Clugstons in County Antrim, Ireland

Clugstons were in Antrim by the middle of the 17th Century.
Records pertaining to Clugston in Antrim.
In 1666, William Clugston paid tax for one hearth in Muckamore Grange, Parish of Masserene. This is the southern side of the town of Antrim. In 1669 it was called “Muckimore eight towns”. (Hearth money rolls of County Antrim, p. 152).
The church register of the Old Presbyterian Congregation of Antrim still exists (it is the oldest surviving register in Ireland).
Apparently William had a son Samuel, whose children were baptised at the Old Presbyterian Church of Antrim. Baptism records begin from 1677. I believe Samuel had a son Samuel baptised shortly before that date.

William Clugston
   (1666: Paid for one hearth in Muckamore, Antrim)
   Samuel Clugston
       Samuel Clugston
           (1707: Olston, Antrim)
           William Clugston bap 1707.6.22 b Olston, Antrim
       William Clugston bap 1679.3.9
         = Jean Park m 1703.11.19 Muckimor
           (1707, 1709, 1713: 8 Towns, Antrim)
           Mary Clugston bap 1707.8.17
           William Clugston bap 1709.11.6
           John Clugston bap 1713.1.11
       Mary Clugston bap 1681.1.30
       Hugh Clugston bap 1683.7.1
          = (not married) ____ Smith
           (daughter of John Smith of Alston)
           (1713: 8 Towns, Antrim)
           Hanna bap 1708/9.2.27

Thus we see that William Clugston and Hugh Clugston were both living in Muckamore 8 towns in 1710, and Samuel was nearby in Alston. There are no later records of Clugstons, so they apparently moved away. However, the fact that the family stayed there for over 50 years indicates that this is not the William Clugston who returned to Scotland and became Provist.
It is quite likely that one of the Williams is the apprentice apothecary in Belfast in 1730 who moved to Stranraer, Scotland and married Barbara Vans.

Michael Clugston, merchant of Belfast, who moved to Connecticut, is the right age to be a son of the oldest William Clugston.

The Clugstons in Antrim seem to be descended from the great-grandchildren William, William, and John (of course there may be other unrecorded sons). Unfortunately there are very few records of any kind for the next few generations. Based on the recurrence of the names, Samuel’s son William may the ancestor of William Clugston = Mary Stavely, discussed below. The name John Clugston is not repeated in Antrim (though it is common in County Down) so William’s son William is the most likely ancestor for the McBride Clugstons (also discussed below). The name “Hugh Clugston” seems to be unique to this branch of the family.

It is unclear if Promiscuous Hugh had any male offspring.
1709.3.12, Antrim “Hewgh Clwgston of 8towns had a child held wp by John Smith of Alston by Reason of hewgh being in fornication – called Hanna”.

From 1717 to 1775, the minister at Larne Presbyterian Church was Rev Josias Clugston. He was the son of Thomas Clugston of Carlingford, County Louth. This is a different branch from all the other Clugstons in Antrim, and is discussed here:

There are very few Clugston records in Antrim for the next hundred years. The next major source is the
Transcription of the church registers for Carnmoney Presbyterian Church 1799-1867 which contains many records to the Hugh Clugston/Sarah McBride family.

By 1800, Clugstons in Antrim lived in two places, but they may come from three different branches. Most were clustered around Ballyclare and the nearby villages of Coggery, Ballylinny, and Ballyeaston. One of these families were wealthy linen merchants and very prominent in the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Near them were the poorest Clugstons in Ireland. A second group lived near Raloo, Larne, and Carrickfergus, and were mostly Congregationalist gardeners.
In general, when they emmigrated from Ireland, the Clugstons from Antrim moved to the USA, whereas the Clugstons from Down and Armagh moved to Canada and Australia. There was also substantial movement between County Antrim and Glasgow and back, which complicates everything.

Y-DNA testing has produced a major breakthrough for these families.

Robert Cluxton and his wife Mary Rice 1744-1825 emmigrated from Ireland in 1798, with a son John Cluxton 1791-1854.2.21 who married the daughter of a Methodist pastor, then settled in Adam’s County, Ohio. They left three children in Ireland. Robert Cluxton’s DNA was identical to the DNA of Robert Clugston b 1812 Ballyhone, husband of Eliza McBride, who seems to have been the son of Hugh Clugston born 1788. Hugh was the right age to be the son of Robert Cluxton, but could also be the son of Hugh of Ballygallagh, Ballylinney.

By 1850, most of the Clugstons in Wigtownshire had ancestors born in Ireland. The registers for the Presbyterian church at Islandmagee survive from 1829 onwards. They include a John Clugston born March 1848, but he was the son of John Clugston and Letitia McBride.

The Reformed Presbyterian Church sprang from the Covenanters. In the Killing Times, Peter Clugston in Wigtownshire was a Covenant to fugitive. John Clugston who lived nearby at the Mill of Barhoish was also summonsed. John seems to have had a teenage son Hugh, born around 1665. That family may be related to Promiscuous Hugh.

This family were militant Presbyterians 100 years later. Hugh Clugston of Ballyclare town signed the Dissenters Petition in 1775.
A will was probated for Hugh Clugston in Carnmoney in 1818. This may be the same will which is recorded in the Crossle collection as “Hugh Clugston, 1817, Ballysallough, Connor Diocese, Antrim” (Crossle/Beatty/8/52).
This is (the question marks are in Crossle’s transcription, they are not from me):
Hugh Clugston of B’sallough Co Antrim
To my Roger? + dau Sarah my farm hses + gdchichs
My farm slorte + catter, + all my effects, they paying to each of my sons + daus 1/-.+
Appt my Rerey? Clugston dau Sarah Clugston
ex[ecu]t[or]s 18 Jan 1806 Hugh (X) Clugston. Witnesses Alexr Stewart James Scott Wlm Shannen
Prob[ate] to Sarah Clugston Surv[ivin]g exix 18 apr 1818
Will ins? ___ ctuly of Sleansallough although h it Skelly Co Antrim dau May Ther[son] Chas Hamill 19 Ap 1817

I believe these next wills relate to Samuel Clugston 1776 – 1831.11.7 Linendraper, husband of Martha.
Martha Clugston 1832 County Down. Transcript. Volume 4/237/33. Reference IAR/1832/F/35
Martha Clugston 1833. County Down. Transcript. Volume 4/237/33. IAR/1833/F/73
Samuel Clugston 1839. City of Antrim. Linen Draper. Transcript. Prerogative Grant Book/F/193b; also in 4/237/36, IAR/1839/F/167

W Clugston 1839. Transcript. Volume 4/237/36 IAR/1839/F/167
Robert Clugston 1832. Dromore Diocese. Transcript. Volume 4/236/20 (This is actually Robert Cusson of Limerick).

The contents of these records are:
1 Samuel Clugston, d 7/11/1831, widow Martha Clugston, inventory £312, Antrim
2 Martha Clugston, d Jan, 1833, brother, John McFerran, inventory £92, Antrim
3 Samuel Clugston, d 7/11/1831, brother, William Clugston, inventory £510, Antrim. [This was dated 1839].

William Clugston and Mary Staveley

Mary Stavely’s father was Rev William John Stavely 1743-1825.5.7, born Fernisky, Kells, County Antrim, who was minister at Newtownards Reformed Presbyterian Church from 1775-1800, and was described as “the apostle of the Covenanters”; he founded 10-12 congregations.
Accused of revolutionary tendencies, he was jailed without evidence.
According to
“Brief Biological Sketches of some Irish Covenanting Ministers” , Samuel Ferguson (1897), his daughter Mary married William Clugston of Antrim.
William Stavely’s father was Aaron Stavely, who married the daughter of Rev Patrick Vance, Presbyterian minister of Ray, County Donegal, who died in 1741. His sister, Esther Stavely, married an Agnew and moved to New York. Mary Staveley’s brother, Rev Dr William John Staveley 1780-1864, was another Reformed Presbyterian minister. His daughter Mary Stavely 1812-1895.7.1 married Hugh McCurdy Hamilton 1802-1867.2.17 on 1845.11.12 at Ballymoney First Presbyterian Church, Ballymoney.

The next generation is confusing because William and Mary Stavely’s son William also married a Mary. We don’t have birth records but the relationship is clear. Dr William Alexander Clugston named his daughter “Mary Stavely Clugston”, and his family acquired Marymount, Antrim, where the elder Rev W Stavely had died. Dr W A’s parents were William and Mary. Mary’s trustee was Rev James Dick, who may have been her brother. Dr W A most definitely used traditionally Scottish naming for his children. His father most likely did the same. I wonder if the name “Alexander” comes from Mary (Dick?)s father.
There are many documents relating to this family.

“Death of Dr. Clugston, Ballyclare…He was a Reformed Presbyterian, and related to some of the leading ministers of that respected denomination, being grandson of the late Rev William Staveley of Kellswater, eldest son of the late Mr William Clugston of Antrim, and cousin of the Rev William Fergus of Grange. He held the office of ruling elder in the R.P. Congregation, of which his cousin, Rev A.M. Staveley is the esteemed pastor” — Lisburn Herald, and Antrim and Down Advertiser January 25, 1896, p8.

Interestingly, William Stavely would have been a colleague of Rev Josias Clugston of Larne. Rev Josias was born around 1690 so he would have known how he and the other Clugstons were related.
In 1900 this family was far wealthier than any other Clugstons in Ireland, though part of this is because Dr William Alexander inherited a large sum from one of his patients.

