Cluxtons in Ohio

This family is mentioned in two local history books about Adam’s County, Ohio.

A History of Adam’s County, Nelson Evans and Emmon Stivers(1900)

This book contains a detailed account of the 1835 cholera epidemic. Rebecca Cluxton was one of the first victims. She is described as “the handsomest woman in the village”. There is a wonderful description of the local minister, Rev. Dyer Burgess, a vocal abolitionist, who “told the people that slavery was worse than the cholera” and “to show his contempt for current theories during the scourge, he sat in his front door and ate publicly, a whole dish of sliced cucumbers, which, at that time, were believed to be sure death.”

A wealth of information is provided in
Caldwell’s Historical Atlas”, W.F. Arms (1880)

It states that the father “was a native of Ireland and grew to years of manhood, married and raised a family there. About 1798, he, with his wife and two children, emigrated to America, three of their children remaining in Ireland. He settled in New Jersey, where he died shortly afterwards, being suddenly stricken down with apoplexy or something of that nature, while working in the field. After Mr. Cluxton’s death, the widowed mother with her two children, John and Betsy, removed to Penn., and settled near Connellstown, where she lived until they grew up and married. The daughter, Betsy, married William Phillips, and the son, John, married Nancy Page… Early in 1813, all these families consisting of mother Cluxton, her son John and wife, his wife’s parents, Rev. William Page and family, and William Phillips, who had married Betsy, left Penn., in company and came to Adams county. Mr. Phillips settled near Brush creek, where he and his wife both lived and died. They are buried in Stone chapel grave yard. With them also lived the grandmother Cluxton, (Mrs. Phillip’s mother), until her decease. This old farm is now owned by a son, John Phillips.”

This family has done a lot of additional research. Some is described in anancestry message board which states that John’s parents were Robert Cluxton b Ireland and Mary Rice 1744-1825 b Scotland d 1825 Adams Co, Ohio.
It is also stated that “Betsy” was Rebecca.

From an LDS IGI record, John was born in County Down, but I do not know if this comes from a reliable source.
Additional information from findagrave.

Robert must have been born around 1740, or perhaps earlier. They would hardly have left children in Ireland (especially not girls) unless the children were already married. Girls could have married age 16 but sons must have been born before 1780. They could even have been born in the 1760’s. Who were these children?

DNA testing shows an exact match between this family and the Clugstons of Ballyclare, County Antrim, Ireland.

The fact that Mary Rice was born in Scotland is interesting, and I think it indicates that the Clugstons/Cluxtons in Ireland maintained a strong connection to Scotland. Surrounded by a constant trickle of new immigrants, they may not have thought of themselves as Irishmen.

But these dates are very difficult to believe. They mean that Mary was 47 when John was born, and Betsey presumably when she was even older!

