Clugstons in Armagh

Unravelling the relationships between the Clugstons in Armagh was difficult because there are two Robert Clugstons near Newtownhamilton, both of whom had a son called Thomas. There is a third Thomas Cluxton in Ballintate, who is known to have come from Donaghmore, County Down. There was also a travelling labourer (an “iron moulder”), Thomas Clugston from County Antrim, who had some children born in Newry, Armagh. Many of the men married women 15 or 20 years younger than them, making it difficult to identify generations.
Despite this, there are enough records that the entire family tree of Clugstons in Armagh has been completely established.

The tithe applotment book for Tullvallan Hamilton 1830 shows Robert Clugston as a landowner in “(Islands)” and Robert Clugston in “(Coulter Fulton &c)”. They are not the same man. In the 1864 Ordnance Survey Map, the centre of the Ballintemple townland is called “The Island”. Thomas Clugston and Anne Clugston were both landholders in Ballintemple in 1864, and Andrew Clugston had a cottage in the adjacent townland of Cavanakill. In 1864 William Clugston owned land in Tullyvallan, and this land seems to correspond to the land owned by other Robert Clugston.

When all of the records are combined, we see that Robert of Ballintemple is the father. He had at least three sons, Robert of Tullyvallen, Thomas of Ballintemple (ancestor of one third of Australian Clugstons), and James of Tullyvallen (ancestor of almost all Canadian Clugstons). All three families attended the same church, the 2nd Presbyterian Secessionist church. Anne Clugston and Andrew Clugston are from a totally different family. They attended the Church of Ireland, and will be discussed later.

Robert Clugston’s family was very strongly Presbyterian. Descendants in Canada and Australia were elders in the Presbyterian Church.

The 2nd Tullyvallen Presbyterian Church, Newtownhamilton, undertook a church census in 1826. This lists Robert Clugston, his wife Eleanor, and their 10 children. Immediately afterward is James & Sarah Clugston, and their four children Jane, John, Margaret, and Robert. We also have an 1851 census search record for Thomas Clugston and Jane Martin and their 9 children.

Combining the information from these three census records, we see just how rapidly a family can grow, and spread across the world. By the next generation, descendants were in Ontario Canada, NSW Australia, and Scotland.

Robert Clugston = ?Eleanor Larkin?
    Robert Clugston = Eleanor ?Anderson? 1782 - 1865
        Robert Clugston ~1806 (Son seems to have gone to Kingston,Ontario)
        John Clugston 1807-1848. Oswego,NY. Kids to Bathurst NSW
        Nancy Clugston 1810-1881.1.4 Markethill, Armagh
        Rev Thomas Clugston 1812-1884. Markethill, Armagh.
        James Clugston ~1814 (Unknown since 1826)
        Elizabeth Clugston ~1817 (Unknown since 1826)
        William Clugston 1819-1895 Belfast
        Isaac Clugston 1823-  Ontario
        Joseph Clugston 1824- 
        Sarah Clugston 1826
        Samuel Clugston 1826.10.15 - 1910 Belfast
    Thomas Clugston 1787-1872 = Jane Martin
        Robert Clugston 1830.1.27-1879.2.13 Cooma NSW
        Mary Clugston 1833- Inherited the farm at Newtownhamilton
        Samuel Clugston 1835-1915.10.26 Moruya NSW
        Jane Clugston 1841-1914 Cooma NSW
        Ellen Clugston 1840-  Markethill, Armagh
        Margaret Clugston 1843- Glasgow
        Elizabeth Clugston 1846- Armagh
        Sarah Clugston 1848-  Newtownhamilton
        Emily Clugston 1850-  Belfast 
    James Clugston = Sarah ?Smyth? 1791-1876
        Jane Clugston
        John Clugston 1819  Euphrasia, Ontario
        Margaret Clugston
        Robert Clugston 1823.10.13 Ontario
        Agnes Clugston 1826.10.1
        James Clugston 1828.9.7 Euphrasia, Ontario
        Sarah Clugston 1832.8.13-1921.4.7 Caledon, Ontario

Robert is the firstborn of the three sons. The family used Scottish traditional naming for several generations, so his father’s father would also have been Robert Clugston, and he would have been born before 1740. It most likely that he is “Robert Clugston Junior” of Rawes in the Armagh voting records, which would mean his father was also Robert Clugston. Eleanor’s father was likely named Thomas Larkin or James Larkin.

The 2nd Newtownhamilton Presbyterian church, reel MIC1P/443 at PRONI, contains Baptisms, 1823-1915; marriages, 1823-44 and 1862-1936; new communicants, 1823-61; communion roll,c.1870-1938; session minutes, 1827-9, with censures,1824-9; lists of membership certificates received and given, 1823-41; census of the congregation, 1826. That church was founded in 1810.

Two brothers, Robert Clugston born around 1792, and John Clugston born 1805, both born in Ireland, moved to Orange County, New York. They seem like the sons of Robert and Eleanor Anderson, except that John moved to Oswego, NY and was already married.

Probably related a generation earlier is Robert Clugston, weaver, his wife Margaret, and only daughter Emily, who lived in Sandy Row, Belfast, and attended Berry St Presbyterian Church, which was also secessionist.
It also seems likely that they were related to the Clugstons near Scarva, County Down, for there were militant Orangemen in both families.

Thomas Clugston of Ballintemple

A census search record for the 1851 census has survived for the family of Thomas Clugston and Jane Martin. (Available at Family tradition states that Thomas’ parents were Robert Clugston and Eleanor Larkin. I have not been able to determine the source of this information. Thomas’ two sons moved to NSW, Australia, together with one of his daughters. The family were strong Orangemen; the Orange Lodge met in the home of Thomas Clugston. The sons of Robert Clugston Jr were members of the Armagh Orange Lodge, despite being born in Australia. Their lodge met on the outskirts of Newry, about 10km from Ballintemple.
Their landlord was Sir Walter Synnot (1741-1821) of Ballymoyer House, and subsequently they leased from his son, Marcus Synnot. The Synnots were also heavily involved in the Orange Lodge, and Patrick George Synnot became Grand Master of Ballymoyer Lodge. Marcus Synnot had previously represented Newtownhamilton in the Select Committee.
Sir Walter Synnot’s second wife was Ann Elizabeth Martin, daughter of Rev Robert Martin. Andrew Clugston (unrelated; discussed later) lived in a small house on the grounds of Ballymoyer House. I presume he was the groundskeeper.
Sir Walter Synnot built Ballymoyer House in 1778.