Samuel Clugston of Marymount, Linendraper, was apparently another son, because he bought the Quaker’s Meeting Hall in Antrim. The deed also mentions the Reformed Presbyterian minister Rev James Dick, Mary Clugston, and Dr William Alexander.

William Clugston was born in Antrim, Antrim in 1779. He served in the 11th Foot Regiment from 1809-1832 and was discharged age 43.
Note that this is the same age as Mary Staveley’s brother.

William Clugston 1779-  Soldier
  = Mary Stavely (dau of Rev William Staveley 1743-1825.5.7 and Mrs Stavely 1757-1847.10.3)
    William Clugston 1812-1869 b&d Antrim. Grocer 
      = Mary ______ (Dick?)
        Mary Clugston 1832-1912.7.17 (d. Drumbo of Cargycroy buried Baileysmill Reformed Pres graveyard)
            = Samuel Graham 1831- b Down m 1879 Q1 Antrim (no kids)
            (1896: Bailie's Mills, Lismore)
            (1901,1911: Cargycroy 24, Ballymacbrennan, Down. Samuel's sister was Eleanor Dick. He died before 1911).
        Dr William Alexander Clugston 1832-1896.1.15 
          = Isabella Cosh 1836-1895 m 1862.6.24 (Youngest daughter of Samuel Cosh Esq, Donaghadee. m. Alfred St church, Belfast)
          (estate was 2911 pounds. Studied at University of Edinburgh. His dissertation in 1853 was "On Diseases of the Heart" (
          (worked at Doagh Dispensary 1861)
            Samuel Cosh Clugston 1865-1923.8.23 b Antrim. Manager of Northern Bank, Belfast
              (1911: Boarding in 3 Wellington Park, Belfast, single)
            Isabella Clugston 1867-1909  d Wirral, Cheshire (died unmarried)
            William Alexander Clugston 1867- = Mary Emily Gunnig 1868- b Cheshire m 1908
              (1911: Green Rd, Pottinger, Down)
            Mary Stavely Clugston 1865-1901 d Ballyclare  (died unmarried)
        Samuel Clugston 1834-1875 d. Antrim linendraper
           (In 1860 and 1867 Samuel Clugston of Antrim Linen merchant was executor of the will of James Stavely of Antrim merchant)

William Clugston of Antrim was a grocer, though his son Samuel was in the linen business. William apparently had an older brother Samuel who inherited the family business.

Samuel Clugston 1776 – 1831.11.7 Linendraper, died Antrim age 55. Died intestate. Martha Clugston was granted probate 1832.3.9.
(Note that Samuel Linendraper Junior was born in 1834, so could not be his son).

There is a William Clugston 1812-1869. This is probably the father of Dr William.

Hugh Clugston’s family were not Reformed Presbyterians, so he is probably from an earlier branch (perhaps Mary Stavely was his aunt).

Putting these references together, we get:

William Clugston, brown linen merchant in 1791, prob b ~1750
    Samuel Clugston 1776-1831 Linen draper = Martha McFerran -1833.1
       (apparently no children)
    William Clugston 1779- soldier = Mary Staveley
       William Clugston 1812-1869 b&d Antrim. Grocer 
          = Mary ______
           Mary Clugston 1832-1912
           Dr William Alexander Clugston 1832-1896
           Samuel Clugston 1834-1875 d. Antrim linendraper

Clugstons near Ballylinney

Hugh Clugston of Ballyclare signed the dissenter’s petition in 1775.

In 1793 Hugh Clugston was a tenant of Francis Shaw in Ballygallagh, Ballylinney, near Ballyclare. (link is now broken)

This is probably the Hugh Clugston who died at Carnmoney in 1818, father of Sarah; possibly also a son Roger who predeceased him.

We can guess that he had at least two sons: Hugh born 1788 and Samuel born 1799. Obviously there would be intermediate children. But if this is true, why weren’t they his executors? We do know that Samuel was a soldier during that time and so would have been unavailable to be an executor.

Another possibility is that they could be the children of Robert Cluxton of Ohio, who he left behind in Ireland.

In the Tithe Applotments were:
1835: Hugh Clugston, Ballyhone, Carnmoney.
1835: Catherine Clugston, Ballygallough, Ballylinny.
1835: Hugh Clugston, Ballyhone, Ballylinny.

Hugh Clugston and Sarah McBride

Many people have published family trees of this family online but they are not consistent. This needs more work. It is claimed that Hugh Clugston married Sarah McBride, and was one of the founders of Ballylinney Presbyterian in 1836.
It is also interesting to note that Elizabeth Clugston married Hugh McBride in 1752 in Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire. They may be related.

This is probably Hugh Clugston 1788-1865 d. Antrim. Need to check this in Griffith’s survey. His wife may be Sarah 1789-1864 d. Antrim, but this would make her 45 when Samuel was born. Old but not impossible. Many different family branches say that Robert Clugston (husband of Eliza McBride) was his son; he was born when she was 22. If this is correct, they must have had very many children in the 16 year gap.

Hugh Clugston
   (1835: Ballyhone, Carnmoney)
    William Clugston 1828.7
      = Margaret Percy 1829.12 Ballyeaston m 1851.11.21 Ballyeaston (Margaret dau Hugh Percy)
        (Emmigrated 1852. All four parents born Ireland)
        (1880: Otter, Vigo, Indiana)
        (1900: Eckery, Perkins, Nebraska. 11 children, 6 still living)
        Elizabeth Clugston bap 1852.2.26 Carnmoney Presbyterian
        Margaret Clugston 1858 b Philadelphia, PA
          = John W Grannell m 1882.12.7  Vigo, Indiana
        Thomas A Clugston 1859.10.27 - 1859.6.29 d. Sikskiyou California
           = Mary Bronson
        William Hugh Clugston 1861.7.10-1887.5.23 d. Big Springs Nebraska
        Samuel Clugston 1864  b PA
        Joseph Clugston 1865-1910 b Indiana
        Robert Clugston 1868.2.12-1958.7.15 b Indiana d Klamath Falls OR
           = Ellen M Mecham 1869  m 1892.12.8
           Ethel Clugston 1897  b Nebraska
           Horvey Clugston 1902  b Colorado
           Bernice Clugston 1907 b Nebraska
        Charles E Clugston 1872.4- b Indiana = Lucy E 1880.11 b Illinois
    Thomas Clugston 1829.6.1 Ballyeaston, Antrim - (died before 1863)
      = Margaret Greer 1833 m 1853.4.9 Ballyeaston
       (Thomas Clugston Paper Maker, age 22, arrived in Philadelphia on 1853.5.7 on the "City of Glasgow". Margaret age 22 arrived there on 1853.10.3, also on the "City of Glasgow")
        (Margaret Greer remarried in 1863)
        Samuel Nelson Clugston 1856.11.30-1937.4.15 b. South Carolina 1880: Artist and photographer 1900: Trav. salesman 1930: Wallpaper
          =1 Margaret Jane Porter m 1881.9.15 Belfast
            (1880: Samuel opened a gallery at 113 Donegall St, Belfast)
            (1920: 2806 West Jaerdson Boulevard, Chicago. Boarding)
            (1930: 382 Worchester Ave, Chicago block 43. Living alone)
            Thomas Porter Clugston 1882-1953 b. Belfast
            Nelson Calhoun Clugston 1883- b. Illinois
            Edith Clugston 1884-1968 = William L Schaeffer
          =2 Marian Duncan 1888.4.3 b. Maryland
            (1900: 211 Carlgress St, West Town, Chicago. Son Thomas listed as born Ireland)
            (1910: Highland Park, Middlesey, New Jersey)            
            Isabella Duncan Clugston [1888-1893]
            John Duncan Clugston [1890-1946] b. Illinois
            Edgar Joseph Clugston [1894-1984]
            David D. Clugston [1901-1970]
            Margaret Greer Clugston [1902-1992]
            Charles Elmer Clugston [1904-1976]
        Hugh Clugston 1841-1859  (died young)
        Margaret Clugston
          = Daniel Ritchie Grocer m1878.2.13 York St United Presb, Belfast
            (Daniel son of John Ritchie)
            (Margaret was living at 58 Henry St Belfast)
            (Daniel was living at 38 John St Belfast)
            (Witnesses: Samuel Clugston, Mary Ann Ritchie)
            Sarah Clugston 1843-
            Thomas Clugston 1845-
        Robert Clugston [Changed name to Clarke] 1847-1925 b Ireland 1881: Iron Turner
          = Mary McCausland 1847- b. Ireland m 1867.1.12 Belfast
            (1881: 110 Cavendish St, Barrow in Furnesse, Lancashire)
            (then moved to Quebec and changed name to Clarke)
            Robert Clugston bap 1869.9.12 St Dundas' Church, Glasgow
            Mary Jane Clugston 1871-1908  b. Scotland
            William Clugston 1847-1958  b. Barrow, Lancashire
            Agnes Clugston 1878-   b. Barrow, Lancashire
            Ada Matilda Clugston 1879- b. Barrow, Lancashire
            (Many other children, all with surname Clarke)
        William Clugston 1849-
        Jane Clugston 1854-
        Elizabeth Clugston 1855-
        William Clugston 1857-
        Hugh Clugston 1859-
    Elizabeth ("Betty") Clugston 1832
      = William Beggs m 1850.9.27 Ballylinney
       (William son of James Beggs)
       Sally Beggs bap 1850.12.25 Carnmoney Presbyterian
       Martha Beggs bap 1852.10.7 Carnmoney Presbyterian
       Anne Beggs bap 1854.9.9 Carnmoney Presbyterian
       Mary Beggs bap 1857.1 Carnmoney Presbyterian
       Robert Beggs bap 1859.9.13 Carnmoney Presbyterian
       Agnes Beggs bap 1861.12.18 Carnmoney Presbyterian
       Hugh James Beggs bap 1864.5.9 Carnmoney Presbyterian
       Eliza Jane Beggs bap 1866.11.13 Carnmoney Presbyterian
    Samuel W Clugston 1834-1881.3.18 d. Valley Forge, Montgomery, Penns. Papermaker.
      = Catherine Butler 1838-1883  m 1858.6.11 Ballylinny Pres, Antrim 
       (Catherine dau John Butler)
       (family arrived in Philadephia 1866.6.16 on the "Tuscarora")
       (Samuel W was murdered by a burglar. This was reported internationally).
       Thomas Clugston 1858-1904 bap 1858.12.1 Carnmoney Presbyterian
         = Mary J McCuen 1861-1902 b Pennsylvania
            (Married 1863, Emmigrated 1864)
            (1900: Philadelphia city Ward 21, Philadelphia, PA)
            William Butler Clugston 1883-1965
            Minnie Clugston 1886-1973
            Hazel Clugston 1888.1.26-1890 b Philadephia
            Guy McCuen Clugston 1890.6.14 West Manayunk, Montgomery Penns
               = Lucy Mason m 1913.7.24
            Thomas McCuen Clugston 1890.6.14-1942
            Albert Clugston 1891.7 b PA ("Rudolph" on birth record, born 1891.7.27)
            George Clugston 1893.12 b PA
        John Clugston 1860.4.16-1916.2.17 b Antrim, Ireland bap 1860.4.16 Carnmoney Presbyterian d Maryland
           = Lydia Montgomery 1870-1929 m 1889 Philadelphia
            Walter Clugston 1890.10 b Philadelphia, PA
            John Clugston 1895.10.10 - 1895.10.10 (stillborn) b Manayunk, Philadelphia
        Jane Clugston 1861-1918 bap 1861.12.4 Carnmoney Presbyterian = Rev John Bell 
        Sarah Clugston 1863-1941 bap 1863.7.31 Carnmoney Presbyterian 
           = (2) Oliver Foyle
        Samuel Clugston 1865.6.1-1939.5.12 bap 1865.6.9 Carnmoney Presbyterian d. West Manayunk, Montgomery, PA. Papermaker.
            (1910: Living with brother Charles)
            (never married)
        Catherine Clugston 1867.6.17-1954.8 b. Wissahickon d. PA
            = James W McClenaghan 1863 - 1935
        Hugh Clugston 1869.10.23 - 1929. Papermaker = Cora Harper
            Ethel Clugston 1904-
            Marion Clugston 1908-
        Maria Clugston 1871 - 1930
           = Samuel Simpson Kuhn 
        Charles Campbell Clugston 1874.2.20 - 1940 b. Wissahickon. Papermaker
          = Ellen Anne Kuhn 1876-1960
            (1910: Lee, Berkshire, MA)
            Charles Clugston 1901
            Wilbur Clugston 1907
        Agnes Clugston  1877 - 1929 = John Davis Rementer
        Mary Clugston 1878.12.13 - 1961 b. Valley Forge
            = C Edgar Howard

