Clugstons near Banbridge, County Down

In 1800 the Banbridge region was home to a significant percentage of all of the Clugstons in the world. Unravelling the relationships is complicated, since so many of them were named “Robert” or “John”.
I’ve taken a lot of information from Peter Morell McWilliams’ site which has a detailed discussion of this family, and a fantastic collection of transcripts of church records. Other major resources are the Irish Deeds (online at the LDS FamilySearch site) and the many records at PRONI.

The Clugston property at Lisnaward

The earliest records are for John Clugston, husband of ____ Lowry, who purchased land in Lisnaward in 1713, in partnership with his mother-in-law Margaret Campbell (Deeds v53 p243 #35276). John Clugston sold 12 acres of their property to Robert Jamison in Lisnaward in 1788 (Deeds v406 p66 #265818), and sold him the remaining 12 acres in 1800, together with the adjacent bog. In 1863, John Jamison had Lisnaward #29, #30, and #31. Robert Lowry had the mostly-adjacent #22, #24, #25, #26, and #27. It looks as though the original Clugston/Lowry property was the entire south-west quarter of Lisnaward.

We can trace the subsequent generations through the freeholder records.

Lisnaward: Clugston, Robert Lisnaward, Down, 1755, Landlord Lord Clanwilliam
Lisnaward: 18 May Clugston, John, Banbridge; Clugston John 26 Jan 1789.

John Clugston of Seapatrick, Protestant, also appears in the 1766 Religious Census. The census returns for Lisnaward have not survived, but it indicates that John moved towards Banbridge around 1760. He may have married a girl from Kilpike.

Note that John is living in “Banbridge” the year after he sold the first moiety. Presumably these men are father and son. The original John was already married by 1713 so must have been born before 1695. He apparently died before the 1755 election. If these are all from the same family, and needed to be 21 to vote or be head of a household, then we can construct a tentative family tree.

John Clugston b. before 1695, d. before 1755
   = _____ Lowry m before 1713.
    (dau of Margaret Campbell)
    Robert Clugston  (born before 1734, died before 1789)
        John Clugston (born after 1734, before 1745)
            John Clugston (born before 1768) d. 1801        

When John sold the property in 1800, he received a huge sum – over £400. What did he do with the money? Unless he had huge debts, he would have bought new property.
John seems to have moved to Lisnafiffy, about 4 km southwest of Lisnaward. There are Clugstons in the three adjacent townlands of Drumhorc, Lisnafiffy, and Kilpike (which was also called Seapatrick). Some of them even had adjacent farms.

Lisnafiffy: Clugston, John 1769
Lisnafiffy: Clugston, Aaron 26 Jan 1789.

A will was probated in 1801 for John Clughstin of Seapatrick. My theory is that when he died, his son John sold the land in Lisnaward, and moved to his deceased father’s farm.

Sarah Clogdeston of Drumnascamph, Tullylish, will probated 1758; became Mrs McKee.

There were a few other Clugston freeholders elsewhere in County Down, most of whom appear to be unrelated.
In 1804, James Clugston leased 5 acres in Drumanaquoile, Down, for £15/year. (PRONI D566/178). By 1824 he was a weaver. In 1810, Alexander Clugston leased 5 acres in Claragh (adjacent to Drumanaquoile and Aghlisnafin) for £32/year (PRONI D566/262). Sarah Clugston 1791-1866 had Aghlisnafin 6b, and died in Drumanaquoile. This is about 15km from Lisnaward.

Freeholder records mention “Hugh Clughston, Drumhirk, 13 Aug 1787, Landlord Sir John Blackwood, Baronet” (PRONI D/654/A3/1B). Hugh of Drumherk was also registered in Newtownards on 1816.7.16, with lease for the lives of Hugh Clugston, Isabella Clugston, and John Clugston (PRONI D/654/A3/1N). This Drumhirk is 30 km to the north, near Bangor. I do not think Hugh is related to the Lisnaward Clugstons. He is probably a descendant of Alexander Clugston 1675-1720.1.9 d. BallyMcConnell, Down (buried in Bangor with his son Samuel 1700-1781.8.9). The name “Hugh Clugston” is common in County Antrim but not elsewhere in Down.

There is a second John Clugston who died in Aghaderg in 1806. This is a few km south of Banbridge. He is probably related, but could not be a brother of John Clugston of Seapatrick d 1801, though they seem to be about the same age. He could be a grandson of Robert Clugston of Lisnaward.

Some of the Clugston households are difficult to identify. Fortunately, one of them is well documented.

Robert and Kitty Clugston of Drumhorc

The Crosslé collection includes one of the most precious records in Irish genealogy: a transcript of an 1821 census return. This is the family of Robert Clugston born about 1780 (adult ages are rounded to five years).

P[arish] Tullylish ba[rony] Lower Iveagh co Down
No 2 Townland Drumhurk one story home
Robert Clugston aged 40 bleacher and weaver
Kitty his wife aged 35 flax spinner
John his son aged 11
Robert his son aged 4
Samuel his son aged 1
Mary his daughter aged 14 flax spinner
Ann his daughter aged 6 flax spinner

Robert’s son John held Tullylish Lisnafiffy #1. When his brother Robert of Drumhorc moved away, John also took over Robert’s farm but John died later that year. When John died, John’s son Robert took over the Lisnafiffy farm.

Robert’s son Robert had a small farm in Drumhorc #6 until 1878. In 1878 it was taken by his brother John Clugston, who also took Drumhorc #5 from John McAlinder, but in 1879 it went back to John McAlinder. In 1879 John took #7 from Thomas McQuile but his name is also penciled in in 1874. In 1894, #5 was taken by Hugh Hogan and in 1896, #6 went to Mrs McVeigh.

In 1877, Robert Jr moved to County Armagh. Robert took Moyrourkan #1c and #3 in Armagh from James Devlin, and in 1879 he also took #5. The family was still there in 1911.

John’s wife Margaret almost certainly had the surname Brown. There are three reasons for believing this:
(a) John’s son William named a son Hugh Brown. (He also had a daughter Lizzie Sands; the mother of his wife Lizzie Kennedy probably had surname Sands. One of the witnesses at Samuel’s wedding (Samuel married Lizzie’s sister) was Maggie Sands).
(b) John’s son John named a daughter Margaret Brown.
(c) Robert Clugston of Lisnafiffy was the sole executor of William Brown of Drumarin d. 1891.12.28. (This is probably William Brown 1819-1892.Q1 d.Banbridge, who would be Margaret’s older brother). There was a James Brown in Drumarin in 1823.
The Brown family were landowners in Lisnafiffy in 1783. They were from the same social class.

