Testament of Mary Clugston, relict of Alexander MacKinnell, late at Glasserton 1785

1785 Clugston, Mary (Legal records Wills and testaments Reference CC22/3/4A Wigtown Commissary Court )

As well as the original document, there is also an extract of the testament, which is in beautiful handwriting and has all of the abbreviations expanded.

Testament Dative Qua Nearest in Kin, Umq[uh]le Mary Clugston, alias McKinnnel
Confirmed 1785

The Testament Dative Qua nearest in Kin, and Inventary of the Goods Gear Debts Sums of money, and other moveable means & Effects, which pertained & belonged, & were due & adebted to the deceast Mary McKinnell, alias Clugston the time of her death, who died ab Intestate: late the ______ day of ______
Imvij and ____________ years, faithfully made and given down by Cochran McKinnell Innkeeper at Laurieston George McKinnell Residenter in Edinburgh
Elizabeth McKinnell Residenter in Newtownstewart, spouse to ______ Bigham, Margaret McKinnell spouse to John Simson in Beoch & Euphemia McKinnell, spouse to James Wybar Wright in Edinburgh, and the Husbands of the saids Elizabeth, Margaret & Euphemia McKinnells for their Interests, Executors qua nearest in kin Decerned and admitted to their said deceast Mother before the Commissary Principal of the Commissariot of Wigtown Conform to Decreet Dative given and pronounced by him thereanent upon the twenty third day of February last. As the same fully sets forth.

Inventary of the Debts Sums of money, and other moveable means & Effects which pertained and belonged, and were due and adebted to the above deceased Mary Clugston, alias McKinnell the time of her decease aforesaid.

Im primis the Sum of Thirty Pounds Sterling money of principal and the by gone annual rent due thereon Contained in a Bill dated the Twenty fourth day of September Imvij and Eighty one years & payable three days after date, Drawn by the said Defunct upon & accepted by Hugh McCulloch of Grange

Summa Inventary Besides AnnualRent £30


I William McConnell of Capenoch Commissary Principal of the Commissariot of Wigton Do hereby, after due Warning made by Edict openly as use is, Ratify Approve of and Confirm the foregoing Testament Dative qua nearest in Kin, in the haill heads Clauses & articles of the same, in sofar as truly made and given down, And hereby Gives & Committs full power to the Executors before named, to Intromitt with, uplift and receive and if needfull to Call follow & pursue for payment of the Sums of money prin[cipa]ll and annualrent Contained in the foresaid Inventary, and upon payment thereof Discharges and acquittances of the same to Grant, which shall be sufficient to the Receivers, and Generally to do every other thing requisite and necessary in & concerning the premisses agreeable to the Laws of this Realm Because William McMillam Writer in Newtonstewart hath become Cautioner Conform to Bond of Cautionary given in by them thereanent. In Witness whereof these presents Consisting of this and a part of the preceeding page are signed by me, and the same with the two preceeding pages are subscribed by the Clerk of Court At Wigton the Ninth day of March Imvij & Eighty five years
Will McConnell Robt Fergusson Cl[er]k


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