This is probably the husband of Margaret Percy:
“John Craig, Wm Clugston and Wm McMaule were indicted for felonious assault and also a common assault on Wm McNeice, at Ballypalliday, on the 10th of November last”– Banner of Ulster, 1849.1.16. Ballypallady townland is near Ballylinny and Doagh.

Almost certainly another daughter of Hugh and Sarah

Hugh Clugston
    Margaret Clugston 1832 = Matthew Gray m 1854.9.30 Ballyeaston
      (Matthew son of Nathaniel Gray)
        Jane Gray 1865.12.24

“Last night, about half-past nine, fire was discovered to have broken out in the photographic gallery of Mr. Clugston, in the attic of No. 5, Donegall Street. Notice having been conveyed to the Brigade, the men turned out with the utmost…” – 24 May 1879
“S. N. CLUGSTON, ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER, 113, DONEGALL STREET, Belfast (Late of E. T. Church’s)” – 1880.7.6
This is Samuel Nelson Clugston.

The family of Robert Clugston and Eliza McBride

Some family trees online, claim that Robert is a son of Hugh and Sarah McBride. But he could possibly be a brother of Hugh; it’s odd that he would marry someone with the same surname as his mother.
She may have been his cousin.

    Robert Clugston 1812- of Ballyhone
      = Eliza McBride 1815-  of Milltown m 1838.10.23 Ballylinny Presbyterian church, Antrim
        (Isabella Scott had land in Griffiths in Killaney)        
        John Clugston 1839-1909.12.7 b. Antrim. coachman
          = Isabella Scott 1844 or 1847-1903.4.11 b Antrim  m 1863.7.3 Ballylinny. 
            (Isabella dau of James Scott)
            (1901: 16 Albion St Belfast)        
            (1909: John was living with his son David)
            William Clugston 1864- b. Antrim. Joiner/carpenter. Presbyterian
              = Agnes Henry 1865 b. Antrim m 1887  Ormeau, Down. b. Antrim. 
                (1901: 73 Greenore St, Ormeau, Belfast)
                (1911: 53 Roslyn St, Ormeau, Belfast)
                (1915: 109 My Lady's Rd Belfast)
                John Clugston 1891-  b. Belfast  Joiner/carpenter
                James Herbert Clugston 1892- b. Belfast van boy
                Isabella Clugston 1894 b. Belfast  machinist
                Fredrick Clugston 1897-1915.8.17  apprentice plumber. 6th Batallion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Killed in the Dardenelles (Belfast Newsletter Sept 24, 1915)
                Annie Clugston 1899
                Henry Clugston 1901
                Samuel Clugston 1902
            Elizabeth Clugston 1866- 
              = William Pillar m 1886.12.4 St Johns Belfast
               (1885:witness at death of her sister Catherine)
            Robert James Clugston 1869-1892.4.13
            Catherine Clugston 1871-1885.8.29 d. 36 Norwoord St Belfast
            David Lindsay Coates Clugston 1874.3.27-1955.8.17 bur. Belfast City Cemetary
              = Mary Edmundson b 1876 Belfast m 1900 Belfast seamstress
               (1901: Donnybrook St, Antrim)
               (1907: 27 Virginia St, Belfast)
               Isabella Clugston 1902
               Kathleen Mary Clugston 1904
               David Lindsay "Lin" Clugston 1908.2.5-1993.9.27 d. Birmingham  cricketer
            John Clugston 1876.10.11- b Fortwilliam Park Belfast printer/engine driver in newspaper office
              = (1) Maria Quinn  m 1901.4.8 St Johns Church of Ireland Belfast
                (1901: John was living at 16 Albion St Belfast)
                (1911: 19 Damascus St, Cromac, Antrim)
                Elizabeth Clugston 1903.3.25 b 44 Ardervolver St Belfast
              =(2) Mary Sarah McCorriston 1882- m 1908.12.19 Belmont Presb, Holywood, Ireland
            Samuel Clugston 1879.3.5-1899.9.1 b Lower Ballysillan, Belfast. Upholsterer
              = Margaret Bell m1898.1.16 St Stephens church of Ireland, Belfast
                (Margaret dau of James Bell. lived at 60 Lindsay St. Witness Thomas McCartney & Eliza Bell)
                (1898: Samuel was living in Fortwilliam Park)
                (1899: 64 Lindsay St, Belfast)
                John Clugston 1898.8.14 b64 Lindsay St
            Annie Barker Clugston 1882-  m 1911 Belfast
            Walter Scott Clugston 1884-1912 Coachman
              = Rachel Allison Patterson 1885- m 1906.8.8 St John's Malone, Belfast
              (Rachel dau Benjamin Patterson)
              (Marriage Witnesses: Thomas James McCullough, Annie Beatrice Patterson)
              (1906: Walter was living at 27 Virginia St, Belfast. Rachel lived at 3 Lancefield Rd)
              (1911: 42 Donnybrook St, Windsor, Belfast)
              (Rachel remarried Henry George Wilson in Newtownards 1917)
                (one child died before 1911, probably Ernest Scott Clugston 1907-1908 b&d Belfast)
                Annie Beatrice Clugston 1909-
       Hugh Clugston bap 1841.7.6 Carnmoney Presbyterian (must have died young)
       Sarah Clugston bap 1843.6.7 Carnmoney Presbyterian
       Thomas Clugston bap 1845.4.24 Carnmoney Presbyterian. Iron moulder
         = Sarah McShane 1850-1911.2.22 d 62 Brownlow St age 61 m 1867.12.28 Newry, Co Down
          (Sarah dau of Patrick McShane. Both age 23 when married)
          (Thomas was in Lancashire in 1901, staying with the Bailey family)
          (1876: 10 Warwick St, Belfast)
          (Joseph Clugston was a moulder who owned their house in 10 Warwick St Belfast 1877)
          (1911: Thomas was staying with Hough Burns)
          Margaret Clugston 1878.5.2 b. 9 Barrack Hill Armagh, Co Armagh
            = Hugh Burns m 1899.Q4 Belfast
             (Margaret's birth witness: Eliza Clugston (illiterate) of 9 Barrack Hill Armagh, Co Armagh)
              (1911: 66 Brownlaw St, Court Ward, Belfast)
          Robert Clugston 1868.9.17 b Canal St, Newry
            = Mary Lynn (1869 or 1873 antrim)  m 1892.Q4 iron moulder
              (Robert can speak Irish, Mary cannot)
              (1901: 49 Central St, Victoria, Belfast)
              (1911: 59 Langford St, Belfast)
          male 1870.12.31 Belfast
          John Clugston 1871.9.26 b. Belfast 10 warwick st. Pattern Maker
            = Elizabeth Hadden 1872- b Newry m 1894.12.22 Belfast
              (Before marriage both were living at 8 Glasgow St Belfast. Witness: George & Martha Clugston)
              (Elizabeth dau of William Hadden, labourer)
              (1901: Lawnbrook Ave, Woodvale Ward Belfast. Methodist)
              John Clugston 1895- b Belfast
              William Clugston 1897.8.17 b 11 Howe St Belfast
              Ethel Clugston 1900- b Belfast
          William Clugston 1874.11.15 b Belfast
          Thomas Clugston 1876.10.15 b Belfast 10 Warwick St
          Margaret Clugston 1878.5.2 b Armagh, Co Armagh
          Sarah Clugston 1880.7.17 b 7 Lindsay Hill, Newry
          Francis Clugston 1883.2.16 b 28 Ellis Row, Newry
              (Francis's birth witness: Margaret McShane of 28 Ellis Row)
        Robert Clugston bap 1847.6.28 Carnmoney Presbyterian
        William Clugston bap 1849.10.15 Carnmoney Presbyterian (must have died young)
        Jane Clugston bap 1854.3.22 Carnmoney Presbyterian
        Elizabeth Clugston bap 1855.11.22 Carnmoney Presbyterian
        William Clugston bap 1857.12.14 Carnmoney Presbyterian
        Hugh Clugston bap 1859.11.2 Carnmoney Presbyterian