Robert Clugston. 1781- Bleacher and weaver
  = Kitty ___ 1786- flax spinner
    (1821: Dumhorc)
    Mary Clugston 1807- Drumhorc 
       = Thomas Anderson m 1835.3.11 Tullylish Pres
    John Clugston 1809-1878.11.14 Tullylish famer
       = Margaret /Brown?/ 1815-1879.6.2
        (1864-1878: Tullylish Lisnafiffy #1)
        (1878: also took brother Robert's farm)      
        William Clugston 1845-1909.2.10. Linen merchant.
         = Lizzie Kennedy 1841-1924.8.24 m 1868.5.21 Tullylish
           (1901: 57 Wellington Park, Belfast)
           (1909: 62 Wellington Park, Belfast)
           (1911: 7 kids, 5 living)
           (William was an executor of the will of Ruth Armstrong d 1901.6.30. Witness to the will was Hugh Clugston of 54 Wellington Park Belfast; same for William Peebles d. 1904.10.16)
           (Elizabeth widow of William Clugston died 1924.8.24, 18 Bawnmore Rd)
            William John Clugston 1869
            John Clugston 1869-1942.10.30
              = Florence Nightingale Greenfield 1878-1944.2.12  m 1901.6.12
                (John Clugston died 2 Seaview Terrace, Holywood).        
                (Freemason. Football and Lacrosse international)
                (Was Ireland's goalkeeper 14 times.)
                (Florence signed the Ulster Covenant in 1912)
                Dorothy E J Clugston 1902-
                Florence Clugston 1907-
            William Kennedy Clugston 1870-1947 b Ireland d. Flyde, Lancashire. Linen Salesman
              (1901: 49 Grafton St, South Manchester, Chorlton)
              (1939: Lytham St Anne's M.B., Lancashire)
            (This might be the son of William Clugston, who was b 1870.9.9)
            Hugh Brown Clugston 1872  (single in 1911)
            Lizzie Sands Clugston 1874
               = Rev Wilson Marshall 1875- m 1909.7.7
                (33 Tassagh, Crossmore, Armagh. Belfast Weekly News 1909-Jul-15)
            Frances Georgina Clugston 1877-1944.1.12 (never married. Will exists)
        Robert Clugston 1847-1910
           = Elizabeth Dodds 1861-1947 m 1892.10.26 Banbridge
            (1901: 2 Lisnafiffy Upper, Tullylish)
            Margaret Clugston 1893.9.17 b Lisnafiffy (single in 1911)
            Sarah Jane Clugston 1896 (single in 1911)
            John Clugston 1898 - 1967.4.16 (single in 1911)
        Samuel Clugston 1850-1914.10.1 d Dungannon
          = Margaret Kennedy 1846-still alive in 1911) m 1874.1.6   Accountant
            (Dungannon parliamentary revision, Liberals in 1884 were instructed by Mr Samuel Clugston & Mr Alexander Patterson)
            William Kennedy Clugston 1876.4.28
              = Alice Maude Glossop 1883- m 1906 Yorkshire
                William Kennedy Clugston 1907-1916
                Helen Mary Clugston 1909- b Dungannon, Tyrone
                Edward Brian Clugston 1916- b Dungannon, Tyrone
            Margaret Clugston 1878  = Alex Bell b. Dungannon  m 1915 Dungannon
            John Clugston 1880.6.11-1912.4  b. Dungannon d.Lurgan (died unmarried)
            James Clugston 1883 (single in 1911)
            Elizabeth Clugston 1885 (single in 1911)
            Mary Clugston 1885 (single in 1911)
        Jane Clugston 1852- (may have died 1852)
        John Clugston 1854-1921
           = Rachel Bothwell 1857-1937.7.13  m 1880.3.12 Scarva Arderagh
            (Wedding witnesseses: John Brown, Minnie Bothwell)
            (1901: 5 Lisnafiffy Upper, Down)
            (1911: 31 Lisnaiffy Lower, Down. 5 kids, 4 living)
            Margaret Brown Clugston 1880  = John Gray Wills m 1913.10.2 Tullylish Pres
            Anna Clugston 1884-1841.12.12   National school teacher
            John Clugston 1896
            James Clugston 1886- Clerk
               = Annie Elizabeth Maginnes 1887- m 1909.10.9 Lurgan.
               (1 child still living in 1911)
        James Clugston 1856 - 1881.7.26
    Ann Clugston 1815- Flax spinner
    Robert Clugston 1817-1882.2.10 farmer of Drumhorc d. Moyrourkan
       = Anne Mills ~1819-1909.4.17 m 1848.4.13 Tullylish d. Tullylish  (Anne dau John Mills)
        (Anne's name is sometimes given as "Anne Wills")
        (1901, 1911: Moyrourkan 16, Mullaghbrack, Armagh)
        Mary Clugston 1849.1.29 b. Drumhorc
        Samuel Clugston 1850.8.16 - 1881.2.2 b. Drumhorc d. Moyrourkan
        James Clugston 1852-1919.4.17 Farmer. Bachelor.
            (1919: Mayorkan Tandragee Armagh. Death witness: brother John)
        Robert Clugston 1854
           (I wonder if Robert and John are the same person)
        John Clugston 1854- b Co Down Merchant's salesman
          = Margaret Jane Harvey Whittaker 1861 b Derry
            m1883.4.7 Magherafelt Dunntyn Co Londonderry
            (John was living at 7 University St Belfast)
            (Margaret dau of Robert Whittaker shopkeeper)
            (Wedding witnesses Robert Whittaker, Lily Hogg)
            (1901: 27 Deramore Ave, Ormeau, Down)
            (1911: 47 Fitzroy Ave, Cromac, Belfast. 6 children 3 living)
            (1919: 47 Fitzroy Ave Belfast)
            Robert Clugston 1885.3.23- b 57 Fitzwilliam St Belfast Clerk
            Eva Clugston 1886.9.28- b 54 Fitzwilliam St Belfast
                (Birth witness: Jane Crotty 54 Fitzwilliam St)
            Herbert Clugston 1888.5.5-1907.9.28 b 54 Fitzwilliam St d. 47 Fitzroy Av Belfast
            Winifred Ethel Clugston 1894.9.8- b27 Deramore Ave
        Mary Jane Clugston 1857- 1943 (single in 1911)
    Samuel Clugston 1820-

I believe that these are Robert Senior’s children Samuel and Ann.

Samuel Clugston = Mary Anne Gaskin 1819-1878.9.3 m 1843 Down, Conner & Dromore (Mary daughter of James Gaskin)
Mary Anne remarried William Getgood m 1852.9.3 Tullylish Down, so Samuel must have died around 1850.

Probably also from Banbridge. This might be Anne Bothwell 1815-1881.11.5 d.42 Hamber St Belfast, widow of a butler, where James Bothwell was also living.

Ann Clugston = Samuel Bothwell
    Rachel Bothwell 1841.5.1-1917.12.27 b Ireland d Brandford, Toronto, Canada
      = Wilkerson Westbrook

The will of Mary Knight, widow of Lisnafiffy 1802-1878.3.16 had executors Samuel McGaffin of Kernan and John Clugston of Lisnafiffy. The witnesses were Robert Clugston and James Chambers. The death was reported by Eliza Hall of Lisnafiffy.
This is

Samuel McGaffin 1839-1917.9.14 = Agnes Hawthorne 1847-  m1866. 13 children
    Thomas McGaffin 1885.1.7 b Kernan.