Robert Cluxton b Ireland d New Jersey
  = Mary Rice 1744-1825 b Scotland d. 1825 Adams, Ohio
    (1810: Luzerne, Fayette, PA. Mary was living alone)
    child1 b Ireland
    child2 b Ireland
    child3 b Ireland
    John Cluxton 1791-1854.2.21 b Ireland d. West Union, Adams
      = Nancy Page 1798.7.6-1875.9.9 b PA d. West Union,Adams, Ohio
       (13 children born 1814 to 1841, see below)
    Betsey Cluxton = Rev William Phillips
        John Phillips
John Cluxton 1791-1854.2.21 b Ireland d. West Union, Adams
  = Nancy Page 1798.7.6-1875.9.9 b PA d. West Union,Adams, Ohio.
    (Nancy dau of Rev William P Page 1772-1834).
    (1850: Liberty, Adams, Ohio)
    (1860: Union Township, Brown, Ohio)
    (1870: Byrd Township, Brown, Ohio Nancy with Henry and Samuel P. William lived next door)
    (In 1850, in Spriggs, Adams, Ohio, James was living with David Cluxton 1826- b Ohio;)
    (In 1850, Samuel Cluxton 1822- and Rebecca Jane 1825- and their kids Joseph & George W were living with John & Nancy)
    (Nancy's and Samuel P's death cert says John born Ireland, James' says Scotland)
    William Page Cluxton 1814.10.30-1859.3.18 b Ohio d Lynchburg, Ohio
      = Margaret Fear 1818-1890 b Ohio
        (1850: Sprigg, Adams, Ohio)
        (1860: Martinsville, Clinton, Ohio)
        Lieut. John V Cluxton 1840.1.25-1890.3.17 b West Union Ohio. Postmaster
           = Isabelle Thompson 1843.3.15-1900.12.9
            (1870: Jefferson, Adams, Ohio)
            Jessie V Cluxton 1866-1923
            Sarah Margaret Cluxton 1868-1955 b Ohio = Hoop
            William Doughald Cluxton 1869-1951 b Ohio
            Charles Edwin Cluxton 1874-1901
            Edith Mae Cluxton 1876-1899
            Ethel Maude Cluxton 1876-1929 = Peterson
        Sarah R Cluxton 1842- b Ohio
        Cary N Cluxton 1846.1.29-1926.1.25 b Adams, Ohio d.Clinton Ohio
           = Evelyn Hyatt 1852-1914
            Chloe Cluxton 1874-1952 = Vincent Tuthill Bly 1868-1951
            Clara Cluxton 1875-1968 = Raymond L Harris 1875-1968
            Clayton Cluxton 1878-1957 d Clinton, Ohio
                = Maude L 1883-1968
        Francis M (or Franklin) Cluxton 1847-1926.4.20 b&d Clinton, Ohio. Race horse jockey.
            (1870: staying with the Turner family)
        Nancy J Cluxton 1851.5.30-1861.7.7 d. Ohio
        William Cluxton 1854 b. Ohio
        May Cluxton 1858 b. Ohio
    Rebecca Cluxton 1816.11.4-1835.6.28 d. West Union, Adams, Ohio
       = Rev Jedediah Foster
        (Gravestone says she was consort of Jedediah Foster)
        (Book says she left a 7 month old daughter who married Jedediah Foster and lived in Chester, Ky)
    George Rice Cluxton 1819- b Adams, Ohio. Cabinet Maker
      = Mary Jane Caraway 1822- b Ohio
        (George's father born Ireland. Mother born PA.)
        (1850: Jefferson, Adams, Ohio)
        (1860, 1870: Sprigg Township, Adams, Ohio)
        (1880: Bentonville, Adams, Ohio)
        William Henry Cluxton 1843.6.3 - 1927.2.25 b Adam Co, Ohio d. Byrd, Brown, Ohio
            = Mary Jane Huff 1838.12.3-1925.12.21 b Brown Ohio m 1866.1.7 Brown, Ohio
            (1870: Byrd, Brown, Ohio. Living next door to Nancy Page Clugston)
            (1910, 1920: Huntington, Brown, Ohio)
            Anna Cluxton 1869.3.3-1942.4.5 d. Manchester, Ohio = Joseph Wallace
            George Cluxton 1870 b Ohio
            Samuel E Cluxton 1873.4.17 - 1942.4.23 d Dayton Ohio
              = Kathryn Hollis Cluxton
        Francis M Cluxton 1845.12.26 - 1921.9.3 d Liberty, Adams, Ohio
        Helen Jane Cluxton 1849.10- b Ohio
          = William E Huff 1843- m 1873
           (1900: Huntingdon, Brown, Ohio)
           John Francis Huff 1874.2.14-1950.10.13 b Brown County
           Clarence Huff 1889.7.27- 
        Sarah A Cluxton 1864- b Ohio
        Addie Adeline Cluxton 1866.1.5-1950.10.20 = Brown.
    Greenberry Jones Cluxton 1820-1870.5 b Ohio (or b 1824) d. Mowers, Lewis, Ohio
       = Jane Wilson 1823- m 1846.11.18 Mason, Kentucky
        (1850: Liberty, Adams, Ohio)
        (1860: Sprigg Township, Adams, Ohio)
        (Greenberry died of Typhoid pneumonia)
