Irish Deeds mentioning Clugstons

There are many Clugston records in the “Transcripts of memorials of deeds, conveyances and wills, 1708-1729”.
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See that site for explanation of abbreviations. (P1= party of the first part, O=occupant, O adj=neighbour WD=witness to deed, WM=witness to memorial, REG=Registrar)

Deeds from Belfast

John Clugston v73 p 8 #49472 (Poor quality image)
Deed of assignment 1731.10.20
A P1 John Clugston Sov. Gent in Belfast
B P2 Robert Montgomery of Belfast merchant
C Right Hon _______
D W John Smith of Belfast merchant
E W Hugh Anderson of Belfast innkeeper
F REG George Portis
G REG Robert Britt
For £1, A sells B his garden 20footx30foot on North St Belfast which he holds from C.

v83 p 212 #58475.
Indenture of Lease 1734.8.17
A P1 John Clugston of Belfast Esq
B P2 James Peacock of Belfast Sadler
C N John Morrison
D N John Maxwell
E O William Greenlees shoemaker
F O Robert Smith weaver
G W Robert Byrtt of Belfast Esq
H W Hugh Anderson of Belfast
I W, WM Francis Joy of Belfast Gent
J WM Henry Linn of Belfast bookbinder
K REG Will Johnston
For £1s10/year, A leased B for 31 years the house and garden on the west side of North street Belfast 20 foot frontage x 64 foot deep bounded west by C, east by D. Formerly possessed by E and of late by F.

v83 p 270 #58796
Indenture of lease 1735.12.22
A P1 John Clugston of Belfast Esq
B P2 Edward Harris of Belfast Drover
C N Edward Whitside
D W George Portis Gent
E W Adam McKibbon merchant
F W Francis Joy of Belfast gent
G REG Will Johnston
A renewed lease of 36 acres of land in Malone to B for £17s15/year, for 35 years. Land bounded on the E by the highway Belfast to Lisburn, on the S lately possessed by C, on the W by Black Water river, on the N by the Black Staff highway.

Ellinor Clugston v83 p 487 #59915. 1736 Belfast.
A memorial of a Deed of Mortgage bearing date 2nd March 1736 and made between Ellinor Clugston Executor of the last will and testament of John Clugston late of Belfast in the county of Antrim Burgess of the one part and John Duff of the Town of Belfast Burgess of the other part. Whereby the said Ellinor Clugston in the consideration of the sum of 135 pounds sterl doth give grant bargain sell assign and sell over unto the said John Duff all those tenements in Castle St and North St and 6 acres of land as the same was formerly possessed by Robert Clugston deceased father of the said John Clugston and lately possessed by John Clugston, and his undertenants as also all that farm of land in Lower Malone containing 34 acres plantation measure be if same more or less as formerly in the possession of the said Robert Clugston Late in posession of the said John Clugston all situated lying being in the Town and Parish of Belfast and County of Antrim with all the apportenances thereunto belonging To hold unto the said John Duff his executors administrators and assigns for the term of forty one years from the twenty fifth day of march 1728 to a clause of Redemption upon payment of the said Consideration money which said deed of mortgage and also this memorial are witnessed by John Arnold and Francis Joy both of Belfast

Ellinor Clugston v84 p 366 #61088
Deed of mortgage 1737.5.1
A P1 Ellinor Clugston Burgess executor of B
B John Clugston of Belfast deceased burgess. son of D
C P2 John Duff of Belfast burgess
D Robert Clugston deceased father of B
G W Francis Joy
H W John Arnold
Basically the same as the mortgage above
For £150, A mortgaged to B the tenements in Castle St and North St and 6 acres of land in Belfast as formerly possessed by D then by B and his undertenants, and the farm in Lower Malone of 38 acres as formerly possessed by D. Original deed was made to B by the Right Hon James Earl of Barrymore as surviving trustee of the Right Hon Arthur Earl of Donnegall.

Eleanor Clugston v94 p 263 #66244 1738
Indenture of lease between Mrs Eleanor Clugston of Belfast Gentlewoman, John Duff, and Martha Skeat of Belfast widow. As she mortgaged her holdings to John Duff, by and with the conven and approbation of the said John Duff demised unto the said Martha Skeal all that and those the dwelling house possessed by the said Martha Skeat and the dwelling house in the possession of Jane Colquhuon widow with the Back __ Back fedos? and gardens unto them … [permission to build a gable]

Ellinor Clugston v109 p 456 #76600 v108 p 391 #76737

v90 p 96 #63098 1737.5.5 Arbuckle and Benson, merchants
Robert Clugston, neighbour in Belfast.
A Priscila Arbuckle widow
B James Arbuckle, merchant
C Richard Benson
A and B sold their land on Castle St to C. A got this land in 1700. Neighbours Robert Clugston and George Macartney.

v89 p362 #63599 1738.5.8 Benson, Gent and Swift, merchant.
Robert Clugston, neighbour in Belfast
Thomas Stuart built a large brick house on land on the north side of Castle St Belfast 42 feet wide, 140 foot long. On the west was a tenement of George Macartney Esq, on the east Robt Clugstons tenement.

v31 p 133 #18430 John Clugston of Belfast, Gent, witness to a deed between Haddock and Craford.
v57 p313 #38634 1727.1.5 Witness Reg: John Clugston. John Hamilton of Ballyvarnon, Bangor
v52 p61 1727.6.29 Witness: Jon Clugston of Belfast, Reg.
v92 p50 #64870 1733.10.20 Witness: John Clugston of Belfast, Esq

Deeds from County Kildare

James Claxton v194 p314 #129623 1758 Lease made between James Claxton otherwise Clugston of Kilcullen Bridge in the County of Kildare Gent Eldest son and heir of James Claxton late of Sigginstown in the said County of Kildare to Richard Poole. Witnessed by Robert Douglass Henry Claxton and Ann Clugston all of Kilcullen Bridge.

James Claxton v197 p 70 #129624
A Memorial of a Deed Poll 1758.9.15
James Claxton otherwise called James Clagston of Kilcullen Bridge in the County of Kildare Gent is entitled to and interested in the farm of Lurgan Liney in County Down now in the possession of Mrs Margaret Claxton otherwise Johnston as eldest son and heir of his father James Claxton late of Sigginstown in the County of Kildare aforesaid Gent deceased from and immediately after the death of the said Margaret Johnston the said farm being held by lease for three lives from Mr Ford to the said James Claxton the elder deceased. By which said deed James Clugston for the considerations therein mentioned did grant sell release and confirm unto Richard Poole of the City of Dublin Gent all the right and interest claim and dremand of him the said James of and in to the said Farm or Freehold. Interest in the said Lands of Lurgan Liney in the County of Down…
which deed is witnessed by Robert Douglass Henry Claxton and Ann Clugston all of Kikcullen Bridge and this memorial is witnessed by the said Ann Clugston and William Gun of the city of Dublin Gent.
Sworn before James Saunders Dep Regr.

(Matthew Forde 1675-1729 moved from Coolgreany, Wexford to County Down, where he built a mansion and village at Seaforde, near Clough. He married Ann Brownlow of Lurgan, County Armagh. He had 3 sons.
1. His heir was Matthew Forde 1699-1780 of Seaforde, who was succeeded by Matthew Forde 1726-1796, whose son Matthew Forde was born around 1752 and died in 1812, married Catherine Brownlow of Lurgan, County Armagh, leaving another Matthew Forde 1785.5.17-1837.8.5.
2. Francis Forde, who was a colonel in the war in India. Bought the land of Johnstown in County Meath, next to the border with County Kildare. Commissioner of the East India Company.
3. Rev Arthur Forde d. 1767, rector of Lurgan.

The Forde estate consisted of land in the townlands of Annadorn, Artanna, Castlenavin, Clera, Cumran, Cumber, Drumanaghan and Farranfad, Dinanew, Douglen, Drumaness, Drumaroad, Drumcaw, Drumgavlin, Drumgooland, Drumkeera, Drumnakelly, Drumnaquoile, Drumsnade, Dunmore, Dunturk, Edendariffe, Guiness, Magheralone, Magheratimpany, Murvaclogher, Ringhaddy, Rosscomer, Scribb, Seaforde, Sevaghan, Tanaghmore, Teconnett, Tevenadara, Tullymurray and Tullynacree.
All are in Loughinisland Parish, except for some townlands which are in adjacent parishes:
In Kilmore Parish: Magheralone, Murvaclogher, Rosscomer (Rossconner), Tullynacree
In Kilmegan Parish: Drumnaquoile, Guiness
In Maghaeradrool Parish: Cumber, Drumaness, Drumsnade, Magheratimpany
In Magherahamlet Parish: Douglen (Dooglen), Drumgavlin, Drumkeera, Dunmore, Edendariffe
Other places: Ringhaddy – this is an island in Stanford Lough
Teconnett, Tullymurray – don’t know where these are.
In 1814 they obtained more land through marriage).

Henry Claxton v214 p202 #140821 Indenture of marriage 1759.5.31
A Henry Claxton of Kilcullen Bridge Peruke [wig] maker
B Judith Blackwood only daughter of C
C Simon Johnston of Graige in Queens County Father of B
A will marry B. A promised to leave B 100 pounds in his will if he died first.

v252 p 10 #160186
Indentured deed of release 1766.5.6
A P1 Samuel Clugston of Morristown in the County of Kildare Gent
2nd son of G
B P2 Henry White of City of Dublin Gent
C Henry de Massue Earl of Gallway deceased
D Lewis Puzett of Deerpark Portarlington Queens County Gent
E Mary Puzett dau of D
F Charlotte Puzett dau of D
G James Clugston of Sigginstown Co Kildare Gent deceased. Father of A.
H W William Pigott of City of Dublin Gent
I W Thomas Bermingham Clerke to B
J REG Charles Mearer

In 1692, C leased D the 22 acres at Deerpark occupied by D, for the lives of D, E, and F, for £4s8 per year. By means of signment the lands breame vested in G. G bequeathed them to A in his will.
A now sells them to B for £113s15. Registered 1765.5.10.
Note: C was Henri de Massue 1648-1720, a French Hugenot soldier. In 1692.11 he received a large grant of seized estates in Ireland. Portarlington had French speakers until 1820.

v306 p156 #202836
A P1 John Ottivell City of Dublin Gent
B P2 Conway Jones of Lisburn Co Antrim Esq Guardian of C
C P2 William Todd Jones a minor and devisee of D
D William Todd Esq deceased
E James McMahon the younger of Kilcullen Bridge merchant
F O Henry Claxton Kilcullen Bridge
G O William Moran of Moores holdings Kilcullen
H O Patrick Hyland of part of Wiseleys holdings Kilcullen
I W Robert Drought of City of Dublin Gent
J W James Therly of City of Dublin
K John Ottway
L REG Jno Macabe Drep Regn City of Dublin
P1 surrenders to P2 the remainder of a term of 31 years granted to E by D on 1770.3.10 of the land in Kilcullen Bridge Kildare occupied by F,G, and H containing 10ac3rd27pch bounded on the north by the high road on the south by the Globe Inn holdings on the east by Thomas and Maryfields holdings and on the west by Clintons holdings, and also the house and gardens of G which E assigned to A.

Deeds from Antrim

v100 p546 #71646
Josias Clugston of Larne, Gent, was a witness to a deed where William Hamilton of Co Tyrone leased lands to Henry Shaw of Ballygelly, Antrim

Josias Clugston v263 p132 #166866
1765 Rev Josias Clugston of Ballybolley in the parish of Larne and Hugh McDowell James McDowell of the parish of Carnecastle and other yeomen whereby the said Josias Clugston did grant … the farm to Hugh and James McDowell computed at 4 acres held by Hugh and James for 17 years commencing Nov next at the yearly rent of 14 pounds 12 shillings sixpence or 15 pounds 15 shillings at the option of the said Jos Clugston with sixpence each pa recvd feeds of com his death until ….William Agnew

Josias Clugston v259 p 287 #166867
1767.8.19 Rev Josias Clugston of Bellyboly, leased to Hugh and James McDowell. the farm in Ballyrickand in the parish of Balon Barony of Belfast containing 20 acres 3 roods plantation for 10 pounds per year for 21 years.