Henry Clugston of Lisnafiffy

Robert’s son John owned a farm which was contiguous with the farm of Henry Clugston (1800 – 1874.12.19). They are clearly related, yet Henry is not the son of Robert (Henry’s sister Mary was born when Robert’s wife was 10 years old!).
The farm on the other side of Henry’s farm was leased by John Bodel, who married Henry’s sister Mary Clugston.

The probate records show that Mary, Henry, and Margaret Ann Clugston were siblings. The will of Henry Herron (d. 1868), of Gilford, Down, wife of Ann, mentions all three together with Rachel Clugston. Rachel Clugston died in the same week as Margaret Ann, both at Lisnafiffy Laurencetown Co Down. The will also mentions Mary Macklin nee Clugston of Banbridge. He does not mention John, Robert, Aaron, or Moses (discussed below), even though they were still alive at the time, indicating that those are not siblings. Henry Herron donated 500 pounds to the Unitarian Congregation Banbridge.

Mary Clugston 1796-1881.5.8 d Lisnafiffy
  = John Bodel 1792-1870.9.9 m1816.3.22 Banbridge non-subscribing Pres
    (Mary's death witness: son John of Lisnafiffy)
    Francis Bodel 1822-1911.10.9 d. Lisnafiffy
        James Bodel
    John Bodel 1825-1903.4.17 d. Tullylish = Margaret
    Anna Bodel = Robert Craig
Henry Clugston 1800 - 1874.12.19 d. Lisnafiffy (died unmarried)
Rachel Clugston 1800 - 1872.1.15 d Lisnafiffy. (died unmarried)
Margaret Ann Clugston 1803 - 1872.1.21 d. Lisnafiffy (died unmarried)

Mary Clugston 1811-1884.2.23 d. Church St Banbridge
  = William Macklin painter (died by 1884)
    Margaret Macklin = John Bambrick m 1867.Q1 (Newry, Vol 11, p947)

PRONI D1046/410 1870.2.12 is the probate record of Margaret Ann Clugston of Lisnafiffy.

Henry Clugston was a witness to John Bodel’s will. Another witness was James Shaw. John Bodel had bought land in Tullylish from Eliza Shaw. They may be related to Archibald Clugston’s wife Mary Shaw.

John, Aaron and Archibald

The other crucial record is the 1819 freeholder list for County Down. It includes both John and Aran Clugston, Lisnafiffy. In both cases the freehold has tenure for the lives of “John, Aran and Archd. Clugston”. In other words, they are joint owners for a parcel of land. Note that Archd did not vote, even though he was a landowner. This is because he was no longer residing on the land he owned. The landlord was Rev Thomas Waring. We can identify at least two of these men.

There is only one recorded Archibald Clugston in the world at this time. The 1841 census of Isle of Man lists “Archib Clogstin” age 65-69 born in Ireland, husband of Mary Shaw, also born Ireland. This means that he was born 1771-1776. Comparing the Isle of Man BDM records with the census records shows he was the ancestor of almost all Clugstons in the Isle of Man, Lancashire and Cheshire. One descendant returned to Down and is listed in the 1901 and 1911 Irish census. The name “Archibald” probably comes from Archibald Barron, who was one of the original shareholders in Lisnaward; his grandson was also named Archibald Barron.

Aaron Clugston is recorded as the father of Eliza Clugston (1821-1902), who was the brother of William (1820-1900). William lived in Kilpike/Seapatrick and owned several houses. The age of Aaron is unknown, but the order “John, Aran, Archd” is likely to be the birth order of three sons. Aran Clugston of Seapatrick was on the Flaxgrower’s Bounty List of 1828.

John Clugston also appears in the Tithe Applotment Field books for Seapatrick, 1835.3.4:
Lisnafiffy, John Clugson (sic!), House and Offices, L4s9d0
The other two houses in Lisnafiffy were Samuel Law, house office and bleaching concerns 88 pounds, David Waugh L5s17d0.
He appears to be the John Clugston whose will was probated in Seapatrick in 1850.

Having identified these men we can make sense of the earlier freeholder lists.

Lisnafiffy: Clugston, John 1769
Lisnafiffy: Clugston, Aaron 26 Jan 1789.
Lisnaward: 18 May Clugston, John, Banbridge; Clugston John 26 Jan 1789
Lisnaward: Clugston, Robert Lisnaward, Down, 1755, Landlord Lord Clanwilliam

Note the two John Clugstons are listed together. Note also that John and Aaron are registered on the same day.
Since John was registered in 1769 we see that he is from the previous generation. Apparently he is the father, and has registered his freehold with tenure for the lives of his three oldest sons. There is a will reported in 1801 for John Clughstin, Seapatrick, presumably the father. (There is another will reported in 1806 for John Clughstin, Aghaderg; he is discussed below).

John is mentioned first, so presumably Aaron is younger, but must still be over 21 in order to be able to vote. This means he must have been over 53 when his daughter Eliza was born. Archibald, who is not listed, would still have been under 21 years old (and may have already run away to sea).
In the religious census of 1766, John Clugston of Seapatrick is listed as a Protestant. No Clugstons are in the 1740 Religious Census.

On 1713.4.4, the 24 acre farm in Lisnaward was leased from John Magill Esq to John Clugston and his mother-in-law Margaret Campbell, (“Widow Lowry”), for the lives of John Clugston and Margaret’s children James Lowry and Isabella Lowry. On 1726.2.27 Margaret transferred her rights to James and Isabella.

In 1755, Robert Clugston was a freeholder in Lisnaward.

In 1788, John sold one 14acre moiety of the farm to Robert Jameson.

On 1880.4.16, Robert Donnell sold his freehold in Lisnaward.
The Landed Estates records for 1880 (and again in 1885) state “The premises demised by said lease of 1713 were partitioned by deed dated the 26th day of January, 1787, made between James Lowry and Thomas Lowry of the one part, and John Clugston of the other part, and by said deed the premises ordered to be sold in this manner were allotted to said John Clugston”. It also states “The lands are held … under fee-farm grant, dated the third day of March 1866, under the Renewable Leasehold Conversion Act… made between the Right Honourable Richard, Earl of Clanwilliam, of the first part, John Jameson, John Mitchel, the Rev Archibald Lowry, Robert Lowry, James Mulligan, John Johnston, Samuel Johnston, William Saul, Margaret Lowry, Mary Lowry, and Jane Lowry, of the second part, and said Rev Archibald Lowry of the third part, in lieu of a lease for lives renewable forever, dated 4th May 1713”.

John Clugston (protestant in Seapatrick 1766, d. 1801 Seapatrick)
    John Clugston    d. 1850 Seapatrick
    Aaron Clugston   (freeholder in Seapatrick 1789 and 1828)
    Archibald Clugston ~1773-1846 b Ireland = Mary Shaw ~1781-1848 b Ireland

From the same time period there is a probable sister for John.

Sarah Clogston = Archibald Kneight m 1779.9.12 Tullylish Presbyterian

And Robert Clugston was a freeholder in Lisnaward in 1755.