John Clugston (65 years of age) of 27 Virginia Street, employed at Messrs. Melville and Company’s, Townsend Street, died on 1909.12.7. “David Clugston, the deceased’s son, gave evidence that his father seemed to be in a moody state of mind on the morning of the 7th.”. Melville and Company was a funeral director. John was a “coachman” so he would have driven the hearse.

Occupants of 10 Warwick St, Belfast. In 1868 Lee, Thomas, laborer. In 1877 Clugston, Joseph, moulder. In 1901, Ross, Andrew, butcher.

There is a chance that this is Robert Clugston who died age 46 in an industrial accident. Antrim Road runs from Belfast to Antrim town, and passes within 2km of Ballylinny.

Robert Clugston 1817-1863.10.17, employed by Mr Fleming, cart builder, Antrim Rd.

The Bailey family that Thomas, the husband of Sarah McShane was boarding with is (and note also that Sarah Clugston of Ballitemple, Armagh, married a Bailie):

Joseph Bailey 1862- b Dukinfield, Cheshire 
  = Hannah Ogden 1858- b. Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire
    m 1886 Ashton Under Lyne
    (1891: Wellington St, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire)
    (1901: Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire)
    Alice A Bailey 1888- b. Ashton under Lyne
    James W Bailey 1890-
    Mary Elizabeth Bailey 1894- bap 1894.2.14
    Joseph E Bailey 1899-

Probably siblings of Robert Clugston (= Eliza McBride), William Clugston (=Margaret Percy), Samuel W = (Catherine Butler), and Elizabeth (= William Beggs), who all had children baptised in the same church in the same years.

Anne Clugston = William Megrugon
    Jenny Megrugon bap 1841.1.1. Carnmoney Presbyterian  m1869 Larne
    Hugh McGrughan bap 1843.6.12 Carnmoney Presbyterian d.1890.4.25 Newtownards Co Down.
    Margaret Megrugon bap 1850.6.10 Carnmoney Presbyterian
    Sarah Mcgrugan bap 1856.3.16 Carnmoney Presbyterian
      = Robert Beggs of Glasgow m1883.8.16 Ballylinny Presb.

Hugh Clugston = Elizabeth Hunter
   Sarah Clugston bap 1844.5.15 Carnmoney Presbyterian
   Robert Clugston bap 1845.9.20 Carnmoney Presbyterian
   Mary Clugston bap 1848.9.18 Carnmoney Presbyterian

John Clugston = Mary Douglas
   John Clugston 1844.10.20 bap 1844.12.1 Carnmoney Presbyterian

“CLUGSTON- April 13. at 36 Norwood Street. Belfast, Robert James, second son of John and Isabella Clugston, aged 22 years” — Belfast Newsletter, 1897.4.28.

Hugh Clugston  Engineer, Belfast
   (Mary was Hugh's second daughter)
   Mary Clugston 1851 = Edward Cairns m 1875.5.23 m Christ church, Belfast
       (Both were living at Albert St Place)

Iron Moulders in Glasgow, probably siblings of Thomas Clugston = Sarah McShane

(living with an iron moulder in Glasgow 1851)
(lodging in barony,  william Strachan iron moulder 1851, probably wills wife is mary morrison)
1851: "Clogston", 1861 "Clougston" 1871 "Clugston"
William Clogston 1826 - 1870 b Ireland Foundry Labourer
  = Martha Morrison 1828 (or 1833) b Ireland m 1849.8.12 Glasgow Paper mill worker
  (1851: 27 Garscube Rd, Maryhill, Lanarkshire (boarding with William Strachan's family)
  (1871: 9 Water St, Barony, Milton)
    William Clugston 1850 b Maryhill, Lanarkshire Labourer
    John Clugston 1853 b Glasgow Labourer
    Sarah Clugston 1856 Labourer
    Robert Clugston 1859
    Agnes Clugston 1861
    James Clugston 1864 (not present in 1881)
    Gavin Morrison Clugston 1866 (apparently died by 1871)
    Jane Armstrong Clugston 1869

    (Probably the son of above)
    John Clugston 1853- b Glasgow Iron moulder
      = Martha Bainford (or Bomford) 1860- b Ireland
        (1891: Brown St, Glasgow, Milton)
        (1901: 35 Brown St, Glasgow, Milton)
        Eliza Clugston 1880- b Glasgow (not present in 1901)
        Agnes ("Nancy") B Clugston 1884-1976.2.26 b Glasgow Confectionary worker = James George Groat b. Scotland
          d. Skokie, Cook, Illinois
        John Clugston 1888- b Glasgow
        Alexander Clugston 1894- b Glasgow

Probably related. They came from County Antrim to Glasgow.

_____ Clugston (died by 1851) = Agnes ____ 1793- b Ireland
    (1851: Mcdonalds Land, Whitelaw Street, Maryhill, Lanarkshire, Scotland)
    (In 1851 Thomas Gore, his wife Mary b Ireland, and baby Mary were lodging with them).
     Margaret Clugston 1829 b Ireland
     Robert Clugston 1831 b Ireland Labourer
     Jane Clugston 1838 b Ireland

Robert Clugston 1825-1851.9.30

Trial papers relating to Robert Clugston for the crime of theft and previous conviction. Tried at High Court, Glasgow (Second Court)
29 Sep 1851
Robert Clugston, alias John Philips; Robert Clogston, Verdict: Guilty, Sentence: Transportation – 7 years Previous convictions: theft

Precognition against Robert Clugston for the crime of theft and previous conviction
Robert Clugston, alias John Philips; Robert Clogston, Age: 26, Address: Spring Bank, Glasgow, Origin: Born in County Antrim, Ireland

On Tuesday afternoon a young man named Clugstone who had received sentence on the previous day, at the Glasgow Circuit Court, of transportation for seven years on a charge of theft, was discovered dead, suspended by his handkerchief from gas bracket in his cell.
October 3, 1851 – Greenock Advertiser – Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Robert Clugston 1827- Agricultural labourer. b Ireland
    (1851: He and Thomas Philips foundry labourer 1821- b Ireland were visiting the family of John Boyle and wife Mary in 100 High Street Blackfriars, Ireland )

Possibly from this family.

Two men named Patrick Dillon and ___ went to the house in Slatefield St of William Clugston, a labourer, asking payment of some money. A quarrel arose over the matter, and Clugston stabbed Dillon with a table knife in the face. The wound was rather a dangerous one and Dillon had to be removed to the Infirmary.

1876.4.10 – The Scotsman – Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

National Records of Scotland.
JC26/1876/116 Trial papers relating to William Clugston for the crime of assault to serious injury etc.. Tried at High Court, Glasgow 10 May 1876
William Clugston, Verdict: Outlawed, Verdict Comments: Outlaw and fugitive, Sentence: Outlawed and put to the horn.