We can see from the name “Andrew Castles Clugston” that this family retained traditional Scottish naming even after moving to Australia. We can be confident, for example, that Thomas Clugston’s wife Jane Martin was the daughter of Samuel Martin, who is listed on the Tithe Applotments with Robert Clugston under “(Islands)”; and her mother was Mary. The naming tradition is not strictly adhered to, because Ellen is named later than Jane. It is possible though that there had been an older daughter named after the mother (Eleanor?). William Martin leased Ballintemple #60, about 500m from Thomas Clugston.

Robert Clugston 1830-1879
(Robert Clugston 1830-1879).

    Thomas Clugston 1787-1872.1.9 = Jane Martin
        (1864: Ballintemple 65, price 7-0-0 land, 2-0-0 buildings)
        Robert Clugston bap 1830.1.27-1879.2.13 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
          = Sarah Castles 1830-1912.06.04 m. 1855.8.4 
           (Sarah son of Andrew Castles 1807-1887.12.7 Reeling master d. 47 Wigton St Belfast; other siblings James Clugston = Bessy Creighton m 1868.10.12 Shankill Antrim, refreshment house keeper of 16 Cromac St Belfast; Hannah Castles b 1842 Armagh millworker preparer never married; Margaret Castles 1845- = William May m 1863.4.15 Dublin; another sister married McMurray of Newtownhamilton)
            (Robert and Sarah emigrated to Cooma, NSW)
            Thomas Clugston 1856.04.23- 1939.9.22 = Amy Christina Duvery -1918 Adaminaby m 1883
                Robert Clugston 1885-1963.5.22
                  = Dorothy Shaw 1893-1969.11.15 d. Yass m 1920 Yass
                Eleanor Amy Clugston 1887
                  = Edward A W Robertson m 1917 Cooma
                Charles William Clugston 1888-1957  b Cooma
                  = Lillie G Chapman 1898- m 1922
                Ada Elizabeth Clugston 1891-1907 (died young)
                Thomas Andrew Clugston 1892-1951 b.Cooma
                  = Mildred B Fulham 1898- m 1920 Cooma
                Herbert Samuel Clugston 1895-1902.3.16 (died young)
                Aubery James Barton Clugston 1897 = Elspie M Parsons m 1930
                Harold Leslie Clugston 1900-1965 = Ada M Phillips m 1924
                Bertha Jean Clugston 1904 = Albert Thomas m 1922
            Andrew Castles Clugston 1858.5.9-1902
              = Selina A Barrett 1888-1922 m 1894 Adaminaby
                Castles Cecil Clugston 1895-1964
                  = Janet R Paterson m 1935
                Alice May Clugston 1897-1936.2.5
                  = Reginald Walter Rossiter 1895-1973.11.19 m 1928 Cooma
                Sarah Florence Clugston 1899- = William G Picker m 1923
            Samuel Clugston 1860.3.9 - 1943.5.10
              = Edith Frances Locker 1880-1974 m 1898
                Francis Leslie Samuel Clugston 1899-1935.4.1
                  = Ella Phillips m 1922
                Edna Myrtle Clugston 1903-
                  = Arthur Walter Clutton 1903- m 1927 Newtown
                John Thomas Clugston 1908-1996
                  = Winifred Henrietta Mainerd 1909-1990
                Jean Marion Clugston 1911-
                  = William Reginald Magwick Moore 1909 m 1931
                Dudley Nelson "Doug" Clugston 1914-2007.9.17
                  = Irene Rose Scott m 1939.5.20
                Lulu Aldith Clugston 1918- = John E Cash m 1939
            Sarah Jane Clugston 1862.11.23-1944
              = Charles William Evans
            Robert Clugston 1865.1.17-1938
            William James Clugston 1868.4.3-1945
              =1 Sarah Frances Locker 1873-1903 m 1898
                Ella B Clugston 1898 = John H Mansfield m 1919
                Gladys Lillian Clugston 1901-1975.3.15 = Lawrence William Adams b Adaminaby m 1942
                Frances L J Clugston 1903 = Charles M Luton m 1930
              =2 Emily Caroline Locker 1876- m 1909
                Ronald William Clugston 1910.5.14-2000.1.6  b Adaminaby
                  = Beatrice Mary Bridle m 1939
                Alan R Clugston 1912
                Eric Campbell Clugston 1914 = Johanna Elizabeth Burke m 1937
                Essie Uma Clugston 1917 = Cyril L Potter m 1940
        Mary Clugston bap 1832.1.29-  bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
          = Joseph Downey m 1854.03.17 Newtownhamilton
           (1875: Ballintemple 65, took over from Mary's father Thomas Clugston)
            George Andrew Clugston Downey 1855 m 1880.Q1 Armagh
            Robert Downey 1857 = Mary Jane Farrell
                Mary Jane Downey 1885
            Jane Downey 1860
            Joseph Downey 1862
            Mary Downey 1868
            Thomas Alexander Clugston Downey 1875.6.17-1970.30.10 b Ballintemple, Armagh
                 d. Peeceville, Saskatchewan, Canada
                (Took over the farm from his father in 1921)
        Samuel Clugston bap 1834.5.19-1915.10.26 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
          = Jane Eliza McLean 1847.8.11-1942.6.1 m 1863.2.24 Broulee, NSW
            (Cooma, NSW then to Murwillumbah, NSW)
            Jane Clugston 1864-1928
              = Sam Milgate 1851-1920 m 1881
            Ellen Clugston 1865-1933
              = George Ireland 1860-1936 m 1882
            Thomas Clugston 1867-1941.8.26
              = Emily Ann Ireland 1871-1940 m 1888 b Bodalla
                (1913: Nimbin, NSW)
                Eliza Jane Clugston 1889-1957 b Moruya
                  = John Weley m 1916.10.25
                Dolleine May Clugston 1891 b Milton
                  = Malcolm Wilson m 1924.5 Tenterfield