The other freeholder families in Lisnaward in 1789 were Barron, Lowry (both from 1755), Brown (from 1783), Mitchell (from 1781, 10 pounds), Marfisen(?), Ward, and Dixon. The Clugstons were the only ones listed as Banbridge. The dates for the other freeholders suggest that John was one of the early freeholders in Banbridge.

In the Griffiths valuation there are a cluster of Clugston men farming a group of properties. This is surely the land which had been the freehold of Aaron, John, and Archibald.

Henry could hardly be a son of Aaron. Aaron had a daughter born in 1821, but Henry’s sister Mary was born in 1796. This would require Aaron to have a family spanning 25 years. Thus, Henry must be the son of John. When Henry Clugston died, his farm was taken over by John Bodel’s son John.

There is another John Clugston 1813-1878 in Edenderry, a carpenter and mill-wright, whose wife Mary outlived him and moved to Glasgow.
But an additional marriage is recorded. John Clugston married Betty Anne Smyth on 1835.3.14 at Banbridge non-subscribing Presbyterian church. It is most likely that this is John of Edenderry, if Betty died and then John remarried Mary; she could also have been a first wife of John of Lisnafiffy. The other possibility is that this is a third John Clugston. An Elizabeth Clugston 1804-1894 is recorded at having died at Banbridge, a “mechanic’s widow”. This could be Betty Anne Smyth. It sounds unlikely though, because she would be married at the late age of 31.
Also in Edenderry was Sarah Waters 1811-1871 who in 1834 married Kennedy Clugston of Kilpike 1812-1874, a rag-and-bone merchant. Two of their children were born in Edenderry. It seems likely that John and Kennedy were related.
Aaron was living in Ballykeel in 1821 when his daughter Eliza was born; in the 1828 Tithe Applotments, Aaron is listed as living in Kilpike whereas John and Moses are in Lisnafiffy and Robert is in Drumhorc. Thus, Aaron was not living on the original farm at Lisnafiffy.

Another Kilpike marriage is recorded at Tullylish Presbyterian Church. In 1834 Mary(Jane) Clugston married (John) Anderson. The witnesses were John and William Clugston. The only known William Clugston in Banbridge at that time is the son of Aaron Clugston of Kilpike, though he would have only been 14 or 15 years old at that time. This is very young but would be allowed under the 1753 Marriage Act which required only “two or more credible witnesses”. This would indicate that she is the daughter of Aaron. This gives further circumstantial evidence that John of Edenderry is the son of Aaron, because he is probably the other witness.

Moses Clugston

Moses Clugston is listed in the 1828 Flax Growers Bounty List, along with Aran and John, and also in both the Tithe Applotments 1828. Moses was married at least twice. His death on 1871.5.6 at age 84 in Laurencetown, Banbridge was reported on 1871.5.9 in the Belfast Newsletter and the Belfast Telegraph, and also on 1871.5.10 in the Belfast Morning News. Henry’s sisters died at Laurencetown two years later.
Moses was alive during the Griffith’s survey so was probably living with the other Clugstons in Kilpike. Since he was not mentioned in Henry Herron’s will, he is most likely their uncle. He is 6 years older than Robert, and 9 years younger than John’s daughter Mary.

Moses Clugston of Lisnafiffy 1787-1871.5.6 d. Laurencetown
  =1 Rebecca Donaldson Knocknagon m 1828.6.2  Tullyish Pres
    Mary Clugston 1830.1.24-
    Margaret Clugston 1831.3.13-
  =2 Mary Doran m 1841 Lisnafiffy

I suspect that John Clugston originally held Lisnafiffy #22 which was passed to Henry when John died. Which land did Moses have? Henry had #22b which by 1865 was sub-leased to David Hamilton. John Bodell also had land in Lisnafiffy in the 1828 Tithe Aplottments; he was already John’s son-in-law by then and had probably already taken Lisnafiffy #20. The land at #19, occupied by Francis Bodel, is probably the land which John Bodel mentions in his will as having been bought from Eliza Shaw.

James and Owen Clungston of Kilpike

The only other possible relatives in the 1828 Tithe Aplottments are James and Owen Clungston of Kilpike. I have been unable to find any record of Owen apart from the Tithe Applotments and Flax Grower’s Bounty. I would think that “Owen” is actually “Aaron”, except that both are listed.
Aaron is listed as being in Ballykeel in 1821 when his daughter Eliza was baptised, but in Kilpike in 1828, whereas Moses and John were in Lisnafiffy in 1828. All three townlands are adjacent.
James is probably James Clonglay who died at Lisnafiffy, Banbridge on 1862.6.19 aged 60. He may not be a Clugston at all.

Summary of deduced relationships

The dates of births of the children are, with deduced relationships in brackets:
John d. 1850 – Mary 1796 m 1816, Henry 1800, Rachel 1800, Margaret Ann 1803
Aaron – William 1820 m 1841, Eliza 1821, [Mary Jane m 1834, David m 1841, Kennedy 1812, John of Edenderry 1813]
Archibald 1775 – James 1807 m 1834, Charles 1809, Thomas 1811, Archibald 1813, John 1815, Catherine m 1856, William m 1839, Jane 1820, Richard 1822 m 1844
Robert 1781 – Mary 1807, John 1809, Ann 1815, Robert 1817, Samuel 1820 (Known from census)
Moses 1787-1871 m 1828 – No known children

All these are probably sons of John of Lisnafiffy who died in 1801.

Another candidate would be Robert Clugston of Drumsallagh who died in 1832, but he appears to have a son Robert in Loughbrickland.

Aaron Clugston

Eliza’s baptism is recorded at Tullylish Presbyterian Church. William’s will is available online at the PRONI website. It mentions his sons Aaron, William John, Alexander, and Edmund, and his sister Eliza. The executors of William’s will were his son Edmund, and “Robert Davidson Gentleman”. This seems to be Robert Davidson 1836- = Annie 1861-, 11 Church St Banbridge, occupation “House and Dividends” in 1901. When Alexander was married in Brisbane in 1873, the newspaper described him as William’s third son.
William’s wife’s surname “Geary’ is interesting. Archibald Clugston’s daughter Ann was married to a John Geary.

William and Jane are both “of Seapatrick”.
(Griffiths: 7 (from Rev. Daniel Dickinson, sublets to 2 people), 10 (from J.W. Murland, sublets to 10 people), land at 22 (from William Bell) Kilpike, Seapatrick, Banbridge. Lived at 7a. 10 went to Edmund Clugston in 1906. 7a went to Edmund in 1907.)
Rev Dickinson was rector 1832-1870 of Holy Trinity, Church of Ireland.

Aaron must have been in his 50’s when his children were born.
It is possible that Aaron the father of William and Eliza is not Aaron the freeholder in 1789, but is rather his son. However we do know that Aaron’s brother Archibald had children at a similar age.

