Clugstons in Belfast

Robert Clugston, weaver of Belfast

On 1843 July 23, Emily Clugston, about 14 years of age, was assaulted by Catholic girls on her return from Sunday School. “someone called out, ‘look at her, with her Orange, Protestant Bible’… Emily Sandy-row — her father is living — recollects being at the school of the Rev. Mr. Johnston, Berry-street … her father is an old man, and very poor circumstances … Margaret Clugston, examined Mr. O’Rouke — the mother of Emily Clugston — she was very much injured, and was confined bed until last Sunday — her shoulder was blackened,and she “moaned” her short rib, where she got the kick, greatly — she only daughter.”
Berry St Presbyterian was a Secessionist church.

Robert Clugston = Margaret
    (In 1843 Robert was "an old man")
    Emily Clugston 1828-1898 = James Lunn 1825-  m 1847.8.14 Belfast (James son of James Lunn)

In 1852, Robert Clugston, weaver, lived at 83 Durham Street. This street is the continuation of Sandy Row, and the house is less than 500 metres from Berry St. He is the only Clugston in the 1852 BSD directory of Belfast. (The only other Clugston in that directory is William Clugston, grocer, of Main st Antrim).
The fact that there are no other Clugstons in Belfast suggests that Robert was not born there. This seems to be Robert Clugston 1785-1868 d. Belfast. He was 58 in 1843, which can reasonably qualify as an “old man”.
“Only daughter” probably means that he had no other children, but could also mean that his other children were sons.

He also appears in the Tithe Applotment Quarto Book, 17 Oct 1838.
Hamilton’s Entry, Belfast, Robert Clugston. House, no yard. 18s0d.
In the Post Office Annual Directory 1843, the “Street Directory” section, lists “Hamilton’s Entry, Durham Street” which I think means it was a side-street of Durham St.

Another Robert Clugston died age 46 in an industrial accident.

Robert Clugston 1817-1863.10.17, employed by Mr Fleming, cart builder, Antrim Rd.

This could be Robert Clugston, husband of Eliza McBride of Ballylinny; see the Antrim page.

Occupants of 10 Warwick St, Belfast. In 1868 Lee, Thomas, laborer. In 1877 Clugston, Joseph, moulder. In 1901, Ross, Andrew, butcher.

(11 Riga St Shankill)
Samuel Clugston 1846-1904.3.27 b. Antrim carter labourer of Shankill
    = Sarah Jane Hall
    Male Clugston 1865
    Female Clugston 1867.05.06
    Male Clugston 1867.05.06  (twins??)
    William Clugston 1869.7.12 Antrim
    Annie Eliza Clugston 1870.12.15 Antrim = John McWilliams 1869-  m 1892.Q3 Belfast
    Isabella Clugston 1873.10.7 Belfast = Samuel McClean m 1893.Q2 Belfast
    Richard Clugston (in Australia in 1904 but location unknown)

This is probably Richard Clugston = Margaret Bill m 1887.Q2 Belfast

Samuel’s will (on the PRONI website) mentions his nephew Samuel, son of his brother John.
This might be Samuel Clugston 1882- b Antrim
(1901: servant in Whitehead, Templecorran)

Robert Clugston
    Andrew Clugston = Ellen McGreer 1837- m 1856.10.27 Belfast (Ellen dau John McGreer)
        Male 1870.1.6 b. Antrim

Alexander’s father Robert could possibly be the brother of Samuel Clugston of Tullyvallen, Armagh who married Agnes Gamble b 1841 Monaghan.
Both gave their ages as 22 which may a lie.

Robert Clugston
    Alexander Clugston 1835-1870.12 (or born 1833) Wood carver
      = Eliza Maghon 1835-1909.6.25 b m 1857.1.17 Belfast 
       (Eliza daughter of John Maghon)
       (Alexander d. 6 Stanley St, Belfast)
        (1901: 6 Stanley St, Belfast. Elizabeth was born in 1842. Mary Gamble b 1861- Belfast was lodging with her)
        (Eliza died at the house of her son-in-law)
        Elizabeth Clugston 1864.8.28 Belfast
        William John Clugston 1868.9.8 Antrim
        (1889.9.13: 6 Stanley St. Arrested for furious driving in the last 12 months).
        Elizabeth Clugston 1870.10.1

On 24 Feb 1864, Alexander Clugston was a defence witness in a case about a boy accused of throwing snowballs at “three respectable gentlemen” at Durham st/Stanley St Belfast. “Mr. Gray admitted that had thrown snowballs himself in his youth, but it was at boys like himself.” The charge was dismissed.

In the 1868 BSD directory, Clugston, Alex., wood carver, lived at 6 Stanley St, Belfast. In 1877 the house was occupied by Eliza Clugston; in 1880 by Clugston, Mrs; in 1901 by Clugston, W J, carter. In 1861 it was occupied by Alex Thompson, wood carver.

CLUGSTON—June 25. at the residence of her son-in-law. __ Street. Strandtown. Eliza, widow of the late Alexander Clugston. formerly of Stanley Street. The remains of our dearly-beloved mother will be removed, for interment in Shankill Burying-ground on Monday afternoon, at two o’clock. Friends’ will please accept this intimation. ROBERT CLUGSTON WILLIAM JOHN CLUGSTON. MARGARET PETRIE.
— Belfast telegraph, 1909 June 26.
Margaret Wallace Clugston married Alexander Petrie on 1864.7.19 in Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland. But this is obviously too early.

In 1881.10.24, Hugh Clugston was a millworker at Sir John Savage’s mill, Crumlin Rd, Belfast. He was sentenced to one month imprisonment for stealing twine.
In 1883.1.20, Hugh Clugston was a young man belonging to the Salvation Army, in their hall in Mountjoy St, off the Shankill road. In 1880, William Clugston, Labourer, lived at 16 Mountjoy St.
Hugh Brown born 1872 in Belfast was the son of William Clugston and Littie Kennedy of Banbridge.

William Clugston
    Hugh Clugston

Arthur Clugston, photographic artist, sued Arthur G. Massey, photographer and portrait painter, recover the sum of £1 8s for work done. — 1883.11.24