                Samuel George Clugston 1893-1964 b Milton. Greyhound trainer
                  = Edith Alice A West 1893-1965 m 1913.11.19 St Paul's Presb, Lismore
                    (His uncle Ronald on the north coast gave him a greyhound in 1929)
                    Ashley Samuel Clugston 1914-  m 1944 Milk vendor and dairyman
                    Enid M Clugston 1915-
                    Jean Clugston 1917- = Bill Conroy. Greyhound trainers
                    Thomas Clugston d.1941
                Thomas Richard Ireland Clugston 1895-1913 (Killed in action on the Somme)
                Robert Stanley Herbert Clugston 1898-1982 b Milton m 1926 Cootamundra
                Pearl I E Clugston 1900-1989 b Murwillumbah
                  = William Flanagan m 1922.7.19
                Gladys E G Clugston 1902.12.14-1986 b Murwillumbah m 1924 Tenterfield
                Thelma R N Clugston 1905-1996 b Murwillumbah m 1941 White Cliffs NSW
                Ian Russell Malcolm Clugston 1909- m 1937
                Athol Gregory Clugston 1912-1929 b Lismore d. Windsor
                Lyle McKenzie Clugston 1914-2000 b Lismore
                Eric Lionel N Clugston -1966
            Flora "Annie" Clugston 1869-1963
              = Jack Ireland 1866-1930 m 1888 Moruya
            Ronald Clugston 1870-  (must have died young)
            Mary Amelia "Minnie" Clugston 1871-1941
              = Richard Ireland 1858-1939 m 1888
            William John "Willie" Clugston 1873-1896
              = Elizabeth Mary "Lil" Shiels 1876- m 1894
                Roderick John Clugston 1895- motor mechanic b Victoria
                  =1 Gladys Halliwell m 1915.11.13 Hindmarsh SA divorced 1919
                  =2 m 1922 Hindmarsh SA
                Robert Clugston -1929
            Robert Samuel Clugston 1875-1949
              =1 Emily Alice Thomas m 1898 Milton NSW
              =2 Alice Rose 1884-  m 1904
                Alan Keith Clugston 1905-1969  d Petersham m 1940
            Dougal Clugston 1877-1946
              = Lydia L Austin 1885-1959 m 1904 Lismore
                Dugald Samuel Raymond Clugston 1908-1990 b Byron Bay
                Ona M Clugston 1911-  m 1933
            Ronald Clugston 1879-1951
              = Elizabeth A Johnston 1886- m 1906 Murwillumbah
                Lionel N Clugston 1907 b. Lismore
                Ivy D Clugston 1914 Murwillumbah m 1934
                Jack E Clugston 1914 Murwillumbah
                Stanley William Clugston -1967
            Isabella Clugston 1881-1894
            Eliza Clugston 1882-
            Margaret C Clugston 1884-1885
            Emily Clugston 1887-1943
              = Bertie Garrett 1887- m 1906 Moruya
        Jane Clugston bap 1836.10.25-1914 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
           = James Kelly 1840-1926 b Liverpool NSW d Sydney
           (Janes's baptismal record incorrectly states "father Thomas, mother Mary")
           (moved to Cooma, NSW)
            William H Kelly 1860-  b Cooma
            Thomas C Kelly 1862-
            Amelia J Kelly 1864-
            James Kelly 1867-
            Robert S Kelly 1869-
            Edith Kelly 1870-
            Sarah Mary Kelly 1871-
            John D Kelly 1873-
            Alexander Stuart Kelly 1875- b. Cooma
        Ellen Clugston bap 1838.12.27- bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
         = Alexander Nickle  m 1860.2.14
            Amelia Nickle 1874.6.3 b Markethill, Armagh
            Eliza Nichol 1877.1.5
        Margaret Clugston 1843- 
           = James Bingham 1838- m 1862.9.11
             (James son of Hugh Bingham)
             (1891: New Monkland, Lanark)
             Sarah J Bingham 1864-
             Elizabeth Bingham 1865.10.12 b. New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
             Emma Bingham 1867 = Robert Lambie Milligan d. California
             Hugh Bingham 1870.4.28 b New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
             Margaret Bingham 1872.6.27 b New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
             Mary Bingham 1874.2.14 b New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
             Thomas C Bingham 1876-
             Hannah Bingham 1879-
             Ellen Bingham 1881
             Annie Bingham 1884
             Mary A Bingham 1889- b New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
        Elizabeth Clugston bap 1846.3.29- bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
          = Richard Warmington  m 1868.12.10 (Richard son of John Warmington)
             James Wormington 1869.7.9
             William Wormington 1871.12.15
             Thomas Warmington 1876.11.2
             Ellen Warmington 1880.5.9 b Cladbeg, Armagh
        Sarah Clugston bap 1848.8.15-1920.Q2  bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
           = Samuel Bailie 1848-  b. Armagh m 1873 
             (1901: Tullyvallen 130, Newtownhamilton)
             (1911: Tullyvallen 52, Newtownhamilton. 2 children 1 living)
             (Samuel was still alive in 1911)
             (1916: Living with Mr J Donaldson, Townsend, Newtownhamilton)
             Sarah Ann Bailie 1874.1.17 b. Newtownhamilton 
        Amelia Clugston 1851-  b Armagh. Dress maker bap 1852.8.23 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
          = Jackson Gardner 1857- b Down Saddler m 1879.5 Belfast
            (In the 1901 census she is born in "1858" but she was a newborn in the 1851 census)
            (1901: 11 Elm Street, Cromac, Belfast. 7 children, 6 living in 1911)
            Ellen Maria Gardner 1879.8.13 (twins!)
            Jane Gardner 1879.8.13 (twins!)
            Mary J Gardner 1880
            Jackson Clugston Gardner 1891

In 1860, George M Clugston born 1832 Ireland was staying with the family of Hiram and Charlotte Downey in Giard Township, Clayton, Iowa. He died there in 1907. But this seems to be Hiram Downing who married Charlotte Bryson in 1845 in Clayton, Iowa. So this is probably just a coincidence.

According to the Downey family Bible, another daughter is Hannah Clugston who married Hugh Bingham and moved to Scotland. But this might be a confused reference to Margaret.

It looks as though Sarah had a son out of wedlock. Since her sister Jane was already in Australia at this point, it indicates that her mother Jane Martin was still alive in 1867.

Sarah Cluxton
    Jane Cluxton 1867.4.20 b Ballintemple. (Birth Withness: Jane Cluxton)

Other Australian Clugstons.

(Might be descended from Andrew Clugston and Ellen Church of Victoria).
      John Clugston
          Janet Robertson Clugston -1957 d. Cooma NSW

Robert Cluxton of Tullyvallan

Robert Cluxton is apparently the brother of Thomas Clugston of Ballintemple, and is the oldest son of Robert Clugston.
Whren he died, his property was inherited by his son William.
The life of his son Rev Thomas Clugston is very well documented. Nothing is known about Robert, except that Rev Thomas’s obituary states that his father was “a noted mathematician”. which probably refers to mental arithmetic.

In the Griffith’s Survey, William Clugston, dairyman (who married Mary Ann McCullough) had Tullyvallan 270, 271 and 272. This is very close to the Newtownhamilton Secessionist Presbyterian Church which they attended. He also had Drumgane 6a and 6b. This went to William Walker in 1874. William Clugston’s son married Elizabeth Walker.