Aaron Clugston = Jane
   (Freeholder in Seapatrick 1789 and 1828; in Ballykeel 1821)
    William Clugston 1820-1900.6.11 Farmer
      = Jane Geary 1821-1904.2.23 d Kilpike m 1841.2.15 Banbridge non-subscribing Pres.
        (surely William and Jane had children in the 12 year gap between Alexander and Edmund??)
        William John Clugston 1841-1917.3.15
          = Lousia Annie Perry 1849-1900.2.1 m 1875
            (emmigrated to Brisbane 23 Dec 1869)
            Ellen Trennate Mary Clugston 1877- m 1914
            Arthur Alexander Clugston 1882-1931
            Emily Louisa Clugston 1884-
            Irene Isabel Anne Clugston 1888- m 1918
            Jane Elizabeth Gray Clugston 1875-1877
            Phillip William Edmund Clugston 1879.11-1884.4.15
        Aaron Clugston 1847- of Seapatrick famer
          = Sarah Ann Austin 1841-1914  m 1882.4.25 Scarva Presb.
           (Marriage witnesses: Samuel G Wilson, Minnie E Pillar)
           (Methodist. Griffith's shows he leased a farm in Tanaghmore, Magharelly, Down, starting in 1885.  They had no children, which is unsurprising since Sarah was 41 years old when they married).
        Alexander Clugston 1848-1924  Sawmill owner 
          = Ellen Mott m. 1873.12.31 Only had one son.
            (emmigrated to Brisbane 23 Dec 1869.)
            (Involved with Enoggera school, Brisbane)
            (Ellen is probably Helen Clugston 1846-1943 d. Queensland)
            Charles William Clugston 1876-1894
        Edmund Clugston 1860-
          =(1) Isabella Jane Armstrong 1864-1910.2.14 m 1888.04.10 Seapatrick
            Jean Clugston 1888.8.2 b Seapatrick village (single in 1911)
            Rachel Clugston 1899 (single in 1911)
            (surely there are more children born in this 10 year gap
          =(2) Margaret Mackin ??-1926.4.4 m 1912.9.5 RC church Lisnafiffy
            Edmund Clugston 1913.12.14 b Banbridge
    Eliza Clugston 1821.12.2-1902, b Ballykeel
        (subleasing Kilpike 4, Banbridge from William)
        (died unmarried. She is mentioned as a sister in William's will).
    David Clugston
      = Catharine Burns m 1841 Down, Conner & Dromore
        (David was a witness at William & Jane's wedding, presumably a brother)
         John Clugston 1843.4.23 bap Banbridge Catholic church
             (Baptism witnesses: Patrick Delany, Bridget Magninis)
         David Clugston 1845.2.3 bap ("Clockisty") Banbridge Catholic church

John Clugston, carpenter of Edenderry

John Clugston was a carpenter, who had worked at the mill at Edenderry since the age of 17, so he was probably born nearby. He’s not the son of Robert, and is not mentioned in the wills of John’s children (and he is much younger than John’s other children). He may be a son of Aaron.

John Clugston 1813-1878.11.14 Carpenter and mill-wright d. Lisnafiffy
  = Mary 1811- b Ireland
    (Witness at death: Jane Clugston)
    (John was a carpenter at Richard Haye's mill, Edenderry. In 1843 he had worked at the mill for 13 years).
    (Griffiths: 4h Edenderry, leased from Richard Hayes. House went to Wm Kilpatrick in 1888).
    (When John died, Mary moved to her daughter Eliza's house in Milton, Glasgow)
    Robert Clugston
      = Mary Anne Guy m 1851.3.20 Scarva, Down (dau William Guy) (Mary Anne was previously married to Mr. Gordon)
    Eliza Clugston 1840- 
      = Thomas Beck 1839- Coal Merchant m 1858.4.5 Seapatrick
        (1881: 12 Oakbank St, City, Milton, Lanarkshire)
        William Beck 1865- b Ireland
        Eliza Jane Beck 1865.11.5 b Banbridge
        Joseph Beck 1870.5.17 - b Down
        Matthew Beck 1873.5.31
        Thomas Beck 1879- b Glasgow
    Selina Clugston 1841- 
      = Patrick Crawley m 1861.1.12 Banbridge
        (Patrick son of Patrick Crawley)

John Clugston v. Thomas Connor.
Clugston v. Connor. This action was brought to recover damages for the seduction of the plaintiff’s daughter. The defendant is cashier and book-keeper in the employment of Mr. Hayes, linen manufacturer, the town of Banbridge, and the plaintiff is wheelwright, also in Mr. Hayes’s employment.
Statement of counsel, it appeared that about four years ago an intimacy commenced between the defendant and the plaintiff’s second daughter, Elizabeth Cloughston. The seduction was alleged to have taken place under promise of marriage; in the month of November, 1859. The plaintiff’s daughter, who about 22 years of age, became pregnant, and gave birth to a child some months since. The defendant did not deny the improper intimacy between him and Elizabeth Cloughston, but he traversed the allegation as to the promise of marriage and to his being the father of her child. Several witnesses were examined each side. The jury found for the plaintiff—damages. £75. Counsel for the plaintiff—Mr. Joy, Q.C., and Mr. Frazer. Counsel for the defendant—Mr. Armstrong, Q.C., and Mr. Hamill.
“Belfast Mercury”, 5 February 1861

John seems to have had a son James. Certainly John was the only Clugston with a house in Edenderry, Seapatrick in the Griffiths Survey.

Aug. 11th. 1865., The following parties were summoned for having taken part in an unlawfully assembly on the 13th. July, Edward McBride, Loughbrickland, William Brown, Loughbrickland, Joseph Brown, Ballynagreagh, James Beatty, William Pillow, Leganamy, David Gibson, Ballymacarratybeg, James Thompson, William Black, John Black, Tullycan, William John Bodel, John Barclay, William Bigham, Banbridge, James Clugston, William Henry Graham, Edenderry, John Fivey, Banbridge, Hugh Campbell, Loughbrickland, John Craig, Andrew Pilson, Andrew Burnett, Banbridge, Thomas Hoy, William McBurney, Sam. Magill, Ballydown, Robert Bednell, Gilford, John Evans, Richard Hutchinson, Tandragee, Moses Tully, James Murphy, Ballynagreagh, Andrew Hare, and James Hall. The charge against the defendants, as stated in the summons, was for having, on the 13th July, formed themselves into an unlawful assembly, and met and paraded together at Scarva, in the County Down, accompanied by and having amongst them persons playing music, and wearing emblems which tended to provoke animosity between different classes of her Majesty’s subjects. The case against all parties was dismissed.

Of these, Moses Tully was born in 1845.

Kennedy Clugston

Kennedy moved to Dublin. Like Bailey Cluxton, he has a surname as first name; the only other example I found in Ireland is Cunningham Clugston, son of Samuel Clugston, who married Nancy Gillespie 1846.9.12 Belfast. Presumably his mother’s surname was Kennedy. The fact that his daughter married a Geary is interesting.

