Clugstons in Hunterdon County, New Jersey

The history of this family is described in
“The History of Whitley County, Indiana”, Samuel P Kaler et. al. (1907)

The Clugston family boasts no royal nor ancient lineage. They go back in written record only to the year preceding the Declaration of Independence to a sturdy Scotch-Irish Presbyterian who made his declaration of independence when he left Ireland and settled in America. So far as known none ever achieved any great distinction nor attained great wealth and on the other hand so far as known all have lived sober, industrious lives and have been honest and God- fearing men and women. The first member of the family in America bore the name of James, who was born in Scotland. His wife was born in Ireland and they came from the north of Ireland and settled in Hunterdon county, New Jersey, in 1775.

The subject of this sketch is a great-grandson of this new Adam, being the son of Asher, who was the son of James the second, who was the son of James the first.
On his mother’s side he was of good old Dutch stock, the Rittenhouse family tracing its way back through the earliest settlers of Germantown, Pennsylvania, to the burghers of Holland.

There are several photographs of this family here:

One man 15-20 was staying with Asher in 1830. This could be brother of Asher or of Catherine.

Asher allegedly had 7 children, but I have 8 listed here. Byard might actually be a son of Azariah. David B was the oldest.

James Jr was born immediately after his father moved to Hunterdon. His mother must have been born in Ireland in the early 1750s.

We know the dates for James and Mary from their gravestones.

James Clugston b Scotland  = ?? b Ireland
    (Came from the north of Ireland)
    (Settled in Hunterdon, NJ in 1775)
    James Clugston 1776.6.29-1845.12.14 = Mary Bateman 1774-1861
        Asher Clugston 1802.3.22-1865.9.26
        James Baird Clugston 1812.10.26

Where does William B Clugston born 1793 NJ fit in? Son of James, or his brother? Probably a son, judging by the B.