Throwing Whisky into a Detective’s Eyes.— On Saturday, the Northern Police Court, Glasgow,- a man named William Clugston was fined 3s, with the alternative of 30 days’ imprisonment, for having handed a glass of whisky to a woman to throw at the face of a detective who was about to apprehend her in her house. Tha whisky entered the man’s eye, depriving him of his sight for some time, and the confusion the woman escaped.
1876.12.11 – Edinburgh Evening News – Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

The family of John Clugston and Letitia McBride

Yet another marriage between a Clugston and a McBride!
The early baptisms are at Islandmagee Presbyterian church.
The death certificate for Letitia gives her name as “Letitia Colville Clugston”. The death certificate for John Clugston, tailor, says he was born Isle of Magee to John Clugston born Ayre, Scotland and Margaret Cameron born Scotland. It’s a comedy of errors. In 1901 in Ireland, most Colvilles lived in Belfast. There were none in County Armagh, and none near Banbridge, County Down, which are the other locations where Clugstons were common.

John Clugston = Letitia McBride
    (1845,1848: Mullaghloo, Antrim)
    Charles Clugston 1845.11.15 bap 1845.11.23 Islandmagee Pres
    John Clugston 1848.3.3 bap 1848.6.18 Islandmagee Pres
    Hugh Clugston 1864.7.3 b. Whitehead Templecorran, Larne. bap 1864.7.3 Ballycarry, Antrim

This family has strong connections to the Cook family of Campbeltown, Argylshire.
(Campbeltown is only about 40km from County Antrim)

John Clugston 1825(or 1824)-1902 b Ireland d. Eastwood. Calicoprint finisher 1871: Printfield lab
  = Letitia Colville McBride 1819-1891 b. Ireland d. Eastwood
    (1871: 62 Thornliebank, Eastwood, Renfrewshire)
    (1881: Thornliebank, Eastwood, Renfrewshire)
    (1891: Main Rd, Eastwood, Renfrewshire)
    (1901: Hillside Terrace 32, Eastwood, Renfrewshire)
    John Clugston 1849.3-1921.11.11  b Ireland 1871: Finishing Mangles 1881: Foreman Tailor 1911: Presser at clothing factory
       = Ann Cook 1859.1 m 1880 Eastwood
      (In 1881 Ann Cook was staying with her parents Hugh Cook and Margaret in Campelltown, Argyllshire.)
      (Ann Cook, Maggie John and Letitia Departed Glasgow 1887.9.9 on the "Ethiopia", arrived New York 1887.9.18. John arrived in 1889)     
      (1891 "Cughston": London West, Middlesex, Ontario)
      (1911: London, Ontario) 
      (In 1918 she was named Ann Cook-Hamilton)     
         Maggie Clugstone 1881.4.13 b. Cambelltown Landward, Argyll, Scotland
         John Clugston 1884- b Scotland
            = Ida May Wilson 1884- b Canada Eng m1904.9.22 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario
             (Ida dau of James Wilson and Isabel Watson
             (Emmigrated to the USA 1889)
             (1910: Buffalo City, NY. 3 children 1 living)
             (1920,1930,1940: Buffalo City, NY)
             Kenneth Clugston 1909 b New York
          Letitia Ann Clugston 1887.3 (or 1888.2) b Campelltown, Scotland
            = Clarence L Deare m1918.9.2 London, Middlesex, Ontario
            (Both Methodists when married)
         Hugh Clugston 1889.5 b Ontario
   William Clugston 1851.3 b Ireland. 1871: App Mechanic 1881: Engine Fitter
      = Sarah Jane Gray 1857.8 b Scotland m 1878 Eastwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland
       (1881: 7 College St, Eastwood, Renfrewshire)
       (emmigrated to New York 1888)
       (1892,1905: Lockport, Niagra, New York)
        Jane Clugston 1881.12 b Scotland
        William Clugston 1885.11 b Scotland
        Hugh M Clugston 1888.1 b Scotland
        Letitia Clugston 1891.2 b New York = Fred W Bluhm m 1916
        Hugh N Clugston b 1888 Scotland
    James Martin Clugston 1855-1929 b Ireland d. Eastwood, Lanark 1871,1881: Pantograph Engraver 1891: Calico Printer Engineer
      = Margaret Thompson Cook 1865- b. Campelltown, Argyllshire m 1893 Campelltown
        (1901: Eastwood, Landward)
        (1911: Eastwood, Lanark)
        Hugh Alexander S Clugston 1894- b Campelltown, Argyllshire
        James Martin Clugston 1894-1979 b Campelltown, Argyllshire d. Helensburgh, Scotland
        Margaret Thomson Clugston bap 1898.4.6 bap Thornliebank Church, Renfrewshire
    Thomas Clugston 1857-  b Ireland 1871: Bleachfield worker 1881: Formerly cartwright 1891: Printfield labourer
      = Elizabeth McConechie 1859- b. Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire m 1885 Eastwood
      (1891: Rossendale Rd, Eastwood, Renfrewshire)
      (1901: 62 Main St, Eastwood, Renfrewshire)
        John Clugston 1886- b Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire  Mercantile Clerk
        Agnes A Clugston 1888- b Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire
        William Clugston 1893- b Thornliebank, Renfrewshire
        Elizabeth Mcc Clugston 1897- b Thornliebank, Renfrewshire
    Mary Jane Clugston 1862- Teacher  b Ireland (unmarried in 1891)

Presumably a daughter of John and Ann, or of William and Sarah Jane
Letitia Clugston 1884-1884 b& d. Eastwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Arthur Clugston of Ballyeaston

Arthur Clugston 1805-
    Hugh Clugston 1831.5.15- b Ballyeaston
    Janet Clugston 1833.3.16-
    Elizabeth Anne Clugston 1835.8.3-
      = Robert Junkin m 1865.7.14 Ballyeaston Antrim (Robert son of John Junkin)
        Hugh Clugston Junkin 1866.5.21 b Antrim
        Mary Junkin 1868.5.16 b. Antrim
        Ann Junkin 1870.10.1 b. Antrim
        Andrew Alexander Junkin 1872.12.29 b.Ireland
    Jane Clugston 1837-
      = Andrew Crooks m 1861.7.29 Antrim (Andrew son Alexander Crooks)
        Robert Hugh Crooks 1864.8.4 b Ballynure, Antrim
        Martha Jane Crooks 1866.12.31 b Carrickfergus
        Margaret Crooks 1870.1.23 b Carrickfergus
    John Clugston 1838-1903.4.22 b. Bryantang. Weaver d. Irish Quarter South Carrickfergus
      = Ellen McAlister 1849-  m 1868.6.5 Raloo
        (Ellen dau of Nathaniel McAlister)
        (1901: Irish Quarter South, Carrickfergus)
        (John's death witness: Margaret Jane Moore of Irish Quarter South)
        Andrew Clugston 1869.3.13-1883.2.2 d. Bryantang Ballynure
        Agnes Clugston 1871.7.31-1889.10.29 b. Ballynure d Bryantang Ballynure
        Jane Clugston 1873.7.22-1892.10.17 b&d. Ballynure. seamstress. spinster
        Arthur Clugston 1875.6.2-1887 b Antrim
        Annie Clugston 1877.3.10 b Antrim

James Clugston farmer
    Andrew Arthur Clugston 1845-1913.7.14 b. Seapark Carrickfergus. d .The Grove, Shore Rd, Belfast. Gardener.
      = Mary Whiteford 1855-1913.7.6 d. The Grove Shore Rd m 1875.11.25 Independent meeting house Larne
        (1875: Andrew lived in Castletown Ballynure. Mary was a minor)
        (1911: York Rd, Duncairn, Antrim. 5 children all living)
        Arthur J B Clugston 1880.12.2 Greensland Antrim
          = Susan McMichael 1882 m 1907.9.3
            (1911: York Rd, Duncairn, Antrim)
            Arthur Clugston 1909-
            Andrew Clugston 1910-
        Margaret L Clugston 1887- Antrim
        Andrew Clugston 1897- Antrim
        Jane Clugston 1876.9.14 b Seapark Carrickfergus
          = Alexander Boyd caretaker m1903.3.12 Sparoust Cong church, Belfast
            (Witness at Jane's birth: Jane Clugston of Carrickfergus)
            (Alexander son of William John Boyd labourer)
            (Alexander lived at 7 Factory St Whiteabbey. Jane lived at The Lodge Skegoniel Belfast)
        Robert Hugh Crooks Clugston 1878 = Isabella Lynas 1883 m 1902 Belfast
            (1913: 64 Duncairn Gardens Belfast)
            William John Lynas Clugston 1904 Belfast
            Robert Hugh Clugston 1906

Andrew Clugston, Reg 26305, Rank: Corporal, 5th Royal Innskilling Fusiliers, born Whiteabbey, killed in action in France Oct 8, 1918.

Who was the witness at Jane’s birth?

This looks like Robert Junkin & Eliza Ann. In 1911 he signed his name “Robert Junkins”.

Eliza Ann Clugston 1900- b. Antrim.
  (1911: 13 Castletown, Ballynure, Antrim. Staying with grandparents Robert Jenkins 1845- and Eliza Ann 1836- m1866. 6 kids 2 living. Other grandkids Andrew Chesney 1893 Agnes Jane Boyd 1906)

Possibly related:
In the Summons Court, before Dr, Browne. H.N., J.P., Arthur Clugston, photographic artist, sued Arthur G. Massey, photographer and portrait painter, recover the sum of £1 8s for work done. Mr. Galway appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Sheals represented Mr. Massey, whose defence was that although the complainant had been engaged to paint opals each he bad done the work imperfectly. It was not matter of pounds, shillings, and pence with him; but the but the fact was the opals were not sufficiently good be supplied to his customers. decree for and 5a costs was granted — Belfast Weekly News, 1883.11.24

I found no other references to Arthur Clugston.