Kennedy Clugston 1812-1874 b Kilpike d Dublin South, Marine Dealer
  = Sarah Waters 1811-1871 b Edenderry m. 1834.03.06 Banbridge non-subscribing Pres
    (Griffiths: 24 St Andrew, Dublin South (1854), "Kennedy Cluxton")
    (Insolvent 1854. Exchequer St rag and bone dealer)
    (Dublin street directory 1850 Clugston, Kerr, 27 Exchequer street)
    Anne Jane Clugston = John Carroll.  Boot closer. m 1857.5.25 St Michan Dublin  (John son of John Carroll)
      (1866: 3 Longford St, Dublin)
    Mary Clugston 1835.5.15 b. Edenderry
      = Joseph Geary m 1863.6.17 St Thomas, Dublin (Joseph son of John Geary)
    Thomas Cluxton 1836.10.9 b. Edenderry
    Sarah Clugston 1845-
      = Hugh Hillis 1837- m 1872.3.22 Jerns St Presb, Dublin North
        (Witness: Alfred Barnes, Annie Kennedy)
        (7.1 Dufferin Ave, Merchant's Quay, Dublin)

(Probably a pre-marriage daughter of Ann Jane)
Ann Jane Clugston 1857.4.27 bap St Andrews, Dublin city

Clugstons in Drumsallagh and Derrydrummuck

There is a will reported in 1806 for John Clughstin, Aghaderg. Crossle reports:
Dromore Grant Book 1790-1814 II-5-14
Adm of John Clugston of psh Aghaderg decid intest qld 24 Jan 1806 to Mary Claxton his wid.

He is likely to be the father of John Clugston 1780-1858.7.28 and Robert Clugston 1785-1832.

John Clugston, of the townland of Derrydrumuck, about ninety years of age, left his home, on 28th July last, with the intention, as he stated going into Banbridge, and thence to Belfast. He has since disappeared from his relatives, and has not been heard of. It would be taken as an act of great kindness, should any person have seen a man answering to the following description, to intimate the fact to his relatives. He had on his person, when he left his dwelling, an invisible green coat, rather the worse of wear, patched under one arm; a wool hat, with broad leaf; corduroy trousers, of a dark colour; brown moleskin vest; checked necktie, which was much worn; and Blucher boots. He was getting into incipient dotage; and his family and he were not on the best of terms, the most anxious fears are entertained for the old man’s safety.
“Downpatrick Recorder”, 21 August 1858

JOHN CLUGSTON, Derrydrumuck, near Loughbrickland, County Down, Wandered from hie Residence on 28th July. Description when leaving — Invisible Bine Body Coat, with Patch under right arm; Two Vests, one Dark Double-Breasted, other Drab Single-Breasted Cloth; Dark Cord Trousers; Black Wool Hat, broad leaf; Bloucher Boots; Age about 85 years ; Height, 5 feet 5 inches. Any Person knowing his whereabouts will please communicate to Agent for Morning News, Loughbrickland.
“Belfast Morning News”, 24 August 1858

In the Griffith survey, Derrydrumuck 9ab is leased from “Trus Hon Robt Meade” by “Rep John Clugston”. He has a representative either because he’s missing, or senile. He is clearly the same John Clugston who was a freeholder leasing land in Derrydrumrick from Terence McComisky in 1821; McComisky’s freehold was for the life of Cornelius Wilson. This is house and two small patches of land. The fact that his family are concerned about him, shows that he had descendants living in the Banbridge area. From 1886 the land was occupied by “Robert Clugstone” until 1897, when it went to Samuel A Clugstone. In 1909 it went to Thomas F___.

Another useful record from this generation is the probate record of Faithful Clugston. She was a widow who died in Drumsallagh in 1860. The executor of her will was her daughter, Anna Maria Clugston. Anna Maria Clugston was born in 1818 and died unmarried in Drumsallagh in 1896. The Griffith’s survey shows she lived at Drumsallagh 46. The Griffith’s Revision Books show that in 1870 Anna Maria took Drumsallagh 45 as well and state “Robert Henry Carswell jointly”. Then they state “miss Clugston is sole occupier in 1879”.

In the 1828 Tithe Applotments the only Clugston with land in Drumsallagh is Robert. A will was probated for Robert Clugston of Drumsallagh in 1832. Anna Maria is the only Clugston with land in Drumsallagh in the Griffith’s survey.
Presumably, Anna Maria and her mother Faithful continued to live in her father Robert’s house after his death.
Robert Clugston born Aghdaerg, Down, served in the Royal Artillery from 1804-1824. He was discharged at age 39 (so born 1785). The fact that he was born in Aghaderg indicates that John who left a will in Aghaderg 1806 was his father.

There is another Robert Clugston 1818-1895.1.28 in Drumsallagh. He inherited grumpy John’s land after John’s death. His will shows further family estrangement. After dividing his land between his sons Samuel and James, he states “to my son John Clugston a sum of one pound which I owe him and this one pound is in full satisfaction and discharge of all claims by him on my estate.” He was leasing his father’s 4 acres in Derrydrummuck 9ab to Captain T Percy. Robert lived at Loughbrickland 10a 37, a house in the centre of the village, near to the school at Loughbrickland 10a 35.
I do not know who the estranged son John is; it is not John of Ouley, whose father was named John.

On 14 March 1844 Robert Clugston was indicted (with Seargent William Hume, William Campbell, Thomas Anderson, James Jackson, Samuel Waldron, Robert McBarney, George Harper, John Morgan, Joseph Edmundson, John Edmundson jun. John Edmondson sen, James Brown, Thomas Lusk, and John Clarke) with walking in an Orange Procession in July 1843 into Scarva, and for assaulting two Catholics. Robert played the fife in the procession. This was apparently the first Orange parade in Irish history that turned violent.

Robert is listed as a “farmer of Derrydrummuck” in his will. He is listed in the 1877 and 1880 street directory for Loughbrickland as “Clugston, Robert, grocer”.

John Clugston d. 1806 Aghaderg = Mary ____
    John Clugston ~1770-1858.7.28  d Derrydrummuck
    Robert Clugston 1785-1832 b Aghaderg d. Drumsallagh. Artillery.
     = Faithful ___ -1860. d Drumsallagh
        Robert Clugston 1818-1895.1.28  d. Derrydrummuck Grocer
            James Clugston 1856- b Down
            (1901: Newtownbutler, Fermenagh. Irish Church)
            Samuel Alexander Clugston 1860- (single in 1911) School teacher
            John Clugston
        Anna Maria Clugston 1818-1896.3.11 d Drumsallagh
            (Death witness: R H Carswell)
        Sarah Ann Clugston 1824-1911.9.25 d. Carrickdrummond, Co Down.
          = Nathan Carswell m 1847.6.25 Banbridge.  
            (Nathan son of James Carswell)
            (1911: 9 Ballymaratly More, Donaghmore, Down)
            Robert Henry Carswell 1848-1927.5.29
              = Matilda Bell m1881.7.15
                Nathaniel Carswell 1883.1.6 b Drumsallagh
            Joseph Carswell 1852-
            Mary Carswell 1855-

Robert of Aghada, Down enlisted in the Eighth Battalian on 1804.10.15 at Rathfriland, County Down. He was retired from the artillery 1824.8.24 because he was “worn out and cough and shortness of breath”. He was 39 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, fair hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, occupation a weaver.

There are other Clugstons in Aghaderg who are probably related.