Dr. KAYE applied on behalf of William Cluxton, of Belfast, for a grant of probate of the will of Robert Cluxton, deceased. The testastor, who possessed property in the County Armagh, died on the 7th March, 1859. The present application was grounded on the affidavit of Samuel Cluxton, Thomas Hughes, and Henry Rowan Barker. Search had been made for the will, but it could not be found. Notice of the present application had been served personally on the next of kin in Belfast. Judge WARREN said he would require further evidence as to the loss of the will.
“Belfast Newsletter”, 30 May 1876

Henry Rowan Barker was born in 1803 and died in 1880. He was a solicitor.

In 1873, the wife of Samuel Cluxton, aged 40, was seduced by her neighbour, the husband of Mathilda Carroll. Samuel and his wife (“an uncommonly plain looking person”) had been married for 15 years, and had four children, the youngest being 2-3 years old. They had 15 acres in perpetuity. The accused is probably John Carroll, son of James Carroll, who married Mathilda Boyd in Tullyvallan on 17 June 1856. James Carroll had Tullyvallan 180 and 181, while Samuel Gamble had Tullyvallan 184 and 185. Samuel Gamble, son of John Gamble, was married in 1861. “Mrs Morton” is also mentioned in the court case, this would be Samuel Norton of Tullyvallan 266a. Samuel Clugston had only been married to Ann Gamble for 10 years at this time, but it’s plausible that they were exaggerating to make the adultery seem even more reprehensible.
The judge said that “the parties were in very humble circumstances, and no matter what the result of the case was, it was quite possible that the expense of that trial would be ruinous to both parties.”

The family tombstone of Rev Thomas Clugston also includes his sister Agnes Clugston 1810-1881.1.4, and also Esther Anderson 1780-1853.8.16, and Jane Anderson 1776-1856.2.18.
These are probably his aunts; otherwise it is very difficult to explain. We conclude that his mother’s maiden name was Anderson.

Robert Cluxton or Clugston - d. 1859.3.7
  = Eleanor ?Anderson? 1782-1865
    (1826: Tullyvallen, Armagh)
    Robert Clugston (first communion 1828)
      = Martha Clarke of Clarkesbridge m 1833.7.15 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
        Robert Clugston bap 1834.5.19 bap 2nd Presb Newtownhamilton
        Anne Clugston bap 1836.10.25 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
    John Clugston 1807-1848
      = Mary Thompson 1809.3.31-1896.9.15 b Newtownhamilton d. Oswego
        (John may have had a first marriage to Esther Smith)
        (Arrived in Oswego 1848)
        (Mary migrated to Bathurst, Australia in 1865 then returned to Oswego on the "California" in 1879).
        (Website about this family)
        (1880: Oswego, NY)
        Jane Clugston 1836- b Ireland 
          = Robert Hanan 1832- b Ireland Mason
            (1855: Ward 3, Oswego, NY. Jane's mother Mary was staying with them)
            (1865: Emmigrated to Bathurst, permanently)
            Mary Hanan 1855- b Oswego, NY
            John Hanan 1857- b Oswego, NY
            William Hanan 1861- b. Oswego, NY
            Jane Hanan 1863- b. Oswego, NY
        Robert Clugston 1837-1896.1.23 b Ireland  Sail Maker
         = Ann Conway 1838-1914.11.6 b Ireland d. Oswego NY
            (Ann dau Mary Conway 1800- b Ireland)
            (All became Catholic)
            (1865: Oswego, NY)
            (1875: Oswego, NY)
            (1892: Oswego, NY)
            John Clugston 1858-1881 b Oswego NY
            Jennie Clugston 1860-1900 = Daniel O'Conner 
                Harriet K O'Conner 1886- = Robert B Walpole
            Mary Clugston 1860- b Oswego NY
            Ann Clugston 1862-1905 b Oswego NY = Thomas H McGrath
            Robert Clugston 1864-1882 b Oswego NY (11 months old in 1865)
            William Clugston 1868-1889 b Oswego NY
            Edward Clugston 1871- b Oswego NY
        James Clugston bap 1846.1.8 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
        Mary Clugston 1848- b Canada = Michael Fitzgibbon 1841- b Canada
    Agnes Clugston 1810-1881.1.4 died unmarried
        (First communion 1832, Tullyvallan 2nd Pres)
    Rev Thomas Clugston 1812-1884 Secessionist Presbyterian minister at Boardmills
      = Anne Qua 1827-1880 m 1849-7-3.
      (Thomas's first communion 1832, Tullyvallan 2nd Pres)
      (Seven children still living in Jan 1885, living in extreme poverty, church members
       adopted them).
        Robert Smyth Clugston 1850-1873   died young
        Rebecca Clugston 1851-1853        died young
        Jane Clugston 1855-1871           died young
        Miss Clugston 1855-1855  (unnamed - stillborn?)
        Elenor Charlotte Clugston 1856- (must have died young)
        Mary Ann Clugston 1858-1884       died young
        Ellen Elizabeth Clugston 1857-1917.2.17 d. Carricknaveagh Co Down spinster.  Seamstress
        Rebecca Clugston 1859-1879        died young
        James Qua Clugston 1861-1928      single in 1911 Farmer
        William Samuel Clugston 1863.5.5-1837.10.16
           = Sarah Rainey 1862- m 1896.12 Belfast. Teacher
          (1901: Albert St, Bangor, Down. Principal of Conlig National School in 1910)
          (In 1908 he was executor of the will of William Miller Esq of Conlig).
          (died Hazeldene Gardens, Bangor, last surviving family member of Rev Thomas)
            Ethel Clugston 1898
            Howard Thomas Clugston 1901
              = Olive Maud Boot 1899-1940.3.15  d Rockdale m 1937
               (Moved to Sydney)
               (Olive dau of Luther Handford Boot and Maud Amelia d 1954 St Ives)
               (Olive prev married to William R Geary m 1923 Canterbury NSW)
               (she died leaving husband and one son)
        Agnes Clugston 1865-              single in 1911 Seamstress
        Thomas John Clugston 1868-1925    single in 1911 Farmer
        Joseph Stuart Clugston 1870-1932 bricklayer
          =(1) Margaret Jane McDowell m1893.3.29 Fitzroy Ave Presb Church, Belfast
            (Margaret dau of Richard McDowell sailor)
            (Joseph emmigrated to New York, 1912, 1914)
            Thomas Lowden Clugston 1894.1.27 b 5 Hastings St Belfast. Carpenter
                (1935: Patterson, Passaic, New Jersey. Married)
            Joseph William Clugston 1896- b Ireland (single in 1930)
            James Alfred Clugston 1899.5.24 b 18 Hastings St Belfast
          =2 Margaret A 1876-
              Sarah Charlotte Clugston- 1914- b New York
        David Alexander Clugston 1872-1889 died single
    James Clugston
       (Alive in 1826. Must be born about 1814)
    Elizabeth Clugston
       (Alive in 1826. Must be born about 1817)
    William Clugston 1819-1895.2.2 d. 5 Bloomfield Terrace Belfast. Dairyman
      = Mary Ann McCullough 1841-1912.12.20 m 1862.12.24  (9 kids, 7 still living in 1911.)
       (Mary Ann eldest daughter of Samuel McCullough, Markethill)
       (1862: william was living in Tullyvallen, Mary Ann living in Brackley)
       (1864: Tullyvallen 270, 271 and 272)
       (1876: On "Ann Clugson"'s birth record, gave his birthplace as "17 Wesley" but newspaper report says "33 University Street, Belfast" - they are 200m apart)
       (1882: Mornington St, Belfast)
       (1901: 201 Albertbridge Rd Belfast)
       (1912: 1 Kerrsland Drive Belfast)
        Robert Samuel Clugston 1864-   b. Armagh. Grocer merchant
          = Francis Jane Agar 1869  m 1888.4.2 St Johns Church Belfast 5 kids 4 living in 1911          
          (1911: Connsbrook Avenue, Victoria, Down)
            Edith Clugston 1892 = _____ Abernethy
            William Bruce Clugston 1893
              = Ethel Marguerite m 1921.Q3
            John Clugston 1897.6.23-1941.3.6b 2 Hibernia Place Belfast. Linen warehouse manager
            Robert Clugston 1907
       (female) Clugston 1865.1.19 b Drumgane, Co Armagh
        Elizabeth Clugston 1866.9.7-1947.10.3 b Drumgane, Armagh buried Knockbreda church
          = William Bruce 1859-1930.11.9 m 1887.Q3 Belfast Down Book keeper
            (1911: 158 Larkfield Road, Victoria, Down)
            (Presbyterian Secession Church. 3 children, 2 living in 1911)
            Dorothy Mary "Dolly" Bruce 1895-1953.2.28 b. Down
               = Francis Jackson -1957.3.5 boot repairer
            William Samuel Bruce Draftsman = Mabel
                (no issue)