(Ballyboley is the west side of Larne. Ballyrickard is about 3km south).

Deeds in Newry and nearby


v31 p 342 1716.10.19 #39995 Mentions the original leaseholders
Alexander Clugston, son of James Clugston had land in Derry Beg, which is in the Armagh side of Newry, lease granted 1693.2.26
Full transcript at

…Nicholas Bagenall late of Newry Esq…
Did demise unto the said all that Nicholas Bagenall of the one part and John Fleming Father of the said Wm Fleming deed of the other part for the considerations wherein mention did demise unto the said all that Half Towne Land of Derybeg – situate in the County of Armagh and Lordship of Newry joining to Carnegatt River South to Derynenore East then in the possession of the said John Fleming to hold the said premisses unto the said John Fleming has? ?? amd and apart from the 3rd day of November then before the natural lives of the said Wm Fleming Alexander Clugston son to James Clugston of Newry aforesaid and of James Campbell son to the late Robert Campbell of Newry aforesaid and the life of the longest liver of them at the yearly rent of four pounds one shilling with an herriot at the Death of every head tenant as by the inddentures

v57 p 173 #37865 1728 Henry Clugston, Innkeeper, Newry, County Down was a witness of a deed between Abraham Wallace of Newry, Merchant and Robert Wainwright of Dublin, Clothier

v91 p305 #64332 1738.7.29
Joseph Clugston was an occupant of Boat St, Newry for yearly rent of 1 pound 17 shillings, between James Drope and Robert Gordon.
His landlord was Robert Nedham.

Boat St is in the townland of Ballynacraig, County Down.

1786 none
1787 none
Jos Clugston v393 p 206 #260242 to James
made in 1787 between Jos Clugston of Newry Taylor, and Rob Turner of Warrenspoint in the said Coy of Down Gent and Peter Whitside of Newry.
He gave to Robert Turner in trust for Peter Whitside the piece of land in William St, northwest of Dublin Rd and adjoins the tenemt of Bath Conolly and also adjoining the house and premises now in the possession of the said Peter Whiteside which lies southeast of Boat St leading to the Custom house and commonly called or known by the sign of the Jolly Sailor, containing from front to rere 30 feet wanting 8 inches and in breath 14 feet and one inch — leased for 999 years at 3 shillings sterling per square foot.

Deeds from Lisnaward, County Down

v53 p243 #35276
A P1 Widow Lowry alias Margaret Campbell of Lisnaward
B P2 James Lowry of Lisnaward son of A
C P2 Isabella Lowry of Lisnaward dau of A
D John Magill of Gill Hall Esq
E Jon. Clugston son in law of A
F W Joseph Mitchell of Lisnaward
G W John Barron of Ballyarry, Down
H W Thomas Dixon of Lisnaward, Down
J W John Willcock of City of Dublin Gent
In 1713.4.4, D leased 24ac of land in Lisnaward then occipied by A, to A and E, for the lives of E, B and C. A now gives her claim to B and C.

Jno Clugston v406 p 66 #265818 to Jameison
A deed of release 1788 between John Clugston of Lisnaward farmer and Robert Jameson of Tullyglush Coy Down Linen Merchant. For 50 pounds sterling in hand, he sold one moiety of the land in Lisnaward granted by the late John Macgill Esq decd unto Widow Lowry and John Clugston both of Lisnaward to their heirs and also by indenture bearing date the fourth day of May one thousd Seven hun and Thirteen for three lives renewable forever which said moiety contains 12 acres subject to redemption on payment of said sum with lawful Int on the first day of May the next which said Deed of Release is witnessed by Hugh Lilburn of Tullyglush Geo Jameson of Ednego and John Jameson of Tullyglush all in the Coy of Down farmers and this Meml is witnessed by the said Hugh Lilburn John Jameson Robert Jameson

John Clugston v525 p 383 #345093
A P1 John Clugston of Lisnaward farmer
B P2 Robert Jamison of Tullyglush Linen draper.
C Oadj John Dickson
D Oadj WD WM James Lowry
E Oadj Thomas Lowry
F Oadj Nat[hanie]l(?) Mitchell
G Oadj John Mitchell
H WD WM Robert Dickson of Dromore Gent

For 425 pounds, A sold the moiety in Lisnaward 12 acres [or 1 1/2?] bounded on the west and northwest by the town and lands of Edenordenery on the south by C’s farm on the east by D and E’s farm and on the north by F and G’s farm with the Tarfbog or Moss thereto belonging with the house.

Deeds from Queen’s County

Hannah Claxton v412 p 222 #268983 1783.4.10 the lands of S?atheinough in the Queens County during the lives of Richd Claxton Jane Mcdane and Thomas Kinnerny and the ?? of them and the yearly rent of 40 pounds . Also mentions Jane Gilbert (she made the lease?).
(Hannah was literate, Thomas Kinnerney was not)

Deeds from Carlingford, County Louth

17 Aug 1708
v1 p208 #128
Thomas Clugston was (with Robert Ross and John Agnew) a witness to a deed where William Stannus Esq of Carlingford, Co Louth sold lands of Muncksland and Bellemont by Dundalk to John Park of Ballagin, Co Louth.

See also PRONI D4066/5. 18 June 1718
Lease from James Stannis, Carlingford, Co. Louth to Thos. Clugston, Carlingford, Co. Louth of house, lands and park called Menidees Park in Carlingford, Co. Louth.

Jane Clugston v418 p423 #273884, #273886, #273887
A meml of an Indented Articles of demise bearing date the 15th day of Jany 1782 made between Jane Clugston of the Town of Carlingford in the Coy of Louth Spinster of the one part and Ross Moore of the said town of Carlingford Esq of the second part whereby after reciting as therein is recited the said Jane Clugston did for the considerations therein mentd Demise unto the said Ross Moore his Heirs and all that and those the two fields late in the posson of Richd Hanton Lancy Boyle and George Murphy Cont of nine acres Irish plantation measure or thereabouts as also the two fields late in the posson of Patrick Connolly Cathe Connolly widow and Cormick McShane as also the White House orchard Gardens and Cabbins thereunto belonging late in the Pos[essi]on of Eliod? McAidle? Matthew Shillen and their Undutent as also the Cabbons & Gardens late in the Poss[essi]on of Pierce of Clenaghan & his ___? ____? as also the Premises known by the name of the Malt House & likewise the house and garden late in the Possn of the said Jane Clugston with their and every of this Appuis all which said Premises are situate lying and being in the Town of Carlingford and Coy of Louth & are now in the actual Hioson? of the said Possession to hold to the said Ross Moore his heirs and Assigns from the first day of Nov last past to the term of all such lives as the said Jane Clugston is now intilled to hold the said Premises Resply for as also for such lives as shall be hereafter Inserted in any rent or Rents or new Demise or Demises of the said Premes Resply at any time or times for ever thereafter to be made by the said landlord or landlords thereof to the the said Jane Clugston her heirs or assigns at the yearly rent of 47 pds ster and above taxes charges and Impositions whatsoever which particles and this memrl are witnessed by Hugh Moore Gent & Jno Tweedup Yeoman both of the town of Carlingford in the Coy of Louth afosd and Jas Hamilton of the City of Dublin Gent Jane Clugston seal signed and dated in the presence of Hugh Moore John Tweedup Jas Hamilton …(etc) this 19th day of Feby 1782.

Clearly related:
…being connected with Carlingford till Henry Moore’s time, this is only a guess. There was another Roger O’More, a Confederate, at the time, for the notebook gives notes of his having escaped from Dublin in 1641, being in Drogheda in 1642, and at the Confederation of. Kilkenny, in which town he died in 1642. NOTES
In an old map, dated 1818, belonging to the Moore family, a house named “Clugston White House” is shown opposite the Meeting-house. The names of ” Mr.
— County Louth Arcaelogical Society, 1914.
The Presbyterian minister at Carlingford from 1700 to 1729 was Rev John Wilson. He went to America in 1729.
In 1846, J S Moore Esq, J P owned Shannon Grove. Hugh Moore owned Nootka Lodge.
“At Carlingford, on the right, is Catherine’s grove, the seat of Mr Benson; and on the same side, close to the town, are the seats of Captain Stannus and Ephraim Stannus, Esq; near which are the ruins of a castle.” (1794)

In 1783.11.7, there was a Chancery Bill by Ephraim Stannus against Jane Clugston and others.

In 1784 Captain Stannus of Carlingford was “late a captain in his majesty’s service in America” (

A mem[oria]l of an Indentd Deed bearing date 1782 by Jane Clugston of the town of Carlingford in Coy Louth Spinster, and James Hamilton of the City of Dublin Gent one of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland whereby after reciting among other things that by virtue of a decree of his Majestys Court of Chancery in Ireland bearing date the 6th day of Dec one thousand seven hundred & [this looks like “etwenty” but “seventy” would make more sense] nine and made in a Certain Clause then & there depending wherein the said Jane Clugston is P[lain]t[if]f & Ephm Stannus Esq and other are Def[endant]s the sd Jane Clugston was Intild as agst the sd Ephraim Stannus to the mean rates of Certain Lands Tenements and Concerns situated in and near the Town of Carlingford aforesaid which she held by virtue of the leases for lives renewable forever from and since the year one thousand seven hundd & forty nine & that the said Jane Clugston was as agst the the sd Ephraim Stannus also Intitled to a Considerable Sum of Money for Costs in the sd Clause & that further her Costs would probably become due to her in this Cause the thesd Jane Clugston in presence of the Apresent & forth Consons & purposes therin inculd? did assign transfer & make own thesd Jas Hamilton all such Sum & Sums of Money as were then due & owing to the said Jane Clugston by thesd Ephm Stannus (etc)

(The original lease may be v136 p 287 #91399 1749
A P1 Ephraim Stannus Esq of Carlingford Co Louth
B P2 Anthony Forster Esq of City of Dublin
C P2 Thomas Tipping Esq of Castletown Co Louth
D William Henry Dawson of Dawson’s Court in the Queen’s Co
E Robert Sibthorp only son and heir apparent of F
F Stephen Sibthorp Esq of Dunanyiny Co Louth father of E and G
G Margaret Sibthorp daughter of F
H Thos Tipping deceased
J Fras Hall Esq
K Rev Hugh Hill
L Stephen Neal
M John Reignolds
N Henry Hunter
P W Rev Thos Wodsey of Ballymascanlan Co Louth
Q W Philip Reilly of City of Dublin
R REG James Saunders

A will marry G, so he gives P2 the town lands and Commons of Carlingford including 120 tenements. 600 acres of profitable land. the town + lands of Monchsland Upper Mullaghtee otherwise Bellamount Lemgnee + Crosselany + the Mill of Grange in the Barony of Dundalk. A pays 1800 pounds to H which was owed at the time of his death, and 500 pounds due and secured by A to confess judgement on J and K, unto B and C their heirs.
A sold to D and E the tenements called Rushagh and the Channons at Carlingford 7 ac 1 rd 36 p and one third of all tithes of corn hay as L M N held
and the parsonage of Meath in Co Louth, part of the Black Priory in the Ards,
for 21 years in the deed. Sworn before R on 1749.6.5 )

1791 none
1792 none
1793 none
1794 none
1795 none
Joseph Clugston v503 p19 #320831 of William St Newry, Taylor
A memorial of a deed between Joseph Clugston and Bryan Finigan
Indenture of Lease 1787.5.1
Memorial made 1796.2.15
A P1 Joseph Clugston of Newry Taylor
B P2 Bryan Finigan of Newry Mason
C Oadj John Whitaker
D Robert Finigan
D W James Reed of Newry Gent
E W John Humphreys of Newry carpenter
F W John Moore of Newry Gent
G W Pat McIlroy of Newry Gent
H REG Thomas Bourke
A for £3/15 annual rent gave B a 999 year lease of his plot of land on the south side of William St Newry 30 feet wide 40 feet deep
South was C, east and west was rest of A’s tenement. To be held by D.