Marriage at the Registrar’s Office at Banbridge 28th Dec 1854 between
William Clugston, weaver of Ballintagart – father John Clugston, schoolmaster and
Agnes Graham, widow of Ballintagart – father James Graham, farmer.

Who could the schoolmaster be? The fact that Agnes is a widow shows this was a second marriage, and they could both be quite old. The schoolmaster could not be John of Edenderry (the carpenter) nor John of Seapatrick (who was listed in the flax grower’s bounty). Nor is he John of Ouley, who was a labourer. Grumpy John is the most obvious candidate, but since Robert had inherited the farm by 1864, William must have died before then without leaving an heir. John of Aghaderg is too old to be the father (he had been dead for 48 years by then).

William Cluxton of Ballynaskea, Aghaderg, d. 1850.1.30. He had a Roman Catholic burial. Most of the Clugstons seem to have been staunchly Protestant, so he would have to have married a Catholic.

Matthew Clugston of Aghaderg seems to be his son (since Matthew had a Catholic marriage). But William could potentially be a brother who died young.
Matthew had a house and small garden in Ballynaskeagh 24g, part of a cluster of small houses on a large estate.
This seems be Matthew Clugston of Loughbrickland, Merchant Seaman (ticket #406241) Other merchant seamen at the same time include Alex Clugston of Bangor #239978, Jas Clugston of Forfar #357737, William Clugas of Douglas #404658, William McCluggish of Carrickfergus, #477211. (The National Archives BT114 piece 4, 1845-1854).
There is however a Matthew Clogston born Belfast, Merchant Seaman, age 28 in 1856. In 1855 he had a voyage with Home voyage “S.11.11 Thetis Dumfries J St John 6.10”. The brig Thetis was owned by David Cassady 1811-1862 of Dumfries who died on a return voyage from Quebec.

William Cluxton d. 1850.1.30 d. Ballynaskea, funeral Aghaderg Catholic church
    Matthew Clugston 1819-1879.12.11 d. Church St Banbridge. Sea Captain
      = Mary McClory m 1844.7.28 Aghaderg Catholic church
        (Death: Widower. Labourer age 60. Witness: Easy McClory of Banbridge.)
        Elizabeth Clugston 1854-  (died before 1906)
          = Charles Moore Weldridge 1853- .Painter. m 1873.7.12 St Annes Church of Ireland, Belfast
            (Marriage witness: Samuel Clugston (illiterate))
            (Charles remarried Mary Jane who died 1903.9.8, then remarried Mary Jane Carthy 1906.7.28)
            Sophia Willdridge 1874.8.25 b 94 Henry St Belfast
            Charles Moore Willdridge 1879.11.26-1881.12.20 b. 9 College St Wesh Belfast d. 133 Sandy Row Belfast

PRONI D4220/3/2 is
“18 March 1841. Survey for Margaret Caldwell of lands in Ballynaskeagh, Co. Down, signed by Walter Caldwell, Martin Caldwell, John Clugston.”

Clugstons near Ouley, County Down

These are descendants of John born 1820. He is the right age to be the son of Robert and Faithful Clugston. But John Clugston of Edenberry born 1818 could also be their son.

Note that James Chambers and Robert Clugston of Lisnafiffy were witnesses of Mary Knight’s will in 1878, so this John may be related to the Lisnafiffy Clugstons.

John Clugston 1820-1887.1.29 of Ouley labourer widower. 
    (Witness at John's death: Son John Clugston of Arderagh)
    Jane Clugston 1844-1897.1.17 d. Drummaharc Loughbrickand
      = John Winters surfaceman
         m 1872.10.14 Registrar's Office, Newry
        (1872: Jane lived in Ouley)
        (John son of Peter Waters farmer of Ouley)
        (This may be John Winters, widower, b 1841 of Caskum 20, Loughbrickland).
        John Winters 1874.1.16 b Loughbrickland, Down
        Agness Winters 1875.9.14
        Jane Winters 1879.7.12 b Ardkeragh, Down
    John Clugston 1846-1913.2.15 b. Ardheragh. d. Glaskamore. labourer. Illiterate.
        (Griffiths 1864: Ouley 5b John Clugston, landlord John Waddell -> Thomas Waddell (1891) --> Vacant in 1895.)
         (John was found dead. Coroner report 1913.2.17).
      =(1)  Mary Moor (of Glaskamore) (Might not be married)
        Mary Clugston 1871.10.24 b Glaskamore, Co Down
      =(2) Margaret Chambers 1844-1877.Q2 m 1873.10.24 ("Glugston") Scarva Presb church
        (Margaret dau of George Chambers of Newry. Both living in Curley Lordship of Newry before married; this is directly south of Ouley. Death registered Newry)
        (1901: Glaskermore, Co Down)
        (1911: Glaskerbeg West, Glaskermore, Co Down. John was born in 1843)
         William John Clugston 1874.10.6-1884.9.1 b. Ouley, Down d. Arderagh, Down
         Thomas Clugston 1875.12.17-1913.1.28 b Ouley, Down d. Glaskermore, cause:tuberculosis 5 years. Bachelor.
         George Clugston 1877.3.3 b. Arderagh, Down (twins)
         Jane Clugston 1877.3.3 b Arderagh, Down (twins) Death reg. Newry 1877.Q1 age 0.

William James Clugston of Ouley was born in County Down 1846 and living alone in Ouley 11 in 1911. (This is Griffiths 15; “Jas Clugeston” took it from John Little in 1884, and was replaced with “Wm J Clugeston” in 1885). Illiterate. The house is marked as “(Thatch)” in Griffiths indicating he was not wealthy.

    William James Clugston 1843-1912.1.7 b Down. d. Ouley. Never married.
       (1901: Ouley 16, Co Down)
       (1911: Ouley 11, Co Down. Born 1839)
       (Death witness Isaac Peterson, farmer, neighbour)
(This could be the son of William & Mary Ann McCullough of Armagh, or the son of Thomas & Sarah McShane of Antrim)
   William Clugston 1875- b. Belfast Paper roller. Presb.
        (1911: Newry North Urban, Down, boarding with Arthur Chambers 1840- (widowed) & family )

Thomas Clugston of Tullymurry

Thomas Clugston of Tullymurry, Donaghmore, County Down was a ploughman married to Ann. Their first child was born in 1826. Around 1830 they moved to Ballintate, County Amargh. See the Armagh page for further details. Tullymurry is slightly west of Ouley.

Kilkeel, County Down

Tithe Applotments:
Clugston, William Townland: Ballyveamore Year: 1830

James is presumably the son of William.