        (Union soldier in the Civil War. Private DG in the 182nd Ohio Infantry)
        Joseph Cluxton 1847- b Kentucky
        Byers W Cluxton (male) 1850- b Ohio = Lousia B 1850
        James W Cluxton 1850- b Ohio
        Lydia Cluxton 1851- b Ohio
        Belle Cluxton 1853- b Ohio
        Sarah J Cluxton 1857- b Ohio
        Walter D Cluxton 1869.10.11-1959
    John Abraham Cluxton 1825.5-1902 b Ohio d. West Union
       = Catherine M Mosier 1828.10.21-1910.12.27 b PA d West Union m 1847.11.18
        (1850, 1860, 1900: Liberty, Adams, Ohio)
        (No children)
        (In 1860, his brother William's kids Cassander Roush 1846- and Franklin Cluxton 1849- were with them)
    Elizabeth Angeline Cluxton 1823.11.21-1824.6.14 b&d West Union, Adams, Ohio
    Davis Darlington Cluxton 1827 b Ohio. Furniture business
      = Mary Jane Baldwin 1833- b Ohio.
       (Davis was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church at Manchester, Adams)
       (1850: Sprigg, Adams, Ohio. Living with the Cropper family and his brother James Cluxton)
       (1860: Manchester, Adams, Ohio)
       (1870: Manchester, Adams, Ohio. Davis said his father was of foreign birth, mother born US)
        Mary Cluxton 1858.9.12-1937.3.13 b West Union Ohio d.Manchster Ohio. Never married. Census gives b 1855.
        Carrie Cluxton 1857- b Ohio (or Belle Cluxton?)
        Kate Cluxton 1864-1952.10.11 b. Ohio = ?? Games
        Elijah Baldwin Cluxton 1867-1959.12.18 b. Manchester Ohio d. Maysville Mason Kentucky
        Mellie Porter Cluxton 1872-1955.10.20 d.Maysville Mason Kentucky = ?? Matthews
    James Russell Cluxton 1829.7.5-1909.11.10 b Adams,Ohio d Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
      = Theresa H Moore 1836-
       (1860: Sardinia Township, Brown, Ohio)
       (1870: Russelville, Jefferson, Brown, Ohio)
        Minora "Nora" J Cluxton (or Norine) 1855.7.2-1936.10.10 b Ohio. Music teacher
           = B. S. Bacon
        Emma L Cluxton 1857- b Ohio
        Ida Cluxton 1860- b Ohio
        Edmund Cyrus Cluxton 1865.5.28-1950.4.3 b. Ripley, Brown, Ohio
        Emma Cluxton 1868- b Ohio
        Annie C Cluxton 1872.4.25-1920.4.25 = ____ Gray
        James Russell Cluxton 1877- =(1) Maude Violet Swan 1882.10.25-1937.3.15
    Nancy Jane Cluxton 1832.1.1-1917.1.25 b Ohio = Stephan Beasley
        Samuel Cary Beasley 1865.6.12-1953.4.27
    Susan Isadore Cluxton 1834.8.30-1844.11.27 b&d West Union, Adams, Ohio
    Thomas M Cluxton 1838.10- (or born 1836) b Ohio works on farm 
         = Mary Batser (or Beatty or Batson) 1836 b Indiana m 1856.6.19 Muskingum, Ohio
          (The records for this family are unbelievably awful. Eg "Lula and L D are both born 1880 (twins) in Ohio in 1900, but in 1910 "Lulia and Lewis D" are born in 1886 (twins) in Kentucky, and in 1920 Lewis D was born in 1888 in Kentucky!! But in 1880, Loutie and Louis (twins) were born in 1876!)
          Based on Ben's middle name, Mary's maiden name might be Butler)
          (1880: Washington, Clinton, Ohio)
          (Thomas was married 28 years in 1900, father born Scotland mother born New Jersey; in 1920 father born Ireland mother born PA)
          (1900: Montgomery, Texas)
          (1910: Willis, Montgomery, Texas)
          (1920: Willis, Montgomery, Texas)
          Mary Cluxton 1865 b Ohio
          Benjamin Butler Cluxton 1869.5.29-1949.8.21 b Rising Sun, Indiana d. Willis, Montgomery, Texas
             = Ruby Walker 1879.1.16-1916.10.10 b&d. Texas m 1905.6.18 Montgomery, Texas
             (1910: Justice Precinct 1, Montgomery, Texas)
             (female) Cluxton 1906 b Texas
             Charles W Cluxton 1908 b Texas
             (male) Cluxton 1910 b Texas
          Lewis D Cluxton (male) 1876- b Kentucky
          Lulia Cluxton 1876- b Kentucky
          Alice Cluxton 1882- b Indiana          
    Samuel P Cluxton 1838.12.7-1909.12.19 b Adams County, Ohio d Byrd Twp, Brown, Ohio
        = Elizabeth Hamilton m 1870.12.29 Ohio
    Henry B Cluxton 1841- b Ohio

Betsey Cluxton = Rev William Phillips

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