Samuel Clugston of Ballylinney, descendants in Carrickfergus

Samuel Clugston was born Ballylinny, Antrim, in 1799. He served in the 31st Foot Regiment and the 67th Foot Regiment from 1815-1842 and was discharged age 43. This regiment was in the West Indies from 1833 to 1840. In 1843, he lived in Straid, east of Ballylinny. He sold 3 acres of land in Cairncastle, Glenarm, Antrim, to Thomas McGill for £80 Sterling (Deeds 1843 v18 #127). He died on 1866.8.2. When his daughter Susan was born in 1865 his occupation was “Army pensioner”.

Samuel Clugston 1799-1866.8.2 soldier
   = Anna Colgon 1829 b Ireland
    (In 1865 Samuel was an army pensioner. He was illiterate)
    (1901: Anna was living with daughter Susan near Glasgow)
    Samuel Clugston 1846-1904.3.27 b. Antrim hackler(1869) flax dresser (1887) carter labourer (1901) labourer(1904)
      =(1) Sarah Jane Hall 1841-1887.6.3 d. Green St Carrickfergus
        Female Clugston 1867.05.06 b Ligoniel, Belfast
        Male Clugston 1867.05.06  (twins. Anna Clugston of Ligoniel was witness at both births)
        William Clugston 1869.7.12 Antrim  b 57 Cambrai St Belfast
        Annie Eliza Clugston 1870.12.15 Antrim
          = John McWilliams 1869-  m 1892.Q3 Belfast
            (1901: 11 Riga St Belfast. Father Samuel was with them)
            (1904: 61 Brorkmount St Belfast)
        Isabella Clugston 1873.10.7 Belfast = Samuel McClean m 1893.Q2 Belfast
        Richard Clugston  Sailor
          = Margaret Bill  m 1887.5.5 Church of Ireland Lower Falls Co Antrim
            (Margaret dau of William Bill labourer of 53 Cannyre St)
            (Richard was living at 44 Wilton St Belfast before married)
            (Witnessed by John Bill and Annie Clugson)
            (in Australia in 1904 but location unknown)
      =(2) Martha Bradford 1843- m1888.6.30
        (1888: 10 Taylors Row Carrickfergus)
        (1901: Samuel was with his daughter Annie. He died at her house age 58 (born 1846) married not widowed)
        (Samuel's will (on the PRONI website) mentions his nephew Samuel, son of his brother John)
    John Clugston 1856.5.17-1889.10 b Carrickfergus Co Antrim
      = Elizabeth Curran ~1891 m1876.9.5 Eglinton St Presb, Shankill, Antrim
        (John was 5'4", brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion)
        (John drowned at sea during The Great Storm off the coast of the Atlantic.  He sailed on the British Steamship Lord O'Neill
He received his Certificate of Competency as Second Mate 29-Aug-1884, and First Mate 10-April-1886)
        (After the death of their father, John and Samuel were taken in by Susan Clugston and their grandmother Annie)
        Mary Eliza Clugston 1877.6.17-1877 b&d Co Antrim, Ireland
        John Clugston 1884-1931 b Wales buried Bothwell Cemetery, Glasgow
            Isabelle Clugston
            Lottie Clugston
            Ethel Clugston
        Annie Clugston 1880.6.17 b Belfast, Ireland
        Samuel Clugston 1888.7.9-1954.11.18 b 2 Taylor St Carrickfergus
    Andrew Clugston 1857-  b Antrim. Carter railway 1881. Furnace man in 1911
      = Margaret Edmondson 1856 or 1858 b Down m 1885.Q3
        (1881: Hugh and Andrew Clugston were boarding with William Clugston at 51 Stanhope St St Rollox, Scotland)
        (1901: Bellshill, Scotland. Andrew was not present)
        (1911: 15 Cambrai St Shankill. 7 kids, 4 living)
        Anna Clugston 1899 (not present in 1911)
        John Clugston 1890  Insurance agent
        Eliza Jane Clugston 1891  Weaver linen
        Andrew Clugston 1893   General labourer
    Hugh Clugston 1863-1885.5.13 d. 15 Wilton Square South Belfast. Piler in mill
        (Death witness: mother Annie)
    Susan Clugston 1865.2.8 b 59 Railway St Belfast
      = Francis Houston 1863 b Dundee Steel worker m 1897.6.21
        (Before marriage Susan was living at 51 Eastland St Belfast)
        (1901: Marion St, Bothwell, Bellshill, Scotland. Mother Anna and nephews John and Samuel were with them)

Andrew was living in Glasgow with William and Hugh, so they must be related, probably brothers.

 William Clugston 1850- b. Ireland Carter
     = Margaret Torrance 1849- b. Glasgow m 1868.1.14 Central, Glasgow. Office Cleaner
      (1871: 156 East Milton St, Barony)
      (1881: 51 Stanhope St, Barony, St Rollox, Lanarkshire)
      (1891: Ronald St, Barony, St Rollox, Lanarkshire)
      (1901: 36 Ronald St, Glasgow, St Rollox)
      Mary Torrance Clugston 1868.6.29 (died before 1881?)
      William James Clugston 1869.9.15  b. Glasgow Flesher. 1901: Cork Merchant's Storeman
        = Margaret Robertson 1869  b Edinburgh m 1899 St Rollox
          Jessie Weir Clugston 1900- b Glasgow
          (sister in law: Jessie Robertson 1845-, single)
      Rachel Clugston 1872.7.30
      Rachel Clugston 1874.4.26 (died before 1891?)
      Eliza H Clugston 1879- b Glasgow
      Margaret T Clugston 1881.1.17- b Glasgow
      Sarah T Clugston 1889- b Glasgow
      Samuel Clugston 1892- b Glasgow

Samuel Clugston farmer
    Hugh Clugston 1852-  b. Crossmary Kilroot  1891:Lorryman
       = Annie Davey 1858- b. Marshaltown, Ballycarry 
       m 1876.12.6 2nd Larne Presb (miller&farmer, 7 kids, 6 living in 1911)
      (1871: Hugh boarding with William at 156 East Milton St)
      (1876: Hugh was "of Bellahill". Witness Edward Davey and Mary Blair)
      (1881: Hugh and Andrew Clugston were boarding with William Clugston at 51 Stanhope St St Rollox, Scotland)
       (1891: Albert St, St Rollox)
       (1911: Ballyhill, templecorran, antrim 1911. Annie was at 40 Glenallen St, Pottinger, Down, the house of Robert Donald 1844- )
       (1916.5.24 Probate of the will of Jane Donald late of 40 Glenallen St Belfast Spinster was granted to Hugh Clugston Farmer and Margaret Donald Spinster)
        Martha Blair Clugston 1877.3.12- b Ireland
        Agnes Clugston 1880-1907.4.17
        Robert Donald Clugston 1884-  m 1920 b. Ireland
        Edward Alexander Davey Clugston 1886-  b Larne Joiner
          = Eliza Wharry 1881 m 1912.5.24 Whitehead Pres Church
            (Eliza dau of Patrick Wharry of Eden labourer. Edward was living at Bellahill)
            (1911: Carrickfergus)
            Sarah Davey Clugston 1912.8.29 b. Eden Carrickfergus
            Hugh Clugston 1914.3.5
        John Andrew Clugston 1890-1943.4.14 b Glasgow d. Brookview, Bellahill, Ballycarry. (Died in accident, buried in family burying ground).
        Sarah Davey Clugston 1893-  m 1918 Larne b Larne
        James Magowan Davey Clugston 1895-1915.9.19  b Larne d Bellahill Carrickfergus Antrim

William Clugston farmer
   Thomas Clugston 1852 b Ireland. canvasser for Cab Rail
     = Martha McConnell 1849 b Ireland  m 1873.5.20 2nd Larne Pres
      (1873: Thomas was living at Bellahill)
      (1881: 86 Keppochill Rd, St Rollox, Lanarkshire)
      (1891: Kennedy St, Barony, St Rollox)
      (1901: 117 Albert St, St Rollox, Glasgow)
        Martha Clugston 1875-  b Glasgow.  1891: Pattern book maker
        Rachel Clugston 1878-  b Glasgow (single in 1901)
        William James Clugston 1880- b Glasgow (not present in 1891)
        Mary Agnes Clugston 1883- b Glasgow (single in 1901)
        Florence Clugston 1885- b Glasgow (single in 1901)
        Thomas James Clugston 1889- b Glasgow

William was apparently bankrupt in 1872.
“The Estates of William Clugston, Carter and Contracter, 46 Baird Street Glasgow, were Sequestrated on 26th day of February 1872” — The Edinburgh Gazette, 27 Feb 1872.
“Notice is hereby given that William Clugston, Traveller and Commission Merchant in Glasgow, and presently Prisoner in the North Prison of Glasgow [has applied for bankruptcy protection]” — The Edinburgh Gazette, 14 Feb 1868.
In Glasgow street directories, there is a William Clugston from 1865 until 1869:
1865, 1866: CLUGSTON Wm (at James McIlwraith & Co’s) 52 W Nile St, ho Ledcameroch cottage, N Kilpatrick.
1867, 1868, 1889: CLUGSTON Wm (at James McIlwraith & Co’s) house, 126 West Graham St.