James Clugston fisherman (or farmer)
  = Sarah McCrory  1814-1886.4.16 d Ballyvea. Kilkeel Cause of death: breast cancer
    (Sarah's death witness: daughter Ellen)
    (1901: 3 Ballyveaghmore, Ballykeel, Down. Leased from James Stevenson)
    Sarah Clugston 1841.1.15 bap 1841.31 at Annalong Pres
    James Clugston 1852-  (or 1854) b. Down. Fisherman
    Ellen Clugston 1857-   (or 1858) Seamstress
      = George Nugent 1863-  b Down. Fisherman m 1886.9.9 Annalong Church of Ireland Kilkeel
        (George son of William Nugent of Ballymartin farmer)
        (Ellen living at Ballyocamore before marriage. Witness: Jane McClunghan, Richard Cretchley)
        William Nugent 1892 = Elizbeth K Newell m 1922.7.1 New York

(probably another son of James)
Mary Clugson 1839- = John McClenaghan 1835-
    William McClenaghan 1870.9.28-1919.1.10 b Ballykeel Kilkeel (birth witness Margaret McClenaghan) d. Toronto, Ontario
    William McClenaghan 1870.8.20 b Down
    Sarah Jane McClenaghan 1873.7.17 b Kilkeel
    (this could be John 1835- = Mary 1839- Ballykeel 27, son John b 1880)

(Mary McClenaghan 1848-1918 d Kilkeel farmers widow. death witness maggie Mclenaghan)

Margaret Clarkson = John Sloan m 1869.Q1  v11 p 665
    William Sloane 1869.1.28
    Margaret Sloane 1871.7.29
    John Sloan 1873.6.4
    Sarah Sloan 1879.4.9 Ballviegh, Down (Birth witness: Annie Sloan, illiterate)

Robert Clarkson 1818-1864 d. Kilkeel

William Clarkson m 1848.Q1 Downpatrick v4 p 618

Clugstons near Drumnaquoile

(Tyrella is 3km SE of Clough)
(Drumnaquoile is 5km NW of Clough)
(Magheradrool is 2km SE of Ballynahinch, 2km NE of Drumnaquoile).

Samuel Clugston, Tyrella of Islandmuck; will probated 1707.8.1

James Clugston Magheradrool requested financial assistance of 6 pence from Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church 23 Dec 1705
Mrs. Janet Clugston Magheradrool produced a testimonial from Rev. Gilbert Kennedy of Tullylish to Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church, Mar 1715
Rachall Clugston Magheradrool produced a Testimonial from Rev John Hutchinson of Armagh to introduce her at Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church 10 Feb 1723

1767 Joseph Clugston, age 18 (born 1749) becomes an apprentice tailor in Newry, County Down. He is listed as a freeholder in Newry in 1787, 1789, and 1790. He died around 1810. Mary Clugston was his sole heiress.

James Clugston the Weaver of Drumnaquoile

PRONI D566/178. 1804.12.1
Lease from 1 November 1804 for 1 life or 18 years from Mathew Forde, Esq., Seaforde, Co. Down to James Clugston, farmer, Drumanaquoile, Parish of Kilmegan, Co. Down. Rent £7. 11s. 10d. stg, rent plus fees £15.18s. 6d. stg, per annum alienated without consent. Lands relating to 5 acres 2 roods 38 perches plantation measure of Drumanaquoile, Parish of Kilmegan, Co. Down.

PRONI D566/262. 1811.10.4
Lease from 1 November 1810 for 1 life or 17 years from Mathew Forde, Esq., Seaforde, Co. Down to Alexander Clugston, farmer, Clera [Claragh, Parish of Loughinisland], Co. Down. Rent £32. 5s. 3d. stg, rent plus fees £60. stg, per annum alienated without consent. Lands relating to 5 acres plantation measure of Claragh, Co. Down.

(Maghersaul is directly southeeast of Aghlisnafin)
Clugston, Alexr. Townland: Magherasaul Year: 1829

Mr A Clugston of County Down was a subscriber to a book of poetry “Poetic sketches, descriptive of the Giant’s Causeway, and the surrounding scenery: with some detached pieces” (1819)

Sarah is either James’s wife, or his sister.
The Castlewellan Court Book, 1824 mentions two court cases:
Sarah Clugston and Jane Bell of Drumnaquile assaulted Biddy Smith of Ballywillwill on 1824.5.29-1824.5.30
David Magorien of Canvaraghan vs James Clugston of Drumnaquile, non-payment of wages for weaving, amount 4s/2d 1824.6.20

James Clugston  Weaver, Drumnaquoile
  = Sarah /Clugston/ 1791-1866 d. Drumnaquoile
   ( James Clugston, Drumnaquoile, Down, 1815 & 1821, Landlord Matthew Forde)
   (1829 Tithe Aplottments: Clugston, James Townland: Drumnaguoile)
   (Griffith's 1863: Aghlisnafin 6b, Kilmegan, Down: Sarah Cluxton (subleased from James McDowell.
    This is 100m from Drumnaquoile, and 50m from Ballywillwill)


Someone suggests that Margaret Clugston of Aghaderg may have been married to John Mehaffey 1785-1873.

Mary Jane Clugston Kilpike = John Anderson m 1834.10.17 Tullylish Pres
  Witnesses John & William Clugston

John Clugston farmer
    Jane Clugston 
       = Robert Bodwell m 1891.6.18 Tullylish Presb. 
    (1891: Jane lived in Upper Lisnafiffy. Robert lived in Canada. Witnesses John Clugston and Mary Jane Clugston)

There is:
Robert Clugston = Ann
    Jane Clugston 1851.4.17-1927.9.5 (or born 1856.4) b Ireland d. Brant, Ontario
       = Robert Bodwell 1849.7 b Ireland
         (1901: Brant, Ontario. Janes was born 1852, immigrated 1891)
         (1911: Brant, Ontario. Jane was born 1856.4)
         Robert James Bodwell 1895.5.23 b Onondaga Township, Brant, Ontario

____ Clugston 
    Jane Clugston 1826-1886.1.12 d Tullyear. Spinster
    Elizabeth Clugston of Tullyear. Sister of Jane.

Eliza Clugston 1835-1897.3.17 d. Loughbrickland. Spinster. Found dead, heart failure.

Eliza Clugston 1820-1888.2.17 found dead in ditch at Sheeptown, Newry. Widow.
Margaret Clugston - 1888.2.18  d. Sheeptown, Newry.
(Housekeeper for Mr Moore, Blacksmith, Sheeptown. George Heslip found her drowned in a ditch with a bottle of whisky near her house near Sheeptown Chapel. "Middle aged", so presumably born around 1840. Earlier news story gives her name as Ellen, found by Murphy).

Mary Clougston (not married)
    Elizabeth Cloughston b 1868.4.24 Banbridge workhouse

_____ Clugston. Mechanic
   = Elizabeth ____ 1804-1894.3.29 d. Library Lane Banbridge
     (Death witness: Agnes Patterson)

John Clugston clerk
    Mary Clugston 1911.10.5-1911.10.6 b&d Laurencetown, Banbridge

Margaret Clugston, widow, 1831-1903.8.17  Char woman d. Tullyhugh, Co Down
    (from 1896: Tullyhugh 47Bb, Tandragee rural, Armagh)
    (1901: Tullyhugh, Tandragee Armagh. Church of Ireland)
In 1880 Clugston, Mrs., dispensary nurse, Mill Street, Tandragee
Note that Margaret Clugston of Tandragee married Henry Crumney in 1880.

In November 1894 both she was sacked from being a midwife after one of her patients, Mrs Sloane, died due to infection caused by her neglect. Dr Palmer was sacked as well.

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