Joseph Clugston v502 p346 #325028
Indentured Deed 1796.8.17
A P1 Joseph Clugston of Newry, Taylor
B P2 John Irwin of Newry Gent
C W James Bell ltty? of Newry
D W James Seanlan of Newry Gent
E REG Thomas Bourke
Memorial made 1796.8.22
For £100, A sold B his tenement on the west side of Boat St Newry
39 feet wide 149 feet long, 44 feet at rear.

1797 none
1798 none
1799 none

Thomas Clughan v574 p311 #389862 Probably not relevant
Thomas Clughan of Emyvale in Barony of Imegh in the co of Monaghan
references a deed 1771.1.1 by Frenici Cloughan of Grovesboro of Monaghan and Thomas Cloughan of Grovesboro, east side of the street of Emyvale bounded by John Wilsons tenement. witnessed by Ptar Wilson and John Wilson and David Andres

Joseph Clugston v576 p248 #389159
1805.11.16 Joseph Clugston of Newry Co Down Taylor sold to Edward Cosgrave of Cloghog Co Armagh Farmer
his tenement in William St in the Town of Newry containing a front to said street of 49 feet 6 inches and standing from front to rear 40 feet bounded on the north by said the street or road leading to Dublin Bridge on the west by the New House called the Methodists Preaching House on the south or rear of said tenement by Christopher Reeds Esqs garden and on the east by Bryan Finigans Tenement …. and which was commonly known and distinguished by the name of Joseph Clugstons Garden

Thomas Clugston v588 p422 #400530
Thomas Clugston of Bandon in the county of Cork mercht of the one part & George Wheeler of Bandon aforesaid Cloattier of the other part
.. the land formerly in possession of his father the Revd Jas Clugston…

Mary Clugston + husband v601 p209-210, #409019-#409020
20th Aug? 1808 between Henry Grandy of Rossmever on the Coy of Down farmer and Mary Grandy o[ther]wise Clugston his wife and which said Mary was sole Heiress at Law of Jos[ep]h Clugston late of Newry in the said Coy of Down Taylor decd of the one part and James Bell of Newry in the said Coy of Down Gent of the other part.
(plus much more information)

Mary Jane Cluxton v537 p159 #362601 1802 (this number isnt right)
(v549-50, img 66 of 615 is #362626 but prev entry is #362520)

James Cluxton v550 p 79 #362621
Lease 1802.7.25 memorial made 1802.9.16
A James Cluxton son of B
B Bailie Cluxton of Kilcullen Bridge deceased
C Mary Jane Cluxton widow of B
D W Tarquay Bentley of Kilcullen Bridge shopkeeper
E W Skiffington Haslam of Maryborough
F W Thomas Lally of Dublin Gent u. of Cluxton
G REG John Griffin Esq Dep Regn

A leased C the house she lived in from Nov 1 for the life of C or her widowhood with peppercorn rent.

Thomas Claxton v607 p17 #413985 (page 14 of 393)
Memorial made 1808.8.5 of an indentured deed dated 1884.5.1 (sic!)
A P1 Thomas Claxton Annabrack in the Kings County farmer
B P2 James Flannagan of Boley in the Queens County farmer
C W Thomas Dunaho of Stearadbally? in the Queens Co publican
D W,WM Patrick Flannagan of Grainge in the Queens Co farmer
E WM Honora Shelan of Killbrucken Queens Co spinster
F REG William Dawson Roberts

A sold B the upper part of Boley known by the name of Mr Claxtons part in the actual possession of said James Claxton situate in Queens Co Barbigg? of Ballyadane parish of Rathashbrook 20ac30pc on 1 May for the life of B or 21 years whichever comes last for the annual rent of 16pd10s5d

Year 1802 is 537, v542, 544, v545,

1810 p48
Mary Jane Claxon v621 p347 #427508 County Cork. Daughter of George Clarsan of Carrigane, Farmer
1811 none
Thomas Clarkson v641 p369 #447595

Thomas Clarkson v660 p 387 #458277
Esther Clarkson v667 p124 #459115
1814 none
1815 none
1816 none
1817 none
1818 none
1819 none
1820 none
1821 none

Thomas Clouston v784 p415 #530750
1825-1827 none
1828 none
1828-1832 none

Bailie Cluxton 1835.7.31 v14 #56
Indenture of Rent Charge made 1796.12.20
A P1 Baillie Cluxton of the town of Kilcullen Bridge Gent
B P2 Skiffington Haslam of the town of Maryborough in the Queens County Gent
C W Andrew Graves of Town of Maryborough Gent
D W Peter Brennan of Town of Maryborough Gent
E W Theophilaus Seale of Town of Maryborough Shopkeeper
F REG Redmd Clare Commisioner
B paid 5 shillings to A. A will pay 14 pound sterl to B each year, on May 1 and Nov 1. But if A pays B 100 pounds plus interest, annual rent ends. If A is 21 days late, B has power of distraining and sale.
(I think B gave A a loan of 100 pounds at 14% interest, with A’s land as security).

Forbes Claxton 1836 v15 #63
Forbes Claxton of Coult was to marry Eliz Pearson of Monnamurra in Rathdowney in Queens Coy. Forbes would receive £125 from George Pearson and if Eliz became a widow she would get £10 per year from Forbes estate.
William Claxton 1839 v15 #264
(This is William Claxton of Liverpool. Not relevant).

1840 v20 #35 Thompson to Claxton
Marriage settlement 1839.8.10
A P1 Jacob Thompson Shrabane Queens Co farmer
B P2 James Fairbrother Kyle Queens Co farmer
C P2 Langley Claxton Cloncourse Queens Co farmer Father of D
D P3 Dianah Claxton daughter of C
E Charles Henry Coote
F Frederick Alexander Charles Ernest Augustus son of G
G Duke of Cumberland
H WD Patrick Egan Roscrea Co Tipperary Land surveyor
I WD WM Rody Claxton Cloncourse Queens Co farmer aged 16+
J WM George Rae Bovis in Ossory Queens Co Gent
K WReg Laur Tartu Comr

A will marry C. In a prior lease dated 1820.9.20, E gave A his lands of
Shrakaneboy 79 ac 2 r 21p in the Barony of Upper Ossory and Queens Co for the life of F or 21 years whichever comes last at L26-18s-5d payable have yearly.
A leased the land to B and C.
Now A and D will live on these premises. If A dies first, D gets an annuity of L4 sterling/yr to be paid 1 May and 1 Nov out of these lands.
Sworn 1840.10.9 Roscrea Co Tipperary.

William Claxton 1841 v23 #108 Archer to Miller
made between Samuel Archer of Belfast in the County of Antrim Bookseller and to the beginning have the younger of Belfast aforesaid Merchant of the third part William Claxton of the Borough of ?Schuiford? in Great Britain merchant…

1847 v18 #179
Deed poll dated 1847
A Thomas Oliver Anderdon of Old Square Lincolns Inn, Middlesex Esq Barister, QC
B John Lavicount Anderdon of New Bank Buildings London Esq
C Lucy Shuckburgh Claxton of Exmouth Co Devon widow
D John Proctor Anderdon of Stunton Somerset. father of A, B and C

D bequeathed his lands in Cork and Limerick to A, B and C (much more, not relevant)

Baillie Cluxton 1841 v17 #254
Samuel Clugston 1843 v18 #127 (Antrim, Thomas McGill) (p 85 of 384)
Samuel Clugston of Straid in Antrim Pensioner sold 3 acres in Cairncastle, Glenarm, Antrim to Thomas McGill for 80 pounds sterling
Previous occupants were William Dogherty and Susannah his wife, both deceased. Samuel was illiterate.

Sanuel Clugston, linendraper, Dr William Alexander Clugston, and Mary Clugston. Purchase of “Marymount”, Antrim, and the Quaker Meeting Hall in Antrim.
(In 1870 Samuel Clugston of Marymount owned 41 acres).

Freeholds which Clugstons owned

Freeholder records (which will certainly be in the deeds records):
Aaron+John, Lisnafiffy, 1789
Aron Lisnafiffy, 1819 from Rev Thomas Waring
Hugh, Drumherk, 1787, from Sir J Blackwood
James, Drumnaquoile, 1815 and 1821 from Matthew Forde
John, Lisnaward 1769
John, Derrydrumick, 1821
Joseph, Newry, 1769, 1789
Robert, Clera, 1821, Matthew Forde (east of Drumnaquoile. In Lochinsland, also known as Claragh)
Robert, Ballywillwill 1813 G H McDowell Johnston (adjacent to Drumnaquoile)
Robert, Lisnaward 1755 Lord Clanwilliam

Deeds for regions where Clugstons owned freeholds

Ballynacraig, County Down (occupied 1738, owned 1787)

Derry Beg, Armagh

Lisnanard / Lisneraward 1708-1738
v5 p315 #1963 Matthews to Hans Hamilton 1708 (image 441 on LDS film 007905555)
(This is where Hans Hamilton got 247 acres in Fennis, Down and 36 acres in Lisnaward)
v56 p437 #38612 Magill to Earl of Drogheda
(This is purchase of a huge chunk of Ireland. No Clugstons)
v91 p475 #64903 Ellis to Pritchard

v93 p602 #67062 Edward Matthews to Richard Dawson
(Dawson bought 247 acres in Fennis, 36 acres in Lisnaward)
v156 p68 #103094 Dawson to Magen
v167 p347 #112755 Dickson to Moreland
v176 p326 #119618 Moreland to Goodfellow
v184 p541 #124206 Willson to Walker
(I did not find this, that page has 124207 Collyeran to Rhea)
v232 p287 #152588 Wills to Sims et al
v244 p281 #157765 Barron to Ingram
Articles of Marriage by Deed poll 1724.6.16. Memorial made 1765.9.16
A Archibald Barron of Lisnaward Down father of C
B James Ingram of Drumboe, Saintfield, Co Down
C Mary Barron dau of A
D WD William Barron of Belleny Co Down farmer
E WD,WM John Barron of Belleny Co Down farmer
F WD Samuel Watson of Killyscolban
B will marry C, so A gives B 1/4 of Lisnaward, which A holds for lives renewable forever.

v264 p219 #168067 Dickson to Lindsay
v301 p613 #202898 Lindsay to Law
v339 p249 #228525 Dickson to Dickson
A P1 John Dickson of Lisnaward farmer
B P2 John Dickson of Lisnaward linen weaver
C Richard Macguires Esq
D WD Thomas McMahon of Lisnaward
E WD James McMahon of Lisnaward linen weaver
For 41 years, A grants B his 18 acres of land he leased from C, for L3s12.

v398 p244 #262889 Law to Murphy
v397 p431 #265193 Lindsay et al to Lindsay
v486 p66 #265818 Clugston to Jameson

Lisnafiffy v607 p211 #413992 Anderson
v82 p269 #324550 Thompson to Dawson
(many more)
v387 p418 #262/137 Henry Waring to Waring (does not mention Clugstons)
v423 p 294 #279446 Waring to Waring

v124 p238 #84476? Waring & son to Coglan et al. 1746. Marriage bond (no Clugston mentioned)
v357 p381 #241136 Stenson to Holmes
v462 p11 #294101 Waring et al to Rainey et all
Indentured Deed 1792.4.11
A P1 Thomas Waring of Newry, Down Esq
B P2 Rainey Maxwell of Greenville, Down Esq
C P2 Revd Lucas Waring of Summerenat?, Down
D P3 Wm Rainey of Greenville Esq
E P3 Samuel Caulfield Waring of Waringfield
F P4 John Goddard of Newry
G P4 Mary Goddard secd Dau of F
H W John Goddard Junior of Newry, Down, Gent
J W Jasper Waring
K REG John Moore Deputy Regr, Castleyard, Dublin
Marriage between A and G was intended, so A gave P2 the lease of Drumhirk and Lisnafiffy in Tullylish, Kilmore Lurgandicane Knockniker Raconnell Anadroghile + Knockadiney in Shankill, all in County Down.
When A dies G will receive 50 pounds, plus 50 pounds yearly rent to give G an annuity of one hundred?

