The Will of Walter Clogiston, 1620

This Testament Dativ is very short. Walter Clogiston had no debts. He owned some foals and colts, and half a boll of beer. His next of kin was Patrick Clogiston.
Claverhouse is north of Dundee, quite close to Forfar.

Patrick is probably related to (or may even be)

Patrik Clogstoun
    Johne Clogstoun 1648.8.20 bap Monfieth

Walter’s possessions were divided into two parts. Normally, there are three parts: one third for the widow, one third for the children, and one third is specified in the will.

The inventori and testamentin of the guidis geir dettis of umqle Walter Clogiston Cotterman in Claverhous wt in the parish of mains and sheriffdom of Forfar the suma of his deds prispd & erMltesfulness moniel of Jnny 1620 yeurs faithfully maid given up be Patrick Clogiston his tand bndoresis exe[cutor]s dalive d[e]term[in]t b[y] his said umqle false Bedktrel of my Johl C_IIII My s hlay the sectind day of Novebir 1620.

Iw the first inod Bow XVII st x £
Item Rd dxxid XVIrd ylege pece XXLJ s g d giim is by wt enpd IJ d.
Item salls in ongle ovrni thrice feoir folte’s cwlte’s det[er]mind b[y] the Ivird cn wudirlploiding b see for cottr’s anltr’s pecee of thebow being in me_wlincl covied LIIJ s IIIJ d £t
Item m a_r sall in h oirlegelrmad halff boll beire dstruialb the seind criund _elendrig b tria by bons xc s of the thelof npfd ye 8 d Summ VJ £ XIIJ d 9 d
Item in v itm rdll and dom_’r del e stoniall XL Q.

Quota XIX s X d.

No dettis awsnds b[y] the ded now begclerd

To be devydid in two partis the partis — XIX £ XVIIJ s 3 d
this parte diventavid and testi[fie]d obwn zei II T onlev wt
the exe[cutor]s Gaminronstu#ul is to confirmed by jury the foresaid day of Nov[em]ber 1620 the said exe[cutor]s maid faily and hun[e]s[tly] in Clavarhonsis Bacrd Carrhaus ther his exe[cutor]s beord activ yeerloy.


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