        Thomas James Clugston 1868.12.13-1936.2.16  b Drumgane, Co Armagh. Linen Lapper
          = Elizabeth Walker 1872-1942.11.11 m 1896.Q1 Newry  b Armagh. 3 kids, all living in 1911
          (1901: Larkfield Rd, Victoria, Down.)
          (1911: Ormeau, Down; Sarah Martha Sleeth of Markethill was staying with them)
            Margaret Walker Clugston 1900.3.21
            Mary Anne Clugston 1903
            William Isaac Clugston 1907 b Armagh
        John McCullough Clugston 1871.9.24 b Drumgane, Co Armagh
          = Elizabeth Stuart m 1903 Q3 Grocer
        Minnie Clugston 1871- b. Armagh
          = Acheson Harden Thompson 1870.12.17 b. 14 Ashmore St Belfast Engineering Agent m 1898.12.26 Berry St Presb, Belfast
            (Acheson son of Alexander Thompson teacher=Jane Kennedy. Wedding witnesses: William Joseph Clugston, Maggie Rosetta Pettigrew)
             (1911: 9 Cyprus Ave, Pottinger, Down)
              William Clugston Thompson 1903-
        William Joseph Clugston 1874-1905.5.10  Merchant Tailor and Outfitter's Manager
        Margaret Ann Clugston 1876.6.24- b. Belfast Biscuit and Cake Packer
          = Henry Irvine 1882- m 1903.Q2 Belfast Shipyard Piece Works Cost Clerk
              (1911: 21 Sintonvilla Ave, Pottinger, Down)
            John George Clugston Irvine 1911-
        George Mahood Clugston 1881-1954.10.9 d. Belfast  Wholesale Grocer's Clerk. 1912: Cashier
          = Winifred Margaret McCullagh -1984.6.19 m 1917 Belfast  Book-keeper
        Isaac Smith Clugston 1884-1906.7.17 Flour and Shipping Clerk
        1865 female  (still alive in 1911)
        1866 female  (still alive in 1911)
    Isaac Clugston 1823.8.21-1906.4.19 b. Ireland d. Kildbride, Halton. Farmer
      = Mary Patterson 1826.10.11 b Ireland
       (Isaac's first communion 1841 at 2nd Presb)
       (Arrived Canada 1848. Mary arrived 1833)
       (1851,1861,1871, 1881 "Clugson", 1891,1901: Nelson, Halton, Ontario)
       (Free church)
        Robert George Clugston 1854.7.9-1936.7.12 b. Halton
          =(1) Agnes Elizabeth Allison 1861-1894.4.10 d. Halton
            (Very large and elaborate gravestone)
             Earle Clugston
          =(2) Annie Maria Wigood 1859-1930 m 1899.1.25 Mountsberg, Wentworth, Ontario
        Susannah Clugston 1858.12.1-1900.10.23 d. Halton, Ontario
          = Stephen Barberrer 1852 m1899.6.4 Nelson, Halton, Ontario
        Isaac Thomas Clugston 1863.1.16-1948.4.8 b.Ontario d.Wentworth
          = Lydia Sutton 1864.12.24-1935.2.16 b. Ontario m1893.3.8 East Flamboro, Wentworth, Ontario d. Wentworth
            Edith M Clugston 1894.12.6- b. Ontario
              = William Stanley Zimmerman m 1916.5.24 Freelton, Wentworth, Ontario
    Joseph Clugston 1824 First communion 1841 at 2nd Presb
    Sarah Clugston 1826
    Samuel Clugston 1826.10.15 - 1910 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton. Night Watchman
      = Agnes Gamble 1841-1912 b Monaghon
              m 1863 Muckno, Monaghon (Agnes daughter of John Gamble)
        (female) Cluxton 1864.6.14
        Anna Eliza Clugston 1866.6.21 b Tullyvallen single in 1911
            (birth witness: Elizabeth Clugston, Tullyvallen)
        Robert John Clugston 1870-1912  (b. Armagh)   Despatch clerk
        (surely there are other children in this 7 year gap? They had 4 children in 1873)
        Eleanor Clugston 1877 (b. 24 Belmore St Belfast)        single in 1911
            (Witness at birth: Elizabeth Clugston, illiterate)

Other records from the 2nd Presb Church. Probably Jane is the daughter, not the wife.