Lurgan moss v51 p136 #33102
Indenture of lease 1726.10.9
A P1 Robert Magill of Gill Hall Co Down Esq
B P2 James Clark of City of Dublin Gent
C Sir John Magill of Gill Hall Co Down Knight and Barrt
D Alexander Willson of Drumlurge, Shankill, Down yeoman dead intestate
E Matthew Wilson only son of D
F O Cormick O Neile
G O James Hoop
H W Rachell Smyth of Antrim Co Antrim spinster
J W John Sullevan of Antrim yeoman
K W Richard Harrison of Antrim yeoman
L REG James Wilde

In 1693.9.1, C had leased to Drumlurge to D. E inherited it when D died intestate. E sold it to B. A now upgrades it from an equitable title to legal title. The land was formerly held by F and G, then by D. The land 40ac in Kilmore, Shankill, and part of the moss or bog in the Sessiogh of Lurgan in Kilmore. Rent of £9s4/yr.

Nedham to Thompson v360p501#250647 (the volume number is not correct)
and v510p303#330977 and v557p393#371259
Gordon to Moore v522p152 #312854
Moore to Carlisle v530p195#347741
Thompson to Nolan v566p771#379405
Moore to Jefferson v580p841#391950
Nolan to Nolan v586p481#394961
Keane to Gilmore v606p162#413076
Wright to Wright v615p60#419962
Thompson to Bell v620p43#423715

Ballytemple Armagh
Bolton to Verne v176 p90 #117615
Verne to Courtney v179 p171 #119(4?)22
Pulland to Black v190 p282 #126762
Verne to Pulland v192? 114? #126163
Pulland to Governors of Mercers Hospital v200 p91 #132113
Blacker to Bell v17(3? or5 or 9) #385132
Henry to Best v573 p219 #386797

Drumnaquoile (owned 1815-1821, occupied until about 1865)

Ballintemple Armagh (occupied 1830)

Sinnott to Keene v561 p346 #577389 1803-1804
Sir Walter Synnott of Ballymoyere Knight, Ann Elizabeth Martin spinster
“the land of Ballintale now called Ballintemple”
Sinnott to Allen v563 p334 #377447
Sir Walter Sinnott and his son Walter Sinnot, Captain in the Armagh Regt of Militia. No tennants mentioned. 1804
Synnott to Synnott v570 p304 #389369
v578 p414 #389404
Marriage between Captain Walter Synnott and Calli Smyth. Sir Walter gave £400/year rent from Ballymoyre containing Ballintate Lisnadiean? Lisdramen? Dumullin Cavantrillie? and Bally_artine , to Henry Jeremiah Smyth
Bell to Henry v608 p31 #414561
Turner to Best v624 p68 #426852

Records for the Synnots, who owned Newtownhamilton, Armagh (1768-1785)
Synnot, Mark v316 p 183 211259 (this is about his holdings in Wexford and Meath)
Synnot, Nicholas v349 p 535 236271
Synnot, Peter v330 p297 #222350
1786-1793 none
1799 none


The Barony of Clugston

How Large was the Barony of Clugston?

When the Barony was sold in 1810:

The LANDS and BARONY of CLUGSTON, comprehending CLUGSTON, BARNHILL, KILLADEM, CROSHREE, BORLAND, INCHMALLOCH, GAS, CRAIGDOW, and MINDORK, now let at the yearly rent of L742 8s upon leases, the greater part of which expire with the lives of the present tenants.
The above lands hold partly of the Crown, and partly of subjects superior, and the teinds of the whole are valued.” — Caledonian Mercury, 1810.11.15

In 1816 it was described as consisting of the farms of BORELAND, CLUGSTON AND MILL, BARNHILL, CRAIGDOW, GASS, UPPER MONDORK, NETHER MONDORK, and CROSSERIE, 3751 acres and in estimated rent to L1670 19s 6d. The estate is also capable of great improvement, being almost entirely in a state of nature and from the great extent would form a desirable investment for capital, with the certainty of a progressive increase as cultivation advances. — Caledonian Mercury, 1816.2.15

This indicates that the Barony was the lower third of Kirkcowan. Was it always the same size?

Barony of Clugston 1832
(The Barony of Clugston. From John Thompson’s Atlas of Scotland, 1832. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.)

In 1406, Closerath and Drumdowle in the Barony of Clogstoune were granted to Joneta Makgillumquha.

In 1499/1500, Patrick Clugston sold land which included a mansion: “Apud Striveling, 14 Feb. REX confirmavit PATRICIO CLUGISTOUN de eodem, et heredibus ejus, — 4 mercatas terrarum antiqui extentus de Bordland, cum molendino earundem, 3 mere. ant. ext. de Gas, cum mansione earundem, 1 mere. ant. ext. de Drumdowle et Knokcoile, 1 mere. ant. ext. de Berclawane, 1 mere. ant. ext. de Lochcregauch, et 1 mere. ant. ext. de Cragdow, vic. Wigtoun; – quas idem Pat. personaliter resignavit”

It is difficult to be certain of the location of all these features, but notice that none of them are called “Clugston”; “Clugston” refers to the entire barony.
“Bordland” means “Border-land”, it encompasses the north-east region of the Barony, including the Motte and probably everything north of it to Tarf Water.

Gass is a large area south of Mindork Castle, extending to Clugston Loch. South of it is Craigeach (part of the parish of Mochrum); east of it is Craigdow.
“Drumdow” is southwest of Mindork Castle (part of the parish of Mochrum), “Knocketore” is north of Drumdow (part of the parish of Old Luce).
There is also a 1512 reference to the “3 merklands of Crossere in the barony of Clugstoun”; this is north of Loch Clugston.
If “Drumdow” is genuinely “Drumdowle”, it means that the Barony of Clugston included all of the parish of Kirkcowan south of Tarf Water.

The farm of Gass could not be the mansion; it was described as an “indifferent cottage” in 1848.

In the 1684 Parish Lists, Kircowan is the Barony of Urle, the Barony of Sleudinle, the Barony of Lochroule, the Barony of Craiglaw, Culvennan’s land, plus some ungrouped places at the beginning. These places are:
Nethermindork; Overmindork; Croshery; Gasse; Craigdow; Barwhill;Killaddam; Borland; Myln of Glougston; Barnegort; Lochcraigoch.

Most of the places are easy to identify on the 1846 map. The exceptions are Barwhill (because there are two places in the Barony called “Barwhill Hill”!), Lochcraigoch, and Barnegort. But they can be easily found in this map from 1654.

Barony of Clugston 1654
(Joan Blaeu, Atlas of Scotland 1654 Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.)

“Barnagoirt” is south of Mondork, north of Gass. It might be what is called “High Mindork” in the 1846 map. “Barwhill” is near Killaddam.
Loch Clugston is marked as “L. Kragoch”; “Kragoch” is on the south side of the Loch. Lochcraigoch is probably the farms “High Clugston” and “Low Clugston”.
In 1848, the Loch was part of High Clugston farm.

Lands which Patrick Clugston gave up:
In 1499, #1
Bordland – 4 merkland
Gas – 3 merkland, with a mansion
Drumdowle and Knokcoile – 1 merkland
Lochcregauch – 1 merkland
Berclawane – 1 merkland
Cragdow – 1 merkland

In 1499, lands which Dunbar obtained:
Derregill, 12 merklaand
Mondork, 7 merkland
McKies-Crossery, 3 merkland
McKauchee-Crossery, 3 merkland
Barquhill, 3 merkland
Cragdow, 1 “one acre of Cragdow the property of Clugston above the 5 merkland of Craghauch in the barony of Mochrum”

In 1500:
Gass, 3 merkland, with a mansion
Bordland, 4 merkland, with a mill
Lochcregach, 2 merkland (This consists of Berclawane 1, and Lochcraigoch 1)
Drumdowill and Knockowill 1
Cragdow 1

Sir Alexander Stewart, fifth of Garlies, was born ~1507. His second wife was Margaret Dunbar, heiress of Patrick Dunbar. The Barony thus passed into the ownership of the Stewarts.
Their third child, Margaret, married Patrick McKie of Lurg.
Their firstborn Alexander Stewart, of Garlies ~1527-1571 married Katherine Herries. After he died she married John Wallace of Dundonald.
Alexander confirmed a grant of lands of Barquhill of Clugstone to Alexander Gordon, son of William Gordon of Craiglaw.

Their son, Sir Alexander Stewart of Garlies (d 1597.10), is mentioned in the will of Petir Clugston. He had sasine of Clugston in 1576.

Ordnance Survey descriptions
Crosherie was “a low slated cottage house? indifferent and offices and a farm of about 330 acres”
Gass was “an indifferent and thatched cottage with outoffices and a large farm of land attached. the farm is chiefly mountain ground”.
Inchmalloch was “a small and very indifferent cottage (thatched) and in bad repair with a cow house and a few acres of land”
High Clugston was “a farm house and office all in good repair having 950 acres of land attached 100 acres of which is Rough Rocky ground”
Spittal Mill was “an oatmeal mill”.
Spittal was “a house and office in middling repair having 90 acres of land attached”

Craigdow was “a farmhouse” (by 1840 it had been joined onto Gass farm)

Fort on Doon Hill

Doon hill (next to Boreland) was “A considerable hill the surface of which is cultivated [pencil: arable land] the brow? is of an oval shape its summit commands an extensive view of the surrounding country. There was formerly a fort (or something resembling it) on this hill which gave rise to the name Doon.”
Fort on Doon Hill: “This is the remains of an ancient fort. It is now under cultivation and the outline of it is much defaced so as to be scarcely visible particularly on the north side. The inhabitants speak of it as being of some strength at some very remote period.”

There are several named hills in the region:
Drumbeg (on Drumbeg farm), Knocknacor (on High Clugston farm), and Meikle Crag (on High Clugston farm) Bank Hill (on the farm of Low Clugston, named for “a bank which a stood on its summit “but is now defaced”), Gorty Hill (on the farm of High Clugston), Knockcocher Hill (on the farm of Neorch?)
Loch Clugston is also part of the farm of High Clugston.

Uchtred McKie bought Crossery from Patrick Dunbar in 1512. He had evidently been living there in 1499.

In the 1684 Parish Lists, Kircowan is the Barony of Urle, the Barony of Sleudinle, the Barony of Lochroule, the Barony of Craiglaw, Culvennan’s land, plus some ungrouped places at the beginning. These places are:
– Nethermondork, Overmondork, Croshery, Gasse, Craigdow, Barwhill, Killaddam, Borland, Myln of Glougston, Barnegort, Lochcraigoch

In the Ordnance Survey Map, in “Low Mindork Moss” is a place called “Clugston’s Grave” which is very close to “Mondork Castle (site of)”

Drumdow is on the far side of High Mindork. So, the site of Castle Mindork must have been part of the Barony of Clugston.

Dereagill is in Kirkinner, directly to the south of Barwhill. So, it appears that the Barony of Clugston comprised the entire bottom third of the parish of Kirkcowan, and was more than ten square km in area.
In 1684, 98 people lived in the Kirkcowan part, and 37 lived in Dereagill.
In total, there were about 10000 people living in Wigtownshire. So the Clugstons owned about 1% of Wigtownshire.

In 1562.9.2, Hector Dunbar of Clugstone signed a promise to preach the gospel. The Church of Scotland had only begun in 1560.

In 1681, the Laird of Clugestoun paid 25 pounds in tax. For comparison the total for Wigtownshire was 698 pounds. The richest laird was the Laird of Mochrum Park (ie, the Dunbars) who paid 53 pounds.

Mindork Castle

This castle was possibly the ancestral home of the Clugstons.