In 1908, John C Clugston, minor, of Cambrai St Belfast lost 3 fingers while working at Brookfield Linen Co. In Dec 1909 the company appealed against him and his mother that his compensation of 10 shillings per week was too generous.

In 1894, Andrew Clugston of 28 Canmore Street Belfast was an Assentor for the candidate John Forsythe of Castlereagh House, Castlereagh, gentleman, for the municipal elections. (Belfast Newsletter, 1894 Nov 17). As well as being politically active he was evidently also very cheeky. In 1896 one of the major political issues was about protecting worker’s rights.

At Belfast on Monday Andrew Clugston was charged with having assaulted a constable. The head constable said that on the afternoon in question he met the prisoner, who had a wound on his right ear. The accused told witness that he had received the injury in a public-house, and when the head constable went to the premises indicated the prisoner became excited, and said, “There is protection for the working man : I will go out and assault the first policeman I see.” The accused struck witness. The case was adjourned.
July 2, 1896 – Dundee Courier – Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Another news report says “The accused then struck witness light blow on the face.”
In 1897.8.30 he lived at 22 Wilton Square South, Belfast.

____ Clugston = Annie
    Hugh Clugston 1863-1885.5.13 d. 15 Wilton Square South Belfast. Piler in mill
        (Death witness: mother Annie)

(Note that in 1867 Anna Clugston of Ligoniel was witness at the birth of two grandchildren of Samuel)
Catherine Clugston = John Bryce
    (male) Bryce 1868.2.8 b Ligonel, Belfast

Children of William Clugston

Gardener in Templecorran, son of William Clugston.

William Clugston
    John Clugston 1848-1908.1.30 d. Carrickfergus
      = Margaret Hassen 1845-1913 m 1866 Larne. 
       (Margaret dau William Hasson)
       (1911: 7 children, 4 living)
        (Gardener, Templecorran, Antrim)
        Israel Clugston 1869.3.27-    (single in 1911)
        Susannah Jane Clugston 1879.9.13-1898.8.29 b & d. Bellahill Kilroot Templecorran
        Hugh Arthur Clugston 1875.8.20-  b. Larne
          = Frances Graham m 1914 Q3 Larne
        Elizabeth Clugston 1888-
        William Andew Clugston 1886.3.12 b Bellahill Templecorran
William Clugston labourer
    Letitia Clugston 1848-
      = Mark Hayes 1849 soldier m 1870.1.23 St Annes church of Ireland, Belfast
        (Before marriage, both living in Belfast. Both illiterate)
        (Mark son of Richard Heyes carpenter)
        Richard Hayes 1870.12.11 b 79 Lepper St Belfast.

Jane Clugston 1815-1895.7.24 spinster. Servant. d. Union workhouse Antrim
   (cause of death: gangenous foot)

Janet Clugston 1832-1887.9.24 spinster. servant. d. Union work house Antrim
    (cause of death: abcess of legs)

James Clugston labourer
    (1881: Ballyclare Grange of Doagh)
    Eliza Jane Clugston 1861 Paper mill worker
      = James Johnston Wilson 1855 Horther m 1881.1.14 Killside church of Ireland, Antrim
        (James son of john Wilson plumber of Larne)
        (Witness: Samuel Clugston illiterate, Sarah Jane Mahurty)

John Clugston and William Andrew Clugston, of Bellahill, summoned James Millar, carpenter, Ballycarry, for that complainant, William A. Clugston, was in defendant’s employment under an indenture of apprenticeship, to which the said John was consenting party, whereby defendant covenanted to teach the said William Andrew Clugston the art and trade a carpenter, but on several occasions he refused to so, and had failed to fulfil his tract. Complainants asked that a portion of the premium, amounting £6, already paid, should be returned, and that the apprenticeship indentures should cease. — Aug 16 1905.


This is the only Clugston family in the 1901 census who were completely illiterate.
The will of William Todd of Cogry who died 1876.7.18 mentions his niece Mary Todd widow of William Clugston. (This will is fantastic; it describes all his relatives).
Mary was renting Coggrey 24p in 1864. Her neighbour was John Agnew.

Coggrey, Ballyclare
William Clugston (died before 1864) 
  = Mary Todd 1818-1887.2.22 (brother of William Todd)
    (Mary's will is available online at PRONI).
    William Clugston 1846  Stone Breaker, church of Ireland, illiterate. Still living in 1911
     = Mary Eliza Hall (died before 1901) m 1870.10.14 St Marys Church Belfast
        (1901: William and 3 youngest kids were living with sister Margaret)
        (1911: 24 Coggery. William's sister Margaret was with him)
        Samuel Clugston 1872.04.8 b. Doagh
        Jane Clugston 1873.12.22 b. Doagh
        Mary Todd Clugston 1879.12.2 b 16 Mountjoy St Belfast. Reeler in spinning mill
        William Clugston 1875.11.15-1903.2.29 b&d. Cogry Doagh Grange. labourer
           (Death witness: Helena Todd of Cogry, cousin)
        Martha Clugston 1885-  Reeler in spinning mill 
          = Arthur Ingram m 1910.7.12 Christs Parish Church Ballynure
    Agnes "Fanny" Clugston 1856-1903 (1901 census says born 1852) b Antrim
             (1901: 379 West Division Carrickfergus Rural, domestic servant of
           farmer William J Rodgers 1849-=Lizzie 1868-)
    Margaret Clugston 1857  Spinner in spinning mill
        (1901: 11 Coggery. William & his kids were with them)
        (1911: Living with brother William)

William is probably William Clugston 1852-1912.7.30 d Doagh Grange Coggery widower. Witness: son Samuel of Ballyclare.

Probably another son

William Clugston
    Samuel Clugston 1848 or 1852 or 1855 b. Antrim Farm labourer, church of Ireland, illiterate
      =(1) Rebecca Dinsmore 1855-1892.1.22 mill worker d. Ballyduff, Carnmoney m1874.10.9
        (1874:Before marriage, Samuel was living in Ballysail, Antrim)
        (1893: Carnmoney. Samuel was age "40" in 1893)
        (Rebecca dau of Henry Dinsmore, tailor. Marriage witness Rebecca Dinsmore)
        (All their children are unnamed on the birth records)
        (1901: 21 Carnmoney, Antrim: Staying with their relatives William John Blair 1865- of Carnmoney & Catherine Dinsmore 1864- of Rings Moss, Ballylinny m1894.11.29, Catherine dau of Henry Dinsmore, tailor)
        (male) Clugston 1875.11.4. b Carnmoney Witness: Rebecca Dinsimore
        Susan Clugston 1877.7.15-1907.1.25 b Ballyhenry, Antrim d. Ballyduff Carnmoney
        Mary Clugston 1879.11.11 b Carnmoney, Antrim
        (male) Clugston 1881.7.19 b Carnmoney, Antrim  
        Rebecca Clugston 1886.6.20-1891.3.25 d. Ballyduff. died of typhoid.
        (male) Clugston 1888.6.22 b Carnmoney. (Witness at birth: Agnes McWilliams of Carnmoney)
        George Clugston 1890.5.15 b Ballyduff
      =(2) Elizabeth Fleming 1867  Servant m 1893.3.5 Carnmoney Presb  (4 kids, all living in 1911)
       (Elizabeth dau of Richard Fleming. Marriage witnesses: Matthew Smyth & Agnes Clugston)
       (1911: 71 Carnmoney, Antrim)
       (1901: 29 Carnmoney, Antrim)
        Agnes Clugston 1894      Drawing Traner-Flax Spinning Mill
        Thomas Fleming Clugston 1896-1915 d. Antrim    Doffing Master Flax Spinning Mill
        Margaret Clugston 1897
        Martha Clugston 1910
?? Clugston (died before 1901)
  = Mary ?? 1826-1904.5.28 b Antrim d Cogry Grange of Doagh
    (Witness to Mary's death: Patrick McQuillan, grandson) 
    Sarah Cloughston 1843- b Antrim = William McQuillan 1841-
        (1901: 22 Coggery Ballyclare)

1888.8.23: “John Clugston sued a man named Todd for wages amounting to £6 odd. Todd had a cross-case against Clugstone for a breach of contract.” Both charges dismissed

“football in East Antrim was practically started 55 years ago (1887) three young men in Ballyclare — Christie Beggs. Willie Clugstone and Johnnie Ross. They had seen the game played in Belfast and elsewhere, and thought it would be a fine amusement have in Ballyclare for the wintertime. They called a meeting for the purpose of forming a club. ” (“Larne Times”, 08 October 1942).

This is one of the few surviving 1851 census records

House of William Carrow. Grandmother age 56, married 1820
George Clugston 1824-1894.5.6 Labourer, born Antrim  can read but not write
  = Isabella Leatham 1823-1894.11.18 Sewer on muslin read & write
    (1851 "Clugstine": 42 Main St, Larne)
    (1894: 11 Factory St, Whiteabbey. Death witness: daughter Elizabeth)
    James Clugston 1843-
    Elizabeth Clugston 1844- Illiterate
    Ann Clugston 1846-
    Robert Clugston 1849-

Old Town Street, Larne, 1851.
Jane Clugstone, 1849-, niece of Patrick Havelin 1801- = Mary Campbell 1801- m 1837

“DEATHS. CLUGSTON – November 18th, at 11 Factory Street, Whiteabbey, Isabella Clugston. The remains of my dear mother will be removed from above address for interment in Carnmoney Burying-ground to-day (Wednesday), two o’clock. Friends will please accept this intimation. Elizabeth Clugston. — 1894 Nov 11.
(This is not Isabella Scott Clugston, who was still alive. This is Isabella Clugston 1832-1894.11.18 widow of George Clugston labourer. Elizabeth was her daughter).