John Clugston = Jane
    (unnamed daughter) bap 1837.3.26 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton

(Possibly a second marriage of Robert and Martha, though this would also require that their first son Robert died 1834-1839)
Robert Clugston = Jane
     Robert Clugston bap 1839.4.7 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton

The son seems to have moved to Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston is at the mouth of Lake Ontario, towards Montreal. It is quite far from the other Clugstons described here, but by process of elimination, seems to be part of this family. This Robert is not part of the family of John Clugston and Letitia McBride from County Antrim, who settled in London, Ontario (at the opposite end of Lake Ontario) in 1889.

Robert Clugston 1836.5.12-1908.3.23 b Ireland d. Kingston, Ontario. Stone mason
   = Elizabeth Mcmahon 1838.8.12- b Ontario
    (Robert emmigrated to Canada 1851)
    (1871 "Cluxton": Rideau Ward, Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario)
    (1881 "Cluxton": Rideau Ward, Kingston, Ontario. Presbyterian)
    (1891 "Clugston": Rideau Ward, Kingston, Ontario. Church of England)
    (1901 "Clugston": Rideau Ward, Kingston, Ontario. Presbyterian)
    William Robert Clugston 1864.10.12-1935.3.20 b Ontario. Mason 
       = Hannah Zeigler m 1916.2.10 Kingston, Ontario
    Thomas Alexander Clugston 1864.10.12- b Ontario. Mason
      = Fannie 1879.7.22 b Ontario
       (1901 "Clugston": Rideau Ward, Kingston, Ontario. Presbyterian)
    Ann Eliza Cluxton 1866- b Ontario

BREACH OF THE CONTAGIOUS DISEASES (ANIMALS) ACT, The Belfast Poor-law Guardians summoned Wm. Clugston, of Mornington Street, cowkeeper, for not having cleansed a byre before ten o’Clock a.m., and also for having kept pigs. Mr. C. H. WARD, who prosecuted, said the summons was brought in pursuance of the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878, and by virtue of the Dairies, Cowshed, and Milkshops (Ireland) Council Order, 1879. The wife of the defendant was in court, and as it appeared that she had only lately come to the town, and that pigs which she kept had been disposed of, he would only ask for a very small penalty. The Bench inflicted a fine of 5s, and costs. — Belfast Newsletter, 1882 Feb 4.

Armagh Clugstons in Ontario

The remaining son, James, is the ancestor of most Clugstons in Canada. His oldest son, John, arrived in Ontario in 1837, and settled in Euphrasia. Other family members followed in 1844.

Some unrelated Clugstons came in 1889; they were descendants of John Clugston and Letitia McBride, and they settled in London, Middlesex, Ontario. William Cluxton, orphan, also came from County Louth to Peterborough, Ontario, in 1832.
Rev John Clugston of Glasgow was also in Notre-Dame, Quebec in 1842.

From the church census and the baptismal records, the family is:

James Clugston = Sarah _____ 1791-1876
   (1826: Tullyvallen)
   (1871: Cardwell, Caledon, Ontario. Age 80. Living with daughter Sarah)
   (Sarah moved to Ontario after 1861, before 1871)
    Jane Clugston
    John Clugston
    Margaret Clugston
    Robert Clugston 1823.10.13 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
    Agnes Clugston 1826.10.1 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
    James Clugston 1828.9.7 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
    Sarah Clugston 1832.8.13 - 1921.4.7 bap 1834.1.24 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
      = James Rayburn 1822.1.6 -1896.1.4 b. Monaghan d. Caledon, Ontario

The family aged “remarkably well”. Robert was baptised in 1823. By 1851 he was born in 1824, and when died, he was born in 1827.
James also managed to skip a year somewhere.

There was a Margaret Clughston age 65 (born 1796) in Caledon in 1861, and Sarah Clugston age 80 (born 1791) in Caledon in 1871. Perhaps both are the same person.

Some online trees and forum posts claim that James’s wife was Sarah Knott; I believe this is impossible. It is known that their son James married Annie Knott, and she came from Sligo, which is on the other side of Ireland. Others claim her name was Sarah Smyth.

One site states John Clugston = Sarah Smyth, with kids (partly erroneous):

  John 1818 = Rachel Bell
  Unknown 1829-
  Margaret Maria Clugston 1829- =  Joe Rayburn
  James Clugston 1829 = Annie Knott
  Sarah Clugston 1833 = James Rayburn
  Eliza Clugston 1834 = ?? Black
  Robert Clugston 1836 = Eliza Knott

James’ 1908 obituary states the family moved to Canada in 1844 and lived near Brampton, and that James moved to Euphrasia, Ontario in 1857. But the census shows him in Euphrasia by 1851, and he bought land there in 1856.
There is a photo of Isaac Clugston (1866-1945) here:

    John Clugston 1819-1900 Farmer (age 50 in 1871)
      = Rachael Bell 1831-feb (age 48 in 1881) (age 39 in 1871) b Toronto
        (John arrived in Ontario 1837)
        (1851: 155 East Grey, Euphrasia. Canada)
        James Clugston 1848.6.1-1935
          = Esther Jane Armstrong 1863.4.26- m 1884.2.28 (In 1851 he was listed as John age 4 in 1851)
            John James Clugston 1884.11.28-  (single in 1911)
            William George Clugston 1894.9.19- (single in 1911)
        Ann Clugston 1850.2-1928.4.10 d. Grey, Ontario
        Sarah Clugston 1855.11.5 - 1940
          = William James Armstrong m1882.5.23 Euphrasia
            Henry Robert Armstrong 1893.5.13 b. Himsworth, Parry Sound, Ontario
            Darrell Thomas Armstrong 1895.5.23 b. Himsworth, Parry Sound, Ontario
            Joseph Reuben Armstrong 1898.9.26 b. Himsworth, Parry Sound, Ontario
        John Clugston 1855-1861? age 4 in 1861
        Robert Clugston 1857-1871
        Joseph Clugston 1858-1884
        John Clugston 1864 -1934.12.13 Ontario Farmer
          = Virginia Ida McNeece 1879-1966 m 1907.3.12 (Virginia dau John McNeece & Margaret Mcafee 1847-1935)
            (Both buried Lakeview Cemetery, Meaford, Grey, Ontario, with Margaret Mcafee and Inez)
            Lilian Clugston 1907.7.5 - 1979.12 = Christopher Bowes
            John Josiah Clugston 1909.1.3-1909.1.30 b&d Euphrasia
            May Clugston 1910.3.25 - 1987.11 = James Smith
            Ezra Clugston 1915.5.2 - = Marian Laycock
            Inez Virginia Clugston 1917-1917.11.13 (died infancy) d. Meaford, Grey
        Eliza Clugston 1865.8- 1948.8  b. Euphrasia d. Meaford, Grey
        Mary Jane Clugston 1869.10.20-1941.7.27
          = Ezra Lougheed
        William Clugston 1872.1.1-1947.3 Ontario  Farmer
          = Rhoda Yeadell 1972-1947.3 m 1908.3
        Margaret Rachel(?) Clugston 1874.12.30   School teacher
          = John Mowat
        Robert Smith Clugston 1877.3.26-1944.11.27 b. Euphrasia
          = Marjory Gould 1879.3.21-1928.8.5 b&d Euphrasia m 1902.4.2
            Cecil Clugston 1904.5.24
            Pearl Clugston 1906.10.13
            Calvin Clugston 1909.8.10- = Margaret McKenzie
    Robert Clugston 1823 - 1898.1.12 b Fermanagh, Ireland retired farmer   1851:Yeoman. Presbyterian
        (age 26 in 1851, age 36 in 1861; death record has wrong age
        = Elizabeth Knott 1839-1924.3.2 b. Sligo, Ireland Church of Engl. age 18 in 1851
        (1823.10.13 bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton)
        (1851: 155 East Grey, Euphrasia, Ontario. Lived next door to John Clugston&Rachel Bell)
        (1860: Had 50 acres. 8ac spring wheat, 3ac peas, 4ac oats, 1.5ac potatoes, 2ac carrots. 6ac pasture, 25ac wild)
        (His gravestone says, Robert Clugston d. 1898.1.12 native of Armagh Co Ireland.
        The 1891 census says born Fermanagh)
        (Apparently no children)
    James Clugston 1829.6.15 - 1908.1.12 b. Co Amargh, arrived Canada 1844. Farmer (50 in 1881)
      = Ann Knott 1843.3.8 - 1931.6.4 b. Sligo, Connacht, Ireland d. Meaford, Grey Co, Ontario m 1858.1.23 Grey, Ontario
        (1828.9.7 James bap 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton)
        (Ann dau of James Knott 1815-1881.4.21 and Rachel Taylor 1840-1888.7.10. They arrived in Canada 1844. Ann was 15 when they were married)
        (Bought farm at Euphrasia, Canada in March 1856.)
        (1851: Euphrasia, Grey, Ontario. Living with James Grier b1820 Ireland)
        (1861, 1871, 1881, 1901: Euphrasia, Grey, Ontario. In 1861 they say married 1857)
        (Buried Temple Hill Cemetary Euphrasia, Canada)
        Sarah Jane Clugston 1859.6.1 = John D. McArthur
            (1908: Euphrasia)
        Rachel Clugston 1861.8.28-1945.8.30
          = William S Abercrombie
            (1908: Collingwood)
        John James Clugston 1863.12.9 - 1866.5.16
        Isaac N Clugston 1866.07.21 - 1943.8.20  b Euphrasia d. Burnaby, BC  Carriageman
          = Clem Belle Mulloy 1872.11.14-1936.11.12 b. Mountain, Ontario d. Vancouver m 1894.10.26 Mountain, Dundas, Ontario
            (1911: Vancouver Sub-Districts 51-76, British Columbia)
            (Clem dau of George Mulloy and Mary Redman)
            James J Clugston 1896.01.12 (not present in 1911)
            Fred Wellington Clugston 1898.03.15
            Clark George Clugston 1900.08.15 b. BC
              = Gladys May Law 1904 m 1927.12.31 BC
            John Stewart Clugston 1903.4.15-1948.10.21 b BC d. Vancouver
            Robert Clugston 1905 b. Ontario
            William Knox Clugston 1912 = Greita Irene Hoggard m1937.4.10
        Rebecca Eleanor Clugston 1874.9.16-1929.10.21
          = James Smyth
            (1908: Keady)
        Elijah Clugston 1868.06.19 -1961.9.24 b. &d. Ontario
          =1 Jane Lougheed
          =2 Ellen May Black 1881-1971
            Stanley James Clugston 1905.8.12-1989
            William Howard Clugston 1907.5.26-1983
            Jean Margaret Clugston 1909.2-
            Dr. Maurice Knott Clugston 1913 - 2010.3.28 = Caroline Clark
        Margaret Clugston age 2 months in 1871 (died young)
        Robert Ewart Clugston 1877.10.29 b Ontario Blacksmith (Port of Richmond in South Vancouver)
          = Jane Burr
        James Frazer Clugston 1880.07.17 -1947.7.29
          = Lily May Crabtree 1881-1947
            (1908: Knox college)
        Annie Louisa Clugston 1882.12.19 - 1950.11.21
        Milton Taylor Clugston 1885.12.28 - 1974
        Harrold Smyth Clugston 1889.01.29 - 1974.8
            (1908: Teaching at Keady)
    Sarah Clugston 1832.8.13 - 1921.4.7 bap 1834.1.24 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton
      = James Rayburn 1822.1.6 -1896.1.4 b. Monaghan d. Caledon, Ontario. Farmer
        (1871: Cardwell, Caledon. Sarah's mother was living with them and John Jackman? 1857-"no home elsewhere")
         Robert Rayburn 1846 b Ontario
         Joseph Rayburn 1848 b Ontario
         Eliza J Rayburn 1850 b Ontario
         Annie Rayburn 1852 b Ontario
         Margaret Rayburn 1855 b Ontario
         Sarah Rayburn 1857 b Ontario        

Three other Clugstons were also present in Ontario in 1851. Isaac their cousin, the brother of Rev Thomas. Also Esther Clugston who was living with a widowed Anderson. I think her father was John the brother of Rev Thomas.

Rev Thomas gave his first son the middle name “Smyth”, and William also included “Smith” in a child’s name. I speculate that their older brother John had a first wife Esther Smyth, before marrying Mary Thompson. After John died, Mary was living in Oswego NY which is on the southern coast of Lake Ontario, as was her son Robert and his family. Hamilton is on the south-western corner of the lake.

John Clugston = Esther Smith
    Esther Clugston 1828-1893.5.20 b. Ireland d. Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario
      = William Robarts 1830 b England m1864.5.24 m Wentworth, Ontario
     (1851: St. Mary, Hamilton, Ontario. Living with Ann Anderson 1807 b Ireland, widow, and her daughter Martha Anderson 1830)
     (1861: Age 28. Maid servant. St Patricks district, Wentworth)

The family of Alonzo Clagston was in Quebec in 1861.

Two more Clugstons were in Peel, Ontario.

In 1851, Margaret McClugston age 28 (born 1832) was in Caledon, Peel, living with the McConnel family.
In 1861, Margaret Clughston, widow, age 65 (born 1796) born Ireland was in Caledon, Peel, Ontario. I think this is actually Sarah.