One paper claims that the name “Mindork” comes from the Brittonic word “Maen” (stone) and referring to a standing stone (Paper by Daphne Brook).
But the Ordnance Survey Books of 1845-1849 state that it is “Moine dorch”, Gaelic for “black bog”. It was indeed surrounded by a peat bog which the villagers of Kirkcowan used for fuel. The first part could also be “Monadh” meaning hill.

From the Wigtownshire Ordnance Survey Books 1845-1849 (available at Scotland’s People,

Other modes of spelling the same name: Old Castle
Authority for those other modes of spelling: John McKie, Will Matthewson, Geo McHaffie Esqr.

[Situation] On Wood Hill about 1 3/4 miles SE by S of Craighlaw.

This name applies to the site of an old castle on Wood hill & farm of Low Mindork of which little or nothing is known except that some of the oldest inhabitants in the locality says that it had been a castle or fort in ancient times probably the residents of some of the lairds during the feudal system. it is situated in a very lonely and sequestered part of the country a short distance to the north is the grave of a man that hanged himself on a tree on Wood Hill about 80 or 90 years ago.

[In pencil]: Do these people give reasons for believing it to have been a Castle or fort?

[The next paragraph was written on top of the pencil]
Mr J McKie states that he remembers to have seen a good part of this castle standing, and some beautiful cut stones in its corners and in the window frames. Mr McKie is 70 years of age. Tradition also asserts that a laird named Dunbar held possession of it at one time, but he getting indebted to one of the Earls of Galloway he shut himself up dreading an arrest but was finally taken and confined in Wigtown Prison where he died.

A small arable hill upon the farm of Low Mindork – on the hill is the site of an old castle.

Clugstons Grave
Authority for those other modes of spelling: Wm Matthewson Peter Kevan Geo M Haffie Esq

[Situation] 1 3/4 miles SE by S [South East by South] of Craighlaw. A grave situated in a moss in the farm of Low Mindork about 80 years ago a man named Mathew Clugston committed suicide by hanging himself & was buried here.

OS1/35/44/25; OS1/35/44/27

In 1830, the late Captain Robert McKerlie obtained an account of the last possessor of the tower from James Hannah, the venerable tenant of the farm, then in his 80th year. He stated that the last laird had become indebted to the Crown in certain duties (more probably fines) which he was unable to pay. The Stewarts, with or without authority, harassed him, with the ultimate view of obtaining the property. For safety, the laird went into hiding at the Spittall of Bladenoch, trusting to a friend, who, however, betrayed him. The laird was seized and barborously used, even to having his beard set on fire and entirely consumed. He was then taken to Wigton, and locked up in the jail, where he died. The body, not being interred, was allowed to waste away, whereby a quantity of salt in an adjoining apartment was rendered useless.–P.H. McKerlie, “History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway”, Vol. 1 (1906)

In 1484 Uchtred McDowall was owner of Mindork, and in 1494 Uchtred McDowall of Mindork was required to pay costs to the Sherrif.
Thomas McDowall was born in Mindork around 1500.

When James IV confirmed the endowment by Mr William McGarve, Vicar of
Penninghame, of a chaplain for the altar of St Mary and St Ninian in the parish church in 1495, the charter was witnessed by Patrick MagKee of Cumlodan (parish of
Minnigaff) , Uchtred Makdowell of Mindork (Kirkcowan), Rankin Mure, and
Norman McCulloch of Torhouse (RMS ii 2273) (cited in, page 58)

Uchtred McDowall inherited Mindork in 1560. He apparently married Catherine Herries, the widow of Alexander Stewart of Garlies, owner of the majority of the Barony of Clugston.

The mansion was not large enough to be drawn as a castle in Pont’s map of 1590 (published 1654).
The nearby castles were Barnbarroch Castle to the southeast, and Mochrum Castle to the southwest.

More discussion about this castle.

There are two surviving wills from inhabitants of the castle.
1576.11.19 Agnes Kennedy, Lady Mondork, spouse to Alexander Gordon of Grange CC8/8/4 [Testament Testamentar and Inventory]
1594.3.11 Dame Katherene Hereis. Lady Gairleis, spouse to Uchreid McDowgall of Mondork CC8/8/26 [Testament Dativ]

The will of Elizabeth Knox, wife of Johnne Welche and daughter of the reformer John Knox who founded the Presbyterian Church, lists Uchtred McDowgall as owning 66 pounds to her. (

West of the Barony, the land gets very wild. There are a couple of small farms (Knocketie, later merged into Anabaglish (“a small thatched farmhouse in bad repair”)


This was the main other location occupied by Clugstons prior to 1600 (there was also Fergus Clugston in Whithorn).
Castle Cascreugh is on the old military road. Dirvairds is the next farm to the south of it, on the newer road which passes though the Barony of Clugston.
Dirvaird is shown on the 1590 map as “Dyrboird”.

Carscreach was originally owned by the Monastry of Glenluce. It was owned by Patrick Vans in 1552. Patrick Vans and his spouse Elizabeth Kennedy were given sasine of Carscreugh and Dirvairds (and other farms) in 1569.6.15. This was confirmed by the Abbot of Glenluce in 1572.4.14. In 1595 there is a sasine granted by John, Earl of Cassilis to Patrick Vans and Elizabeth Kennedy, for infefting the lands (including Carscreugh and Dirvairds) with a tower. Carscreugh then passed to John Ross, who died in 1642. But, Alexander Clugston had sasine of Dirvairds in 1606.

In 1635 Patrick Vaus was imprisoned because of debts. He relinquished Cascreoch, Dirvaids, Glenhoule, etc to James Ros of Balneill. In August 1623, Sir John Vaus had had consigned the lands of Cascreoch, Glenhoule, etc [Dirvaids is NOT in the list] to Gilbert Ros, father of James. James Ros planned to sell the lands immediately to pay the debts.

In 1684, Jon Mcbyde, Jon Mcdouall, and William Clugston were in Carscreuch.
On 1682.7.13, John Dalrymple, Earl of Stair, had sasine of Carscreuch. Dirvaird passed to the Earl of Stair on 1698.12.1, along with many of the surrounding farms.


Wood of Darvaid: 2 miles SW of Dernaglar Loch. “An ordinary farm house with outbuildings with a farm attached consisting of 250 acres. 2/3 of which is rocky or heathy pasture a small portion arable the remainder peat moss or bog.” (“Dair” = “Oak”).
White’s Croft (Ruins): 1 1/2 miles W of Dernaglar Loch. “A small house with a small plot of land adjoining.”
Flow of Dergoals: 1 1/2 miles W of Dernaglar Loch. “A large tract of moss. Shared between the three farms Wood of Dirvaird, Dirvaird, and Dargoals.”
Darvaird (or Dervaird, Dirvaird, Derverd, Derveird) “A farm house one storey high, slated and in good repair having bad office houses and a farm of land attached the greater portion of which is arable”

Carscreugh: “A house 2 stories high and slated with suitable office houses and a farm of 600 acres 1/10 of which is arable the remainder is moorland and rough pasture”.

Neighbouring Areas

In 1684 there were several Clugstons north of the Barony, around Barhoish in the Barony of Craiglaw in the Parish of Kirkcowan.

Barhoise farm: “An indifferent low thatched cottage with bad out offices and about 200 acres of land”
Barhoise mill: “A corn mill erected in 1827. There is a dwelling house and out offices attached, the latter in bad repair”
Kirkland: “A small thatched cottage upon the farm of Kirkland which is now divided into seven small tenements”
Low Edrig/Eldrick/Eldridge: “A middling farm house with out houses and a farm of land attached”, but this is at the far north of Kirkcowan, very far from the Barony.

Wealthy Migrants in England in the Middle Ages

The “Calendar of the Patent Rolls” for the reign of King Edward IV contains a multiple records of granting of English citizenship. This covers the later half of the War of the Roses. At least 20,000 men fell in the Battle of Towtown 29 March 1461. Many of them were nobles. Edward IV was crowned in June 1461. The deposed Henry VI had fled to Scotland. He was captured in 1465. In 1469 the Duke of York captured Edward, and then it was a right mess until Henry VI was murdered in May 1471.

The records almost all follow a standard form:

1461 Nov. 27. Westminster.  “Mandate to all bailiffs and others to permit John of Guthrie, a native of St. Andrews in Scotland, dwelling within the parish of St. Botolph without Algate, London, who has taken an oath of fealty, to inhabit the realm peaceably and enjoy his goods. By p.s.”

Number of Citizenship Records By Year

1461 – 11
1462 – 11
1463 – 8
1464 – 5 (1 in York)
1465 – 4 (1 in York)
1466 – 2
1467 – 2 (1 was Patrick Cloughston)
1468 – 3
1469 – 0
1470 – 0
1471 – 1
1472 – 1
1473 – 0
1474 – 7
1475 – 4
1476 – 4

Of these 60, 8 came from Aberdeen, 6 from Dundee, 4 from Edinburgh, 3 from St Andrews, 3 from St Johns or Johnston, 2 from the Faroe Islands, and 6 from “Scotland”. Apart from one from Normandy and one from Spain, all the remaining 26 were from minor places in Scotland.

The Citizenship Records

This list gives date, name, occupation (if specified), “native of”, and current dwelling. All at Westminster unless otherwise stated.

1461 Aug. 1,  John Bede. Dunglasse in Scotland. Boston in England

1461 Sept. 5, John de Medina. Spain. London.

1461 Oct. 22, John Gray, son of Patrick Gray, Rokysburgh in Scotland, dwelling at London

1461 Nov. 3, John Dawys, clerk.  Craell in Scotland. Stowebydon in England

1461 Nov. 9, Robert de Lynton. bachelor of either law, a native of Scotland, the realm of England  [no oath mentioned]

1461 Nov. 16, Robert Lanther alias Luter. Edynburgh In Scotland. Newemarket, co. Cambridge

1461 Nov. 20, John Grenelawe, ‘taylour’,  Aburden in Scotland, Canterbury

1461 Nov. 27, John of Guthrie, St. Andrews in Scotland, St. Botolph without Algate, London

1461 Nov. 28, John Lesours, Edynburgh in Scotland, staying at the city of Norwich

1461 Dec. 4, Jolm Stedeman, Witsun in Scotland, the realm of England

1461 Dec. 16, John Stagge, chaplain, Aburdeen in Scotland, Norwich in England

1462 June 20, David Lyndesaye, Dunde in Scotland, Redyng within the realm of England

1462 Sept. 12,  Simon Thomson, ‘tailour’, Aburdene in Scotland, Shordyche in England

1462 Oct. 12, William Thomson, chaplain, Edynburgh in Scotland, Herbaldowne in England

1462 Oct. 16, John Spycer, tailor, St. John’s town in Scotland, Byrfeld in England

1462 Oct 30, William Bowsey, chaplain, Coldstreme in Scotland, Holyngton, co Sussex

1462 Nov. 9, Laurence Trane, chaplain, Erewyn in Scotland, city of London

1462 Nov 9, William Greg, ‘yoman’, Aburdene in Scotland,  the parish of St Mary Whitechappell without Algate, London

1462 Nov 20, William Buteler, chaplain, St. Andrews in Scotland, Charryng, co. Kent

1462 Dec 4, Andrew Bane, chaplain, Dundy in Scotland, Colchestre, co Essex

1462 Dec. 4, William Alayn, ‘smyth’, Anehand  in Scotland, Challoke, co. Kent

1462 Dec. 18, John Beverley, ‘bocher’, Arbrothe in Scotland, Feversham, co. Kent

1462/3 Feb. 5, Thomas Michelson, clerk, Scotland, Mikelfeld in the diocese of Norwich in England

1462/3 March 15, Richard Herrys, Edynburgh in Scotland, staying at London

1463 April 28, John Jonston, priest, monk, alias John Johnston, chaplain, the town of Jonston in Scotland, Poslyngford in England

