About this site

The family tree of everyone bearing the Clugston surname. The tree is very incomplete for Clugstons in the USA, but quite comprehensive everywhere else. There is so much information on this site that I guarantee it contains errors! Please check it!


The site brings together the work of many people. Particular thanks firstly to Peter Morell McWilliam, who transcribed most of the Irish parish records for me; additionally, much of the information on Clugstons in Banbridge comes from his excellent
Treasure Your Exceptions site. Secondly, thanks to B. Kinane, who collected the images from the Crossle Collection, and other records from the Republic of Ireland. Many others have contributed information from family Bibles, old diaries, and other sources.

Making sense of this site

There is a huge amount of information on the site, so it is presented in a very compact form.

All dates are given in ISO format (year-month-day). Quarters are also used, “Q1” meaning “Jan-Mar”, etc. If a date is approximate it is preceded by ~. When the address of a family is known (eg, from a census record) the year and location are stated in parentheses on the next line after the parents. I use “=” for marriage, “=(2)” for second marriage, “b,m,d” to specify the birth, marriage and burial location, _____ for unknown names, and “?” for doubtful information.

The Irish records describe locations in terms of Townlands. You can find where they are at www.townlands.ie.


Most of the information comes from the Birth, Deaths and Marriages records and the census returns for Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the USA. I have also made extensive use of the Griffith’s survey for Ireland, and the Irish wills online at PRONI. I consider these to be “obvious” sources, so have not stated them in the text. When I’ve used an unconventional source (eg, a newspaper) it is listed in the text. findmypast is an excellent source of exotic records, but most other sources are freely available online, so can be freely checked.

Most records are available on the LDS familysearch site. Old books are available at archive.org. The other major sources which I have used are listed here.

Sources – Scotland

Scotland’s People – BMD and Wills.
Scotland’s Places – Maps, Ordnance survey notes, and tax records

Sources – Ireland

Irish census
Griffith’s Valuation
PRONI Wills and Griffith’s Survey Revision Books

Sources – England

National archives
Indexes of civil births, deaths,and marriages

Sources – Australia

Australian newspapers

Sources – Canada

Canadian censuses 1825-1921