 John Clugston, Synod Rep, ruling elder Drumca, Down
1697.6.2, 1704.6.6, 1705.6.5 James Clugston, Elder, Drumca. Synod rep with Rev Thomas Maxwell

Apparently the congregation at Drumca or Clough and Ballee was founded 1690. Clough is 5km SW of Downpatrick
(Rev Thomas Maxwell of Drumca died in 1706. In 1698 the elder they sent to Synod was David Kennedy).
The church at Loughinsland (Clough) only has records dating back to 1792.

Clugstons near Drumnaquoile

(Tyrella is 3km SE of Clough)
(Drumnaquoile is 5km NW of Clough)
(Magheradrool is 2km SE of Ballynahinch, 2km NE of Drumnaquoile).

Samuel Clugston, Tyrella of Islandmuck; will probated 1707.8.1

James Clugston Magheradrool requested financial assistance of 6 pence from Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church 23 Dec 1705
Mrs. Janet Clugston Magheradrool produced a testimonial from Rev. Gilbert Kennedy of Tullylish to Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church, Mar 1715
Rachall Clugston Magheradrool produced a Testimonial from Rev John Hutchinson of Armagh to introduce her at Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church 10 Feb 1723

1767 Joseph Clugston, age 18 (born 1749) becomes an apprentice tailor in Newry, County Down. He is listed as a freeholder in Newry in 1787, 1789, and 1790. He died around 1810. Mary Clugston was his sole heiress.

James Clugston the Weaver of Drumnaquoile

PRONI D566/178. 1804.12.1
Lease from 1 November 1804 for 1 life or 18 years from Mathew Forde, Esq., Seaforde, Co. Down to James Clugston, farmer, Drumanaquoile, Parish of Kilmegan, Co. Down. Rent £7. 11s. 10d. stg, rent plus fees £15.18s. 6d. stg, per annum alienated without consent. Lands relating to 5 acres 2 roods 38 perches plantation measure of Drumanaquoile, Parish of Kilmegan, Co. Down.

PRONI D566/262. 1811.10.4
Lease from 1 November 1810 for 1 life or 17 years from Mathew Forde, Esq., Seaforde, Co. Down to Alexander Clugston, farmer, Clera [Claragh, Parish of Loughinisland], Co. Down. Rent £32. 5s. 3d. stg, rent plus fees £60. stg, per annum alienated without consent. Lands relating to 5 acres plantation measure of Claragh, Co. Down.

Sarah is either James’s wife, or his sister.
The Castlewellan Court Book, 1824 mentions two court cases:
Sarah Clugston and Jane Bell of Drumnaquile assaulted Biddy Smith of Ballywillwill on 1824.5.29-1824.5.30
David Magorien of Canvaraghan vs James Clugston of Drumnaquile, non-payment of wages for weaving, amount 4s/2d 1824.6.20

James Clugston  Weaver, Drumnaquoile
  = Sarah /Clugston/ 1791-1866 d. Drumnaquoile
   ( James Clugston, Drumnaquoile, Down, 1815 & 1821, Landlord Matthew Forde)
   (1829 Tithe Aplottments: Clugston, James Townland: Drumnaguoile)
   (Griffith's 1863: Aghlisnafin 6b, Kilmegan, Down: Sarah Cluxton (subleased from James McDowell.
    This is 100m from Drumnaquoile, and 50m from Ballywillwill)

(Maghersaul is directly southeeast of Aghlisnafin)
Clugston, Alexr. Townland: Magherasaul Year: 1829

Kilkeel, County Down

Tithe Applotments:
Clugston, William Townland: Ballyveamore Year: 1830

James is presumably the son of William.

James Clugston fisherman (or farmer)
  = Sarah McCrory  1814-1886.4.16 d Ballyvea. Kilkeel Cause of death: breast cancer
    (Sarah's death witness: daughter Ellen)
    (1901: 3 Ballyveaghmore, Ballykeel, Down. Leased from James Stevenson)
    Sarah Clugston 1841.1.15 bap 1841.31 at Annalong Pres
    James Clugston 1852-  (or 1854) b. Down. Fisherman
    Ellen Clugston 1857-   (or 1858) Seamstress
      = George Nugent 1863-  b Down. Fisherman m 1886.9.9 Annalong Church of Ireland Kilkeel
        (George son of William Nugent of Ballymartin farmer)
        (Ellen living at Ballyocamore before marriage. Witness: Jane McClunghan, Richard Cretchley)
        William Nugent 1892 = Elizbeth K Newell m 1922.7.1 New York

(probably another son of James)
Mary Clugson 1839- = John McClenaghan 1835-
    William McClenaghan 1870.9.28-1919.1.10 b Ballykeel Kilkeel (birth witness Margaret McClenaghan) d. Toronto, Ontario
    William McClenaghan 1870.8.20 b Down
    Sarah Jane McClenaghan 1873.7.17 b Kilkeel
    (this could be John 1835- = Mary 1839- Ballykeel 27, son John b 1880)

(Mary McClenaghan 1848-1918 d Kilkeel farmers widow. death witness maggie Mclenaghan)

Margaret Clarkson = John Sloan m 1869.Q1  v11 p 665
    William Sloane 1869.1.28
    Margaret Sloane 1871.7.29
    John Sloan 1873.6.4
    Sarah Sloan 1879.4.9 Ballviegh, Down (Birth witness: Annie Sloan, illiterate)

Robert Clarkson 1818-1864 d. Kilkeel

William Clarkson m 1848.Q1 Downpatrick v4 p 618


The Clugstons in Ballykeel might be either related to Thomas Clugston of Carlingford, County Louth, born in the 1600’s, or from the Clugstons of Newry.

Thomas Clugston and wife Anne, who first child was born in 1826, lived in Tullymurry, Donaghmore, Down then moved to Ballintate, Armagh. They are described on the Armagh page.

Margaret Clugston – 1888.2.18 d. Sheeptown, Newry.
(Housekeeper for Mr Moore, Blacksmith, Sheeptown. George Heslip found her drowned in a ditch with a bottle of whisky near her house near Sheeptown Chapel. “Middle aged”, so presumably born around 1840. Earlier news story gives her name as Ellen, found by Murphy).