1463 May 6, Simon Comyn, chaplain, [born in] Coldyngham in Scotland, Little Walsyngham in England

1463 May 6, John Gray alias Barbour, [born in] Edynburgh in Scotland, Little Walsyngham, co. Norfolk

1463 May 18, Alexander Willyamson, [born in] Aburdene in Scotland, Little Walsyngham, co. Norfolk

1463 July 4, John Mychelson, [born in] Aburdene in Scotland, Skulthorpe, co. Norfolk

1463 Sept. 29, John Qwhytburn, [born in] Gedeworth in Scotland, Stowebardolf, co. Norfolk

1463/4. Feb. 4, Robert Hikkesson, ‘yoman’, Dunde in Scotland, Estmallyng, co. Kent

1463/4 March 1, David Smyth, chaplain,  Aburdene in Scotland, Peterborough

1464 April 5, John Abbot alias Lam, chaplain, [born in] St. Andrews in Scotland, Greane, co. Kent

1464 June 10, William Inglis, Kelsowe in Scotland, the city of York, [York]

1464 Nov. 4, Andrew Malyson, chaplain, [born in] Saynt Johnston in Scotland, Rodmersham, co Kent

1465 June 19, John Englyssh, chaplain, [born in] Neubotell in Scotland, Brandeston, co. Suffolk

1465 July 8, Peter Cros, ‘baxster’, [born in] Hunflete in the parts of Normandy, Hotoft, co. Lincoln

1465 Sept. 26, John Blake, Mancarston in Scotland, the town of Ratheby, co.
Lincoln, [York] 

1465 Oct. 16, Edward Ayleward alias Thornam, [born in] the island of Ferrey under the allegiance of the king of Denmark, Crowemer, co. Norfolk

1465/6 March 3, Gilbert Carnwith alias Bilton, chaplain, [born in] Uxton in Scotland, Wygenhale, England

1466 Nov. 26,  John Plompton alias John son of Donald Makaghhern, [born in] Incelaraghlyn in Scotland, Canterbury

1467 April 14, Richard Govan, chaplain, [born in] Abunlyne in Scotland, Mayloiid, co. Essex

1467 May 1, Patrick Cloughston, chaplain,  [born in] Wigton in Galewey in Scotland, Shopeland, co. Essex

1467/8 Jan. 18, ” Licence for Master Patrick Hallyburton, born in Scotland, to dwell within the realm of England as a faithful liege of the king, to receive and be instituted to ecclesiastical benefices and to freely enjoy his goods.”

1468 June 17, “Licence for William Melros, chaplain, born in Scotland, to dwell within the realm as a subject of the king and to receive and be admitted to ecclesiastical benefices under the dignity of a deanery and to enjoy his goods. By K.”

1468 Aug 12, James Johnson, [born at] Bonby in Scotland, Aylcsford within the realm of England

1471 Aug. 15, John Rose, Lowmaban in Scotland, Beverley in England

1471/2 Feb 15, Edward Ayleward alias Thornam, [born in] island of Farrey under the allegiance of the king of Denmark, Crowmer, co. Norfolk

1474 June 21, John Nicoll, chaplain, Alberden in Scotland, Rodmersham, co. Kent

1474 June 21, Henry Lilburn, chaplain, [born at] Alberden in Scotland, Ottrinden, co. Kent

1474 July 1, Thomas Archav, chaplain, [born at] Coupyr in Fyffe in Scotland, Stucley, co. Huntingdon

1474 July 1, Alexander Seton, [born in] Seton in Scotland, Henxsell, co. Kent

1474 July, David Davyson, chaplain, [born in] Dundy in Scotland, Feltwell in England

1474 July 20, John Heige alias Harres alias Gardener, [born in] Saltpreston in Scotland, city of London

1474 Oct. 14, John Grant, monk, [born at ] Perth in Scotland, Warden, co. Bedford

1475 May 18, John Wynshelys, Nesbit in Scotland, Hicchyn, co. Hertford

1475 Nov. 5, Grant for life to Humphrey Grahame, chaplain, born in Scotland, that he may freely dwell within the realm of England, the town of Calais and the limits of the same and other places subject to the king and accept benefices below the dignity of the deanery of a cathedral church and enjoy his goods and possessions. By K.

1475 Nov 6, John Kyd, chaplain, [born in] Scotland, England

1475 Nov. 20, William Tomson, Berwyk in Scotland, Bernestowne, co. York

1475/6 Feb 23, Henry Dolas, [born at] Arbrodyt in Scotland,  Kenelworth, co. Warwick

1475/6 Feb. 27, William Oughtre, ‘taillour’, alias William Parker, [born at] Dundye in Scotland, the realm of England

1475/6 March 14, William Harwode, Dundee in Scotland, Salisbury, co. Wilts

1476 July 18, Nicholas More, chaplain, born in Scotland, Eedyng, co. Berks

Testament of Mary Clugston, relict of Alexander MacKinnell, late at Glasserton 1785

1785 Clugston, Mary (Legal records Wills and testaments Reference CC22/3/4A Wigtown Commissary Court )

As well as the original document, there is also an extract of the testament, which is in beautiful handwriting and has all of the abbreviations expanded.

Testament Dative Qua Nearest in Kin, Umq[uh]le Mary Clugston, alias McKinnnel
Confirmed 1785

The Testament Dative Qua nearest in Kin, and Inventary of the Goods Gear Debts Sums of money, and other moveable means & Effects, which pertained & belonged, & were due & adebted to the deceast Mary McKinnell, alias Clugston the time of her death, who died ab Intestate: late the ______ day of ______
Imvij and ____________ years, faithfully made and given down by Cochran McKinnell Innkeeper at Laurieston George McKinnell Residenter in Edinburgh
Elizabeth McKinnell Residenter in Newtownstewart, spouse to ______ Bigham, Margaret McKinnell spouse to John Simson in Beoch & Euphemia McKinnell, spouse to James Wybar Wright in Edinburgh, and the Husbands of the saids Elizabeth, Margaret & Euphemia McKinnells for their Interests, Executors qua nearest in kin Decerned and admitted to their said deceast Mother before the Commissary Principal of the Commissariot of Wigtown Conform to Decreet Dative given and pronounced by him thereanent upon the twenty third day of February last. As the same fully sets forth.

Inventary of the Debts Sums of money, and other moveable means & Effects which pertained and belonged, and were due and adebted to the above deceased Mary Clugston, alias McKinnell the time of her decease aforesaid.

Im primis the Sum of Thirty Pounds Sterling money of principal and the by gone annual rent due thereon Contained in a Bill dated the Twenty fourth day of September Imvij and Eighty one years & payable three days after date, Drawn by the said Defunct upon & accepted by Hugh McCulloch of Grange

Summa Inventary Besides AnnualRent £30


I William McConnell of Capenoch Commissary Principal of the Commissariot of Wigton Do hereby, after due Warning made by Edict openly as use is, Ratify Approve of and Confirm the foregoing Testament Dative qua nearest in Kin, in the haill heads Clauses & articles of the same, in sofar as truly made and given down, And hereby Gives & Committs full power to the Executors before named, to Intromitt with, uplift and receive and if needfull to Call follow & pursue for payment of the Sums of money prin[cipa]ll and annualrent Contained in the foresaid Inventary, and upon payment thereof Discharges and acquittances of the same to Grant, which shall be sufficient to the Receivers, and Generally to do every other thing requisite and necessary in & concerning the premisses agreeable to the Laws of this Realm Because William McMillam Writer in Newtonstewart hath become Cautioner Conform to Bond of Cautionary given in by them thereanent. In Witness whereof these presents Consisting of this and a part of the preceeding page are signed by me, and the same with the two preceeding pages are subscribed by the Clerk of Court At Wigton the Ninth day of March Imvij & Eighty five years
Will McConnell Robt Fergusson Cl[er]k

The Will of Captain Alexander Grant Clugston 1792-1818.3.27

The son of Dr Alexander Grant Clugston and grandson of Dr William Clugston.

In 1812 he was appointed Lieutenant on the “Bedford”.(
In 1815 he was a
lieutenant on the “Cherokee” during the Napoleonic Wars. At this time the Cherokee seems to have mainly been active in the North Sea.

16 Sept 1820 Test Dat Maryahill Alexander Grant Clugston
The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods and gear debts and Sums of money which now pertaining and belonging and addebted sisting owing to Umqulue Alexander Grant Clugston a Captain in the Royal Navy at the time of his decease who died at Edinburgh on the twenty seventh day of March one thousand eight hundred and eighteen made and given up by Henry Acton Esquire late a Captain in the Royal Regiment of British Cavalry Seniors in name and betray of Mrs Charlotte Clugston or Acton Sister German of the defunct and spouse of the said Henry Acton. Which Mrs Charlotte Clugston or Acton singly Executor Dative qua nearest in Kin Decerned to the defunct and Niut? by Decree of the Commmissary of Edinburgh as the serjire? dated the fourteenth day of July Eighteen Hundred and twenty years in day bears.

Follows the Inventory
In the first the said Miny? iluce? Alexander Grant Clugston had pertaining and belonging to him at the time of his decease foresaid twenty Pounds twelve Shillings and Six Pence Sterling Cash found in his Repositories after his death
Item one hundred and seventy one pound twelve Shillings and ten pence Sterling being the Appraised Value of the defuncts Body Cloaths Swords Pistols and other Arms and Amantsiments? Gold Silver and frsated? Articles Jewels Gold Watch and Leats Dressing case with razors and other Gintiels Books eluce? Bunks? and all other Articles belonging to him in the Lodging in which he did conform to Miridary and Appraisiment under warrant of the Sheriff of Edinburgh by David Robertson Siunsid Appraiser with the Assistance of Peter Mjimit McMillen and Richard Frazer Iirelter
Item Hurtunformirs?(Hunt uniforms?) eighteen shillings and four pence sterling the value of thirty Irom? Bottles of Wine
Item one pound Sterling the value of a writing desk, Nineteen Shillings the value of aprodut book and writing Paper
Item one pound one shilling Sterling the value of Saddle Bridle and other Btrells? at Stables
Item one pound ten shillings Sterling the quarter share of a State Latiy?(Letuj?) Dictiutrn Eighteen hundred and twirterri? drauir? afpize? of Six(?) Pounds
Item thirty one pounds fifteen shillings and one penny Sterling the price of three horses solded by public Auction by warrant of the said Sheriff after deducting the isriurers? Alliuding? the sale
Item four shillings and six pence the value of a Biu? Stirrup not used found in the defuncts Repositories.
Item one pound four shillings the value of a silver watch
Item one hundred and forty one pounds seven Shillings and six pence Sterling Auews of stut duck by John Heniduson Irnend in Gorgie park
Item sixteen pounds thirteen shillings and four pence Sterling being the annual Compensation for ??intion of Fourpenny Ale Customs _ir the lands of Georgie Park due by the Town of Edinburgh for two years before the defuncts death
Item two shillings as two years feu duty due by Mrs Cry
Item fourteen Shillings as two years fur duty due by the Lady Medillin Hospital
Item Six pounds Six Shillings and eight pence Sterling being the latrrme of Auernd Ginrsid due by Vaus H Wibhern bitir to the Signet Extending said Lains whaiu to four hundred and sixteen pounds thirteen shillings and nine pence Sterling which in Sim is Two Thousand Pounds five Shillings

Summie of the the Inventory 6 0 6

James Gordon Himar Mrd James Fergussion and George Ross Esquires Commissary of Edinburgh & Cantorma? Vans Hawthorn Writer to the Signet dated the Sixteenth Day of September Eighteen Hundred and twenty years

The will of John Clugston 1799-1855, father of Beatrice

This is a very verbose will. It’s long and tedious because he goes to great lengths to defeat the Scottish inheritance laws which make it difficult for women to inherit property. The most interesting feature is that we learn quite a lot about the inheritance that Mary received from her father Duncan McKenzie. They were clearly a very wealthy family.

