The Will of Captain Alexander Grant Clugston 1792-1818.3.27

The son of Dr Alexander Grant Clugston and grandson of Dr William Clugston.

In 1812 he was appointed Lieutenant on the “Bedford”.(
In 1815 he was a
lieutenant on the “Cherokee” during the Napoleonic Wars. At this time the Cherokee seems to have mainly been active in the North Sea.

16 Sept 1820 Test Dat Maryahill Alexander Grant Clugston
The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods and gear debts and Sums of money which now pertaining and belonging and addebted sisting owing to Umqulue Alexander Grant Clugston a Captain in the Royal Navy at the time of his decease who died at Edinburgh on the twenty seventh day of March one thousand eight hundred and eighteen made and given up by Henry Acton Esquire late a Captain in the Royal Regiment of British Cavalry Seniors in name and betray of Mrs Charlotte Clugston or Acton Sister German of the defunct and spouse of the said Henry Acton. Which Mrs Charlotte Clugston or Acton singly Executor Dative qua nearest in Kin Decerned to the defunct and Niut? by Decree of the Commmissary of Edinburgh as the serjire? dated the fourteenth day of July Eighteen Hundred and twenty years in day bears.

Follows the Inventory
In the first the said Miny? iluce? Alexander Grant Clugston had pertaining and belonging to him at the time of his decease foresaid twenty Pounds twelve Shillings and Six Pence Sterling Cash found in his Repositories after his death
Item one hundred and seventy one pound twelve Shillings and ten pence Sterling being the Appraised Value of the defuncts Body Cloaths Swords Pistols and other Arms and Amantsiments? Gold Silver and frsated? Articles Jewels Gold Watch and Leats Dressing case with razors and other Gintiels Books eluce? Bunks? and all other Articles belonging to him in the Lodging in which he did conform to Miridary and Appraisiment under warrant of the Sheriff of Edinburgh by David Robertson Siunsid Appraiser with the Assistance of Peter Mjimit McMillen and Richard Frazer Iirelter
Item Hurtunformirs?(Hunt uniforms?) eighteen shillings and four pence sterling the value of thirty Irom? Bottles of Wine
Item one pound Sterling the value of a writing desk, Nineteen Shillings the value of aprodut book and writing Paper
Item one pound one shilling Sterling the value of Saddle Bridle and other Btrells? at Stables
Item one pound ten shillings Sterling the quarter share of a State Latiy?(Letuj?) Dictiutrn Eighteen hundred and twirterri? drauir? afpize? of Six(?) Pounds
Item thirty one pounds fifteen shillings and one penny Sterling the price of three horses solded by public Auction by warrant of the said Sheriff after deducting the isriurers? Alliuding? the sale
Item four shillings and six pence the value of a Biu? Stirrup not used found in the defuncts Repositories.
Item one pound four shillings the value of a silver watch
Item one hundred and forty one pounds seven Shillings and six pence Sterling Auews of stut duck by John Heniduson Irnend in Gorgie park
Item sixteen pounds thirteen shillings and four pence Sterling being the annual Compensation for ??intion of Fourpenny Ale Customs _ir the lands of Georgie Park due by the Town of Edinburgh for two years before the defuncts death
Item two shillings as two years feu duty due by Mrs Cry
Item fourteen Shillings as two years fur duty due by the Lady Medillin Hospital
Item Six pounds Six Shillings and eight pence Sterling being the latrrme of Auernd Ginrsid due by Vaus H Wibhern bitir to the Signet Extending said Lains whaiu to four hundred and sixteen pounds thirteen shillings and nine pence Sterling which in Sim is Two Thousand Pounds five Shillings

Summie of the the Inventory 6 0 6

James Gordon Himar Mrd James Fergussion and George Ross Esquires Commissary of Edinburgh & Cantorma? Vans Hawthorn Writer to the Signet dated the Sixteenth Day of September Eighteen Hundred and twenty years


6 thoughts on “The Will of Captain Alexander Grant Clugston 1792-1818.3.27

  1. It may not be news but just in case, I found his Christening record in the British India Office Ecclesiastical Returns – Births and Baptisms

    September 2, 1793. His mother’s name was Charlotte and father Dr A.G. Clugstone


    • I found his sister’s? marriage notice 13 Sept 1817. Charlotte, only daughter of Dr Clugston late of Bombay married Captain Acton of the Cavalry Lancers son to General Acton and nephew of the late Sir John Acton Bart. Of Aldenham, Shropshire


      • Right. The family is discussed here:

        What I don’t know is how the family is related to the Clogstouns of Kirkcudbright, who also ended up in India (later moving to Sri Lanka). I believe that both families are descendants of William Clogstoun, Provist of Wigtown.
        The Spottiswoodes are clearly from a similar social class.


  2. Right. This family is very frustrating because the family tree is (approximately) known back to 1450, but Captain Alexander seems to have been the last male descendant, so there’s no chance of DNA results.
    The family is:

    John Clugston, Baron of Clugston
    – Patrick Clugston, the last Baron
    (there might be an extra generation in here, if they used Scottish naming the missing man would be John Clugston)
    — Patrick “Petir” Clugston, merchant at Lochcraigoch
    — William Clugston, merchant in Belfast / also lieutenant with Hannay?
    —- William Clugston, Provost of Wigtown
    —– Dr William Clugston, Apothecary in Belfast, then living in Stranraer. = Barbara Vans
    —— Dr Alexander Grant Clugston, Surgeon General of the British Army in Bombay
    ——- Captain Alexander Grant Clugston

    The thing I wonder about is if he is related to the other Captain Alexander Clugston in New York who was born in 1800.

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