The family tree of everyone bearing the Clugston surname. The tree is very incomplete for Clugstons in the USA, but quite comprehensive everywhere else.

There is a huge amount of information on the site, so it is presented in a very compact form.

All dates are given in ISO format (year-month-day). Quarters are also used, “Q1” meaning “Jan-Mar”, etc. If a date is approximate it is preceded by ~.

Most of the information comes from the Birth, Deaths and Marriages records and the census returns for Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the USA. I have also made extensive use of the Griffith’s survey for Ireland, and the Irish wills online at PRONI. I consider these to be “obvious” sources, so have not stated them in the text. When I’ve used an unconventional source (eg, a newspaper) it is listed in the text.


Scotland’s People – BMD and Wills.


Griffith’s Valuation
PRONI Wills and Griffith’s Survey Revision Books
For Clugstons from Banbridge, I’ve used Peter Morell McWilliam’s excellent
Treasure Your Exceptions.