Eliza Clugston 1833
   (1851:Chinguacousy, Peel, Ontario. I think this is actually Robert's wife Eliza Knott, listed twice)

There was also Joseph and Angeline Clouston, born Canada, who are not Clugstons but can cause confusion.

Thomas Clugston of Tullymurry, Donaghmore, County Down

There was another family in Ballintate, near Whitecross. Unlike the others, they were Church of Ireland. They attended Glascar Presbyterian church in County Down until about 1830, then Ballymoyer Church of Ireland in Armagh. This church is actually at the edge of the grounds of Ballymoyer House, owned by Marcus Synnot. I suspect that Thomas was employed on the estate. “Synnot” appears as a child’s middle name. Thomas’s son Andrew was definitely using Scottish traditional naming. We know that Andrew was his firstborn, which means that Thomas’s father was also named Andrew Clugston.

Thomas was a ploughman in Ballintate. His first child was born in 1826, so he was probably born around 1800 and married in 1825. Ann’s maiden name may be Willoughby.

Their son Andrew lived in a cottage of Ballymoyer House, and was probably the groundskeeper (his death certificate states that he was a gardener). Anne Cluxton lived in Ballintemple, right next to Ballymyre house (thus very close to Andrew Clugston).

Thomas Clugston d. before 1864. Ploughman
  = Ann ______ 1799-1882.4.5 d Ballymoyer. Washerwoman
    (Ann was buried Ballymoyer Old Cemetery. Died age 83. Mark S Synnot witness)
    (1826-1829: Tullymurry, Donaghmore, County Down)
    (1833,1840: Ballintate, County Armagh)
    (1864: Ballintemple 7Ab. House only, price 0-15-0)
    Marianna Cluxton 1826.12.2-1853.9.26 (age 14 on 1840.9.22 ) b Tullymurry d. Ballintemple
    Andrew Clugston 1829.1-1895.1.26 (age 15 in 1843) b. Ballintate d. Newry. Gardener
       = Anne Reynolds 1833-1915.Q4 b. Untry Residence, Kings County d. Willesden, London)
       m 1855.5.31 Ballymoyer, Armagh (Anne daughter of Thomas Reynolds)
        (1856: Ballymoyer House)
        (1864: Cavanakill 1c. This is on the grounds of Ballymoyer House)
        (1911: Anne was living with her son Andrew)
        Thomas Clugston 1856.3.14 bap 1856.4.3 b. Ballymoyer House, Cavanakill
        Mary Anne Cluxton 1858.1.15-1912 b Ballymoyer House
          = Henry Harper Crummey 1848.9.6- b Bangalore, India. Band Sergt 105th Regt
            m 1880.4.12 Ballymore Co Armagh Church of Ireland
            (1880: Mary Anne was living at Tanderagee. Henry lived at Newry)
            (1891: Earlsford Rd, Wandsworth, London)
            (1901: Dunedin Rd, Low Leyton, West Ham, Essex)
            (1911: Lewisham, Catford S E, London)            
            Elizabeth Esther Crummey 1880.12.18 b. Mulingar, Westmeath, Ireland
            Alfred Burnard Smith Crummey 1886 b. Kingston on Thames, Surrey
        Andrew Cluxton 1864.8.2-1949  b Mount Norris, Armagh d Leek, Staffordshire. Railway detective.
          = Emma Peach 1872-  b Wandsworth, Surrey m 1898 Islington, England
           (1901, 1911: Willesden, Middlesex, England)
            Anne Elizabeth Cluxton 1899-  b St Pancras, London
              = George H Sigley m 1920 Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire
            George Andrew Cluxton 1902- b Willisden, London
            Winifred Gladys Synnot Cluxton 1906- b Willisden, London
    Isabella Cluxton b 1833.9.27 bap 1833.10.20
      = Francis Kearns m 1859.1.6 Newry
        Catherine Elizabeth Kernahan 1868.2.8 b Armagh
        John Kernan 1870.1.13 b Mountnorris, Armagh
    Frederick Willoughby Clugston b 1838.4.27 bap 1838.6.3 b Ballintate

Records for this family

This is clearly the family recorded in Glascar Presbyterian Church, who were living at Tullymurry, Donaghmore, County Down.
Clugston Mary Anne first dau to Thos. of Tillymurry, born 2nd of Decr. 1826.
Clugston Andrew 1st son to Thomas of Tullymury born in January 1829.

Records from Ballymoyer parish
Isabella dr. of Thos & Anne Cluxton born Sept 27th and Bapt. Oct 20th 1833
Born April 27th 1838, Bapt. June 3rd, Frederick Willoughby son of Thos & Anne Clugston of Ballintate, ploughman
Born March 14th 1856, Bapt April 3rd Thos. son of Andrew & Anne Cluxton of Ballymoyer House, labourer.
Born January 15th 1858, Bapt March 14th, Mary Anne dr of Andrew & Anne Cluxton of Cavanakill.
Born August 2nd 1864, Bapt Aug 28th, Andrew son of Andrew & Ann Cluxton.
Buried 26th August 1853 Mary Anne Clugston of Ballintemple aged 25 years
Sept 15th 1843 Andrew Clugston of Ballintate, 15 years
August 22nd 1840 Marianna Cluxton of Ballintate, 14 years

Ballymoyer Old Cemetary
Erected to the memory of Annie Clugston of Ballymoyer who departed this life 5 Apr 1882 aged 83 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Rev 14.12

It is possible that Frederick went to Australia; I haven’t found any other possible trace of him. The record below is probably Frederick Charles Claxton died 1909, son of William and Susannah, wife Sarah Jane, children born 1880-1904.

Frederick Cluxton, unclaimed mail in Sydney 1875.5.28
John Cluxton, unclaimed mail in Sydney 1876.7.4
John Cluxton of Bathurst, unclaimed mail Sydney 1858.6.25

There is another Frederick Cluxton born 1850 in Ontario.

Andrew 1839-1912 b Belfast, 1843 Customs Watcher/Police Constable, d. 1912 Essex.
  = Emma ?? 1842-1905 b Spacton, Somerset
  married 1864 Kent, in 1881, 1901, 1911 census
  (1881: 4 Tilbury Rd West Ham)

Andrew Clugston policeman
    Margaret Clugston = William Gales m 1885.12.20 St Annes Belfast

Ada Martha Clugston 1873- b Little Ilford, Essex
1891: Coal Exchange, Lower Thames St, St Mary At Hill, London, with Herod & Jane Hammond

Robert Clugston 1882-1940 d. East Ham, Essex

William Clugston 1871-1955 d. Dover, Kent

Margaret Clugston 1863- b Middlesex. Housemaid
  (1881: Cottingham House, Addington Rd, Reading St Giles, Reading, Berkshire)

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