Eliza Clugston (not married)= John McArll mechanic
    (1867: John McArll lived in Belfast. Eliza lived in Millbrook)
    Susan Clugston 1867.11.27 b Millbrook
      = Patrick McCann 1872-  Belfast Stone Mason. m 1894.9.18 St Patricks RC church Belfast
       (Before marriage both were living in 44 Cosgrove St Belfast)
       (3 children 2 living in 1911. Roman Catholic)
       (1901: 1 Clarence St, Ballymena, Antrim)
       (1911: 34 Lower Clonard Street, Falls, Antrim)
       Robert James McCann 1899-
       George McCann 1903-

George Clugston labourer
    Isabella Clugston weaver
      = Thomas Watt m 1879.9.5 Cairncastle Parish Church
        (1879: Isabella lived at Millbrook Kilwaughter. Witness: Eliza Clugston)

Elizabeth Clugston 1853-1908.7.14 d Whiteabbey Reeler. spinster
    (1901: 8 Wall St, Whitehouse, Antrim)
    (Witness at death: Dorah Clugston of Whiteabbey, sister)
Dorah Clugston 1866 b Antrim. illiterate. Not married in 1901.
    (1901: 7 Factory St Whiteabbey, Antrim). Niece Mary Clugston 1876- was with them)
    (1911: 7 Factory St Whiteabbey, Antrim)
    Margaret Jane Clugston 1883 b Antrim  Reeler in spinning mill
      = David Johnston m1910.11.4 Carnmoney, Antrim
        (Witnesses: James McGrubb, Mary Robinson)
        (Margaret dau of John Clugston)
Patrick Clugston
    Patrick Clugston 1848-1897.2.12 d 13 Bemwell St Belfast flax rougher
      = Ellen Hanna 1847-1898.7.2 d. 13 Benwell St m 1864.1.8
        (Ellen dau of William Hanna)
        (Witness at Ellen's death: Lizzie Hanna sister in law)
        Jane Clugston b 1864.11.30 bap(Kilbride Pres)1864.12.5 b Cogry


 William Clugston -1860.9.15 d. Ballyclare Sawyer.
    = Rachel Smyth
    (Rachel remarried James Hawthorne of Millvale le Ballyclare Corn Miller).
    (Rachel was granted probate 1862.9.1
Jane Clugston = { John Strange, Andrew McAlister, John McCay, Daniel Bunting } m 1868 Larne

Hugh Clugston labourer
    Jane Clugston = David Heney m 1879.4.11 Raloo Pres
        (Jane was a spinster living at Tureagh, Raloo)
?? Clugston = Mary McMaster, dau of David McMaster. Remarried Samuel Steel 1854.3.5 Ballyeaston
(Matthew Clugston Steele died 1862 in Brymadura, Molong, NSW).

This may be son of Arthur

    Hugh Clugston = Jane McMurty m 1856.5.19 Raloo, Antrim

This family were all buried in the same plot in Kilbride cemetary, Doagh, Newtownabbey.

(Drumadarragh, Kilbride, Antrim)
Robert Clugston 1846-1898.12.6 labourer d. Dunamry, Rashee
    (Death witness: Hugh Clugston, son. Robert was a widower)
    Hugh Clugston 1865 - 1953.12.22 Farm Servant. Claims he can "read and rite"
      = Agnes Todd 1867-1932.1.4 d. Dunamoy, Doagh m 1888.10.15 Registry Office Ballymena
        (Marriage witness: William Clugston. Hugh&Agness both living at Glenwherry)
        (Agnes was buried in Kilbride burial ground)
        (10 kids, all known & single in 1911)
        Ellen Clugston 1889
        John Clugston 1891.3.20 bap(Methodist) 1891.5.11 b Dunamoy
        William Hugh Clugston 1894  m 1919
        Sarah Clugston  1897
        Agness Clugston 1899
        Samuel Clugston 1900
        Lizzie Ann Clugston 1904
        Isabella Clugston  1906
        Alexander Clugston 1907
        Heneretta Clugston 1910

Samuel Clugston
    Cunningham Clugston
      =1 Nancy Gillespie m 1846.9.12 Belfast
      =2 Sally Mcgiffert (born Connally) m 1852.10.9 Ballyclare (Sally dau James Connally)

    William Clugston labourer = ____ Todd
        (___ Todd dau of Samuel Todd)
        (male) Clugston 1890.1.26 (stillborn) b&d Dunamoy, Rashee. Witness samuel Todd, grandfather.

Hugh Clugston labourer
    Mary Anne Clugston = Robert John Simpson m1880.12.4 Trinity church of Ireland, Belfast
    (Marriage witnesses: William Gray, Sarah Ann Corr)

Mazetown is near Lisburn.
_____ Clugston = _____ Beattie
    David Beattie Clugston 1888 b. Co Down
    (1901: With grandparents David 1841- and Anne Beattie 1846-, 4 Gulcavey, Maze Down)
    (1913: 3/1st Battalion, Royal Artillery, Glasgow, Antrim)
    (1919: Silver Badge War Roll)

____ Clugston = Sarah Smyth 1879 b Down
    (Sarah dau of George Smyth 1852- = Sarah 1853-)
    (1911: Visiting parents at 33 Drumdeenagh, Tirkeely, Down, Ireland)
    Rebecca Dinsmore Clugston 1908 b Kilwinning, Scotland

____ Clugston = Margaret Branigan 1871-  Laundress
    (1911: 40 Lindsay St, Windsor Ward, Antrim. With her mother Margaret 1839-)
    John Clugston 1899 b Belfast

William Clugston
    Robert Clugston 1838- 
      = Sarah Logan 1838- m 1862.7.21 Belfast (Sarah dau John Logan)
        Hugh Clugston 1864.4.14  Conner, Antrim
        William Clugston 1866.10.17 b. Drumadaragh Kilbride, Antrim
        Male Clugston 1869.5.8
        John Paul Newell Clugston 1872.6.16-1875

William Clugston
    Ann Clugston 1828- 
      = Thomas Todd 1823-  m 1849.1.20 Belfast (Thomas son of William Todd)          

William Clugston
    Jane Clugston 1821- = (1) ____ Fairley
      =(2) Archibald Gorman 1797- m1851.2.12 Belfast (Archibald son of James Gorman)

William Clugston
   Jane Clugston d.1856.3.4 Antrim
   (Jane was the youngest daughter of William).

William Clugston labourer
    Samuel Clugston 1872 b Antrim.  Mangler in bleach works
      = Agnes Carmichael 1882 b Antrim m 1900.4.16 Christs Parish church, Ballynure Antrim (Church of Ireland)
        (Marriage witness: Mary Clugston)
        (1901: Ballygallough 12, Ballyclare)
        (1911: 24 Little Ballymena, Ballynure, Antrim. With Agnes's sisters Maggie Jane and Mary)
        (Went to Quebec May 1913)

John Clugston was a labourer in Castletown, Ballynure, in Oct 1895

John Carmichael 1865- = Sophia Stewart 1879-  m 1908
    Agnes Clugston Carmichael 1908-

Elizabeth Clugston 1814-1871.2.8
February 4, at Malvern Street, Belfast. Mrs. Elizabeth Clugston, aged 57 years --Belfast Morning News, 1871.2.8
(Probably unrelated: in 1935, Thomas and Agnes Clugston lived at 28 Malvern Street).

Jane Clugston
    Emily Clugston = (not married)
       (female) Clugston 1875.11.19 b 34 Utility St, Belfast. Witness: grandmother Jane

William Clugston
    Hugh Clugston Yarn bundler
      = Joyce Anderson 1843-1883.2.16 m1864.3.25 Ireland
        (Joyce dau of William Anderson)
        (Joyce was a widow when she died. Hugh is probably 1844-1877 d Belfast)
        (1883: 4 Cromwell St Belfast)
        Sarah Clugston 1865.6.17 Belfast
        Mary Clugston 1867.3.18
        Agnes Jane Clugston 1869.10.2 Armagh
        William Clugston 1872.3.9 Antrim
        Hugh Clugston 1874.12.17-1895.1.26 Belfast d. Coleraine, Antrim Painter

William is probably William Clugston 1872-1878.Q2 d. Belfast.

William Clugston
    Agnes Clugston 1843-1880.2.12 d. Eden Carrickfergus
      = William Hetherington shoemaker m1864.8.30 Ballylinny Presb
        (William son of John Hetherington)
        William James Hetherington 1865.5.29 b Doagh
        Mary Jane Hetherington 1867.2.11 b Barony, Glasgow
        John Hetherington 1869.4.15 b Barony, Glasgow bap 1869.6.13 Port Dundas' church
        Israel Clugston Hetherington 1873.9.23 bap Carrickfergus
        Rachel Hetherington 1875.8.30 b Antrim
        Charles Hetherington 1878.4.5 b. Eden, Carrickfergus
        Thomas Hetherington 1879.12.14 b Carrickfergus