8th April 1836
We John Clugston Merchant in Glasgow residing at Avonbank Larkhall, and Mary Mackenzie of Clugston also residing at Avon Bank Spouse of the said John Clugston for the affection we have to each other and to our children & for Settling during our lives the Succession to our property means and Estate after our decease respectively, Do hereby with the Special Advice & Content of Beatrice Clugston & Mary McKenzie Clugston our daughter and only children Give Grant Assign Dispone Convey & Make over to & in favour of ourselves the said John Clugston & Mary McKenzie or Clugston Hugh Cogan Esq Merchant in Glasgow Alexander McDougall Ralston Esquire of Warmock Hill Ayrshire and William Cumming Esquire Merchamt in Glasgow & such other person or persons as me or the survivor of us may hereafter appoint by Writing under our hands or his or her hand end to end in favor of the acceptors & Survivors Acceptor & Survivor of us & them as Trustees and Trustee for the ends uses and purposes After Written the major number of us & them Accepting & Surviving from time to time being a quorum and to the onerous assignees or disponees of the said trustees or of the quorum survivors or survivor of them all and Sundry Lands Houses Tenements heriditements Heritable Bonds Dispositions in Security Mortages Adjudications Tacks heuses Goods Gear Sums of money Stock in trade and in General the Whole Subjects Assets estate property debts & Effects heritable & moveable real and personal now owing and belong and which shall at the time of our decease respectively be owing & belonging to us & each or either of use wherever Situated & of what kind of nature Soever with the rents interest and produce writings title deeds Securities Bonds Bills promissory notes Vouchers documents & instructions thereof with all action diligence & execution that may have followed or shall be Completed to follow thereon But excepting & Preserving from the disposition & Conveyance before written the sum of £1500 or the property or Subjects wherein the Sume has been or shall be invested held by & vested in the Trustees under the Antinuptial Contract of Marriage between us dated the 11th day of October 1826 & recorded in the Sheriff Court Books of Lanarkshire at Glasgow the 22nd day of August 1827 : And we hereby Bind & oblige ourselves respectively and our heirs & Successors whomsoever to grant and execute and deliver All Special Dispositions & other Deeds of Conveyanse & Assignment of the premises in favor of the said Trustee or Trustees and their foresaids unto Procuratories or resignation Precepts of Sasine & all other Clauses usual necessary or proper for fulfilment of the general Disposition & Conveyanse before Written And we hereby Sommate And Appoint the Survivor of us and the said Hugh Cogan, Alexander McDougall Ralston and William Cumming and the Survivors and Acceptors & Survivor Acceptor of us And them to be executors & Estimator of the first deceaser of us the said Hugh Cogan Alexander McDougall Ralston William Cumming & the Survivors Will Acceptors & Survivor & liccepor(sic!) of them to be executors and Executor of the last survivor of us & universal Intromitters and Intromitter with our moveable estates & Effects prespectively with power to give up Inventories thereof & Conform the same But Declaring Always as it is hereby Provided & Declared that these presents are granted and to be accepted of by the said Trustees And the Acceptors And Survivors Acceptor & Surivivor of them, In Trust for the ends uses and purposes after written Viz.

First to make payment of the expenses of Executing this Trust & to Apply our Respective Estates in payment of all the just and lawful debts and funeral charges dues by us respectively all or any of which we Authorise the said Trustees to Pay without putting the creditors to the expense of Legally Constituting the same trust in Particular to pay from the funds & Estate of me the said John Clugston to the trustees under the said Antinuptial Contract of Marriage between us the Sum of £215 in Case the same shall not have been paid myself during my life to enable to repay the Doctor James Wilson one of their number the same of the Same Amount paid by him on account of me the said John Clugston to the said Marriage Contact Trustee for investment along with the sum of £1500 Pounds belonging to me the said the Mary McKenzie or Clugston mentioned in the said Contract of Marriage & to be held in Trust for the purposes therein Written And declaring that the said Marriage Contract Trustees have been fully discharged by me the said John Clugston of all and every sum of Sums of Money which have been paid advanced ot lent by me to them prior to the dates of the presents

Secondly to Pay from the funds & Estate of me the said John Clugston to the said Mary McKenzie or Clugston my wife during her widowhood in case she shall survive me One Annuity of £50 Sterling in addition to the annuity of the same amount provided to her by the said Contract of Marriage & that during all the days of her Widowhood in equal portions at the two terms yearly and with interest and penalty and under the same Conditions and restriction all as specificed in the said Contract of Marriage with regard to the annuity thereby provided to her And to fullfil the other provisions in her favor in the the said Contract of Marriage.

Thirdly to pay or assign over to the said Mary Mackenzie or Clugston in case she shall survive me or permit her her to receive and discharge the legacies of £50 and £500 left or bequeathed to her by her deceased Father Duncan McKenzie So far as the same shall not have been paid to me during my life buf the resting owing at the date of my decease I the said John Clugston hereby renouncing & discharging all dannfure miniti or otherwise which I may have to the said two legacies or any part or parts thereof so far as the same may be resting owing at the date of my decease.

And Fourthly to hold for behoof of and to pay assign dispone and convey to and in favor of our Two Daughters the said Beatrice Clugston & May McKenzie Clugston equally between them or failing them to the children of any of their bodies respectively equally among them per Stripes that is to the children of each equally amonth them their Mothers Share or failing children of the first deceaser (to the first deceaser) to the survivor of our said Daughters the rest residue remainder & reversion of the whole subjects property Assets Estate debts and Effects heritable & moveable real and personal hereby Conveyed belonging to us & each or either of us. But Declining that the said Trustees shall during the lifetime & widowhood of me the said Mary McKenzie or Clugston retain set and Secure such sum or sums of money or such part of the estate heritable & moveable real and personal of me the said John Clugston as shall in the opinion of our said Trustees be necessary or proper And of which they shall be uncontrolled Judges for securing an Annual Income sufficient for payment of expenses of the Trust & of the said Two Annuities of Fifty Pounds each & Declaring that the shares of the said residue of out respective Estates shall Vest as at the date of our decease respectively subject to the burden of the said Annuities to me the said Mary McKenzie or Clugston in Case of my survivance & Declaring that in case of the decease of both of our said Daughters without leaving lawful issue surviving them then out said Trustees shall hold for behoof of and shall pay assign dispone and Convey to and in favor of the Survivor of us the rest residue remainder & reversion of the whole subjects property Assets estate debts and Effects heritable and moveable real & personal hereby Conveyed belonging to the first deceaser of us. & I the said Mary McKenzie of Clugston hereby with Consent of my said two Daughters Direct & Appoint the Trustees Acting & who shall Act under the said Antinuptial Contract of Marriage to pay over to the said John Clugston in case he shall survive me during all the days that he shall remain a Widower the Interest rents and other annual income and produce of the Sums Land Houses & other property and generally of the whole Trust funds held by or Vested in them the said Marriage Contract Trustees and for that purpose to Continue the trust under the said Contract of Marriage and retain the Houses Lands and other property and whole Trust funds until the decease of marriage of the said John Clugston and it is hereby Provided and Declared that the shares hereby held as well after as during the existence of the the Trust hereby created exclusive of the jus muriti Curatory or right of Administration of any Husband or Husbands the said Beatrice Clugston & Mary McKenzie Clugston or either of them may marry the same being hereby debarred & excluded. And we hereby Authorize and empower our said Trustees or Trustee as often as they he or she shall think fit to assume and Appoint by a writing under their his or her hand any person or persons they he or she shall judge proper to be Trustee or Trustees along with them and after their decease for executing the Purposes of this Trust and all & every such Assumed Trustee or Trustees shall be and are hereby Vested with the same powers to act in the management and execution of the Trust hereby created as if they or he had been hereni (sic!) named by ourselves Declaring that a majority of the accepting Trustees original and assumed & in life from time to time shall be a quorum. And we hereby Authorise & empower our said Trustees original & assumed from time to time to Appoint any one of their own number or any other person to be feretur under them for the general management of the Trust Affairs and to appoint new Agents under the Trust & to pay them or him from the funds of the Trust a reasonable renumeration or Commission and the regular professional fees for their or his trouble and services & to sue for receive & discharge and to recover and take possession of the whole subjects Estate property debts effects and sums of money heritable & moveable hereby Conveyed and if they shall deem it expedient but at their entire discretion to see dispoine & Convey the same in whole or in part by Public Roup or private Bargain at such prices as can be obtained & to receive & discharge the Prices as also to let an lease for such term or terms of years from time to time as they shall think fit the Bleaching Works at Avon Bank at the best rents that can be obtained for the same & on such terms & Conditions as they shall think proper and also to Borrow money upon the Security of the Trust Estate or any part thereof & to Grant execute & deliver all Discharges Renumerations Dispositions & Conveyances Bonds & Dispositios or Assignations in Security with powers of Sale in usual form and all writings necessary & proper with all usual & necessary Clauses & particularly with clauses binding us and our heirs respectively in absolue trearrandice as also to invest the Trust Funds in the government Funds or in the stocks of any of the Chartered Banks in Scotland or in Railway Debentures to lend with and Secure the same on heritable Security & to see the stocks and Delientures purchased & reinvested at the prices theerey or to charge the Securities on which the Trust Funds may be lent and to Cull up and of Sew to lend out the same upon other securities as they shall think expedient and we hereby declare that the receipts of our said Trustrees for the said debts and sums of money or for the prices of such parts of the said Subjects Estate & Effects hereby conveyed or of the said Stock & Delientures as shall be sold by them shall be sufficient to the person or persons paying the said debts sums of money or prices who shall have no Concern or right to interfere with the Application thereof but shall be obliged to pay the same to our said Trustees & shall not be responsibel for the non application or misapplication thereof and we also Authorise & Empower our said Trustees to settle by compromise or arbitration or opinion of Council All or any disputed debts of claims & all disputes & differences which may cause in the execution or management of the present Trust and we hereby Provide & Declare that the said Trustees & Executors herein named & to be hereafter named or assumed or any of them shall not be obliged to do diligence further than what they may think fit & shall not be liable for omissions or neglect of management or Singuli in Solidium but shall be liable each for his or her own actual intromissions only after deduction and retaining all necessary Expenses & disbursements in the premises as the same shall be ascertained by the account and solemn declaration of the Disburser while in life & by such account alone in case of death in place or all other proof and that they shall not be liable for the responisbility or sufficientcy of any Factors or by our Agents whom they may appoint or of ay Benk or Benkers with whom they may deposit the Trust funds or of any person or persons to whom or any Securities or Security upon which they may lend out or Stocks or Debentures in which they may invest the Trust funds further than that such Factors Agents Banks Bankers persons Securities or investments were reputed sufficient & responsible at the time of Appointment deposition lending or investment. And we hereby provide and Declare that the said Trustees and Executors herein named & who may be hereafter named or assumed or any of them shall have full power to resign the said Offices of Trustees and Executors (by Exectutors) by executing & recording in the Book of Council and Session a regularly attested Deed of Resignation of the said Offices which deed shall be executed and recorded at the expense of the said Trust and we dispense with the delivery hereof and declare there presents to be as effectual as a delivered Deed although found lying in the Custody of either of us or in the custody of any other person undelivered at the times of our deaths respectively ; But we hereby Reserve to ourselves and the Survivor of us our & each of our liferent use of the Premises and also reserve to us our & each of our selves jointly and to each of us seperately so far as concerns his or her own Estate property debts & Effects full power at any time and even on death bed to revoke or after in whole or in part or wholly to Cancel and Annul these presents as we & each or the survivor of us shall think fit ; And we consent to the Registration hereof in the Books of Council and Session or others Competent therein to remain for preservation & that all execution needful may pass hereon in form as affeirs and there to Constitute the said George Sellar Procurators : In Witness Whereof these presents written on this & the six preceding page of Stamped paper by Henry Campbell Thorburn Clerk to Matthew Montgomerie & John Park Fleming Writer in Glasgow are Subscribed by us the said John Clugston and Mary McKenzie or Clugston and by the said Beatrice Clugston & May McKenzie Clugston all at Glasgow the 29th day of December 1833 years before these Witnesses Hugh Wallace & John Wilson Cumming both Clerks to John Clugston and Company Manufacturers in Glasgow (Signed) J Clugston Mary McKenzie or Clugston Beatrice Clugston Mary McKenzie Clugston Hugh Wallace Witness John Wilson Cumming Witness.


