Coat Of Arms

There are websites which will sell you a Family Coat of Arms. But there is no such thing as a “family coat of arms”. But there is at least one genuine coat of arms given to a family member.

Or, on a bend gu. a ram passant arg., on a canton erm. a demi-savage ppr., holding in his dexter hand a club vert and the sinister supporting a chain affixed to a girdle round his loins az.
Samuel Matthew Clogstoun, London (1813).

There is a second coat of arms, reported in a book published in 1830. Both of these coats of arms have a gold (“Or”) diagonal (“bend”) stripe.

“CLUGSTONE, [Wigton]” Quarterly, first and fourth, or, a bend gu.; second and third, gu. two bears bendy of six, ar. and vert, counterchanged.– Crest, on a mount, a hawk rising ppr, Motto, Turris fortis mihi Deus.

The official coats of arms in the Lyon’s register date only from 1672. This may be genuine arms from an earlier date.