Asher Clugston 1802.3.22-1865.9.26 b New Jersey d. Larwill, Whitley, Indiana. Farmer.
  = Catharine Rittenhouse 1811.5.25-1895 b New Jersey m. 1829.1.10
    (1830: Kingwood, Hunterdon, New Jersey. One man 20-30 (Asher), 1 man 15-20, 1 woman 15-20 (Catherine) )
    (In 1834 they moved to New Castle, Delaware)
    (1840 "Cluxton": Red Lion Hundred, New Castle, Delaware. One man 30-40 (Asher) 1 woman 30-40 (Catherine) 1 girl 15-20 1 boy 10-15 1 boy 5-10 (David) 2 boys 0-5 (Azariah, Asher) 2 girls 0-5 (Gertrude, Mary E) 1 black man 24-35)
    (1860: Red Lion Hundred, New Castle, Delaware)
    David Benjamin Clugston 1832.3.7-1919 b New Jersey 
      = Margaret Ann McLallen 1837.11-1907 b New York d. Larwill, Whitley, Indiana m 1858.5.20
        (1857.12: Moved to Huntsville (now Larwill) Indiana)
        (1900: Columbia Ward 1, Whitley, Indiana. 9 children 6 living)       
        Kate K Clugston 1859- b Indiana
          = George F Miller m.1885.1.8 Whitley
        Kasey Clugston 1864-
        Philemon Harry Clugston 1864.5.8-1909. Lawyer
           = Emma R Thatcher m 1891
           (1889: Elected mayor of Columbia City)
           Katherine Clugston
           Phil Clugston
        David Benjamin Clugston Jr 1866-
         (daughter = Glen A Mason)
        Frances "Fanny" Clugston 1868-
        Mary E Clugston 1873-
        Herbert Bayard Clugston 1876.11.18- b Larwill, Whitley
          =(1) Mabel Carter
             (Mabel died in less than a year of marriage)
          = Helen Eugenia Wunderlich m 1906.9.1
        (daughter = ?? E Roberts)
      =(2) Ella Cunningham (first husband Moore) 1847.2.12 b Whitley, Indiana m 1910
        (Reported his name as "Joseph" in the 1910 census)
        (1910: Columbia Ward 1, Whitley, Indiana)
    Mary E Clugston 1835-1857 = Thomas McCra 1835-
    Azariah R Clugston 1836- 1885.8.3 b Delaware d. Indiana
      =1 Sophia S Thompson 1834-1877 b. Penns
        William Asher Clugston 1862.6.25-1930 b Delaware
          =(1) Cora Tanpert
              (Cora died no long after the marriage)
          =(2) Minnie Louise Erdmann 1881.10.25 m 1905.11.15
        Lulu Virginia Clugston 1864- b Delaware
        Thomas A Clugston 1874.2.14-1909.3.22 b Indiana
      =2 Luvicie "Louisa" Roberts 1838- b Ohio m 1879.5.15 Franklic Co, Nevada
    Gertrude J Clugston 1838 b Delaware = Thomas S Stradley 1837 m 1861 Delaware
    Asher R Clugston 1839.12.22-1919.3.11 Merchant
       = Mary A Mattonn 1841- m 1867.8.8 Schoolteacher
        (1862: Moved to Whitley, Indiana)
        Lucia E Clugston 1869-1931 = Dr O V Schuman
        Gertrude M Clugston = Charles H Snyder
        Arthur W Clugston 1877-1904.4.12
    Lavina C Clugston 1842- = Henry McLallen 1865-
    Ruth Anna Clugston 1844-1872 = James M Kerr 1844- m 1866
    Byard Clugston 1855 b New Castle Delaware
James Clugston 1776.6.29-1845.12.14 d. Greenwich New Jersey
    = Mary M (or May) Bateman 1774-1861.1.23 b Hunterdon Co, NJ d. Trenton, Mercer NJ
   (James died age 69year 5 months 15 days. Both Lutheran )
   (May dau Matthias Bateman and May)
   (1840 "Cluxton": Greenwich, Warren, NJ. 1 man 60-70 1 woman 60-70)
    James Biard Clugston 1812.10.26-1844.4.11 d. Greenwich, Warren, NJ
       = Mary Ann
       (no children)
       (His will mentions his wife Mary Ann, father James, and is witnessed by John)
    John B Clugston 1816-1900.4.11 b New Jersey. Works in saw mill
       = Jane Ann ___ 1817 b New Jersey
        (1840: Greenwich, Warren. 1 man 20-30 (John) 1 woman 20-30 (Jane) 2 boys 0-5 (James, Peter))
        (1850: New Jersey)
        (1860: Trenton Ward 2, Mercer, New Jersey)
        (1870: Trenton Ward 2, Mercer, New Jersey. Harvey S Hammell 1847- b NJ was with them)         
        James B Clugston 1836-1911.5.8 b New Jersey. Carpenter 
           = Arabella M Brackett 1840-1916.1.20 b Maine
            (Fought in the Civil War)
            (1870: Trenton, Ward 1, Mercer, New Jersey)
            (1900: 29 Taylor St, Trenton)
            Alice J Clugston 1860- b New Jersey
              = Chas H Leonhardt m 1881.10.5 Trenton
            Calvin Ellsworth Clugston 1862-1941 b New Jersey
            Adda J Clugston 1864- = Edgar L Banes 1859-
            Miriam R Clugston 1868-1885.7.8
            John Norris Clugston 1872-1954 = Ellen McGill
                Leona E Clugston 1895.1.17 b Trenton, Mercer NJ
                John Norris Clugston 1897.7.21 b Trenton, Mercer, NJ
            Howard Widley Clugston 1875-1876.10.17
            Cora F Clugston 1878- = William T Elwood m 1894.11.1 Trenton, NJ
        Peter S Clugston 1839-1887.5.16 b New Jersey 
          = Caroline Brower 1843-1883.6.11 b New Jersey m 1861.1.13 Trenton
            (1870: Trenton Ward 3, Mercer, New Jersey)
            Georgianna Clugston 1864.12.14-1865 d. NJ (died infancy)
            Mary F Clugston 1862- b New Jersey
            Charles Clugston 1863-1881 b New Jersey
            Rebecca Clugston 1866- b New Jersey
            S Clugston 1868.6.16 b New Jersey 
            John Franklin Clugston 1868-1869.4.28 Trenton, NJ.
            Addie Clugston 1871.10.26
        John Calvin Clugston 1841.9.9-1916.1.21 b New Jersey d. Trenton
          = Theresa Smith 1842.11.4-1884.2.17 b New Jersey
            m 1864.7.5 Warren New Jersey
            (1910: Trenton Ward 14, New Jersey)
William B Clugston 1793- b New Jersey. Tailor. 1840: Running a boarding house.
   = Mary 1811 b Maryland
    (1840: West Feliciana, Louisiana. man 40-50 (William). woman 20-30 (Mary) woman 50-60 man 30-40 two men 15-30 girl 10-15 two boys 0-5)
    (1850: Saint Francisville, West Feliciana, Louisiana)
    William B Clugston 1839- b Louisiana
    James Clugston 1843-  b Louisiana    

“From among the numerous candidates for Parish Assessor — W B Clugston was re-elected by a small majority. He is a Whig as strong as he is old, and one of the oldest inhabitants of St Francisville. He is odd and eccentric in his manners, perfectly independent of the opinions of the world, and tho’ once a tailor by trade, radically hostile to taste and gentility in dress. In true Byronic style he detests cravats and shirt buttons — discards shoes and socks except on special occasions, and laughs at his constituents for wearing more than one suspender. With all his bluntness and ugliness he is universally respected and held in an office, he has filled with honor. Long may his white locks and slip-shod shoes command the respect of his fellow citizens” — The Woodville Republican, 1851.12.9