Migrations on named vessels

Departure Arrival
1837 Sydney Alexander & wife Henrietta “Portland”
1854 Liverpool 1854-Jun-24 New York John, wife Margaret & baby “Pheonix”
1855-Nov-22 Liverpool 1856-Feb-22 Sydney Jane; Robert & wife Sarah “David McIver” — assisted
London 1856-Sep-19 Sydney William & wife Davida “Prince Alfred” — 1st class cabin
1858-Mar-10 Liverpool 1858-Jun-23 Sydney Samuel “Herald of the Morning” — assisted
(Oswego) 1865-Mar-3 Sydney Mary (nee Thompson) “Himalaya”
1869-Dec Brisbane William John; Alexander “Fiery Star”
1875-May-9 London 1875-Sep-17 Auckland James “Alumbagh” (1849- age 26. Single)
London 1885-Feb Melbourne Israel “Iberia”
1887.Sep-9 Glasgow 1887-Sep-17 New York Mrs, Marg, John, Letitia “Ethiopia” (1843- age 30)
1908 Daisy Clugston of Dungannon, born ~1878, traveled to New York on the “California” in 1908.

Other migrations

Edward Lewis Clogstoun and his wife Helen moved to New Zealand around 1862.
William Herberton Clugston 1883-1907 & wife Annie Maitland Johns moved from Victoria to Otago, New Zealand around 1900.

Depart London 1875.5.9 Arrive Auckland 1875.9.17. James Clugston 1849- age 26. Single.

Hugh Clugston was born in 1828, so he must have arrived separately. He was in Victoria in 1862.
Isaac Clugston b 1843 died in Victoria 1902. Son of William Clugston & Rachel Smith of Antrim. (This is probably Israel b 1845 Antrim who arrived in 1885).
Andrew Clugston 1838-1926.1.25 bought land near Shepparton, Victoria in 1871 (age 33).
Might be son of Alexander & Henrietta.


Clugston migration before 1800

William, Robert and John Clugston were in Belfast by 1637. They presumably came from Scotland.
Michael Clugston was in Belfast in 1672, and was operating as a merchant in Boston in 1695.

William Clugston of Ireland became Provost of Wigtown in 1684. He died in 1734.

Robert Clugston, born Ireland around 1715, moved to Adam’s Country, Pennsylvania, around 1750.

Dr Alexander Grant Clugston was in India around 1780.
The Clogstoun family was in Antigua and Trinidad in 1800.

Archibald Clugston (born Ireland about 1780) moved to Isle of Man around 1810 with his wife Mary Shaw.
He was still a freeholder in Lisnafiffy, County Down in 1819. Some of his children and grandchildren moved to Liverpool, one returned to County Down.

Clugston migration to North America

William Cluxton of County Louth moved to Ontario in 1832.
John Clugston of Newtownhamilton, Armagh moved to Oswego, New York around 1830.
James, John, and Robert Clugston of Newtownhamilton, Armagh moved to Euphrasia, Ontario in the 1830’s.

Descendants of Robert Clugston 1794- = Janet Wallace of Wigtown, Scotland moved to Wisconsin around 1870.


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