We John Clugston & Mary McKenzie or Clugston spouses named and designed in the Trust Disposition & Settlement before written. Do hereby with Consent of Beatrice Clugston & Mary McKenzie Clugston our Daughters Nominate & Appoint the Reverent William Buchem Minister of the Gospel at Hamilton, Thomas Watson residing in West Regent Street Glasgow & Robert ilimisie(?) residing in Florence Place Glasgow & the Acceptors and Survivors & Acceptor and Survivor of them to be Executors or Trustees or Executor and Trustee of us and each of us for executing the purposes of the Trust created by the Trust Disposition And Settlement before written along with the Trustees & Executors & Survivor of them and after the decease of the survivor with all the powers privileges and excemptions that conferred on the Trustees & Executors therein named Declareing that the major number of the Trustees & Executors named herein & in the said Trust Disposition & Settlement Accepting & Surviving from time to time shall be a quorum; and we consent to the Registration hereof along with the said Trust Disposition & Settlement. In Witness Whereof these presents written on stamped paper by William McLachlan Clerk to Matthew Montgomeris & John Park Fleming Writer in Glasgow are subscribed by us all at Avonbank the 20th day of March 1833 years before these Witnesses William Cumming Merchant in Glasgow and James Arnold Bleacher at Avonbank
signed John Clugston Mary MacKenzie or Clugston. Beatrice Clugston, Mary McKenzie Clugston Wm Cumming Witness James Arnold Witness

Recorded in the sheriff Court Books of Lanarkshire at Glasgow on the 23rd July 1855


The Will of John Clugston 1753-1805 Customs Official in Stranraer

Testament Dative qua
Trustees and Executors
of deceased John Clugston Esq
Confirmed 1805

Sworn above the value of two hundred pounds and under the value of three hundred pounds
Gell H
The Duplicate hereof written upon a 15 May

The Testament Dative que trustees and Executors & Inventory of the Goods Gear Debts Sums of Money and other moveable means and effects which pertained & belonged and were due and addebted to the deceased John Clugston Esq Collector of His Majesty’s Customs at the Port of Stranraer at the time of the death which happened upon the ______ day of ______ last faithfully made up and given down by John Hathorn of Castlewigg Esq James Barrie Esq residing in Stranraer Patrick Mackennal Esq there and Alexander Wheel Writer there Executors qua Trustees of the said Defunct conform to a trust disposition & settlement executed by him on the Thirtyfirst day of December last and recorded in the Commissary Court Books of Wigtown the Nineteenth day of March also last decerned & admitted as such to him by the Commissary principal of the Commissariot of Wigtown upon the Tenth day of April last and of
which trust Disposition and Settlement the tenor follows:
“Know all Men by these presents that I John Clugston Collector of His Majesty’s Customs at the Port of Stranraer have alienated disponed and assigned and do hereby alienate dispone and assign from me any Heirs and Successors to and in favor of John Hathorn of Castlewigg Esq James Boure Esq residing in Stranraer, Patrick MacKennal Esq there and Alexander Wheel Writer in Stranraer and to the survivor or survivors of them the Major part alive and accepting at the time being always a quorum as Trustees for the uses and purposes aforementioned all and sundry Lands Heritages Annulments Houses Tenements Debts and Sums of Money heritable and moveable Crop Sticking Furniture Books plate Bank notes money and the General my whole means and Estate heritable and moveable of whatever nature of denormination or wherever situated presently belonging or which shall belong to me at the time of my Death together with the whole Vouchers and instructions of the said Debts and the writs and evidents of my heritable Estate dispensing with the generally hereof and declaring that any particulare right and disposition to my said Trustees of my said Heritable Estate which I may hereafter make shall be deemed and taken as apart hereof and that any Inventory to be hereafter made
& subscribed by me of my said personal Estate shall be also taken as apart hereof to exclude the necessity of Confirmation Further I do hereby bind and oblige me and my Heirs and Successors to insest and sease my said Trustees above named and their majority in the whole Lands and Heritages above disponed requiring Insestiment to be holden either a me or de me and for that purpose to make grant subscribe and deliver to the said Trustees or their Majority all necessary Deeds with procuratories of Resignation Precepts of Sasine and all clauses necessary for fully Vesting the premissses in their persons with power to them or their Majority to pursue for receive and discharge the Debts and effects hereby disponed and generally to do every other thing in relation to the premisses which I might have done granting hereof and I do further nominate and appoint the said Trustees or the Majprity afousaid to be my Executors and universal Legators and Intromittors with my moveable Estate with power to exsrede confirmations and all other Titles that may be necessary – But which whole subjects heritable and moveable above
4) above disponsed and to which the Trustees are appointed Executors are conveyed in trust always for the uses and purposes and under the conditions and reservation aforementioned viz.

In the first place my said Trustees shall satisfy and pay all my just and lawful Debts with my funeral charges and the exsrence of executing this trust.

In the second place I appoint my said Trustees to pay to _______ Clugstons at Bluehill my natural Daughter by Elizabeth Nielson at Newton Stewart Twenty pounds Sterling on her Marriage provided it is approved of by the said John Hathorn.

In the third place the commander of the said Estates heritable and moveable hereby
conveyed shall be managers and preserved by my said Trustees for the use and behood of my natural son Alexander Clugston presently residing with me in Stranraer and applies in manner following that to say said my said Trustees and their Majoriry foresaid who are hereby appointed Tutors and Curators to the said Alexander Clugston during his Minority with all the powers and priveledges of these offices shall set aparita proper yearly sum during the Minority of the said Alexander Clugston for his board Cloths Education & Books enlarging and proportioning the same according to what may appear to them to be proper and giving him in as far as they may conceive it to be right an allowance for his pocket expenses and with a Discresionary power to my said Trustees even during the Minority of the said Alexander Clugston if they or a Majority of them think it eligible to lay out a part of even the whole of the Trust funds in fitting out and establishing him in business or imputting him into such a line of life as the Majority of my said Trustees shall approve. And on his
arriving at Majority my said Trustees shall account to him for their Intromissions with the trust Estate and they shall pay over to him whatever balance may then be remaining in their hands and at the same time redes frone the heritable subjects vested in them and recovering whatever grounds of Debt may be then standing in their persons they being always entitled to retention of the Debts paid off by them and whole experiences of management and of all the provisions which they may
have to pay in Execution of this trust and they shall be further entitled to relief of all the engagements they may have come under in the management hereof. And in the fourth place in case the said Alexander Clugston shall happen to die before his arriving at Majority or before the trust funds shall be exhausted for his behoof

I do hereby appoint my said Trustees or their Majority foresaid to lend out the Trust funds or such previt thece of as shall remain unexhausted upon such Securities as they may Judge proper and to pray over the Annuulrents or yearly profits thereof to Miss Margaret Clugston my Sister and that yearly from the Death of the said Alexander Clugston during all the days of her natural life.

And upon the death of the said Miss Margaret Clugston I hereby appoint my said Trustees to account reconvey & redispone in manner above written to and in favor of Mrs Barbara Shaw Spouse of Charles Shaw Writer in Ayr and to her Heirs and assigness whomsoever heritable and irredeemably they being always entitled
to retention & relief in manner above mentioned. And further that my said Trustees may be encouraged to accept of the trust hereby committed to them I declare that they shall not be liable for neglect ommision or diligence of any kind nor shall they be liable singuli in solidum but each only his own personal Intromissions. And they shall be not farther liable for any factor they appoint which they are here: by authoritiesed to do them theil they shall be habit and resptute responsible at the time of entering at the time of entering on their office.

Reserving always my own life rent of the premisses and a faculty to innovate alter or revoke this deed but declaring that so far as not altered the same shall the valid and effectual even though undelivered at the time of my Death with the not delivery whereof I hereby dispense. And I consent to the Registration hereof in the Books of Council and Session or others competent that Letters of Horning on Six days Srage and all other necessary execution may pass hereon in common form and for that purpose I constitute
my Prorst moreover I hereby desire & require you jointly and severally my Baillies in that part hereby specially constituted that on sight hereof ye pass to the grounds of the several heritable subjects in which I shall Die Insest and there give and deliver heritable State and Sasine real actual & Corporal Possession to my said Trustees and to the Survivors or Survivor of them of all and whole the said Heritabl subjects as the same may be described in the different rights thereof and that by delivering to the said Trustees or their Attorney or Attornies in their names of Earth and Stone of the Grounds of the said several subjects and all Symbols usual and necessary and this in noways ye leave undone which to do I commit to you and each you full power by this my Precept of Sasine directed to you for that effect. In witness whereof these presents written upon this and the (the) two preceding Pages of Stamped Paper by James Baird Writer in Stranraer for Alexander Wheel
Writer there are subscrited by me on each Page at Stranraer the Thirty First day of December Eighteen Hundred and four years before these Witnesses William Cargo Surgeon in Stranraer and the said James Cavid / signed John Clugston, William Cargo Witness James Cavid Witness.”

Inventory of the Goods, Gear, Debts, Sums of Money and other moveable means and effects which pertained & belonged and were due and addebted to the said Deceased John Clugson Esq the time of his decease aforesaid given down upon Oath by the said Alexander Wheel one of the Executors and actor for the other Trustees at Stranraer the Thirtieth day of April last before William Kerr Esq one of the present Baillies of the Burgh of Stranraer Commissioner appointed by the said Commissary for taking the said Oath Imprimis the sum of Two hundred and twenty four pounds Three shillings and ten pence sterling being
the amount of the Sales of the Defuncts Effects coutred by these Executors.

Item seven pounds Sterling as the value of a Metal Watch, a Snuff Box, Silver Screw, and Fourteen yards of Linnen remaining in the hands of the Executors which to the best of their knowledge were worth about the sum of seven pounds sterling.

Item Eight pounds Twelve Shillings Sterling as the value of a bow belonging to the Defunct and disposed of by the Executors

Item Eighteen pounds Eighteen Shillings being Cash found in the Defuncts Repositories at Inven carrying his effects.

Amounting together the foresaid sums to two hundred and fifty eight pounds thirteen Shillings & tenpence Sterling.

The only other articles mentioned in the Inventory of the Defunct’s moveable Estate were a Seal the property of Major William Maxwell younger of Monreille claimed by and delivered up to him. Twelve Chaves belonging to Wm Reid of Glasgow which were transmitted to him. A pair of Nutcrackers mislaid, some Honey, Jeely & Honey Comt given to the Housekeeper for her attention and assistance at the Sale. The Peells were used in the House to keep it from damp and the old Coat Wigg and Breeches were given to Andrew McCulloch for inviting the Collectors Funeral & assisting thereat and at the Sale.

Summa Inventarii — 258.13.10

I William W. Connell of Culbrae Commissary principal of the Commissariot of Wigtown Do hereby after one warning made by Edict openly as use is ratify approve of and confirm the forgoing Testament Dative qua Trustees and Executors and Inventory in the whole heads clauses and articles of the same in so far as truly made up and given down and hereby give and commit full power to the said John Hathern, James Boure, Patrick MacKennal and Alexander W Niel Executors qua Trustees aforesaid to intromit with uplift and receive & if needful to call follow and pursue for payment of the Sums of Money contained in the the said
12) Inventory and upon payment thereof Discharges and acquitances to grant which shall be sufficient to the Receivers & generally to do every other thing requisite & necessary in the premisses agreeable to the Land of this Realm because James Baird Writer in Stranraer, has become Cautioner conform to Bond of Caution given in there ascent In witness whereof there presents consisting of this and part of the preceding page are subscribed by me and the same with the ten preceding Pages are signed by my Clerk of Court at Wigtown the twenty fourth day of December one thousand eight hundred and five years.

Will W Connell
Geo McHappie